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January 31, 2002
Almost midnight



January 28, 2002


BACK to the good old days of the Friday cliffhanger!  It looks like someone sent AMC a dictionary with “cliffhanger” circled in bright red ink.  Two brilliantly staged, nail-biting, edge of the seat climaxes hit in the last few minutes of Friday’s show that made me eager for today!  One, of course, was Bianca remembering what happened, supposedly.  I am going to be tremendously pissy should it turn out to be that she remembers who sang “Afternoon Delight” or which album “Baby Got Back” is on.  I am wise to these nefarious soap writer ways.   

The other tidbit, of course, was seeing the light bulb come on in Mateo’s dim little brain when Greenlee spelled it out for him, handed him the decoder ring and turned the dials on it for him, then wrote down the letters and broke the code, followed by reading it aloud to him in monosyllable words.  She practically launched into sign language and charades to get him to figure it out.  VANESSA…7PM…FREAKING OUT…GOING TO KILL ME!!  “duh, uh, tould Banessa be Pwo-deus, duh?”    

There’s not much news or gossip going around about AMC and other than the two stories mentioned above, not much has interested me to the point of commentary.  I’m curious to see where they go with Maggie’s appearance as Frankie’s twin.  We know she is set to be straight, not gay, so that should be a real pisser for Bianca.   

I was desperately sorry to see Hank go as Opal’s suitor and wish he could have been a more permanent character.  Opal and Palmer are OK together, but I’d prefer to see her with someone new.   

Chris and Ryan have been cute together, but I’d like to see a little more of a rush put on the story. 

Anna bores me. 

Dixie can’t leave soon enough for my preference. 

Taking Tad with her would be a bonus.  He was only interesting when Jesse was around. 

Leo irritates me more every time I see him.  The Laura Mercy Marriage was the final nail in the coffin of my LeoAffections.  The last time I liked him was the photo op in the park before they married.  In fact, that was also the last time I liked Laura.  Too bad they didn't run off together.

Oh God.  I just saw a picture of Paul McCartney on The View and he looks like Old Tony Randall.  *sniff*  I miss my moptop. 

Ahem.  I’d liked to see more of Jake in the steam room, please. 

Love the new Kendall.  I just yummy with a spoon love her.  She’s gorgeous, she’s a young La Lucci and she has the hoity-toity soap diva schtick down perfectly.  Bravo. 

The phone ringing in the trunk with DeadLarry was just a hoot.  Perfect.   

An’ that’s all I got to say about that.


Melissa Archer has won Sage’s heart for her performance as Natalie.  WHAT a wonderful new actress. 

Erika Slezak has been just faboo.  “I’ll feed you your fingers for lunch.”  Perfect. 

I LOVE seeing David Vickers and wish he could hang around longer. If only he could hook up with Kelly again.  Kelly without Kevin is just sooo coool! 

I mean, how can you not love this:


What a card she was when she bopped David Vickers on the head with the bust of Beethoven (or whoever) and left him for dead. 

I love seeing Todd dance his way around his evil doin’s and stay as charming as ever.  Blair and the supporting Todd cast have been incredible. 

The only real gossip about OLTL is that they are supposedly actively casting for the part of Will Rappaport.  Why, I cannot fathom. 




Providing commentary on GH would just be cruel right now, sort of like making fun of a handicapped person, so I’ll just go to the gossip. 

NO firm word as to what is going on with the JFP, McT, Guza story.  I heard that the Guza leak could be a red herring for bringing in another team altogether.  TV Guide reports Guza as a contender for Executive Producer, not Head writer, with Michele Val Jean being brought up to HW should McT not stay.   No real new info there…just waiting. 

Carly and Sonny are still set to reunite.  Be chilly, willies and stop jumping on the train of No Faith.  You’ve been waiting so long, blah, blah, blah…give these two a chance to find their way back to one another instead of being thrown back.  Sheesh.   

Tony Geary is back shortly and the Luke and Laura dance will resume.  Of course, everyone wants to know if Luke is Zander’s father.  No word on that yet, just lots of speculation. 

Bottom line is that I don’t really have any new dirt, just a rehash of the same old shiznit. 

Didn’t want you to think I wasn’t thinking of you, though!  If I hear anything, I’ll let you know. 

