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Welcome to ME!!  

Honey, you're either going to "get" me and know my heart and my intent or you're not going to "get" me at all.  If you don't, know your limitations and just back away from the keyboard after clicking the little "X" in the box on the upper right corner of your browser window, ne'er to return again.  May you have happiness all of your days.  If you enjoy what I do, then pull up a chaise by the pool and stay a while.  If that's the case, you're the very person I'm writing this column for anyway.  I don't write to please the masses or kiss anyone's ass.  Everything you read here will be from my heart, off my cuff and dead on honest.  If you want a good read designed to offend no one, go to because they are great at what they do.  If you want to hear what I really think about soaps, life, etc, then WELCOME!  This is an opinion column filled with gossip and rumors and, well, my opinion.  It may not agree with yours and I'm good with that.  *Please also note that this is NOT a spoiler or "exclusive info"'s a GOSSIP page and what we are discussing might be a RUMOR or a SPOILER, but isn't guaranteed to be what hits the screen.  I'm NOT in the business of or interested in breaking the exclusives.*   I suggest that if you want to read on, you make peace with that as well and leave your weapons with my Marshall, Lenore, before you enter town.  You'll get them back when you leave.  Believe me, you'll need them for some sites on the net and I don't want my loveys to go unarmed into war!  Remember to click that smiley globe in the links above to help EOS and search from the search engine above to help even more!  HOW TO DO "SAGE'S SEARCH."

Note:  Due to the large volume of e-mail he receives, Sage regrets that he is unable to personally answer each e-mail.  He wants you to know that he reads each and every one (some 2-3 times) and greatly appreciates your communication.  Please DO NOT ask Sage for further info on what is going to happen on the shows.  Any information he has that he can share will be put into his column ASAP!

"am I hot" - Results #1

Feb 27, 2003

EOS Writers Comment on GH Fan February Episode

My impression of our special GH episode is included in this composite.

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Feb 26, 2003


I have double checked with my original source and YES, it was Nathaniel Marston as "Voice of the Night," the DJ for several OLTL episodes.  My source physically SAW him doing the recording and he was credited under a pseudonym.

THANKS to that great source!!!

"pony express" - Result #4 - "american west" 
You think the USPS is expensive and fraught with bad service NOW?  Check it out!

Feb 25, 2003

Whoops!  I goofed.  I had two sources confirm that Nathanial Marston (Al) was the DJ  “Voice of the Night,” so I went with it, but now I’ve had to other sources say it was Robert Kent Jackson.  What’s interesting is that there is absolutely no mention of RKJ anywhere that I can find on the net except this one item.  It’s like the guy never existed before he was on the Llanview radio station.  Hmmmm.  Maybe this is OLTL’s version of Pandora Spocks.

Now, on to GH.  Everyone, of course, is getting tired of the ongoing insistence that Coltin Scott is leaving GH to pursue other opportunities.  It’s been steady for about a year now that the swarthy Latino is on is way out the door, citing no story and no family in town.  Certainly, it’s justified, but so is having a steady paycheck, so from what I hear, it’s not that he isn’t leaving, but more that he is smart and wants to have something to go to when he leaves.  Most recently, he auditioned for a role in “Fearless,” a WB drama produced by Warner Brothers in collaboration with Jerry Bruckheimer of movie producing fame.  The series has an interesting premise, which is of a woman born without the fear gene who works for the FBI.  The story is based on a series of books by Francine Pascal.  No word yet on whether Coltin landed the role, but he’s definitely looking for other opportunities.

Darling, I have heard WONDERFUL things about the testing that Natalia Livingston did as NuEmily.  I am tentatively optimistic that this isn’t just another model who has to “make the role her own” and “find her feet in acting.”  As far as I’m concerned, recast or not, you’d better hit the road running and not slow down for a good long stretch if you’re going to make the grade on a soap.  Particularly, when you come into a big part like Emily, you’d better be sharp and you’d better be good.  I definitely hold the incredible performance of Bree Williamson as NuJessica on OLTL as an icon of how it should go.  She’s doing a great job and if all goes well, although we’ll miss Amber like crazy, the story won’t miss a beat.  If rumors are to be believed, Guza, Frons and JFP plan to go full force with the Young Love theme, so look for lots and lots of ZEm once they finally do connect up (think May sweeps). 

