I get a little scared when Luke dons the monk robes.  The gates and the smoke are nice though… 

Well, here’s one person who is seeing her fantasy come to fruition.  I bet Nancy Lee Grahn is excited to wear that cool leather skirt! 

Aww...I sure do miss the real conversations that Sonny and Alexis used to have.  Way back before they were both sacrificed at the altar of Guza (who was suckled at the stone teat, right Sage?).   There was just a glimmer of intellect and then he turned back into an ass again.  Yep, that’s NuSonny! 

Is it possible that someone sent in a facetious fantasy about Sonny yelling and having tantrums?  Maybe the sarcasm was lost on the writers… 

Steve Burton’s impression of Sonny is pretty dead on.  Pretty funny. 

RRROWWWL!  Skye looks fabulous!  Screw Sonny – I want to see that little corset cardigan thing getting torn off by Coleman!  

I’m thinking that “Shop the Soaps” would do well to produce a little figurine of the angel who is weeping because Sonny is such an idiot. 

I like the little mini commercial they made just especially for this episode.  It even got its own little logo, with the words “Romance, Passion, Drama, Intrigue” running down the side of the screen.  This sarcasm is NOT lost on me. 

Hey! I recognize that fishing hat that Luke is wearing!  I think it’s the same getup that Lucky and Nik used to disguise poor Rick Weber when he died!  There’s our nod to history! 

Aww...and how appropriate that Sonny and Jason make nice at the end.  Very warm and fuzzy.  Did he grab his butt by the elevator?  I think so! (not really, but it would have been funny) 

I never thought I would say that I truly miss the Quartermaine bickering.  What I’d give to see Monica have a damn affair… 

I’m quite positive that no one wrote in with a fantasy that Sonny would behave as a pompous ass and ooh...really jazz it up by making GOD himself adjust the rules for entry into heaven for dear ol’ Mr. Corinthos.  I’m sure if it were researched (put Felicia on the case), we’d find that it came right from Guza’s home computer!   

Alright, so all my comments were really snarky.  I didn’t like this episode much at all. Luke was very funny though.  He should pitch the idea to remain as Sonny’s guardian angel – hey, you gotta know who to stick by in this bidness.  And Sonny could sure use a reproachful look from someone when he’s acting like a big, fat baby.

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