In celebration of Brian Gaskill's one year anniversary on Port Charles, "The Friends Of Brian Gaskill" have come up with a great idea to celebrate this event.

We as a group are donating whatever one can afford to Brian's favorite charity.

I have been in contact with Marie Matthew's (Brian's manager) and told her about our plan and she thinks it is a GREAT idea. She also said that Brian will be thrilled because he likes to give to those who need it.

But...........this is a SURPRISE and Brian has no idea this is happening. If you have a newsletter your site sends out we would appreciate you notifying your members of this. We would rather it not be posted on any boards if possible. Brian has this late night habit of going on the Internet and surfing the boards and such and if he sees anything referring to this it no longer will be a surprise.

We understand that not everyone can afford to donate. Keep in mind that the donation does not have to be a huge amount a $5 donation or $50 donation mean the same thing.

Brian will be given this donation in person the weekend of August 23rd. It may come to pass at the Port Charles Dinner or perhaps at another event not connected with the GH/PC Weekend. I will inform you before hand where and when this will take place.
Now the plan of attack is....
I will accept personal checks, money orders and Pay Pal.
After I receive all of the donations I will write one BIG check to Brian's favorite charity. I feel this is easier then sending a ton of separate checks. That way we will have one BIG donation in Brian's Name.
You can send your donation to:
Nina Gregersen
c/o Friends Of Brian Gaskill
PO Box 899
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
Another way (I love this cuz its so easy)

Use your Pay Pal Account
go to:

Click On: Send Money

Send Money allows you to pay anyone with an email address.

Common uses for Send Money:

Pay for an auction item
Split a restaurant bill or rent
Pay for an online purchase (or send money to your family or friends)
Pay bills online

Just enter the recipient's email address and the amount you wish to send. You can pay with a credit card or checking account.
The recipient gets an email that says "You've Got Cash!" Recipients can then collect their money by clicking a link in the email that takes them to
There is a demo of how it works before you sign up. I love this because I don't do a thing. Its all put right into your account.

The email address to use to send money would be:
Since the deadline for Brian's anniversary is August 15th, I would like to have all the moneys no later then August 15th. This allows any checks to clear my account.
If anyone has any questions concerning Pay Pal or this donation please feel free to contact me at
You can claim this donation at the end of the year as a tax write off.

***Make sure you have your name and address included. I want to make sure Brian knows who has contributed. and if you send a note I will make sure Brian receives it.
So come gang, lets get this in gear and show Brian how much we care!!!
Nina Gregersen
Friends Of Brian Gaskill