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Note:  Due to the large volume of e-mail he receives, Sage regrets that he is unable to personally answer each e-mail.  He wants you to know that he reads each and every one (some 2-3 times) and greatly appreciates your communication.  Please do not ask Sage for further info on what is going to happen on the shows.  Any information he has that he can share will be put into his column or on the message board right away.  Thanks!

July 24, 2002, 5 minutes after that!!

Holy cow!  When it rains, it pours!  Even more info coming through.

Lord, honey, buy out your favorite tissue stock, because Nancy Lee Grahn psyched herself up DAYS in advance for the coming scene where Kristina breathes her last air right in Alexis' arms!  By all accounts, NLG turns in her most stunning and heart-wrenching performance EVER!  This should be around the week of August 5th.

Edward has a STROKE and Lila goes to Ned to ask him to take over ELQ. (He does)  LOTS of Skye and Ned interaction.

I'm also advised that everyone should take out their prayer beads and hit the floor knee-style to pray that Jane Elliott finally says, "YES!" on a return!!

July 24, 2002, 15 minutes later!  

BIG correction!  My bestest source had just said that Kristina dies in an explosions at the warehouse, NOT in Sonny's car!  TWO of my other sources were saying it was the car!  Sorry bout dat!!!

July 24, 2002

The GH Column!

Darlings, I’m sorry for the delay, but my very, very best source was sending me some great info and I wanted to be able to share it with you in the column.

So what's with that shot?  We know that VM doesn't start taping until early August and won't be shown full on until about the 3rd week, so will some poor actress have on her resume "Played Brenda Barrett's feet?"  

Let's dish, Baybee!! 

Look for Kristina the PA System to die sooner rather than later.  Talk about clink-boom (for all of you who don’t know, “clink-boom” is the tag that refers to the Guza-special scene where Lily is blown to Lilibits by a bomb planted for Sonny)!  Now what do you think it’s going to do to Ned and Alexis to have Kristina killed on her way to out the true paternity of Alexis’ baby to Sonny?  Talk about a mixed bag of guilt, rage (relief?) and pain!  The pain and grief is, of course, what is going to draw them together ultimately.  Alexis will not hesitate to vent her rage to Sonny and tell him that he is “cursed” and that anyone who loves him is going to get hurt.  Just how the hell does Kristina end up in the middle of a car bomb meant for Sonny?  They ain't sayin' so we'll just have to watch!  Does she jump into his limo to tell him off and he bails just in time?  That's all I can imagine.  Maybe she waits to shanghai him for a royal bitching-out in his car since he banned her from the penthouse and ka-blam!!

Nope, no final word yet on whether or not Peanut survives.  I was told that the miscarriage had been filmed weeks and weeks ago, but I heard a couple of days ago that TPTB were looking for the story mileage over the continuation of the pregnancy.  Both sources are very reliable and I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything definite.  Nexis is a definite go regardless. 

This glitch between Carly and Sonny is very temporary and they will soon be back together as a complete family.  Carly and Michael will move back into the penthouse and they will weather the coming mob war as a family.  Guess what?  The Lord God Guza has heard your prayers and Carly will be getting some blessed news the middle of August, right after they decide to put baby-making to rest due to the increasing mob tension...just in time for The Most Beautiful Girl in Port Charles to breeze back into town, same day in fact, from what I hear. 

Honey, there's weird, weird stuff coming up with the attic mystery.  Did anyone put together that Luke and Laura are getting married next month?  Not much fanfare, huh?  The most I’ve heard of a time is that Rick arrived “a month early.”  Somehow, I didn’t connect that to the wedding.  So picture this.  Everyone is at the church, waiting expectantly, Luke and Laura are missing in action and the camera keeps showing that damned attic door...with blood seeping out from under it...in real time....not flashback.  *shudder*  Freakin’ YIKES!! 

