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July 16, 2002

Sad news.  :(

The door you see behind Stephen Nichols appears to be closed for a good reason. My source tells me Stephen Nichols was approached to return to GH, but declined, so don't look for Stefan to show up anywhere soon.  My take is that I don't think SN would return as long as JFP is in the EP chair and according to source, that's not going to change for a while.  Moment of silence (except for my weeping).

July 16, 2002


SID Online reports that Sarah Laine has already had Sarah Webber's last air date on July 10th (WTF??), the famous dumping of the roses episode.  Has Guza really given her such an anticlimatic ending?  Literally going out with a whimper?  My source says it's not likely and that there will be more of a dismissal of Sarah's character.  Sage says don't expect many fireworks.  Looks like we might not get the Sarah Goes Nuts story that was rumored!

It is also reported that there will be "a popular star's" surprising return to GH" and it's added --"it's not you know who"--meaning no doubt VM.  A little snooping on my part has indicated that the popular star who may be returning is AMBER TAMBLYN!!  This is AWESOME news for the Jason-Elizabeth fans, as well as the ZEm fans!!  Let's all cross our fingers that this rumor moves to spoiler status soon!!

July 15, 2002

Sonny and Carly get HOT!!

Carly is SERIOUS when she says she's gone!  Sonny's not going to give up, though, and you can expect to see him working double time to get his woman back!  If you are a Carly and Sonny fan and haven't been into the "kinder, gentler, baby-making" sex you've been seeing, be sure and tune in on July 22!  It's not going to culminate in a meeting between Tab A and Slot B, but you're going to see the angersex prelude that these two do so well!  Damn Jason for interrupting!!  After that, Carly is even madder and takes further measures to make sure Sonny KNOWS she's serious!

July 14, 2002


An Explanation For Those Who Don't Know

Hello, all.  I just got an e-mail that lets me know that I may need to do some further clarifications.  My first instinct is to get all catty (smile) and say that I'll explain and use small words this time, etc, etc, but I know that this probably won't even reach the people who need to know.  If it does, great, if not, just let it be reiterated here.  E-mail:

I was just on Soap Zone reading about your new "spoilers" and I have to say that I agree with one of the posters who points out that YOU have never BROKEN A SINGLE STORY on your own, you great "SCOOPSTER."  All you do is rehash the other information that's out there.  What's with that, anyway?  Can't you get your own sources?  Don't you have anything to do besides MAKE SHIT UP (like the stupid Brenda and Jason pairing - ANYWAY!!! - like everyone doesn't know that will never happen) and copy everyone else's stuff???  You don't even get all of the details right when you DO report something!!  If I want to read their scoops, I'll go to THEIR page!!  You'll NEVER compete with Bauer and Vern and GHH and the other real news breakers out there!  You're just a wannabe!!
So as you always say, PFFT!!

Sigh.  Where to start on this poor, misguided soul?  First, darling, you're not authorized to use the patented "Pfft," (especially screaming it in caps) you don't do it well and you must cease and desist immediately or face legal action.  

Frankly, I'm past being upset about this kind of stuff and want to just make sure that the explanation is (again) out there to filter through the Universe and maybe cause a few people to say, "Ah!!  NOW I understand."  I figure this person and anyone else who is posts or sends me this kind of stuff is in that category above (in my disclaimer) of those who just don't get it.  In case there really are some prospective Ho's or Sage's Darlings out there who seriously don't know, I'll repeat:

My page is not a spoiler page.  It was never intended to be.  I have no interest in competing with Bauer, GHH, Vern, Geddy or anyone else out there who are in the biz of breaking stories and getting the latest new big scoop out there, having the "exclusive"  or ever writing "You read it here first!!!"  I'm not even interested in having that kind of  competition or webpage at all.  This is purely a GOSSIP site.  What I do is throw out the RUMORS that are flying around out there (although I do try to sift through and find the most qualified rumors or else we'd be here all day) and talk about them with you.  Would you be pissed at or disappointed in your girlfriend if she told you some rumor you heard and it didn't turn out to be 100% true or if she got some of it wrong or wasn't the first to tell you??  That's all I ever wanted to do was talk soaps with friends like I've always done in real life.  So if anyone is expecting that I'm going to be like those other sites and live on the phone or fax waiting for the moment that special scoop comes along, you're talking to the wrong guy.  I just don't have interest in or goals toward scooping the exclusives.   I'm about yakking and dissecting and speculating on what's out there.   As far as being a "wannabe," I hope I've made the point that I don't "wannabe" anyone but me.  The scoops were provided this week because Geddy was having bandwidth problems and I wanted you to have something to chew on in her absence.  In the future, if I get great scoops, I'm going to put them out there for you (because I do have some wonderful sources like Angel and Gedstern), but that's not the main purpose of this page!

