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Welcome to ME!!  

Honey, you're either going to "get" me and know my heart and my intent or you're not going to "get" me at all.  If you don't, know your limitations and just back away from the keyboard after clicking the little "X" in the box on the upper right corner of your browser window, ne'er to return again.  May you have happiness all of your days.  If you enjoy what I do, then pull up a chaise by the pool and stay a while.  If that's the case, you're the very person I'm writing this column for anyway.  I don't write to please the masses or kiss anyone's ass.  Everything you read here will be from my heart, off my cuff and dead on honest.  If you want a good read designed to offend no one, go to because they are great at what they do.  If you want to hear what I really think about soaps, life, etc, then WELCOME!  This is an opinion column filled with gossip and rumors and, well, my opinion.  It may not agree with yours and I'm good with that.  *Please also note that this is NOT a spoiler or "exclusive info"'s a GOSSIP page and what we are discussing might be a RUMOR or a SPOILER, but isn't guaranteed to be what hits the screen.  I'm NOT in the business of or interested in breaking the exclusives.*   I suggest that if you want to read on, you make peace with that as well and leave your weapons with my Marshall, Lenore, before you enter town.  You'll get them back when you leave.  Believe me, you'll need them for some sites on the net and I don't want my loveys to go unarmed into war!  Remember to click that smiley globe in the links above to help EOS!

Note:  Due to the large volume of e-mail he receives, Sage regrets that he is unable to personally answer each e-mail.  He wants you to know that he reads each and every one (some 2-3 times) and greatly appreciates your communication.  Please DO NOT ask Sage for further info on what is going to happen on the shows.  Any information he has that he can share will be put into his column or on the message board right away. 

August 27, 2002

Yum!  There's More!  GH Spoilers!

A pal sent these to me, so I'm a'sending them to you!

Luke confesses to murdering Rick Webber and Alexis agrees to defend him.  Scott goes way over the line of betrayal where Laura is concerned, then uses what he has learned against Luke.  Alexis isn’t convinced of Luke’s confession and tries to question Laura, but Laura becomes delusional and keeps flashing back to the past.  Alexis refuses to give up her investigation even after Luke fires her.  Ned warns her she’s working too hard.  (At this point, the general consensus is that the baby lives, by the way).  Lucky and Luke share a close moment.  Nikolas and Lucky find out the full extent of Laura’s condition and are staggered to learn she will be relocated to an overseas facility for treatment. 

Alcazar is determined to have his men take out Zander (and not to dinner!).  One of his men is badly wounded in the process. 

After Jason helps AJ, Sonny is torn about Jason’s loyalties, but Carly smoothes things over between the two men. 

AJ lets Courtney know that he thinks no less of her after finding out the truth about her “night job.”  They make love. 

Ned and Jax team up and get Edward to admit that he pulled the plug and faked a coma (can they do that?) to set up Skye, but Edward reminds Jax that the contract Skye signed was very real, even if his near death was not! 

Alcazar threatens Roy and he begs Felicia to leave town with the girls. She refuses and Alcazar snatches Lucas, Maxi and Georgie. 

After Jason brings Elizabeth and Zander to his penthouse for safekeeping, Zander begins to remember Elizabeth.  Elizabeth painfully admits her feelings for Jason to him. 

Jason boards Alcazar’s yacht on Sonny’s orders and learns more about the mystery woman, who seems to elude him at every turn.  Jason’s daring escape narrowly keeps him from being caught by Alcazar’s men.   

Sonny sends Carly to their island to be safe, but she balks at the last minute.  She continues to be a source of strength for her man. 

Alcazar uses emotional manipulation to guilt Brenda into staying with him, but is stunned when she hears Alcazar order Roy to kill Sonny.   

Bobbie intervenes with Luke and begs him to reconsider his course of action, but Luke has other plans and goes back to an old partner for help. 

Luke talks Scott into letting him see Laura, but it goes badly.  Luke has wonderful memories of Laura.  Later, he shows Scott the business end of a barrel. 

Jax has a Brenda moment. 

Brenda sleeps with Alcazar to make things appear right between them, but Alcazar catches her trying to contact Sonny. 