Although there is no official announcement, Genie Francis is NOT expected to remain with the show past September.  Husband, Jonathan Frakes is moving the family to London for a year while he directs a live action movie of “The Thunderbirds.”  The big question is whether Tony Geary will stay or go and just what will happen to Jacob Young with Sarah (What exit?  Guza hated the character the first time and hated her this time as well, so she was summarily dispensed with minus any hoopla.  Forget that meaty Fatal Attraction story that was planned.  He didn’t think Sarah Laine could pull it off and scrapped it!  Audrey’s brief mention is about it!), Tony and Genie gone!  He still wants out to pursue the music career, so I’m betting the Spencers will be gone.  My Lesley!!  Never even given a chance!! 

Still nothing in Nik and Gia news!  I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything. 

In a weird turn of events Courtney ends up getting arrested for prostitution!  Who can help?  Believe it or not, AJ loves his wife enough to let Mike talk him into going to Sonny for help! 

YES, Brenda is back the middle of August and honey, she's only for Jax.  Those Brenda and Jax fans out there are absolutely going to love it.  When he is faced with a choice between true love and a recent betrayal, Brenda's gonna win!  Sounds like the revelation of Skye’s deal with Edward is going to come at the worst possible time!  Ouch! 

Oh, absolutely DO NOT despair my little Skyettes!  I have it on special authority that Guza LOVES Robin Christopher and is going to be writing a great story for her.  Definitely expect the Brenda-Jax-Skye triangle to go on for a while, but it looks like (if the character catches), Skye just might find her place alongside Alcazar in every way! 

Yes, yes, YES, Jason and Liz are a GO!  Just don’t look for it before sweeps week!  Why do they torture us thusly?  Be sure and read Katrina’s upcoming Soap Journal and she’ll clue you in.  After a few phone calls and a big bottle of liquor, we think we’ve got it figured out. 

But poor Zander!!  Heartbroken and dumped yet again?  Absolutely not!  Guza is all set to bring back Emily, come hell or high water and if Amber can’t do it, he’ll find someone who can!  True love WILL prevail!!  Jason and Liz?  Ned and Alexis?  Zander and Emily?  Sonny and Carly?  Jax and Brenda?  Yes, Guza is intent on getting things back to exactly where he had them when he left.  

That includes a big story for Mac!  Believe me, his experience is going to come in handy as he is tasked with raising two teen daughters, the newly returned Robyn Richards and the soon-to-be SORAS’d Georgie, after Felicia perishes in the mob wars.  Pity...I was just starting to like her!  Don’t expect Jack Wagner back long term.  He might pop in for the funeral, but Port Charles’ most handsome deadbeat dad won’t be around for the long haul.  How can they let Kristina Wagner go when her contract’s not up?  If the opportunity to go is storyline conducive and the actor is into it, the contract can be amended to include a FAT severance package!   

A Martinez is expected to be reduced to a "recurring" role once his Lifetime series takes off.

Kimberly McCullough has been recently quoted as saying that she has no plans to return to GH, but weird rumors are flying around about a Finola Hughes (?!) return.  No good confirmation or speculation on it.  Last I heard, she was more than happily ensconced at AMC, cuddling Vincent I.  Who wouldn't be??

Who is the GH fan fave set to return?  Take your pick from any of the above mentioned.  I think the studio leaked out that rumor to start the boards talking (all publicity and talk is good publicity and talk!) and then were set to apply it to any of the stars they’re courting to return who actually takes the bait. 

This includes Jane Elliott, who is supposedly being begged to return as Tracy Quartermaine (please, please, please – I just watched a video of her at her best at Lucy and Alan’s wedding – thank you, darling Dottie! – I’d give ANYTHING to have her back!!) and Stephen Nichols.  SN is still balking, but who can blame him after the character AND actor was abused for so long? GH has given him no reason to believe a thing they promise! 

Many stories are literally being written as they go along and stories are taking hairpin turns at the last minute.  Viewers are picking up on this as stories are highlighted and then just dropped out of sight (Crazy Sarah, Zander’s history, who the hell was in Carly’s casket and who put her there?), seemingly never to be reconciled! 

