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(Spoiler free this week.  How did that happen?) 

I have one word for you this week.  It’s TUESDAY!  Tuesday was a great GH day.  Emily and Liz had a girl chat like good friends do in real life while stalking Faith listened.  Ric approached Sonny to inform him of his new family man status, seeking peace with Sonny.  Ric acted outraged that Sonny would think Ric would move drugs using high school kids.  And then the two best scenes, Emily slapped Faith and Jason demonstrated the MOB version of “Scared Straight”.   

Emily finally shared her fear with Liz over the cancer and I loved the whole scene.  They laughed, cried, hugged, and recalled some good memories.  A few scenes later Emily was able to release some of her inner tension when she slapped the taste out right out of Faith’s mouth.  “You mess with my friend again, and I’ll rip those ho’ lips right off your face.  And ask Jason to take care of the rest.”  I so enjoy when Faith gets back a little of what she dishes out.  Faith’s follow up comments weren’t nearly as effective as Emily’s pre-emptive strike.

Friends                                                        Definitely, NOT friends

And my favorite scene of the week goes to Jason, Kyle and Zack when Jason asked them about how Maxie obtained the drugs, which put her in the hospital.   

Kyle (fearfully):  Jason Morgan.

Zack:  Whoa.

Jason casually pulled out his gun and checked it and the boys raised their hands clearly uncertain of what to do.

Jason:  You deal drugs in Sonny’s territory.  You die.

After much stammering and looking as if they were about to cry, Zach revealed that Angry John gave him the X.  Jason cocked the gun and asked one more time.  Kyle and Zack moved into pant wetting fear.

Jason:  Where did John get the Ecstasy?

Kyle:  If I knew, I’d tell you.

Zack:  Yeah, anything.  Anything you want. (Thinking hard)  Miami.  J-John said something about Miami.  You know, like in Florida.

Kyle (to Zack):  He knows where Miami is, stupid.  (To Jason)  No disrespect, he’s just an idiot.  I’m sorry. 

Kyle and Zack receive tutoring from Jason on NOT dealing drugs.

More mumbling by Kyle and Zack and threats from Jason until Jason yelled at them to shut up.  Jason then told them that if they deal drugs again, he will find them, they won’t see him, they’ll just be dead.  Jason ordered them to leave and Kyle and Zack mumbled I’m sorry again.  See?  Scared straight MOB style.  If Jason ever has to leave his organized crime life, I see a future in teaching behavior modification.  I had to wonder if the actors playing Kyle and Zack were able to put such fear and awe into their voices because they were in a scene, getting yelled at by Steve Burton.  Steve Burton, Maurice Benard, and Anthony Geary all seem to naturally project a persona that takes up all the space in a scene.  At least that’s how they affect me when I see them. 

Courtney did well with Maxie in the hospital discussing past mistakes and how to start over by admitting to stripping and how she handled it.  It probably won’t play out on the soap but surviving the humiliation of having sex on the Internet should affect Maxie for a long period of time.  I liked that Courtney spoke with Maxie as a more experienced person without patronizing.

Young woman to younger woman

Jason confirmed to Courtney what I’ve always suspected.  A MOB code exists that says family is supposed to remain protected outside of business.  So I guess that Faith and Ric were skippin’ school the day the MOB Rule Book was introduced and reviewed.  Oh, but they’re not really “The MOB” since they have no seat at THE FIVE FAMILY table and neither Ric nor Faith have a visible means of income.  Guards no longer stand around Faith looking studly.  And Ric, a Harvard graduate attorney, has no clients.  They just exist in Port Charles wreaking havoc and revenge.  Havoc and revenge are all well and good but don’t you wonder what they DO all day?  Apparently, it’s a full time job for Faith following Ric and Liz around town.  Ric performs important tasks like push his way into Sonny’s penthouse to leave trite messages and buying Liz breakfast.  When my thoughts say, “Get a life,” this is what I am referring to.  I want to see Faith making a business telephone call or balancing her checkbook worried about finances.  Ric should occasionally carry a briefcase and tell Liz he has to work on a motion or brief.   

