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Welcome to ME!!  

Honey, you're either going to "get" me and know my heart and my intent or you're not going to "get" me at all.  If you don't, know your limitations and just back away from the keyboard after clicking the little "X" in the box on the upper right corner of your browser window, ne'er to return again.  May you have happiness all of your days.  If you enjoy what I do, then pull up a chaise by the pool and stay a while.  If that's the case, you're the very person I'm writing this column for anyway.  I don't write to please the masses or kiss anyone's ass.  Everything you read here will be from my heart, off my cuff and dead on honest.  If you want a good read designed to offend no one, go to because they are great at what they do.  If you want to hear what I really think about soaps, life, etc, then WELCOME!  This is an opinion column filled with gossip and rumors and, well, my opinion.  It may not agree with yours and I'm good with that.  *Please also note that this is NOT a spoiler or "exclusive info"'s a GOSSIP page and what we are discussing might be a RUMOR or a SPOILER, but isn't guaranteed to be what hits the screen.  I'm NOT in the business of or interested in breaking the exclusives.*   I suggest that if you want to read on, you make peace with that as well and leave your weapons with my Marshall, Lenore, before you enter town.  You'll get them back when you leave.  Believe me, you'll need them for some sites on the net and I don't want my loveys to go unarmed into war!  Remember to click that smiley globe in the links above to help EOS and search from the search engine above to help even more!  HOW TO DO "SAGE'S SEARCH."

Note:  Due to the large volume of e-mail he receives, Sage regrets that he is unable to personally answer each e-mail.  He wants you to know that he reads each and every one (some 2-3 times) and greatly appreciates your communication.  Please DO NOT ask Sage for further info on what is going to happen on the shows.  Any information he has that he can share will be put into his column ASAP!


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Feb 11, 2003
Sometime the Next Day

Like, Yawn, Already

I just finished checking out the Daytime Emmy nods as submitted by the shows:

Lead Actress:

Julia Barr, Finola Hughes, Tamara Braun, Nancy Lee Grahn, Kassie DePaiva, Erika Slezak

Lead Actor:

Vincent Irizarry, Michael E. Knight, Maurice Benard, Tony Geary, James DePaiva, Roger Howarth

Supporting Actress:

Rebecca Budig, Marj Dusay, Robin Christopher, Vanessa Marcil, Linda Dano, Barbara Garick

Supporting Actor:

Josh Duhamel, Cameron Mathison, Steve Burton, Billy Warlock, Roscoe Born, Phil Carey

Younger Actress:

Elizabeth Hendrickson, Eden Reigel, Rebecca Herbst, Alicia Leigh Willis, Kristen Alderson, Melissa Archer

Younger Actor:

Micah Alberti, Aiden Turner, Chad Brannon, Dylan Cash, John Paul Lavosier

The only real surprise I can voice is that they had the good sense to nominate Roscoe Born and Barbara Garrick.  OK, so maybe one other.  John Paul Lavosier???  WTF?  For WHAT?  His stunning performance as a troubled young man struggling with his latent homosexuality?  The heart wrenching portrayal of a teen's search for his missing sister and emotionally turbulent reunion with his wayward mother?  The invigorating battle between a lad fraught with obstacles who challenges the lover of his sister, for whom is he harboring a passionate obsession?  Puhlease.  Where is Teddy Sears for his soulful portrayal of Chad Bennett or Amber Ryan for her outstanding performance as Emily, struggling to not tell Nora about Joanna?  How about the talents of Taryn Reif and Marie Wallace as Shawna and Molly being COMPLETELY ignored?  (Try not to get the gooey sarcasm all over you as you read this).

I'm also arching one eyebrow over Aiden Turner being in the Younger Actor category.  For one thing, I'm not impressed with his acting, which could be a matter of taste, but isn't he about 40 or something?  Eva LaRue just turned 36 and I'm thinking they don't look too terribly mismatched age-wise.   