Constance Towers, however, is not expecting to tape for a while.  WHAT a pity!!  Where’s all the nasty wimmin at?  No Tracy?  No Helena?  Gimme a bad girl who’s good at it and FAST!  I’m not talking someone manipulative like Carly or Skye...I’m talking a truly formidable force! 

Whew!  I need to rest after that one!  Looks like we are being set up for a truly spectacular August!!


July 23, 2002


DARLINGS!!  SAGE IS BACK!!  I took just a bit of time off from digging for the scoops and kind of just put up what came to me.  Gedstern and Angel saved my life during this time.  Mom and I have been trying to spend time regrouping after the last few weeks of madness.  What a challenging time! 

So now that an indictment has been handed down, I can clear up the clues in the Sage banner that had some of you confused, especially if you were not following The Bender Saga.  

Basically, what happened is that after the skirmishes, including the one where he knocked Mom day to *think* he was going to hit me in the back of my head without getting his ass kicked (for knocking down my mom, not for whapping me on the back of my head), I thought things were pretty well settled (I figured I’d settled them when he limped home was working hard not to bleed on my rug).  Ginger called me up whining and fussing and telling me that she and Bender broke up over what happened and didn’t I ever want her to be happy and blah, blah freakin blah.  She called BACK to tell me that Bender was going to press charges against me for assault and I told her to relay to ol’ Bender that I’d LOVE to bring the cops in on this and should have myself when he knocked mom over and threw the first punch (whap, whatever).  She mumbled a lot and hung up.  

When I got the death threat in my home mailbox, even though I had just written about crazy psycho soap fans that are packing heat, my first thought was, of course, of Bender.  The cops were great.  They took really meticulous notes and were very thorough, so I felt pretty confident.  They were really good about keep the house on watch as well.  Mom was a basket case and kept going on about how she KNEW that me being so open about my personal life on the net was going to bite me in the ass.  Yeah, Ma, yeah.  They let us know that it was not Bender who had sent the note when they were able to lift fingerprints off of the magazine letters used to write the note (tres’ cliche, eh?).  I guess someone wasn’t very smart and carefully pressed the glued letters into place with their bare hands.  Pfft.  I’d be much better at this. The fingerprints were determined not to be Bender’s (I’m sure he loved getting fingerprinted for this if they were not able to find his in a nation database) and were traced to a local guy with a bit of a record.  Once they got him into custody (I’d never heard of him), he sang like a little nightingale and give up Bender, who was arrested soon after.  Ginger was aghast.  Mom was aghast.  I was not particularly surprised.  Ginger called us all crying and apologizing and begging forgiveness, full of tales (NOW she’s full of tales) of how he controlled her and dominated her.  Where this girl got the idea that men should be treating her that way is beyond me, because it didn’t come from this family and how we were raised.  So we were gracious and forgave her and she sloshed wetly off into the sunset to heal.  We haven’t heard much from her since, but she’s made contact with most of the other girls and they’ve been taking care of her.  

So now, as far as I know, Bender (denied bail:  posed a threat) and his buddy (ditto) are in jail awaiting trial.  Mom won’t have to testify, thank goodness.  They are going to let her just do a deposition.  We’re trying not to think about it.  The herbs are starting to harvest (makes it sound like they are harvesting themselves, doesn’t it?  Ha...ha...ha), so it’s been a busy time and mom is becoming more of herself again, although she’s still freaky paranoid about me being on the net at all.  I’m trying to convince her that it’s better to just live than to live in fear and that you’re just going to break a few eggs in the process.  I refuse to live in an atmosphere of fear and paranoia when there are so many wonderful people to be with here!  Usually, I’m pretty good about doing what she wants, but this time, I had to let her see the wall and know that I’m going to be with my darlings and that’s that.  I also pointed out that none of the problems we had came from the net, they came from a crazy sister with bad taste in men.  So she grumbles and feels better when I read all of the letters from readers who say nice things about her.  I usually will print out the ones that come in that day and take them in to read to her.  So that’s where that is.  We always have a big harvest family dinner in September to celebrate Autumn Equinox, so I’m sure it will be interesting this year.  