As far as the Brenda-Jason rumor, that is (and I think I made this pretty clear) a RUMOR that came to me from a fairly reliable source who said the idea was being kicked around the writers' table.  I heard it, so I told you guys and I'll be damned if I'm going to censor what I talk to all of you about just because it might never show up on screen or might somehow jack with my credibility to even mention.  Pfft (note the appropriate usage).

So anyway, with all good love and no bad nasties, I just wanted to make sure that everyone is on the same page about what Sage is really about because it sounds like there is some CONFUSION out there.  I have amended the disclaimer to reflect this info and the new bit is in *'s.  If anyone reading this feels an urge to enlighten those out there who are under the mistaken assumption that I'm trying to break records on releasing new info, please feel free to educate them as to the contrary.  You don't come here for the earth-shattering exclusives.  I leave that to the people who do it best and who have an interest in doing it at all.  That's the way it's always been and that's the way I want it to be.  Love to all of you who "get it" and may those of you who don't "get it" find exactly what you're looking for on the net!  If you're going to be evil after THAT, just take a little bit of a closer look at the kitty's paw, pal.

July 12, 2002

More GH Scoopage!!

A beautiful angel in blue plays her harp from atop a mound of clouds. An Avery Creation exclusive.My Wonderful Angel!!  I have a very, very special source who gives me info from time to time and she has stepped up to bat and hit a home from for us in our time of need!!  I have a HOARD of wonderful GH scoops from you, compliments of our Angel!!  Enjoy and thanks to our friend!!

When Sonny tells Alexis she’s lying about the baby not being his, Ned steps forward and says the child is his.  Alexis isn’t thrilled by this, but realizes it’s the best thing to do. 

Sonny returns home to find Carly gone. 

Luke asks Scott about the attic.  Laura realizes she might be remembering through her dreams.  Luke asks Laura about things that went on when she was in high school and they decide to press Scott for further info.  Laura gets a weird vibe from Rick that concerns her even more than before. 

Edward calls Skye and when Jax questions her about the call, she covers with a lie. 

Felicia worries about Jason’s delving into how Roy had money to buy Pier 52. 

Jason wants to further protect Elizabeth and takes measures to do so.  He also pushes Zander to remember details about his kidnappers.  Zander comes up empty. 

Jason tries to divide and conquer by sowing seeds of doubt in Felicia’s mind where Roy is concerned. 

Zander asks Roy for a job. 

Jason spies on Roy. 

Kristina is crushed when Ned tells her that Alexis is carrying his child.  She falls apart and refuses to forgive him. 

When Luke questions Lesley about Rick, she tells him about Rick’s past indiscretions.   

Laura leaves Rick shaken after a discussion about the attic. 

Nikolas shows Giz the Tempo cover featuring her.  Lucky interrupts their celebration, much to Nik’s frustration. 

After she leaves Sonny, Carly goes home and Jason checks to see if she’s OK.  She cries on his shoulder and falls asleep.  The next morning, Bobbie sees them and draws the wrong conclusion.  Carly lets her in on her actual “plan.”  Carly decides to seduce Jason and make sure Sonny walks in on it.  Sonny and Jason know what she’s up to, however, and switch places.  Carly is upset and can’t go through with it and confesses to “Jason” (actually Sonny) how much she loves Sonny.  He lets her know it’s him and Carly is PISSED.  Sonny starts to make some progress with her, but Jason phones Sonny and they are interrupted. 

Sonny and Jason discuss a new adversary of Sonny’s that moving in while Carly asks Scott to get a restraining order against Sonny for her.   

Elizabeth gives Zander the green light for sex and it’s ON. 

Felicia is in the process of confirming her feels for Roy to him when they hear of a fire on Pier 52.  Felicia sees Roy meeting with a courier and is suspicious.  

Courtney works to keep AJ from finding out what she’s doing, but he is getting warmer!  He tells Mike that he is genuinely in love with Courtney.  Courtney comes close to being spied by Sonny at the strip club.  Sonny and Roy discuss Pier 52 and Sonny issues a thinly veiled threat to Roy.  Roy tells Felicia where his money comes from and meanwhile, “Alacazar,” Sonny’s new archrival, sets up a meeting with Roy.  

Gia has a run in with a magazine reporter, which causes conflicts between her and Nik. 

Sonny ignores the restraining order, but Jason keeps him out of trouble.    

