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Welcome to ME!!  

Honey, you're either going to "get" me and know my heart and my intent or you're not going to "get" me at all.  If you don't, know your limitations and just back away from the keyboard after clicking the little "X" in the box on the upper right corner of your browser window, ne'er to return again.  May you have happiness all of your days.  If you enjoy what I do, then pull up a chaise by the pool and stay a while.  If that's the case, you're the very person I'm writing this column for anyway.  I don't write to please the masses or kiss anyone's ass.  Everything you read here will be from my heart, off my cuff and dead on honest.  If you want a good read designed to offend no one, go to because they are great at what they do.  If you want to hear what I really think about soaps, life, etc, then WELCOME!  This is an opinion column filled with gossip and rumors and, well, my opinion.  It may not agree with yours and I'm good with that.  *Please also note that this is NOT a spoiler or "exclusive info"'s a GOSSIP page and what we are discussing might be a RUMOR or a SPOILER, but isn't guaranteed to be what hits the screen.  I'm NOT in the business of or interested in breaking the exclusives.*   I suggest that if you want to read on, you make peace with that as well and leave your weapons with my Marshall, Lenore, before you enter town.  You'll get them back when you leave.  Believe me, you'll need them for some sites on the net and I don't want my loveys to go unarmed into war!  Remember to click that smiley globe in the links above to help EOS and search from the search engine above to help even more!  HOW TO DO "SAGE'S SEARCH."

Note:  Due to the large volume of e-mail he receives, Sage regrets that he is unable to personally answer each e-mail.  He wants you to know that he reads each and every one (some 2-3 times) and greatly appreciates your communication.  Please DO NOT ask Sage for further info on what is going to happen on the shows.  Any information he has that he can share will be put into his column ASAP!


"flowers of the world" - Result #2 - "Deanna's World"

Feb 21, 2003

Hi Folks.  I have been seriously sucking in the Sage's Search department.  I'm pretty fragmented and distracted these days and honestly, I keep forgetting.  Yikes.

On this search, be sure and click on "abusive."  Although I don't normally condone evil, some of those are pretty damned funny. 

"partridge family" - Use quotes, results #2 & 4

Feb 18, 2003

Sage was/is an incredible David Cassidy fan.  ;)

"far side larson" - Use quotes, result #10

Feb 17, 2003

Darlings!!  I'm going to explode if I don't tell you these OLTL scoopies!!

So check it out.  these are:

Not to be taken with a grain of salt (moment of silence, hats removed, for the friggin dumbasses who were given a computer, much akin to babies being given firearms).  Now that we have paid homage to the mentally infirm, let's press on with the info:

You are not going to BELIEVE the stuff that is set up for Llanview, but hey, my source has thusfar been flawless!!  I'm not at all humble that I have two of the best OLTL sources in the biz and honey, when they speak, I listen!

Turns out, Victor Lord needs a heart transplant to live and he's not at all above swiping Jessica's ticker to get one!  He enlists Mitch to get him one and rather than sacrifice his own daughter (in his own warped way, he really does love Jess), he decides instead to pass his wife off as Jessica.  He bleaches her hair and puts a monogrammed necklace on her and she and Victor are prepped for surgery.  Victor has promised Mitch his entire estate if he will deliver up Jessica to him as a heart donor.  Victor signs the new will, leaving everything to Mitch.  Before the surgery can be completed, Victor dies.  Mitch takes everything and boots Viki's ass out of Llanfair and The Banner.  He does, however, invite Jessica to live with him.


Dammit.  Liz and Keri make up and decide to take the baby and leave town.  Their plane crashes, the baby and Keri live and my very precious Liz is killed.  >:<  I've already fired off my WTF letter.

Blair? and Troy?  Finally??  This should be hot, hot, hot!  Blair was steamy as all hell with Chad Bennett and Cris, so combine that kind of heat with the eternal combustion of all that is Troy and I'm going to need to take breaks during the commercials.  Lindsay catches them and decides to exact her revenge by shooting him.  Much to her shooter's chagrin, when she takes off to get her gun, returns and shoots, Blair has traded off bed partners and shoots Sam instead!!  (Laurence Lau will be around for a few ghostly apparitions).

As with any crime that occurs in Llanview, all eyes turn to Todd, figuring he killed Sam in a murderous rage of jealousy.  Right motive, wrong suspect. 