On to the shows!! 


I am *SO* dismayed at the nonExit given to a great actor like Mark Pinter!  OK, so he got shot and was allowed to collapse dramatically at Greenlee’s NotWedding, but That’s It???  His final words on AMC were to deliriously beg Simone to come back to bed???  No proposed final need for blood, Greenlee is not a match and we find out that Jackson is her father?  Mark Pinter’s dying scene is to be dead under a sheet?  He didn’t get to die with the heartbreak of knowing his fakishly adored daughter was not really his?  For SHAME!!!!  What the heck kinda soap is this, anyway?? 

I would give anything for Anna to turn around and whip out a perfectly British “You are not the boss of me,” to Jackson and then miff off.  *IS* Jackson her boss?  I didn’t think that was the chain of command, but I am the first to admit I’m not savvy.  I just can’t imagine Hank firing Bo on OLTL.  Don’t Police Chiefs answer to the mayor or something?  

If Kendall loses any more weight, that poor girl is going to turn to ashes, collapse to the ground in a heap of powder and blow away in a light breeze.  Beautiful, definitely!  But someone please give that girl a pork chop!  I would LOVE to see her take up in a wonderful way with Palmer!  If Anna Nicole Smith can do it, so can Kendall, except that I think Palmer would shower her with love and she’d absolutely blossom!  That would definitely give Opal and Erica quite a bit to snipe about!  Opal has (unthinkably!!) found her way to my bad side and the voice I used to love just sounds like shrieking and bitching in my ears now.  I definitely know of Kendall’s misdeeds of the past, but don’t they understand that was a whole other actor ago?  Kendall just wants wuv and doesn’t know how to go about getting it.  I think she and Palmer would both open up nicely in a loving relationship and it would make great soap material!  If she’s not interested, I’d be happy to show Palmer a good time!  

Anything that Mia does from this point forward that makes no sense can be effectively written off to Post Traumatic Dress Disorder...  “couture” or not that dress Adam ordered for her was hideous!  I couldn’t figure out if the thing was coming or going and kept hoping it was going!! 

I hear that Anna Stewart is not with the show much longer, so look for Greenlee and mom to part ways.  I wonder if it will be or without the inheritance under her arm? 


Oh honey, don’t wake me up, I was having such a great dream and since I ran out of valerian, OLTL is what I depend on for some good sleep time. 

GH is coming!!!

July 19, 2002


More Scoops from Angel

These are for you from Angel: 

Sonny and Jason send a stronger message to Roy in the form of a Pier 52 fire.

Liz is locked in a stairwell during a thunderstorm and Zander comes to her rescue.  This leads to their tab-A-slot-B involvement.  Zander is tender and loving and asks her if she's sure.  Afterwards, he starts to leave, thinking she doesn't want to see him and is sorry it happened.  She assures him she wants him to stay.

Jason arrives as things are really starting to heat up between Elizabeth and Zander and is devastated by what he sees.  He roars away on his motorcycle, stunned by the depth of his feelings.  

Sonny tries to woo Carly back, but she assures him he is just too dangerous to her heart for her to love him. 

She tries to explain what it meant to her when he left her to go speak with Alexis after she'd begged him to choose her.  

Just when they are heating up for some good old angry sex, Jason calls.  

Angry that he leaves her again, Carly takes legal action to keep Sonny away.

Sonny finds out that Carly knew about Alexis’ pregnancy before he told her.  They agree that they have to be honest with one another in the future. 

Skye turns down Jax’s proposal, but Edward talks her into accepting. 