Alexis does some work for Felicia and Roy, which hits Sonny wrong.  Ned worries about Alexis and the baby (awww), which annoys Alexis.   

Laura is pissed when Luke starts bad-mouthing Scott to Mac.  She tells him to keep his grudge against Scott out of it, but she’s surprised when she remembers Scott being in the attic.  She then realizes that Scott lied to her and tells Luke.  Meanwhile, Scott informs Rick that Laura is remembering things about the attic.   

Zander flaunts his new relationship with Elizabeth to Jason and she goes off on ZanMan about it. 

Sonny manages to get under Carly’s skin and she agrees to give him 24 hours to change her mind about leaving him.   

Zander goes against his word to Elizabeth by getting involved with Roy...which ends up getting him set up by Benny when he takes some planted cash.   

Alexis is uncomfortably working for Felicia and Roy and gives her notice.  She considers leaving town, which Ned encourages.   

Bobbie tells Alexis that Scott plans to have Sonny arrested for kidnapping. 

Rick greases the wheels for Scott to run for District Attorney.  Scott makes it clear to Rick that they are NOT friends and their only connection is through Laura and the past.  Luke goes after Scott for more information while Laura confronts Rick.  Scott manages to dodge Luke’s questions, but Rick sets off another flow of memories for Laura while trying to divert her.   

Sonny does his best to reassure Carly that he will not leave her, even if Alexis IS carrying his baby.  

Jax catches Skye red handed when she tries to break into his safe.   

Lesley also revisits the past and expresses regrets.   

Zander breaks into Jason’s penthouse and Roy denies knowing anything about the missing cash Benny planted and Zander took.

  & Angel

July 12, 2002 


I got a phone call today about that letter situation and I was specifically told I couldn't talk about it.  I was NOT, however, told I couldn't make a banner about it:

sagebannerclues.jpg (49883 bytes)
click to enlarge

More GH scoops coming!  A source just cashed out!

July 12, 2002


Geddy being down due to a jillion people logging onto her site has forced me out of my hot tub and into computer world again (it’s a temp return...I’ll be back on full force probably the beginning of next week).  Here's what's I got!


Petey is coming back as a recast, which could mean that more air time for our Opal.  You probably already know that Roger is going to take a bullet at the wedding.  Eh.  Not much else. 


Everyone’s wondering what happened to Bo and Gabby this week.  I’d gladly trade in a few of Roger Howarth’s precious banked footage for some B&G (Shall we just call them “Go?”) action.  Why they even bothered to shoot shut crap for RH’s departure is beyond me.  The other two send offs (DID on the plane and getting popped for Thornhart) were much better than this dying horse of a story.  Just shoot it, fer chrissakes. 

Rex is gay?  Seth is a latent gay?  I’m gay?  Are you gay?  We’re all gay?  OLTL is just rumored to be having a gay old time lately.  Maybe they dumped whatsit, the first really good looking Seth whose name escapes me, because he didn’t “look” gay enough.  “I’m sorry, Whatsit, you’re just tooooo....hetero.  Marj, get me a gay looking guy in her pronto!”  Sure, John-Paul Lavoisier looks like a tea party waiting to happen, so hey, maybe this rumor will pan out and hit the screen.  Could OLTL really be ballsy enough to have an actual gay relationship???  Could a soap ever have a gay person who doesn’t look like a fashion model and instead, has short hair and comfy shoes?  We all know that on soaps, a gay person has to look and act exactly like everyone else and be totally celebate, so if they give this a go, they will be hacking a path in a seriously jungled area!  If anyone can do it, it’s Gary Tomlin!  Sure, the show has been like watching paint dry lately, but maybe he’s on cruise control, feeding energy into The Next New Plan (one can hope), whatever that is.

The rumors are still flying that after 12 years as Jessica Buchanan (since she was 9), Erin Torpey is hanging up her halo and striking out to pursue her musical career.  We’ll miss her, but we can’t hold these folks back from following their dream, just to feed our own interests.  Sounds like Jess might be written off in a big way with a murder mystery!


Sadly, it’s true.  Although ultimately, JASON AND ELIZABETH WILL BE TOGETHER (You naysayers are the same ones who doubted me on Sonny and Carly, I’m betting), but they powers that be have foolishly decided to muck it up with a Liz and Zander trist first, which is going to tear our Jason’s heart out.  *sniff*  Don’t ask me to speculate what these idiots are thinking.  It’s probably some “true love never runs smoothly” bullshit, but I think Guza and Pratt need to put down their crack pipes and get with the flow of the shoooow.  I *wish* there was an icon to show me rolling my eyes.  OK, got one.    The mourning service will be, well, in the mourning.  As I said, Jason and Liz are still a go (But yikes!  News flash of a weird rumor below!), we just have to detour while Guza plays his little games first.  He’s a step up from McTavish, but it’s a babystep.