Jason and Elizabeth kiss again. 

Alexis saves Luke’s butt. 

Felicia is ready to make a deal with Alcazar. 

Alcazar’s yacht explodes.

Brenda escapes on September 13 and goes into (get ready) a safe house with Sonny who has faked his death!  He does tell Carly who really goes to town with the appropriate hysterics.  He also tells Brenda that he is in love with Carly.

August 26 2002



Nothing except my latest Post Traumatic Dress Syndrome: 

[Since my so much beloved ABC Soap Screen Caps when belly up in the big fish bowl, I have been rendered sans snappies - *sniff**moment of silence please!* *sniff* - if anyone has a good source for AMC, OLTL and GH screen captures, please, darling, have mercy on your rumorqueen and cough up the url post haste before I hang myself in the oven from picture withdrawal!!] 

Brooke’s Satin Doll look was teeeeeragic, baby!!!  I wanted to jump through the TV and save her from herself!  From the little caplets on the sleeves to the last stitch in the hem, that dress took her into the Title of Cattle Queen, “Miss Steak.”  [Get it, loveys?  “Miss Steak?”  “Mistake?”]  Not to mention, that since Julie Barr has a fabulous, delicious woman figure instead of the dreaded “boobs on a stick” [another moment of silence for former EOS great, Chris Simons who coined that phrase] look that is all pervasive in soaps today, the head to toe satin made her look like a Brach’s toffee.  Don’t worry, darlings!  If you aren’t the boobs on a stick type, you can be!!  All you have to do is have some fat sucked out of your ass and injected into your lips with some collagen along for good measure.  Live on Hydroxycut and lettuce until your teeth can’t touch in your mouth without dancing on one another from the ephedra boogie they’re getting.  Work out aerobically for a couple of hours a day, tone, tone, tone for another hour and see your surgeon once again, this to have your boobs puffed up with fake stuff until they don’t move on their own and enter the room about ten minutes before the rest of your body.   Sweetie, despite how extremely nice Jackie Zeman is – and she is – those tartars of her (which my extremely classy brother-in-law, Dale would refer to as “tig ol’ bitties”) need their own zip code and area codes!  Don’t get me wrong...I ADORE, Jackie Zeman, but honey, HOW does one sleep on one’s back and manage to get up again without having to call the kids to get Mama’s Pryin’ Bar?  Do we think these things THROUGH?  Does she ever do what my Aunt Vera used to do and come into the kitchen, hoist those puppies right up onto the table, let them flop onto the doily placemat with a resounding thud (or two) and say, “Lord, what was I THINKING, my back is KILLING ME!  Pansy, be a luv and go get Aunt Jackie some Johnson’s Baby Corn Starch”?  Now those of you who are going clickety click click on your little mail program right now to write and fuss at me for having the *gasp* audacity to remark on JZ’s gigantic bosoms must really be forced to go back and watch that footage (and boobage) of Luke and Laura’s most recent NotWedding.   Pfft.  Lighten up.  I thought Scott was going to set his drink on them at one point and I'm sure quite a few of you did as well.

Crap.  What was I talking about?  Oh yeah.  Brooke versus The Ugly Dress.  For one thing, I despise those crumb catcher necklines that never look like they fit right.  Her hair looked lovely...OK, I’ll give her that one.  But that dress needed to line the inside of a casket, not the outside of a Brooke.  Give her some nice lace next time and a pretty, high, cameo neckline to make her look taller.   Skim the lace down her body softly to magically lay over the best curves and give up to a gentle, Wilma Flintstone hemline about mid-thigh.  Add a nice spectator pump and a whimsical, wispy underskirt and ka-bam!  You have one classy bride who doesn’t have to jam her head in the cake in shame when she catches sight of herself in the mirrored tiles of the reception hall. 

She doesn’t get worst dressed awards though.  That goes to Maggie who has evidently located the Hello Kitty store and was thrilled to find she could fit into the clothes from the Junior Streetwalker In Training section.  Meeeyoww, kitty!  (more like me = ow!)  So what was up with that wacky retro Valley of the Dolls hair thing she had going on?  Too many dolls (see the movie or read the book to get the reference) being popped in THAT Valley (as in Pine), honey. 