Luke and Laura get closer to figuring out the attic mystery when Bobbie gives them the name of a nurse from Rick’s past.  Scott immediately informs Rick. 

Rick and Scott dig up a skull!! 

AJ very nearly catches Courtney stripping! 

More comes out about Roy’s connection with Simon Alcazar and Felicia is on the trail!

Sonny is arrested and Alexis comes to his rescue yet again. 

Sonny find out Zander is working for Roy and is PISSED. 

Bobbie catches Scott red-handed with his hand in the evidence jar! 

Kristina learns the truth about Alexis’ pregnancy and makes Carly none too happy when she threatens to tell Sonny. 

To protect Elizabeth, Jason tells Zander to leave town with her.  

Elizabeth agrees to leave town with Zander, but her feelings are conflicted about Jason. 

Alcazar takes a personal liking to Felicia, much to Roy’s chagrin.   

Roy defies Alcazar, so Alcazar plots his revenge, placing many at peril. 

Carly tells Sonny they should put off baby-making until the mob war cools down. 

Kristina is determined to tell Sonny the truth.  Alexis tries to run interference.  (this is why they lied to you in the first place, idiot!) 

Jason intercedes with Sonny on Zander’s behalf and Jason watches a tender reunion between Zander and Elizabeth. 

Luke contacts Theresa Carter to inquire about her past obsession with Rick, not knowing that she has been paid by Rick to act as his old love interest.  Luke is still skeptical.

July 18, 2002


When the (reliable) rumor hit that a fan fave was returning, I got very excited when a very reliable source told me that it was possibly Amber Tamblyn!  Now, I've heard that AT isn't likely at this point, but that GH is still trying.  In lieu of Tamblyn's return, I'm told that Guza wants Emily back to the point that he's considering a recast!  I'm told by a rep from AT's fan club that fans should WRITE, write, write, write to request her return!

If not Amber, then who?  Geddy has been reporting for some time that Sharon Wyatt, possibly along with John Reilly may reprise roles as Tiffany and Sean Donely for Luke and Laura's wedding, but a fan fave?  They are definitely old school fan favorite characters and absolutely 2 of mine, but few people who watched in the past several years would have a clue to who they are, much less get their allure.  

Dare we hope, one of my netpals and I speculated, for a Scorpio return?  Rumors are (again) flying that FH will leave Pine Valley for GH, but last we heard, GH still had not pooled enough good sense to give Tristan Rogers a call.  

Then today, SOW broke the story that ROBYN RICHARDS is returning to her role as Maxie.  I heard some time ago that Bob Guza (Head Writer) is determined to bring GH right back to where it was when he left and from there, proceed with "his" stories without the power that ex-Executive Producer Wendy Riche wielded over him.  Her vision of GH never matches his and the two had notorious sparring matches over almost every story with the tension bleeding over into the cast and the show itself.  The return of Richards definitely supports the theory that Guza is done with any stories he didn't create and is working to bring GH back to where he left it!  That should be interesting because while his work is much better than McTavish's, we still had plenty to complain about while watching MANsoaps.  To some degree, that explains why now Liz can just jump into the sack with Zander.  From a MANsoap point of view, all women are hot for sex all the time and ready to jump right into the sack at the slightest invitation.  Since most of Elizabeth's story was previously written by Elizabeth Korte and Michele Val Jean (who are undeniably female), it would explain the difference in character personality.  Remember, this is the guy who gave us Felicia in Victoria's Secret and fur hand cuffs tied up in Faison's basement.

When Katrina saw STEPHEN NICHOLS at his WONDERFUL fan event in July 2001, his dismay was definitely with TPTB in place at that time (JFP and McTavish), but he was recently heard after one of his plays to say that he wasn't planning to return as long as Guza was in the Head Writer's seat.  Who knows?  Maybe GH can offer a sweet enough deal! 

Sadly, a rep from the Official Constance Towers Fan Club tells us that she is not expected to be onscreen anywhere soon.

I'll have a few spoilers on Friday!



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