You read it in Katrina’s IM log with Sherry Mercurio and as nearly as I can tell, it’s true.  Journey isn’t going to be ending as soon as was expected, but will be dragging out through the spring at least with lots of longing looks, standing their ground and stolen kisses.  Basically, these guys don’t have a clue what they’re doing from one day to the next and the story keeps changing according to their current whims.  Apparently, there is very little rhyme or reason to what is happening onscreen.

They’re casting Dillion (Tracy Quartermaine’s son), they’re not casting Dillion… latest word is they’re at it again and supposedly Mischa Mandel (Ricky from Y&R) got a call back on the part. 

Despite rumors to the contrary, Robin Christopher is NOT leaving GH.  It’s also not likely that Ingo will be going, at least not yet. He is looking forward to turning Jax back to corporate raider mode, which is where he wanted the character to be when he returned to GH in late 2001.  From what I’ve heard, Ingo would be just as happy if the white knight image fell off it’s horse, never to be seen again.  The Jax-Skye reunion is definitely not in the bag and it might end up that Coleman wins her heart along with the rest of her body.

Faking or not? It’s going to be hard to tell for a while as it appears that Alexis set up her performance with DID to score an insanity plea after killing Alcazar in self defense.  The question would be why, as a lawyer herself, she would need to pull off the charade in a situation of self-defense.  Cameron is the first to call her on it, but promises to help her rather than sell her out.  We are told that Alcazar’s murderer will be revealed and I, for one, hope Alexis didn’t do it after all.  The story possibilities are much richer if Alexis’ plan backfires and she ends up committed AND a real murderer is revealed.   I love Alexis, but that would be a cool story.

Kristina Wagner still hasn’t signed on the line and evidently she’s mulling over all options.  She and a few others evidently are NOT pleased with their lack of story.

That Sonny/Carly baby is definitely in the works and on the 5th, we’ll see the line on the stick and Carly will fly into a frenzy wondering who’s the daddy.  I haven’t gotten any word yet on when Ric is going to bare his soul and reveal that they did NOT sleep together.  Also, no word yet on Ric’s true identity, although I’m sure that once the writers figure that out, it’ll be hinted for a good 10 minutes prior to the reveal.

I love Meredith Vieira on “The View” and “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” but I’m not sure who told this gal she could act.  She’s quite a wonderful personality, but when I was watching her as June Bellwether, the wedding planner for Laura and Leo’s ill-fated nuptials on AMC, I was cringing more than a bit.  I will definitely keep an open mind about her upcoming role as Bree, Summer’s ex-madam, hoping that the character demands over the top, elaborate, hammy acting. 

After a long alliance, we’re finally going to see a dramatic divorce between GH’s most loyal couple, Jason and Sonny as Sonny tells Jason to hit the road.  What the mob implications will be for Sonny giving Jason the boot remains to be seen.  I fully expect this to be one dramatic scene considering how much the head writers love their mobster man stuff.  Courtney tries to get them to reconcile. 

Jason is making zee luvvv with Courtney when Sam (if you’re lost, don’t worry, it was a drive by character), fires at Sonny and Carly.  Ric takes one for the team and throws himself in front of the bullets, collapsing into Liz’s shaking arms.  Altogether now, “Awwwwww.”  (awwwwtogether now)

Sam the shooter later dies before she can reveal her boss.  Is it Faith?  Or is it?  Likely to be.

Faith is surprised to learn that despite not killing Sonny, Catherine has left her nothing.

Ric works on Carly’s worst fears when he learns she’s pregnant and Liz fills him in on Carly’s miscarriage.

Ric shares a confidence with AJ.  Can we guess which one it is?

I’m working to remain open and nonjudgmental about tomorrow’s GH Fan February offering.  Did someone really write in and say, “I think the fans deserve to see more of Sonny?”  I’m excited to see him working with Tony Geary again and to hear that they have about 20 scenes together, but can’t we possibly see some of the other cast members who aren’t normally featured?  Just for one day?  Y’think?  Nope!  I’m going to stay positive and hope for the best.  Bitching is suspended until later this week.

Hmmmm.  Well, where GH is concerned, if I don’t bitch, there’s not much to say.  LOL.  Guess I’m back to bed for a while then.

Happy week to all of you and don’t forget to contribute to EOS this month! 

Much Love,

Oh my god!  Simone just cracked me up!!!  "Those beeping doctors always get beeped!"  (Insert "f*cking" for beeping and it's a great laugh)

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