In other news, the Sage message group is sailing along beautifully and is just sooo much fun, as is the message board!  What a great group of people have come together to nurture, talk, share, learn and cuddle (then there was the Jax Ritual that bonded us all together!  Fab!!  Carolyn, our vestal virginal sacrifice, performed her duties valiantly.   

If you are with the message group, I want to stress that you do NOT have to have your inbox flooded by e-mails.  You can go to “Edit My Membership” and select “No e-mails” and all letters from the group will be stopped.  You will be able to go to the main group page and read and reply to all of the messages from there.   

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That’s all for now.  Sorry there’s not more! 


* * *

January 18, 2002

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January 18, 2002


Hello Darlings, 

I got a letter from one of my feelers on the GH set and I'm passing it along as I promised I would do if I heard anything.  This person was wonderfully forthcoming with what he did know and promised to try and find out more for us.  He is a very reliable source that I have used often, but he was clear with me that things are changing so rapidly behind the scenes that even day to day, there's no consistency or promise.  Here's a cut and paste of what I got from him:

“Sage, the set is in such tight lockdown and everyone has been ordered to keep quiet.  You know me, though, I can’t ever keep quiet.  ;)  Most of the viewers are probably noticing a drag in the stories and that several critical events have been put on hold.  About the S&C question you asked, whoever told you that Sonny and Carly would have a cozy Christmas with Mikey, Courtney and Mike, then have a sizzling New Year’s Eve were absolutely right.   The S&C reunion was actually partially filmed and was supposed to already be well underway, but was dropped at the last minute when new developments caused everything to go on hold.  Originally, there was a re-marriage set for February on their anniversary, as you reported, but that is being delayed out.  More was supposed to happen between Alexis and Sonny in Puerto Rico and that, coupled with the kiss Zander laid on Carly, was supposed to be instrumental in their reconnect.  Helena was already supposed to be out of jail and in key scenes, particularly involving Stefan’s departure.  Originally, SN was going to be written off in a very different manner.  Bobbie and Scott were supposed to already be connecting, springing from their Thanksgiving in the tank (Tanksgiving??) and Laura’s rejection of him.  There was going to be a true reenactment of the past with Bobbie comforting Scott after Laura kissed him off.  Now, it’s being delayed out with this date Scott has with Alexis and Bobbie will still be hanging in the background.  

“The problems really started around the second week of December.  Everything was going full force, but with the contract review, JFP was all set to be fired and a contract clause was being enacted to get Megan McTavish out after January if she chose to go as well.  She might have been allowed to stay, but would have been bumped out by a replacement Head Writer and put into a subordinate position and she wasn’t into that.  As people may have guessed, JFP doesn’t usually operate without bargaining chips.  She is a very sharp cookie and played her cards well enough to stall everything out for a while.  ABC had a new executive team lined up to take over GH and get it back to snuff, but the new team had some different ideas about where to take some of the stories, so everything was put in limbo until this is worked out, beginning with the stuff that was filmed toward the middle of December.  No matter what happens, if JFP stays with GH, you can be assured it was because of some (legal) dirty dealing.  The cast is pretty divided.  About half of the people can’t stand her (you can probably guess which ones – SN just got tired of waiting and was done with GH when he heard that JFP was stalling proceedings out.  That’s why he made the comment that he didn’t really see a staff change happening) and the other half love her and are worried about her going.  A final decision should be made any day, any minute.   Oh, and don't believe ANYthing the soap mags tell you.  For one thing, everything changes so quickly that by the time a story is printed in the mags, it's seriously outdated.  Also, those rags have one goal in mind and that is getting the reader to walk out of the store with the mag, so they'll bend any bit of news into something that will stir up the reader, like that stupid SOW (or was it SID?  Hell, I can't remember) article that was just out about Alexis being in and Carly being out.  That was specifically set up to get a rise out of the fans and if you read the article, you can tell it has no basis in fact.  The quotes are all old and it's only mission is to make the viewers/readers think that all hope is lost, blah, blah, blah.  Disregard totally.