And while I am on this subject, Courtney, who doesn’t appear to work at Kelly’s anymore, needs to have more on her agenda the sneaking potato chips over to Carly.  The practical do-gooder side of me thinks she ought to visit her local library and check out a few books to occupy her time and then she can make a literacy promo.  My soapy side thinks she should, in her boredom, become hooked on the Home Shopping Channel and start ordering oodles of products to be delivered to the penthouse leaving Jason to shake his head in confusion as packages arrive and get stacked in every corner.   

Courtney admits to doing nothing all day, Jason says that’s OK, oh, and will you wear this ring?

What happened to the strict rule that wives and girlfriends cannot be privy to MOB business for their own protection?  Sonny explained to Carly this week that an enemy was making a move on his territory.  Jason took Courtney with him to the hospital to find out where Maxie got the X.  He later told Courtney that the drugs were a message and there would be another message soon, after which the limo exploded.  The scenes were OK; I’m just wondering when the rules changed? 

The guy hug between Jason and Sonny made me laugh when Courtney and Jason announced to Sonny and Carly that they are getting married.  Why do guys do that bump shoulder, pound the back hug thing?  And while I am at it, why do some guys offer to shake hands only they hold their hand out high and crooked.  And another thing, why do some guys who hold guns (on TV and in the movies, I don’t know about real life) hold the gun crooked?  While I’m on a roll here, what’s with the won’t ask directions behavior?  My husband will ask for directions, but only from another man.  He seriously thinks woman cannot learn north, south, east and west or highway exit numbers.  Except for when relatives want to know driving directions to our house, in which case, he’ll hand the telephone to me.  I seriously do not understand the other half of the human race at times.  And if there are any guys out there reading this, could you e-mail me and offer some enlightenment? 

Jason and Sonny do the shoulder bump guy hug.

Let’s pause for a moment of silence…c’mon let go of the mouse and lift your fingers from the keyboard…for Sonny’s limo driver who we didn’t know, but who died in service to the MOB King of Port Charles.  The guy who died with $300,000 cash in a suitcase which makes me wonder what he was supposed to do for that money.  And how did Scotty know the money was meant as spy pay?  I laughed at Scotty’s little visit to Sonny’s penthouse seeking info.  Scotty informed Sonny that someday he would need police assistance but don’t expect any help from the PCPD.  Yeah, Scotty, I seem to recall a scene last week when Sonny and Carly visited the PCPD demanding to know what was being done about finding the hit and run driver who mowed down Courtney.  You spewed some useless tripe about MOB bosses who think they are above the law and then told them to forget about assistance from the PCPD.  Plus, he called Sonny stupid, which seemed a bit uncalled for since so far, Sonny’s organization definitely solves more crime than the PCPD.  What?  You say that’s because Sonny causes crime?  Hey, he won an Emmy, didn’t he, for his MOB technique?  Face it, Sonny rules 2003.   

You know those bad guys just never rest.  They blow up a limo, distribute drugs in P.C. and follow Jason, Courtney, Carly and Michael to the island to plant drugs.  All in a day’s work for an enemy of Sonny’s, I guess.  But Super J can’t be caught by mere DEA officers.  On the island Jason discovered drugs taped to the back of a picture as the DEA guys threatened to kick in the door.  Leaving no time for Jason to do more than blink, the DEA officers broke in only to find Jason zoned out with a headset listening to a Walkman.  So, of course I am wondering if the Walkman was Michael’s.  Was Jason listening to Hip Hop for Tweens?  Schoolhouse Rock?  Groovin’ for 8 year olds?  Inquiring minds want to know how Jason flushed the drugs so quickly and what music was playing on the Walkman.

‘Fess up Jason, tell us what tunes you’re playin’

“You are a conniving, used up, shell of a woman who wants to blame the entire world for how she turned out.  So you can’t possibly understand what Elizabeth and I feel for each other, because you can’t feel it.  And you never will.”  The irony here being that in cruelly informing Faith she has no feelings, I felt sorry for her as she actually looked hurt (mildly, for a second).  It only affected her for a few moments though, since she resumed pathetically trailing Ric and Liz around town a few scenes later.     

Wasn’t the conversation between Sonny and Liz frustrating?  Liz wouldn’t say, “Sonny, Ric’s trying to change.  He wants peace.”  Instead, she insisted to Sonny that he must promise never to hurt her husband, offering no defense or reasoning to show Sonny that Ric isn’t a threat to his family anymore.  The dialogue didn’t proceed in a sensible, conversational manner.