Best-dressed honors definitely go to the poor Mauria who, despite losing all of her money and her suitcase to the Park Mugger, has been able to wear a different outfit for nearly every scene!  Sharp dressed lady!  She must have hit up David for a Macy’s card or something. 

So, pfft, that’s all I’ve got to say about AMC.  Bitch, bitch, bitch, I know, but hey, I calls’em likes I sees’em. 

I refuse to discuss OLTL until I am freed from the torture of “Somewhere in the South Pacific.” 


I was so deeply distressed on a very personal level that Katrina was unable to attend the GH Fan Weekend as planned, not just because LORD that girl needed a break, but because she was going to be ferreting out all the good dirt for meeeee!!!  Whaaaaa!  (Affect the whining tone of, oh, let’s go with about age 4 there) 

I got a few things, so I’ll work them into the SAGE BOURLAND QUESTION AND ANSWER SESSION!!!!!  I polled people on my message board saying, “Hey!  Whatcha wanna know?”  Here’s what we got (not edited, theirs anyway).  (My stuff is in italics) 

There were a lot of rumors floating around that with Guza's return, Tony Geary would have a chance to pen a storyline, kinda to make up for the mess that was Endgame.  Still to happen or did Genie's departure kill that? Maybe it was just a wild rumor after all. 

There is much I could say about this, but I am going to keep it fairly decent for a change.  My sources tell me that the idea of Geary writing the L&L wedding story was discussed, considered and dismissed.  When GF needed to leave, Guza figured there was no need to invest in a couple that was not going to be on screen (and that he never liked in the first place), so the idea was scrapped and his basic plan was to get rid of L&L as smoothly as possible and, Sage added bitterly, while doing as much damage to the beloved characters and their love story as possible.  This guy wrecked Luke and Laura before and it appears that he just couldn’t wait to do it again.  He has done little EVER but slap Luke and Laura fans across the face and chip away at the dignity of the couple.  For all of the things that Megan McTavish did wrong (and honey, I would be here all night if I got started on that list), she did attempt to do right by Luke and Laura.   She just didn’t have the talent to pull it off.  Guza has the talent, but not the inclination or motivation.  So Rick is now a serial adulterer and Laura is a serial killer and Luke is a supporting cast member intended to do no more than to usher Laura out of Port Charles, take the rap for Lucky and thereby fall (at least for a while) under the control of Scott Baldwin to keep him safe, then drag through a monotonous trial that is going to last for months and bore our eyes out.  I would NOT blame Geary if he walked and I for one suspect that the rumors of friction between Geary and Guza before Guza left were true.  Granted, Geary boasted joyously of Guza’s return, but Tony Geary seldom has a negative thing to say about ANYone because from what I hear, he’s a nice guy.  Much of the bad stuff from the past was attributed to the ongoing battles between Bob Guza and Wendy Riche (former Executive Producer of GH), but what if, just what if, Riche wasn’t the real demon here and Bob Guza is just a jerk who doesn’t know how to write for certain vital parts of GH?  Anyway, that’s all speculation and I don’t have a bit of it in fact.  It’s just what I feel.  Nope, wouldn’t surprise me in the least of Geary walked before Christmas.

Rumors about Zander's background were touched on a little in the crypt.  Is his backstory still on to be revealed or is that on the backburner for now (for ever?) 

I think if that is going to happen, it’s not going to happen anywhere soon.  Although the idea was kicked around the writers’ table to bring it back, I think it fell by the wayside and a great deal of the rumor and speculation about who Zander could really be was limited to net activity and gossip.  If they don’t give this poor guy a real story soon, it’s going to go from being a real shame to an outright tragedy.

Carly's disappearence -  She hides out in a cabin to punish Sonny.  Jason finds out, she begs him not to tell.  Then she blurts it out to Sonny to get a rise and he tells her he already knew.  That's it!?!  What about Mickey seeing her in the backyard?  Can't we at least, the first time she and Alcazar come face to face, have him say "So nice to see you again?" 