“Oh, also, you asked me if I knew why the opening montage hasn’t been changed yet, so I snooped around and found out that it’s because if JFP leaves, there are going to be BIG staff changes (which is why a lot of the newbies are nervous) and they want to do it all in one fell swoop.  Also, I don’t know if you are aware or not, I figure you are because you’re pretty savvy, but the Executive Producers get a bonus for new actors that are hired onto the show, which is why you will often see new faces following a new EP onto a show.  JFP has no problem working the system to bring in new faces whenever things are getting tight and tense. LOL, I think that’s how she’s padding her retirement fund (girl, you got to know she’s not dumb). 

“I guess you can tell your people that there should be some answer forthcoming soon that will set the EP and HW positions for another year, possibly on a probationary status.  It could be that JFP will be put on an involuntary administrative leave while the new staff comes in as ghost writers and executive producer with her name staying in the credits for a while.  She could also be shuffled off to another ABC show (look out!).  If she gets her way, she’ll stay on with GH, of course, but ABC is trying to get stipulations into the new contract that she isn’t amicable to, so there’s back and forth stuff there.  She definitely had (and probably still has) an ace or two up her sleeve and it’s all being negotiated out.  At this point, anything could happen, so just hang tight and see what comes up. 

“As far as the storylines go, Sonny and Carly are still a go, but the reunion is now being pushed out for the sweeps, rather than a wedding for that time.  It could still happen if things get rolling, but it doesn’t look likely right now for that time period, more like the spring.  Be sure and reassure the S&C fans that the couple is far from over and will be back in one another’s arms eventually.  They fell on the mercy of behind the scenes admin crap, but the trajectory is still the same, it’s just a slower trip.  At this point, the Sonny and Alexis thing is planned to be a loving flirtation and Sonny ends up telling her that he’s in love with his wife and doesn’t feel that way about her.  Alexis is in for some hard times, but don’t preclude the idea of a love interest for her.  If the new team comes in, you will find them much more focused on story and characters rather than demographics, so Alexis is likely to have her own storyline that doesn’t involve Sonny or Ned either one. 

“The sweeps are supposed to be dominated (as is planned at this time) by Luke and Laura and a reconnect of Sonny and Carly.  Roscoe will be instrumental in bringing Sonny and Carly together (indirectly).  From what I’ve heard, Carly doesn’t get shot as rumored, but the two of them working together to protect Courtney from AJ as well as both Zander and Alexis’ feelings being revealed will bring things to a head.  Look for Zander to get his heart broken, but to be happy for Carly to be with the man she loves.  This frees him up to look in other directions.  Jaime Ray Neuman is frothing to work with Chad Brannon, so that could happen and a Nexis reunion is NOT out of the question. 

“Wish I had more reliable, better news for you, but right now, no one knows anything.  Scripts are completely rewritten one day to the next and it’s putting everyone on pins and needles not knowing what’s going to happen one week to the next or even one day to the next.  We film one thing and have to come back in and reshoot something completely different almost immediately.  It’s madness. 

“If I hear anything else, I’ll let you know.  Just tell everyone to hold on and to know that we are even more antsy about all this than they are.  We have bills to pay (LOL) and a lot riding on decisions that are made.  See ya.”

Sorry there's not more.  As soon as any info is released, I'll be sure and let you know.  As far as this letter and whatever stock you want to put in it, that's up to you.  I'm just passing it along.


January 16, 2002

Great news!!  Look for a brief (grrr) return of one of my (and Katrina's) personal favorite GH stars, Lynne Moody as Florence.  We have been told that Lynne was called back for filming that will span a day or two.  If only the powers that be would bring this beautiful and talented woman to the forefront and showcase what a gem she is!  Oh wait!  She's over 40.  Have to keep her in the closet (I'm on a rant, I tell ya!).  If you want to really see her talents, buy or rent the movie (just came out on DVD, in fact) of "Roots" and you'll see her in fabulous form.  Katrina just saw her at the GH Weekend in July and was blown away by how absolutely stunning she is in real life.  NOT that you would know it from the crappy wardrobing she is subjected to on GH.  Booo Hiss!!  Get this women in a beaded, sequined Lucy Coe gown and every man in Port Charles would be falling over themselves to get to her.  She is a prime example of wasted resources on GH, pushed aside in favor of the Gen X Angst Showcase.  Bring GH back to human drama and fabulous acting and veteran talent!!  Just think of how much Elton and Reginald could make us laugh if they could ever get air time!  Wouldn't you have loved to have seen more of Reginald and Leticia's courtship?  Johnny, Francis and Andreas were some of the best things to happen to GH in forever and we hardly ever see them now, but have to look at Skye every day.  I love Robin Christopher (another wonderful actress locked into an insipid, pathetic woman role), but let's make room for some others, please!  I say we jettison anyone currently in a front burner story off to a spa somewhere and let whoever is left carry the show for a few weeks!  Luke and Laura are already on vacation, so what would it hurt?  All of the Sonny and Carly people have already decided that I'm wrong about the reunion before March, so they lose nothing (raspberry to you nonbelievers).  Clear the boards!  Bring out those great actors hiding in the wings and closets where they've been pushed!  It's a mission, I tell you!

