By Sage Bourland


Censored Commentary:  Overall, I found the GH Fan February to be less than satisfying on a visceral level.  I certainly would have like to have seen more of the characters who are typically not used in day to day coverage and particularly would have liked to watch them in a greater variety of "unlikely" circumstances.  Like the Thanksgiving episode that revolved around Courtney, I find centering ANY episode around one character is the downfall to the show's credibility, taking from it the "something for everyone" approach that I feel Fan Feb was seeking to capture.  I enjoyed seeing Luke and feel ratings could have improved greatly had they gone with the Brenda-Sonny wedding that was originally planned, or possibly had Skye facing the camera when she showed her hooters.  I felt Real Andrews gave a wonderful performance and did miss the premise I heard that Carly would be hosting the episode.  I and my gastrointestinal process could definitely have benefited from not watching the GH Fan February episode.

Uncensored Commentary

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