If you don't know, darlings, you should.  Aida is the rumor technician for Gedstern's General Hospital Scoops, News, Rumors and Humor and she is the Rumor Goddess of All Time, Space and Dimension.  When Sage was just a little bitty gossipy boy in the cracker box suburbs, he was without direction and utterly unrefined.  It was not until I found Geddy's site a few years back that I found my calling:  I would be a Rumor Queen.  Not that I could ever dream of being as good as Aida. . .she's so connected that her sources don't even have sources.   I will be content to walk in her wake, scattering flower petals of information and speculation, basking in her afterglow and putting my little bitty Sage feet in her wonderful Aida footprints.  Under other circumstances, there are those who would think it was a bit odd for a grown man to have a shrine to a woman in his basement and a trunk, OK, well, two, of Aida memorabilia below it, but I know that all of you understand that it is She who has brought me to this place, and here I am grateful to be, therefore, I pay her homage in this simple way and tip my hat to the Queen of Rumor:  Aida.  I am also forming a group called "KISA" (Knights In Service to Aida) to assist her in anything she might need, dishes washed, computer monitor polished, groceries fetched, etc.  We were going to be "KIAS" (Knights in Aida's Service) but people were mistaking us for sports coupes, which is not civilized.  It's the least I can do for her.  *sniff*  I love you, girlfriend.

Aida's Wonderful Words