Meanwhile, he's a picture of the gorgeous Lynne Moody (as opposed to the decidedly non-stylish Florence Campbell):

LynneMoody.jpg (16228 bytes)

The above pic was autographed to Abbie, our Lines of the Week person and is published in her review of the GH Fan Luncheon Weekend 2001.  Isn't she so beautiful?  Ahhhh.  Anyway, we're also told (big exclusive!) that she has a really boss new Halle Berry do that you're going to LOVE!  Lynne, we're SO happy you're back and I want to be the first to tell you (and if I am, it's a damned shame) that if the powers that be don't recognize what a talented beauty you are, this fan surely does.  

January 15, 2002

My precious readers!  For today’s column, you must pretend that Sage sounds like Barry White instead of Barry Manilow.  Flow with me, Darlings, and feel the love all around.  Take a deep breath and exhale all of the madness, tension and worry of your insane little world.  Breathe in the healing energy of Sage.  Let me soak into your pores and caress your dermis with love.  Let me tingle into your bloodstream and flood your veins with the adoration of Sage!  Feel Sage souring in your soul!  Be one with Sage and let Sage be one with you!!!  Fly with me!  If you have no interest in reading the lovely things I have to say to you and want to get right to my feelings about what women want from the soaps, you can get right to the meat and potatoes of the column by clicking here.

Anyway, while you’re breathing in joy and breathing out negativity, allow me to make everything all better for you in ABC SoapLand, because you know: 

Sage knows what women want. 

Sage has lived with magnificent women his whole life, since he was a tiny, newborn Sage. 

Sage knows what women want.   

Sage’s entire career is built around women and what they really want. 

Sage’s very survival has depended on reading the minds of women, keeping a ton of sisters and a mama happy and knowing how to unlock the beauty in women through make-up and a new hairstyle.  I look into her eyes to her soul and seek out her inner magnificence, her Goddess-self and then I yank it out of her and splash it all over her face and hair for the world to see!  She simpers into my shop, hiding under a hat and wearing sloppy dungarees, a Winnie-the-Pooh T-shirt and a trench coat.  She leaves shouting, “Yes, Yes, YES!” to the world, glowing, wearing an evening gown and waving to the paparazzi who have gathered to honor her.  

Sage knows the mind of a woman. 

Sage knows what women want (have I mentioned this, Darlings?). 

Sage knows the needs of a woman.  

Sage is, well, SAGE!  How can you doubt me? 

Women are fabulous, beautiful, fascinating creatures, one and all.  Whether they are big and soft, strong and slender, cute and ditzy, handsome and wise, old and seasoned or young and blooming, it matters not at all.  Women are the light of my life and the most precious things on Earth.  ALL women are beautiful when you can find the button that illuminates them from the inside out.  Sage is the master of the console.  

Sage listens to women complain about what’s wrong with soaps, all day, every day basis and has done so for more than forty years.  I heard my mother complain about what was wrong with Secret Storm while still I swam in her uterine waters. 

Sage knows what women want and don’t want…from their soaps.  Mind you, I know what men want from their soaps as well (no irony there, eh?), but today, I am bowing to the majority and in soap land, the majority of the viewers are females, the femmes, the keepers of the wombs, the givers of life, the yin to life’s yang, the embracers of human emotion and the keepers of the keys to the kingdom!  

Darlings, ladies, do you think that because I was born with an outie instead of an innie that I am unable to speak for you?  Ha!  Oh ye of little faith!  As I said, Dear Ones, I’ve spent my entire life and career getting inside women’s heads and knowing what they want even before they do as I primped and plucked and preened them into their most amazing, gorgeous selves! 