Pfft.  That’s it.  But I do like your story better for what it’s worth!

I'm assuming, with Brenda's return, we will find out why Jax dodged the question whenever anyone asked him about Brenda after his return.  Maybe he thinks she has the degenerative brain disease and didn't want to let anyone know, maybe at her request.  But will that little detail be forgotten (like Chloe)? 

I have no news on this...only speculation.  The gossip about says that Brenda does have the disease, but *I* think she only thinks she has the disease because of the drugs Alcazar has been giving her.  I think Jax is going to get involved with “saving” her by helping her through detox (remember, Brenda had a prescription drug problem before) and then learning ultimately from her old doctor that she really doesn’t have the disease.  During this time, I suspect that she and he will reconnect and poor Skye will be shuffled off to a better story, depending totally on how Brenda’s entrance into the Sax wedding turns out.  My prayer is that Skye will be allowed some dignity and will stomp out on Jax when he sees how much glory and attention he’s fawning all over Brenda.  Where the complete hell is Jerry Jacks when you need him! 

My precious Chloe, on the other hand, has OBVIOUSLY been forgotten since we just heard from Jax’s own personal lips that he has NEVER loved since Brenda.  Chloe must be spinning in her grave like a rotisserie, clawing her way up out of the grave dirt with her (still) well manicured nails and ready to traipse through the undead (hey, there are already about a million previously dead Spencers on the prowl, so what’s another?) streets of Port Charles, her head slightly askew from the whole nasty neck breaking incident, ready to pound the life out of a certain lying Aussie!!

Do you have a significant other?  If so, tell us a little about them.

Alas.  I do not have a significant other.  And how gentle of you to say “them” instead of “him” or “her.”  Sage adores you.  I do have a full stable of Ho’s, however, so I am never lonely.

What is your favorite flower?  *I always like to ask this question because it tells a lot about a personality.  Mine is Stargazer Lily.*

My favorite flower is the “Sawada’s Dream” Camellia (below).  I saw it in person once at a flower show and fell in love with it.  For a more common flower, I love big, fat peonies.  Snapdragons are cool, but they always look like tiny vulva to me.  Go figure.  Maybe I need a bit of therapy or something.  I also quite like coleus (it’s a weird, tactile thing) and four o’clocks are fun when their seed pods pop.  I love the smell of lilacs and lavender.

sawadas_dream.jpg (2330 bytes)
Sawada's Dream Camillia

This one I'm just curious about. ~  I was reading some of your archives and your early columns were side splitting fun and laugh out loud hilarious.  Your columns are more subdued now, like you don't really really love to write it anymore.  I understand, because when you first started you didn't know how cruel the internet was and you gave of yourself freely.  Now you have gotten more than your fair share of nasties and threats.  I'd just like to see the old Flameing Gossip Queen return, so I know that you didn't loose a little piece of the Sage we know and love.  This was just a food for thought, cause I wuv you, not a question you need to answer.

I’ll answer and you’re right!  It is sad.  I hate not feeling comfortable being myself when I’m writing any more.  I never thought I’d censor myself, but lately, I find that I’ll write something with a big, silly grin on my face, the the grin will disappear and I’ll think, “shit, I haven’t even posted this yet and already the ____ fan base is going to be filling my inbox with hate."  Then I’ll start deleting what I wrote and say something more benign.  I recently read (it’s fascinating to read about learn so much that you didn’t know before) that columnists should expect this kind of thing and if “Sage can’t take the heat he shouldn’t be doing this” and other comments like that.  Usually, they are written with no punctuation or caps, or else are in all caps.  This kind of thing really pisses me off, as though I should expect that people are going to be assholes because I said something they didn’t like.  It’s like I write one comment in a huuuuge column and they single out the one thing I said that pissed them off.  God knows they would NEVER write about something they read that made them chuckle or smile, but they’re quick on the “new mail” button if I say something they don’t like.  So they’re reading one comment written by ONE person that hit them wrong, but there are a thousand of them and they’re all writing to me to tell me what a jerk I am that I don’t idolize the same actor as they do or want the same couple that they are dying to see.  I’ll never get used to people flying off the handle just because a columnist says they don’t see the talent in a popular actor or the chemistry in a particular couple.  If you guys were to get the uncensored Sage, you’d love it...until I said something about YOUR idol and the Sage’s name would be sewer to you.  There is no redemption.  Once you hit on a person’s favorite “whatever,” all of the cool comments in the world won’t make up for the one comment that pissed someone off.  People are so insecure in their own opinions that most of the time, with the exception of the 10-12 stable people on the internet, if someone says something that pisses them off, they have to go on the attack rather than just saying “eh, ok...whatever.”  So yeah, to avoid having a million people writing to bitch me out (*sigh*  delete  delete  delete  delete), I’ll not say something that was dying to come out.  You’re right.  I didn’t use to be that way and I hate being that way.  I used to be fearless and brazen and now I’m just tired of hearing the hatred and all out attacks.  I just got tired of constantly being screamed at in my inbox.  I’ve got half a mind to do a Sage Uncensored column and tell people to enter at their own risk.  If anyone wrote to complain, the autoresponse would be “pfft.”  Yeah, I miss me.  Sage the Sellout.