All of this is totally moot discussion anyway because Josh Ryan Evans (Passions) is nominated in the same category and to be blunt, the dead guy nearly always wins. 

Ennyway, enough about the stupid Emmy's.  Sage isn't really long on award presentations except to heckle the clothes.

As usual, for GH, we have to distinct categories of info.  The smarter of you folks will know why this is necessary (insert eye-rolling here - oh wait - I can! ).

Necessary disclaimer for those who are sometimes frighteningly unable to discern spoilers from gossip and rumors and who overall take this crap just waaaaay too seriously:  This segment of the column is specifically about things that are going around the rumor mill.  Imagine that you are sitting around your local diner, eating potato skins, drinking margaritas, laughing your ass off and talking soaps with your best buds, using phrases like, "Ohmigod, I heard..." and "Well, *I* read..."  Hold on.  I forgot.  My bad.  Yikes.  Back up.  OK, PRETEND you are not a hostile, uptight, no-life-having, hater heifer (HH) who haunts every message board looking for fights and slights both real and imagined, constantly armed for battle to the death (to the pain!) on behalf of a fictional character or fictional couple in a fictional town, slicing and dicing and mangling and attacking real people to defend the honor of a bunch of pixels on your TV.  Pretend that you're a real person who still remembers how to lighten the hell up, have fun and relax for a while and that you're kicking back with non-hater friends, sitting around your local diner, eating potato skins, drinking margaritas, laughing your ass off and talking soaps with your best buds...  You know the rest.  Just take a freakin pill and chill and let's talk soaps without the drama, mama!!  [End disclaimer]

Don't worry about losing our Luke.  Word on the streets is that Tony Geary is happy where he is and has no intentions of blowing town.  He has always enjoyed the dark and broody side of Luke and is still interested in seeing what further layers peel off of our favorite crusty onion.  Someone mentioned that he's trying to woo Genie Francis back when Jonathan Frakes finishes filming Thunderbirds in London, but so far it's been, um, NO.  I think if we have a changing of the guard, she might consider it, but lord knows she has no friends in the plotting and planning department these days, as is evidenced by the final moments of Laura on GH.  (God, do any of us?)

Whether it is in the form of Kristina Sisco (ex-Abigail, ATWT) or Amber Tamblyn, we are set to be seeing Emily return in *some* form very, very soon.  Don't expect a ZEm reunion right away, but the sparks will still be there (of course).

Rumor has Alicia Leigh Willis being considered for release, possibly taking Sonny up on that college offer or maybe even being caught in a crossfire, adding some intense tension between both Jason and Sonny (both blame the other), AJ and Sonny, and Mike and Sonny (no room for misplaced blame there), as well as some meaty stuff as Sonny does his usual angry grieving thing, pushing Carly away, etc.  It has good potential to bring some strong material to a number of different actors, proving that Courtney might really do more for GH in death than she did in life.

Of course, the buzz is about Taggert going "out with a bang."  From what I hear, he goes hard core into bad cop syndrome going after Sonny and Sonny ends up taking him out. 

Kristina Wagner, Jackie Zeman and Leslie Charleson are all rumored to be on their way out.  Of course, the rumors about Coltin Scott (yes, he's still Coltin Scott) and Andrea Pearson leaving, he if his own will and her of ABC's.  It's not that ABC is unhappy with her, but more of not having a clue what to do with Gia if Coltin leaves, Real is gone and Emily is coming back for Zander.  If that pans out, we will be left with a fully Caucasian-Hispanic site, with Hispanics who are more Caucasian of Hispanic descent.  I think they'd better bring Dara back pronto or they are in serious danger of getting the award for the whitest soap on television.  

AMC moment since that is what I'm watching now:  What the hell is with all of this slapping?  First Kendall whacked the shit out of Michael yesterday and today, Erica laid into Jackson.  Isn't this, I dunno, assault or something?   We've come to recognize that Bob Guza and Charles Pratt pop a boner every time some chick slaps another on GH (you can almost hear them moan a bit when it happens), but AMC?  You surprise me.  God knows if Jackson were to slap Erica or Michael were to hit one of the ladies, they'd be America's Most Wanted.  No justice, I swear.