Mitch ends up taking Todd to the crypt where Victor Lord is buried.  Blair learns he's there and goes to rescue him, but when the crypt is opened, there is no Todd!  And THAT, my children, is how Todd's disappearance happens THIS time, while we wait to learn if Roger Howarth gets a bigger-than-soaps break this time.

Natalie lies in court and says she and Mitch consummated their marriage in order to get a divorce.  Mitch manages to snag even more of Viki's money.  Natalie foolishly meets the "let's please Carlotta" challenge that puts Fear Factor ion par with  Romper Room.  Natalie invites her over to dinner, but Carlotta only agrees on the condition that Jessica go as well (bitch).  Natalie isn't excited about that, but puts up with it to make nice with Mommie. 

Expect to see more of Marcie as she falls hard for Joey the Baby Preacher.  Jen (finally) snaps and goes off on Marcie big time, saying some, well, not very friendly things to her.  Joey comforts her and Marcie gets the wrong idea.  Joey tries to let her down easy.

With Angel Natalie's encouragement, Cris begins to paint again and he ends up commissioned to paint a portrait of Roxy.  Get ready for the rest, which is just so fun.  The portrait is for Roxy's new beauty parlor that she's opening, funded by none other than ASA BUCHANAN!!  Is that so fun or WHAT?  Nigel wonders why Asa's doing it and doggone it, Asa just likes Roxy!  (YAYYYY!!!)  Rae and Asa are finished and Rae just about cleans him out. 

Personally, I have to join in the big kudos for Bree Williamson, stepping into the hard to fill shoes of Eric Torpey as Jessica.  Great job with a flawless re-entry.  VERY nicely done.

Remember that these are the bits that may or may not happen and are classified as RUMORS:

While we know that Dorian is returning in March, it's now on the wire that both Laura Koffman (April 1st return) and Gina Tognoni are supposedly returning as Cassie and Kelly, again reuniting the Cramer women.  While Koffman is verified, Tognoni isn't signed yet and Kelly will be recast if she declines.  Since there was word of a casting call for Kevin Buchanan as well, it looks like many reunions are in store, including the reuniting of Ben and Blondie if rumors of a "Life With Bonnie" cancellation are true, perhaps in time for May sweeps.

Moving along to the other shows. . .

Pine Valley Bulletin reports Drag queen Jeffrey Roberson, aka Varla Jean Merman will be appearing soon on AMC as Rosemary Chicken, a prostitute Simone meets in prison (prison?), as well as the casting department fishing around for a family for Henry (with a bad attitude, from what I hear).  Jeddy Peck's last day is Feb 24th and it will be a very low key send off.  Sam Page takes off

GH, I mean, same shit, different day, different shit, same day...regardless, it's shit. 

I sent a pile of GH spoilers over to Katrina to post in her GH Scoops at a Glance column.  Once again, those are SPOILERS and not RUMORS and you can take them as extremely likely.  You can fly over there to read them.  The best idea I heard for GH in a year or so came from a friend of mine who speculated that Catherine (Old Woman Catherine, not She of the Parapet of Death) has forbidden Faith from killing Sonny because MIKE was the little boy Catherine gave away, making Sonny her other grandchild!

The rumors are flying again that Robin Christopher is leaving GH and once again, they appear to be total BS. 

Still no word of confirmation on a cross over to GH for Finola Hughes.  In fact, the denials continue in earnest from all camps but one. 

In the For What It's Worth Department, all of the people who are attacking me for passing on the rumor last week that ALW may be let go as Courtney can kiss my ass (or sit around wishing you could).  It's my JOB to pass on the rumors as they come along, for the good or the bad, so get over it and yourselves.  I'm not going to censor what I hear and pass along just to keep any particular fan group from getting all pissy, otherwise, I'd never get to print anything at all!  So chill.  Not that being heckled by a bunch of 8-year-olds breaks my heart or anything.  Pfft.  At least there are some mature Journey and ALW fans out there who know how to behave and understand that every rumor isn't going to suit their agenda instead of being idiots about it.  Ah well, what can you do?

And with that, Darlings, Sage is finished.  Hope you have a glorious week.  As I learn new things, I'll pass them along!

Much Love!

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