Even Liz and Sonny look frustrated over the conversation that made no sense.

Alexis as Dobson continues slide Alexis down from smart, tough as nails attorney to funny face making butler with a woman’s voice.  The problem being that I have to prevent myself from liking Dobson as a quirky new character and remember that under the weird hair and mustache resides Alexis.  What’s Stefan going to say if he sees the low to which Alexis has fallen?  Perhaps he can arrange a discreet payoff so Alexis can regain some dignity and custody of Kristina.

Dobson has dignity, until I remember that’s really Alexis.

While Skye’s tender side draws me in when she talks with Kristina, I can’t help shaking my head.  She’s kinder, gentler with the baby, but now she’s contemplating, plotting, to steal another woman’s child.  This leopard didn’t change her spots, only her playing field, from business to babies.

Scheming Skye plays mama wannabe

On Monday, Zander lay with Emily on her hospital bed and gave her a heart locket.  Déjà vu swept through me and I am assuming many others.  Then the shot homed in on Zander “remembering” on the docks and I heaved a sigh of understanding.  Oh, it was a rememory as Zander and nuEmily re-enacted a scene from the past.  I wonder if it’s hard for the actors, especially Chad Brannon, to rememorize lines and act a scene with a new partner?   

It’s not a memory, it’s a rememory.

Emily and Zander made love in the boathouse.  Hello?  Sex?  Generally, sex equals naked or close to naked.  How come Zander didn’t notice the bandage that must still be on Emily’s breast from the surgery?

I’m sure ONE of them got naked.

The dream scene in which Paige, Emily’s birth mother, calls to her, and Zander, standing on Emily’s other side, beseeches her not to go, tapped into my emotions big time.  How do you contemplate death at 20?  I liked that the scene was short but demonstrated the pull between giving up or fighting to live for those you love.  “I don’t want to choose,” Emily cried.  Good stuff.

Slide into death or fight? 

Did anyone see the scene where Maxie forgave Kyle and they became friends after their little tiff in the park?  Did I miss a few beats?  Because Maxie saw Kyle at The Cellar and offered him that shy smile and a hug and he solicitously offered to get her a drink.  Pfft!  Maxie maxed out on Ecstasy and ends up in the hospital and then apparently blamed Kyle instead of Zack for her less than stellar performance as a minor with a fake ID in a bar.  So for a few minutes, the teenagers caught my interest and now…well let’s just say eye rolls are in order.  

And when will Scotty be returning to the other side of Port Charles (where angels and vampires run amok)?  I’ll make a point to watch the day one of those evil vamps tries to bite Scotty on the neck.   

For me, there’s not much hook in the Summer/Lucky/Nicholas/Luke story.  Any time Luke or Nicholas take part in a scene I watch, but the storyline so far leaves me flat.

Keep Luke, Summer can go.                             Nick can stay, Lucky can take a hike.

I’m psyched for Monday already.  In the previews Michael broke a vase.  When Carly asked why he would do such a thing, Michael replied, “Daddy does it.”  While not a storyline in itself, I like that Sonny must face repercussions to his actions.  Sonny holds my sympathy over his condition, but fallout is inevitable to bad behavior, especially with kids.  For that reason I think it’s highly appropriate that Michael tries on some destructo glass breakage because that’s how Daddy handles stress and unhappiness.  Besides, lucky for GH, Dylan Cash can act so they should utilize this little guy’s talent. 

Well, I have no stories to tell this week.  Probably cool stuff happened all around me and I was oblivious while I concentrated on finishing the last week of school with my kids and on the bus.  With my children I survived final exams, school parties, teacher gifts, and an awards ceremony while on the bus I endured a throw up, a couple rounds of tears (stressed out elementary and junior high kids), and one or two incidents of exuberant teenagers momentarily losing their minds and self control.  Hey, I’m cool, I’m collected, I’m exhausted!  And for all you parents out there, you’re invited to my driveway this Saturday for pizza, soda, cake and music to celebrate with your kids that we survived the school year.  At 5 p.m., parents are invited to gather and toast their children.  OK, so you live in another state and you can’t make it to my house, but I hope you’ll take a moment to pat yourself and your kids on the back for the massive effort it takes to get through the school year.  Next week, I’ll be painting my house and watching GH in real time.  I love summer!  Thanks for stopping by. 


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