Is there any news on what the future holds for Zander? 

I have been trying to get with the people who saw Chad Brannon at the GH event this weekend to see if there was any word given and so far, I haven’t heard anything.  I know he’s on the “A” list with Guza (Guza MADE Emily and Zander), so I imagine he’s going to get a hot story at some point...I just know it’s not really going to be with Liz.  If I hear anything, I’ll let you know.

They might re-think doing Liason now because of rumors that Steve B. and Becky H. are involved and Steve's wife is freaking out over it. It sounds rather far fetched to me but I know you would have the dirt.

Pfff.  Don’t believe it.

Assuming the above is just a bunch of BS and TPTB are still going to go with Liason. When can we expect to see some action between them? 

I’m sure you’re going to get some accidental feel-ups, running into one another in the shower and longing gazes through open bedroom doors once Liz and Zander are in the penthouse, but don’t expect the big shaboom until November Sweeps.

Is Sonny really going to fake his own death? If so, will anyone be in on it?

You know, this is an interesting question.  I hadn’t heard the rumor that he was going to fake his own death, but one of my spies on the set told me a CASKET was ordered up from the props department and that was just a breath after someone else told me Sonny gets shot.  Those two rang together for me with the Alcazar thing going on and I had to wonder if he just might do that.  Jason is going to piss him off by helping AJ, so he might not even tell his right hand man.  I’m sure Carly and Michael would know because I really want to believe that Sonny would not put little Michael through such an ordeal.  It’s an interesting idea and one that would not surprise me. 

Is Alcazar going to be around for very long?  I heard he might be paired with Skye. 

I heard this as well, but I don’t see it.  I thought they might go with it, but I’m not feeling it in the works.  In fact, I heard that the yacht is going to explode and all of the Alcazar stuff has been retired, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they kill him off.  I had heard Ted King had a good contract, but maybe that was the rumor and this is the reality.  I don’t think the character of Alcazar is working out on screen as well as he looked on paper, so I wonder if we’ll even see him around beyond the next week or two.

How long will Zander be stuck in the penthouse? 

Too frickin long.  No word yet.

The only question I have is about you.  You have now completed your 3rd week of duty in handling EOS.  Are you still overwhelmed, or have you gotten into a groove yet?  Also, how are you doing personally?  We love you babes, and we always want to make sure that you are okay.

I am fried beyond belief on all levels, but I’m starting to find my niche.  Thanks for asking. 

Just want to know how does Jason find out that Elizabeth is in danger and when Jason ask her to move into the penhouse does she say yes right away or does she say she won't go without Zander?  I sure hope not.  One more question-When they move into the penhouse does Elizabeth and Jason grow closer or further apart?  I understand if you can't anwser all of my questions.  I thought I would at least try. 

