Somehow, we just all thought it would be different.  On the suggestion of my pal and EOS writer, Kathy Hardeman, I sent this letter out to a few of my writers who I thought might be interested in providing commentary on the Fan February offering by GH on February 26th.  Here was my plan:

Kathy came up with the great idea that we should all take notes (that's my Virgo part of it) and provide little bullet commentaries (longer if desired) on the Fan February episode of GH tomorrow.  What would be ideal is if we could all jump on AIM and do it as a chat, but since we're in different time zones, it sadly would not work.  Instead, if you can just write out your thoughts, any that come to you, as the episode airs, chronologically, as if we were sitting around and discussing it together, I can intersplice them into a group commentary, sort of like a GH Caucus. 

The layout would look something like this:

Dayna:  I can't believe it!  It's Fan February and Jason actually took his shirt off.  Take one for the team, Jase!!
Sage:  He takes his shirt off and it's for Sonny???
Sherry:  Pfft.  What don't they just jump each other and be done with it?
Kathy:  I'm wondering who's going to win the staring contest, Sonny, Jason or me.
Kate:  How cold do they keep that studio?  Nips are up and the netherlands are climbing north!
Katrina:  What fan requested this?  I want them brought to me... right here, right now, for their beating.
If you want to participate, please let me know, then get your comments out to me in time to post for the weekend.  If you aren't interested or can't do it, please also let me know so I won't be waiting to hear from you.
Love and appreciation to all of you!

I got some enthusiastic responses from a few of  the folks in anticipation of the project, but I really don't think any of us were prepared for how totally and complete the episode was going to suck and for a few minutes after it aired,  you could hear a stunned silence as the keyboards of my writers fell silent while they tried to poke their eyes back into their heads, stop the bleeding from their ears and clean up the vomit remains from their immediate area.  As it turns out, their commentary really deserves to stand on its own as opposed to being intermingled with others, so I submit their remarks for your review.  In no particular order:

Kate Brown from "A Cynic Soaps Up"
and "AMC Spoiler Commentary"

Kathy Hardeman from
"On the Soap Box"

Dayna Stancil from
"Fashion Police"

Sage Bourland from
"Sage's Place"

Sherry Mercurio from "Mercurical Mercurio"
and "PC Spoiler Commentary"

Katrina Rasbold from "Katrina's Soap Journal"
and "GH/OLTL Spoiler Commentary"

"OH MY GOD!!  What have they DONE?"


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