Loveys, trust me, you’d kill to have me in your hair and in your face, in your heart and in your soul, brushing and blow-drying and shadowing and contouring!  I know what to shove into the dark and what to bring out into glorious light.  I know women and I can speak for women, so I am sending out the following to the ABC Soap Honchos who’d best appreciate my wisdom and listen up or they are going to face the consequences!  [Note:  When I say “we” below, I say it speaking for the “we” of women who watch the soaps, not like Sage is a woman or anything whacked out like that, but just to be the megaphone for all of those beautiful, sultry, pouting lips out there (Liner, darling!  It’s all about liner!)]  

So here we go: 

Women do not want reality on their soaps.  Do not tell these beautiful ladies “sometimes relationships don’t work out” or “life’s like that” and pretend it applies to a soap.  We have reality all around us.  If we wanted reality, we would not turn on the TV, we’d just look around.  Soaps are an escape from reality.  Don’t give us reality in our soaps.  Make it work out the way we want it to in the end.  Let this be a safe place to fall where we can be assured that true love prevails.  Assure us that we don’t have to mourn and suffer loss and betrayal like we do in real life.  The characters, yes, but not the viewer.  

Women want great villains.  We need villains that test our good guys and make them dig within themselves to pull up their strengths and demand more of themselves that they or we ever thought possible.  We want villains to put a face on evil rather than have it as some unknown enemy like in real life. 

Women want romance, romance, and romance.  We want courting and falling in love and stolen looks and hands brushing “accidentally” and a long build up to the climatic first kiss.  We want steamy passion and men who say dorky things to the women  and would fight to the ends of the earth to defend her honor, but not for a second doubt her own strength and capabilities.  

Women want at least one rock solid relationship on each show, a touchstone for the musical chair relationships that shuffle around them.  We need to know that there is one couple who we can depend on to stay together no matter how rough the going gets. 

Women want handsome men of all ages and colors and temperaments and body builds. 

Women want at least one man on each show that we can depend on to be in a towel or at least shirtless no less than once a week (now it’s Ryan, Troy and Jax). 

Women don’t want the action isolated to the beautiful people and the young’uns.  We’d love to see the older people on the show involved in an interesting story.  Well, older people other than Viki and Erica.  Give us some veteran romance!  Give us some drama with the over 40 crowd!  THEY are actors as well, not mere supplies from the props room! 

Women don’t like to see older men that we lust after paired up with women who are younger than the cookie sheets in our kitchen cupboards.  Give us some romance between a man and a woman who are over 40.  Now an older woman who is swept off her feet by a younger man would be most refreshing (Dorian and “Joe” – ahhhhh).  

If you’re going to have a token gay person on the show, don’t pretend that they are celibate.  Go the distance and have a gay person who is in a relationship some time.  The closest we’ve seen is Elton feeling up Stavros’ muscles.  (Don’t lie and pretend that wasn’t fabulously interesting) 

Women want wonderful musical montages every two weeks or so, but don’t overdo it and for Godsake, give us the name of the artist and song in the closing credits that day.  Is that so damned hard? 

Speaking of credits, women want the opening montages changed every year and any footage more than 2 years old must be removed.  We’d also like the departing cast members snipped from the montage within two weeks of the last airing with the exception of Stephen Nichols, who is to remain in the opening montage indefinitely. 

Women want a healthy respect of the show’s history.  If it’s going to be rewritten, make it believable.  The return of Roy DiLucca and the Jessica-Natalie baby switch are prime examples of acceptable rewriting.  Laura abandoning her newborn baby to be with Luke or pretending (as they did for a while) that The Rape was actually consensual is an example of unacceptable rewriting.  Do NOT insult our intelligence or our memories.  We aren’t nearly as stupid as you think. 

Women don’t mind SORAS, but for crying out loud, if you are going to SORAS a kid, you have to SORAS all of the kids born that same year (Maxie and Lucas).  Keep it straight across the board.  Also, you may SORAS no more than 3 years up.  Anything else is ludicrous. 

Women do not want to see thirty-year-olds cast as teenagers.  