Um, yes she says yes, yes, she brings Zander, yes they will grow closer. 

when will carly be pregnany? I really like her and Sonny 

We heard that Carly would find out she’s pregnant and that was already supposed to happen according to the original time line.  Now I’m hearing rumors that it might be delayed out.  The thing to consider is this:  Carly is now up for Sonny finding out he has a child via Alexis and the only thing I can think of that would turn that around is if she found out she was pregnant herself.  She would not want competition for her pregnancy and baby from Alexis and THAT baby, so I think Carly would return to the idea of keeping mum about Alexis’ baby.  For that reason, I believe it would be in the best interest of the story line if Carly did find out she’s pregnant.  No official word, however. 

Will Jax see Brenda at the rumored interrupted wedding? Or will it be like AMC where Edmund did not see Maria there? Will the wedding be as lame as the engagement party, or will there be more than five guests! (LOL) 

I haven’t heard, but I’m betting he sees her dead on.  I heard it was in a really unusual way.  I had visions of Miranda and Sonny interrupting his wedding to Brenda.

How is your mom doing?

She has good days and tough days.  We've had a few rough ones in a row, so it's been hectic, but overall, she's doing great for her age.  Thanks for asking.

I don’t watch GH every day but read your column religiously  

I love being a religion.  Kneel before Zod, baby. 

(after I write mine of course-lol) and I don’t think this possibility has been discussed.  A few weeks ago I noticed that Ned changed it so that Sonny's medical records had his name on them. I realize this was all done for the good of Peanut but what about a possible impact on Ned? Years and years ago on I believe Search for Tomorrow, a male character changed medical records to show that he was the biological father of a child when he was not. Of course this male character was then in an accident and certain treatment decisions were made based on the false medical records- I think he was given the wrong blood type and wound up either paralyzed or blind. Is it possible that GH showed Ned manipulating medical records to set up a story similar to that?  I don’t remember Ned ever being sick. Isn’t it time he to endure hospital food? 

I don’t think there is any possible way a baby can exist on a soap without having  a life or death crisis.  I also wondered if the point of showing Ned changing the info was deliberate to further a future story or just to show us what a doggone good (and thorough) guy Ned really is.  I can’t recall Ned ever being sick, shot, blown up or otherwise infirm.  He’s probably the healthiest guy on the show.  So yeah, I figure he's due. 

Umm two questions.
What the heck are they going to do with liz and jason once they are together, I mean. Once they finally hit the sheets, Liz is either gonna have to get kidnapped or shot once a week or something, cause their is no drama once they are together. no outside parties, no adopted kids, nada. zip

Nah, they’ll think of something.  Never fear.  Guza loves to write for Steve Burton.  Writing magnificent stuff for Steve Burton and Maurice Benard is the gift Bob Guza gives to them since he can only be their heterosexual life partner and nothing more.  GH is a labor of love from him to them.

HEE HEE, this one is a nobrainer, any chance for a carly and jason reunion, HAHA I had to ask, dont worry I know the answer!!!

Yeah, you do.

Anything on Gia?  Will we be seeing her much at all? 

There’s something coming up where she loses the FOD contract, but it causes her to be even closer with Nik.  Of course, one has to wonder where Deception will land with Laura suffering from mad cow disease and all (Joke:  Two cows standing in a field.  One says, “Claire, have you heard all this business about mad cow disease?  It’s pretty frightening when you think about it.”  Claire says, “I don’t think about it because I’m really a helicopter.”  See. Claire is mad enough to think she’s a helicopter and...never mind).  More importantly, where will ELTON and LESLEY land with Laura out of the picture???  I PRAY the writers are tuning into the message boards that are SCREAMING for Elton to be Alexis’ nanny!  I’m positive Gucci makes baby carriers! 

Coltin Scott told fans this weekend that he and Marissa were told there would NOT be a Nia wedding this year.  He didn’t say they were breaking up or anything, just that there was no wedding.  I expect they would put it off if the trial is underway.  You will be hearing rumors, if you aren’t already, that Lucky believes Nikolas has betrayed his family by telling police where Luke and Laura are hiding, but someone told me that Nik is actually working with Luke on this one, so let’s see how it unfolds.  I would expect Nik and Gia to be mostly background material for a few months. 

Also what about Nia will they get a damn storyline.  

