(Beginning segment)

When I go to the Pearly Gates, I definitely want Luke and The Temptations to greet me.  Or maybe Norah Jones.  Wow, a bar at the Pearly Gates?! 

(When Sonny goes to Alexis)

How come Sonny’s dead and still bossy?  He ordered Alexis to sit down and breath. 

“You slept with Alexis?” Luke asked Sonny incredulously.  “Once,” Sonny replied.  “Man, I never would have guessed that,” Luke said with shock.  Takes a lot to shock Luke. 

(When Sonny switches places with Jason)

Hey, Jason did the Sonny swagger!  I bet Maurice and Steve laughed while taping that scene.  I sure laughed when Jason did it. 

(Sonny and Skye)

I want a count.  How many fans really asked to see Sonny and Skye.  No way!  Fingers down my throat here.

Now THIS is funny!

OK, the only guy on GH allowed to wear a black suit with a purple shirt and tie is Luke. Cause he looks good! 

(Taggert’s Sonny’s stepbrother)

Luke gave Sonny THE PARENT LOOK.  That big eyed, no blink look that says cut it out or else!  Stop fighting with Carly so Jason can inform you that Taggert’s your stepbrother.  OR ELSE!

Every single parent in the world can do THE LOOK.

(Q’s reality TV)

Cool, Big Alice came out to play.  OK, here’s the big reveal.  Not that A.J. is Michael’s father and has full custody.  Nope, it’s that Big Alice is Edward’s younger sister and he’s been blackmailing her into acting as a maid so he’d have someone on his side against Reginald.  He promised her if she’ll wear the black dress and apron, he’ll support her secret weightlifting career.  That’s why we don’t see her for long stretches, she’s off competing in weightlifting competitions around the world.

A.J. asks Big Alice if he’s allowed to answer the door.

I love Q TV!  Until Sonny showed because then it’s all about Sonny.  Pfft!

If I had to offer a grade for this show it would be:     

Karen of Wubs.net said it best when she wrote, “Who pitched this bomb.  Certainly not the fans.” 

There definitely weren’t any storylines I ever yearned for but I could have put that aside if a tale had been told.  How about a reveal at the end that the tests weren’t really about Sonny changing, but about Sonny staying true to himself which he did.  Because isn’t that what MOB guys believe?  Laws and society don’t matter, just the right and wrong of their world where honor and might rule the day.  Then Luke could have given Sonny a choice between returning to earth to work on living a better life and learning to be happy or accepting judgment at the gates because St. Peter will be returning soon.   

And why hasn’t General Hospital contacted me about writing for them?  Man, I could be good at this!

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