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Thought you might like to find all of the searches in one place in 
case you missed a few.  Enjoy searching in the box above!

The Onion - Result #3 - (Some profanity, but well used)
Dec 5, 2002

This site is very, very worth exploring.  Once you are in the site, PLEASE go to the in-site search program (not my search engine) and type in "Gore Pennsylvania" and choose the first result.  Apologies to Pennsylvania folks.  It's all in fun.  

Now for a bonus click that my search engine can't find.  This is a bit of a long load time, but it is so, so, so worth it!!!

<-----Who's yo daddy?


Inane -3rd result
Dec 4, 2002

Be sure and click on "archives.  


Virtual Bubble Wrap - 1st result
Dec 3, 2002


Laura's Midi Heaven Choose result #1, Must have speakers!
Dec 2, 2002
Must have speakers!  Choose first result.  For those of you who do not have speakers:
name generator - Choose result #8, "hobbit name generator"

I took some holiday time off from the Sage's Searches.


funny stuff central
November 27, 2002


"swear bear"  - censored for language
November 27, 2002


snopes2 - Choose result #2, "Urban Legends Reference Page"
November 26, 2002


beneathlosangeles - Choose result #1, then click to get to new addy
November 25, 2002


drews script-o-rama - Choose result #1
November 24, 2002


michael whelan
November 23, 2002


ebaumsworld *almost* an Uncensored Sage Search, but not quite
November 22, 2002


straight dope
November 21, 2002

Result #2

BONUS:  Go to (our search engine will not pick it up)

whats in your name
November 20, 2002

Choose the SIXTH result, go to the bottom of the page for an awesome name analysis!

"jesus316"  Religiously offensive
For:  November 19, 2002

Choose the first result.

movie trivia 
For: November 19, 2002

Choose the first result, plan to stay a long, long while.  It's fabulous.

ascii cows - first result
November 18, 2002 
November 16, 2002

Choose the first result that says "brain candy" by it.  Be prepared to stay a while.  Particularly, look in the second to the left under "Corsinet sites" and check out "trivia."  Lots of good stuff here.

November 15, 2002

Use quotes, go down to "web page matched results" and choose either of the first two results.  Wait a bit for it to load the frames to the left, the go mad.  Loves ya, Hunny!!

"weee squirrel"  Need speakers - mentions gonads (&
strife), heath pics
& contains some funny cussin' - choose the first result
November 14, 2002


"100 Most Annoying Things of 2000
November 14, 2002

Use quotes or direct cut and paste, 1st result, it's a little rough (language primarily), but not too bad, very funny.  Enjoy!  It's a great walk down history's road!

"Insanity Test" (be sure to put in quotes, choose result #1 or #2)
#1 has other funnies I haven't checked for content, so might be icky.  You'll need speakers for this one.
November 13, 2002


The Dialectizer (First result, don't forget "the")
November 12, 2002

For this one, after you get to the page, enter another web page address (like in the box, then hit "dialectize" to see the page in that dialect.  It takes a few seconds, so be patient.  It's worth the wait!
November 11, 2002


Top Secret Recipes (result #1)
November 10, 2002


Adam Sandlers Home Page (copy exactly) select result #2 
November 9, 2002


Jim Warren TV Stars  select the result that says "TV Stars"
November 8, 2002


Evil Cats of Doom 
November 7, 2002


Oracle of Kevin Bacon at Virginia
November 6, 2002