Pfft.  Tell me about it.

What about OLTL they are making Rae into this evil twit. My heart broke for Renee for some reason she loves the big ole cowboy (oh i cant blame her. I love Asa LOL)

Yes, I wanted to punch her out myself.  After that big park bench scene where Rae told her she had one friend left and could live at the Palace pro bono, Rae owed Renee the truth.  Bitch.

Will TG be staying after his vacation, or is he being written off in the trial s/l?

We’ve been assured that the trial will be fraught with twists and turns.  This means the writers haven’t decided what the hell they are going to do and are probably waiting for Tony Geary to come back from vacation and tell them his plans.  As I said, he departure would not surprise me.

Any idea how they will be using Coleman during his extended stay?

As my personal love slave.  No other info is available.

Are they still planning on possibly hooking up Zander and the nurse, or with anyone else for that matter?

I think the nurse fizzled (I liked the idea of an ordinary person hooking up with a hottie like Zander), so I don’t know who’s coming for Zander.  Maybe the nurse, bein’ a nurse and all, will help him with his rehabilitation.

How about a REAL storyline for Taggert?

Pfft.  No kidding!  Not a chance, baby!  At least, not for a while.

And on a more personal note: Are you feeling better? Because if not, we'll just have to try and cheer you up some more!  

NO!  And you must!!

Anything on Wynona?  I'd like to see her stick around. 

AJ not only sets the club on fire, but burns that sucker to the ground, so there’s no telling where any of the pieces are going to land.  Maybe she could run Kelly’s! 

Any chance of Jason-Courtney pairing.  I know mostly everyone here on this board wants jason with elizabeth, but i really like the idea of of pairing him with courtney. 

Nope.  That’s just a diversion to stall out the Jason and Elizabeth thing until November and to piss off AJ. 

When is the Skye/Jax wedding planned?  I'm curious to know when Brenda will be revealed? 

Katrina’s birthday, September 5th, is the date I’ve heard for Brenda’s full appearance, so I’m betting the wedding is close by.  I’ll tell you if I hear anything. 

How can you be so anti-Sax all the time!  They are the hottest couple going and all you ever do is slam them!!!

Wha'?  I think you need to go back and reread some columns, lovey.  The truth is, I don't imagine most of my readers even know how I feel about Sax or any other couple or for that matter, most of the characters or actors because for the most part, I try to keep my personal feelings about the couples, actors or characters out of the column and leave it to reporting the gossip that is going around.  I have reported some pretty bad news for Sax and sure enough, I am going to continue to report that Brenda's return is the nail in the coffin for them, but that doesn't mean that *I* don't like Sax or Skye or Jax.  It just means that it's what I've heard would happen.  Just because I report bad news for a couple or character doesn't mean I wrote it or that I want it.

A while back you wrote a quote in a column that you attributed to a particular actor who supposedly said something to a friend of yours about how a story was going to go.  when I went back to look at it again, the quote was gone.  What happened?  Was it inaccurate?  I heard ABC won't allow actors to discuss what is coming up, so you must have been wrong.!

*sigh*  No, it was not inaccurate.  What happened is that a friend of mine told me what the actor said to her, but I did not realize that she was telling me this in confidence and that it was not for public consumption.  When she saw the column a few seconds (literally) after it posted, she wrote and asked that I remove the quote.  I value my friends AND my sources dearly, so certainly, I was eager to do what she asked and did so.  It wasn't inaccurate; it was just information that was not mine to distribute, so I removed it and did not address the matter further because she asked me not to discuss it.  The truth is that actors DO give out info sometimes (as folks from the GH Fan Weekend will tell you) and if that actor is a personal friend, they sometimes share info in confidence.  It was simply a miscommunication with a person that I truly adore and wanted to protect, so it was quietly removed.  The End.

And that *IS* the end for this week, Kiddies!  If I hear any other tidbits, I’ll be sure and pass them along.  I regret that I can’t personally answer e-mails with questions about upcoming or current stories.  Hell, I can barely answer e-mails that DON’T ask questions!  Once in a while, I’ll do a Q&A like this if you enjoy the format.  

Take care!

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