Some of you will be seeing it shortly if you haven’t already.  Sonny tells Carly that he HAS to speak with Alexis about the paternity of her baby.  Carly has a little brat fit and tells him if he talks to Alexis, she’s leaving him.  Man of honor, he goes and so does Carly.  She runs right across the hall (man, that penthouse #5 does get some action no matter who’s living here!) and tries to seduce Jason.  They don’t do anything, but she falls asleep there (so they sleep together, but they don’t SLEEP together), Bobbie sees it and ass/u/me’s they did.  Carly even goes so far as to hire Scott to keep Sonny away from her.  Sonny ends up kidnapping Carly and whisks her away to the island for some serious seduction. 

Ned ends up telling Sonny the baby is his and Sonny believes it.  Alexis is NOT happy about this (at first) and slaps the shit out of Ned.  Ultimately, they end up going through with the public deception, with (get this), Ned going so far as to tell KRISTINA that ALEXIS is having his baby!!!  Man, he takes it all the way.  Kristina, as everyone knows, has been an insecure little crimson-headed monkey lately, so we should NOT expect this to sit well!!  Look for her death to bring out a ton of guilt feelings in Alexis and Ned, who will need to comfort one another in a big way.

Yes, Jax does as Skye to marry him.

We interrupt this regularly scheduled gossip column for an important new flash:

Wow!!  I just got the heads up on a really odd rumor that I would dismiss if it didn't come from such a reliable source...No Jax...No Sonny...JASON and BRENDA???  WTF???  Supposedly, Jason gets Brenda out of some kind of bad situation and starts to bond with her.  This definitely satisfies her bad boy complex and his saintly complex but where the hell is Liz in all this??  Wow!  What a conflict this would be between Sonny and Jason!  Yikes!  Lord, I hope this one isn't true and not just because it monkeys with my Jason and Liz deal.  Now that I think about it, I wonder if the redirect between Zander and Liz connecting happened right about when Vanessa Marcil gave in and inked a contract.  We heard about her signing 2-3 weeks ago and that is when the crypt scenes would have been taped.  VM signing could have given a go to pairing Brenda up with Jason, so they needed to hook up Liz with someone else.  Man, I'm not digging this.  Please remember, this is based on one tidbit I heard which has not been confirmed with my other reliable sources.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled gossip column.

The new bad guy, Alcazar (Alka Seltzer it is!!!  We have a winning nick!), will be a big player and I hear that he is the one who will be ushering Brenda on screen ultimately.  That one is just rumor, so don’t get all freaky on me about it.  He is also said to be ready to stir up Zander a bit.  

On Genie Francis, the most accredited rumors are now speculating that she will return after vacation, wrap up the story and leave.  I was specifically told that a magazine recently jumped the line and said she was staying and that has not yet been established.  She definitely still could stay, but right now, it’s looking like a departure in the fall. 

As far as Laura goes, dump those stupid molestation rumors.  Those who speculated about the attic being a labor and delivery ward are thought to be dead on.  Geds has mentioned a red head involved with the attic story and my first thought was *BOBBIE??*, but we saw Bobbie onscreen for most of the time since she arrived in Port Charles and the gal just wasn’t pregnant, so I’m thinking more and remembering that Lesley’s hair was (I thought) brown back then, but did she have a red head moment that I missed?  Additionally, if Zander really is 22, wouldn’t that put him in prime focus as the baby?  Wait!!  If Guza does one of his totally irreverent rewrites of GH history, could we say that Zander is the son of Bobbie and....(drum roll please) Roy DiLucca????  The presumed to be dead Roy DiLucca???  Did she have one of those “you seen it on Sally Jesse so’s it must be true” pregnancies where SkinnyBitch Doesn’t Know She’s Pregnant Until She Delivers A Twelve Pound Baby In the Attic?   Oh, Sage’s little mind is racing.    

You saw right!  Our Lucky was having a Big Mack Attack all over Gia (as in he was "mackin' on her" as in he was throwing some mack around and it spilled on Gia as in Nik has no appreciation for the mack as in Gia is in the line of mack fire) at he photo shoot and they are going to spirit off to Europe after it’s a rave of a success.  Will Nik like this?  No, no, no!  Will Sarah like this?  No, no, no!  The only difference is that Sarah will turn into a maniac over it.

That’s alls I got!!  Later, darlings!


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