Sonny getting fatally shot was a good start. LOL. 

Good new Sonny is dead news. Bad news: not really. 

While I was watching Sonny die, I wondered who makes sure that an actorís nostrils are clean during close-ups. The fact that I am thinking about this shows how compelling I find the episode so far. And we aren't even to the first commercial. Still maybe it will get better.  Luke looks sexy in monkís robes. But then Luke looks sexy as a nun, too.

Alexis looks uncomfortable during this whole thing. Watching Alexis be uncomfortable is making me uncomfortable. I HATE seeing her apologizing for her lack of domestic skills. Steven Burton makes me laugh. He has Sonnyís slouch down perfectly. He may not be showing nipples but hey, I am taking whatever amusement I can get here.

Dawns on me Sonny is going to be in every FREAKING scene. I thought this was supposed to be FAN fantasy not GUZA fantasy. But then Guzaís true fantasy would be bending over and handing Sonny a tube of KY.

Why doesnít anybody look like they are having a good time? The AMC actors were clearly enjoying their fan fantasy. And some of the OLTL actors were too.

The Qs. Thank god for Reginald. (BTW where the heck is Letitia?) Realize this would have been more fun had AJ been shot and had the chance to do everything over. Hell, it would be more fun if Cook had been shot and had the chance to do every Thanksgiving over.

And now Sonny is having another pity party. I donít know how to break it to you Sonny but if you live long enough, everyone loses people they love.

I donít hate Sonny. I donít even loathe Sonny. But as Ronnie said when I was telling him about this episode, ďIt was ALL about Sonny? But Sonny is so 1996.Ē

I guess I had the wrong idea about these fan fantasy episodes. I thought they were supposed to be different than every day episodes. Characters mixing it up with different characters (Tad marrying Erica), Characters acting out in ways fans would love to see them act out (Opal punches Erica), scenes we were deprived of (Clint and Natalie or in the case of GH, a Sonny/Brenda wedding). Or, the best thing, seeing characters we donít see very much. Where were Audrey? Tony? Mac? Bobbie? Leslie? Mike? (how could there be an all Sonny hour without his FATHER?) Geesh, I would even have enjoyed seeing Amy.

But this GH episode wasnít all that different than what we see every day, Sonny and Sonnyís world. General Mobster.

Bottom line for me, AMC wins. Why? Because the AMC fan fantasy episode reminded me of everything I like about it. And this GH episode reminded me of everything I donít like about it.

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