Women don’t mind kids being involved in a story.  We do not, however, want them to be the main focus of a story except for the occasional kid-in-trouble-for-drama or child custody battle OR if the kid is a good actor like Kristen Alderson (Starr Manning).   Kids we have (most of us).  Making kids the ongoing main focus (this includes teens, by the way) does NOT remove us from our reality sufficiently and is unacceptable.  Just because there are teens on the show does not mean there always has to be a teen subplot or main plot.  They can fade into the woodwork for a while and let the vets come out and play.  

Speaking of kids, women do not want more than one deceased (or diseased) child or baby per year, per show.  Period.  

Women always want Dr Larry or Jake Martin to be on duty in the E.R.  No exceptions. 

Women do not want the show’s writing dummied down to the level of the most stupid viewers.  Let the stupid people be encouraged to rise up to the intellectual level of the median audience rather than having to play everything out in “See Jane run” format.  Subtlety is golden at times.  Don’t pretend that we really believe Lindsay could change a pregnancy test with a Papermate stick pen or that Jen is brainless enough to believe it.  

Women want and deserve quality acting on the soaps.  We understand that a certain degree of leeway is given to overacting and, as in Susan Lucci and Finola Hutchinson, can even be endearing.  We don’t need Robert Redford and Faye Dunaway, but we are tired of models that decide to be actors “favoring” their way into our shows to get their feet wet in acting.  If they are good, that’s fine with us.  We can break in new talent, no problem.  The operative word being “talent.”  We don’t’ mind showcasing young or new talent, but resent having to wait while they try and invoke talent into a rock with nice hair and a pretty body. 

Women want the recast of a character to be some way, some how, in touch with the actor who previously played the character.  Throwing in someone who looks and acts nothing like the actor they are replacing is just annoying and jarring.  

Women do not need a character’s personality shoved down our throats.  Let us make our own decisions and form our own opinions rather than freight training us with “Kristina is SO WISE AND NICE!  See how WISE and NICE she is?”  “Melissa is SWEET!  See how SWEET she is??”  

Women need to see strong women on soaps; women who we want to emulate and appreciate and admire.  We need to see women who can go through adversity, experience emotion and still behave with honor and wisdom, even when they don't really know what to do.  

Women want to remain intrigued and interested in the stories.  Don’t drag them out for so long that we no longer care about the outcome (like who is Matthew’s father?).  

Women like things nice and neat (that doesn’t mean WE like to keep things nice and neat, just that we like things to BE nice and neat).  Don’t leave strings hanging out untied and flopping around everywhere, like that stupid music box on GH or acting like we don’t freakin’ notice that Ryan and Duke are both Lavery’s or that Lesley still hasn’t called her husband.  Perfection is not required, but sloppiness is abhorred. 

Women like humor and don’t ever forget it.  A good laugh is absolutely necessary.  Golden is the moment we saw a skeleton in the attic with a hat that said, “Bobby” on AMC.  If you're going to be sloppy, we can forgive it if you make us laugh about it. 

Women don’t want new characters shoved down our throats, dominating every scene and insinuating themselves into every story on the canvas.  Give us a chance to breathe and get used to new faces before expecting us to invest emotions into them. 

Above all, women, or make that soap viewers, want to be treated with respect and appreciation, not as though you are doing us a favor by airing a soap for us.  We are the ones that keep you alive and wealthy.  We are the ones who invest hours that turn into years into these shows and we are the ones who purchase the products that finance the shows.  Respect what we say and when we are telling you in teeming masses that something isn’t working, listen.  Don’t keep us in the dark about important decisions or play bait and switch with information.  See, what you forget a lot of the time is that we are a force to be reckoned with and if you screw with our emotions and with us long enough, we will screw with the little knob that makes the TV go black and the ratings go plummeting.    

Nope, I've heard nothing about the pending GH announcement.  I will post the very second I know something and I DON'T KNOW IF CARLY WILL BE SHOT!!  Yes, I STILL say they are remarrying by the end of Feb.  As I've said, a LOT can happen in a month.  March at the VERY VERY latest, but I'm still holding out for Feb.

So, um, how was that??

Feel the Love,

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Jan 1-10, 2002

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Darlings!  Look at what Tracey sent 
to me!  It's her and Elton!!  Click the pic!
*sniff*  I wub dem.

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I would be remiss to not pay homage to the brilliant woman who made ME, 
a little boy from the burbs, want to be A RUMOR QUEEN!!  
Here, I give tribute to the Goddess AIDA
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