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July 28, 2002

Wow!  What a freaky deaky weeky!  It all started when this total nutjob infiltrated our message board and wouldnít go away, so we did.  Then, I got the coolest news!  One of my netgals, Lori, sent me a package, so I drove up to Katrinaís to pick it up.  Good news was that the package was FILLED with kick ass pictures of handsome soap guys and some hot chick that Lori is claiming is really she.  (Howíd yílike that foo foo grammar?)  OK, so I know itís really Lori, but dayum!!  She be fiiiine aní shit! 

So that was the good news and the bad news is that I get up there and Katrinaís life is falling apart.  Itís like she took the middle name of ďJobĒ or something (thatíd be ďJobeĒ as in Bible Guy, not ďJobĒ as in Jobbie Job) because that girlís life is in a shambles!  Anyway, we had a bit of fun and I went home and the next day, I get an e-mail that sheís dropping the site!  I knew she was doing some heavy spiritual stuff, but I didnít expect this!  After some brainstorming on her part and mine, I think weíve figured out the solution.  In case some of you didnít read the announcement, Iím now the manager of Eye on Soaps (sheís still the owner) and Iíll be running it for a while at least.  Donít worry.  Katrina is still around.  Sheís a wonderful writer and I am so glad we arenít going to lose her columns!  Pretty much, you shouldnít notice much of a difference, except that her Weekly Recaps will be a bit shorter and her Fatastic Journal will be combining with her NonSoapy.  She says sheís going to get together a NonSoapy soon to journal it all out.  Lord knows she needs to.  : > 

I am a little apprehensive, but I think I can swing it!  One concern is that the main reason Katrina had to let it go was financial and Iím not in a much better place, so if anyone feels incline to donate, go to www.eyeonsoaps.addr.com/help.htm to find out how.  Click on the little globe, let the ads load, then close them out.  Anything helps! 

So Iíve been working on figuring out ways to streamline the site and have it require less maintenance.  While Iím adjusting, Iím going to only do a quickie column this week.  Part of that is also that I donít have much in the way of gossip this week, so most would be filler anyway.  :) 


Gots nuthin 


Believe it or not, Iíve got something!!!  The Friends Of Brian Gaskill are doing something special for his one year anniversary on the show!  Click here to find out! 


Got one thing.  Pfft.   Nuthin going on there.  Barbara Niven has been cast in the contract role of Veronica.  We donít know who she is, whatís sheís up to or when sheís coming.  Click here to read about her. 

Oh for...shheeeze, doesnít Todd watch ďFriends??Ē  Unzip and pee on her leg, Todd!  I gotta stop watching these shows while Iím writing. 


Big stuff!! 

First, A Martinez is NOT renewing his contract in September, but promises that he wonít actually leave until it can be worked well into the story.  What a guy!!  Damn, Iíll miss him! 

Heard a rumor that a major magazine is running a cover story on Kristina Wagnerís reasons for leaving, so Iím standing by the rumor that Flea gest killed in the mobwars. 

Look for Zander to have scene with Alcazar and NotBrendaYet. 

Roy asks Jax to help him bring Sonny down, but Jax isnít into it.  It might look like Edward is doing a fine job destroying Jax financially, but most of the damage is being done by Alcazar in his quest to take out Brendaís old boyfriends. 

 Iíve heard Guza is AGGRESSIVELY courting Amber Tamblyn, Stephen Nichols and Jane Elliot for returns.  The ladies, heís more than willing to recast if they decline, starting with Louise Sorel being considered for the part of Tracy Quartermaine. 

Upcoming GH stuff:   

The night before, Laura is drawn again to the attic and remembers that she came upon Rick cavorting with the redhead and ended up killing her.  Scott and Rick covered up the murder, buried the body and gave Laura (RJís, I guess) memory erasing drug.   

This time again, Laura is not alone in the attic.  Rick is with her.  He tells her she needs to forget again and tries to inject her with the memory erasing drug.  Luke bursts through the door. 

Scott realizes that Rick hasnít shown up for the wedding and goes to his hotel room to look for him.  Lucky and Nikolas find Rick dead in the attic (Hey guys, you finally meet Grampa Rick!) on August 12th.  They lead people to believe that Luke and Laura eloped and hide Rickís body (memories of Dead Ted).  They think Luke and/or Laura killed him and are out to protect them. 

In case you didnít catch it yet, we thought Alcazarís name was Simon, but itís Luis. 

What youíre seeing between Sonny and Carly on the island is partly ad-libbed.  Benard says that he and Tamara Braun hardly knew what they were doing or saying...it just flowed and the camera kept rolling.  GREAT JOB!!! 

Donít EVEN think that Jason and Elizabeth are over!!  Not by a long shot.   

Jason and Liz are going to be dancing around each other more. I guess they're finally starting to heat up.

Do NOT miss GH during the week of August 5-9th!!!  Thatís when Zander is going to pull a gun on Jason, they struggle over it and it goes off, shooting LIZ!!

Carly tries to convince Alexis to tell Sonny the truth and she considers it for a while, even goes so far as to write a letter to him.  She then burns the letter and FREAKINí KRISTINA THE MOUTH finds the pieces and reads that Sonny is the father.  She ends up going to tell Sonny (OF course, which is WHY THEY DIDNíT TELL YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE!!) and encounters Carly.  Kristina does her screaming, mouth flying thing on Carly and ends up rushing out to find Sonny to tell him.  Goes to the warehouse and KABLOOEY!!  Sadly, she doesnít perish right away.  She is taken to GH where she mends fences with Ned and Alexis, big dying scene with both of them, then KACK! 

Bad stuff at the memorial service.   

And that, my lovinís, is alls I got. 

Love you and see you next week!


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