That dumbass post that was flying around about Steve Burton being let go doesn't even warrant refuting.

Nope, Sarah Brown is NOT coming back as Caroline Benson the First or anyone else.  Hasta means Hasta, baby, at least as long as Jill is at the wheel.

As I said yesterday, the consensus is that Ric is Lily's brother, out for vengeance and holding Sonny responsible for his sister's death. 

And these, my friends, are the things that are spoilers that although are not totally written in stone, are pretty much a given and are usually already committed to tape. 

The Week of Feb 17th

*Brenda and Sonny meet on the docks, Brenda asks if Sonny still loves her, Sonny loves her but is in love with Carly and she's his life, they kiss (Good God, can this man NOT just shake HANDS???  I don't care how much a woman is her husband's "life,"  I suspect he'd better keep his fact-omitting, roaming lips off his hot old girlfriends!!!), Carly sees it, thinks she's lost Sonny, goes to Jake's, Faith's lackey drugs her drink on Faith's orders, Ric "saves" her, takes her to a motel, undresses her, they wake up together, he lets her think they have sex.

*Jax calls off the wedding, Brenda gets pissed, he accuses her of still being after Sonny, she storm out, Skye smiles. 

*Courtney tells Sonny what Carly saw and Jason reams Sonny out for hurting Carly.  Sonny hurries to tell Carly he loves her, not Brenda, she's floored, they make love (yes, she showers between), she's going to tell Sonny about sleeping with Ric, but Sonny gets a call and has to leave.  Ric uses the info to blackmail her into pressuring Sonny to appoint him legal counsel.  Sonny get suspicious and wants to know what Ric has on her.

*Sonny confronts Faith about getting to him through Carly and she denies everything.  Ned gets the truth from her and is furious that she is still acting without consulting him.

*Jason tries to push Courtney away, but she's having nothing of it and is in pursuit.

*Cameron is able to speak with Kristina, who tries to kill him with a knife.  She confesses to murdering Alcazar to protect Alexis, who emerges and is stunned to find a knife in her hand.  Cameron tells her what is going on and she worries about her baby being taken away.  Cameron promises to help her.

*AJ provokes Jason into a fight and Ned interrupts before Jason can totally beat AJ down.  Ned offers Jason a job and a chance at legitimacy and he refuses.

*Jax offers Brenda a million dollars to leave today (There are two smart assed remarks to follow that spoiler.  The first is:  "Dude, I'll leave him alone for half of that!" and the  second is "Jax offered her a million dollars, but she counter-offered that she'd need more money and more time off from the relationship than what he was proposing") and she's freakin pissed about it and tells him to shove it one dime at a time.  Jason takes her to the airport and promises to support her financially until she gets on her feet.  At the airport, she struggles with whether to stay or go as the plane is calling its final boarding...

*Elizabeth questions Ric about his past, but he dodges her questions, saying only that a "trail of secrets" led him to Port Charles.

*Faith confronts Courtney and they "fft ffft" at one another a bit until Jason shows up and points out the door to her, then pats Courtney's head and tells her how feisty she is. (cup!)  She tongues him and tells him that she wants to be in his life even if it does mean she's likely to be blown to bits, shot or drugged and forced to sleep with Ric.

*Jax gets an eyeful of Kristina and contracts a wicked case of the heebie jeebies and later takes Skye into his confidence.

 *A little bug tells Scott that Alexis is the killer and when he goes to arrest her, Kristina goes after him with a letter opener (she evidently is attached to sharp things).

And that, my precious darlings, is all I have to say about that.  On a personal note, if anyone has been trying to contact me at the earthlink address, it is now defunct.  Be sure and use the address and it will definitely get to me!  It's really the only good address on an ongoing basis as I am very ISP fickle.

Mucho Lovo Magnifico,

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