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Wrapping, wrapping, wrapping.  Wrapping is my life.  I bet you thought General Hospital held that position.  Nope, right now it’s all about looks.  Just like a soap, it’s all about the packaging.  That’s not really true, but my life has been so filled with activity that packaging is about all I’ve appreciated on GH this week.  Next week, when life calms down I’ll try to be less shallow.  Or maybe not. 

OK, I’ll ask a question that bugged me all week.  I’m not being rude, sarcastic, or snarky (snide/funny).  Was the little sweatshop person that Felicia found a man or a woman?  Hairstyle looked like a woman’s.  Voice sounded like a man.  Clothing and mannerisms offered no clue.  Also, wouldn’t it be hard for a blind person to obtain a sweatshop sewing gig?  Pretty hard to sew straight if you can’t see the machine.  Dangerous, too.   

When Georgie ran up the dock stairway declaring to Maxie that she’d prove she could land Lucas, I groaned.  Those words sounded ominously like the teenage beginnings of a man-stealing viper.  I guess Georgie gets to be the sexpot now.  First we had sensible, teenage Maxie.  Then vampy, mutinous Maxie appeared.  Suddenly, sane Maxie returned and now Georgie’s leaning toward the second Maxie’s part.  I really believe that hidden in a wall safe behind an innocuous picture in Guza’s office there resides a top secret soap writer’s handbook which decrees if teenagers or young adults are on screen, one female must promote a kind, sensible, naïve image while the other must have no scruples and be willing to perform outrageous deeds to get her way.  One guy must be the street wise tough one while the other an upstanding citizen, either one may or may not possess a few morals.  Sigh.  I just crave a mixture sometimes.  How about a sensible teenager who tries a walk on the wild side and learns a lesson?  That’s one reason I enjoyed Emily Quartermaine.  She had the ability to play defiant and loving in the same scene.      

Vamp in the making?

Thank you GH for a musical montage on Monday with music by Norah Jones singing and playing the piano.  I adore her CD like Sage says he loves candy.  Unless you watched on SoapNet in which case a song I didn’t recognize sang by a man played.  What’s up with that?  I never realized that SoapNet aired a different version of GH since I rarely watch then.  Now I’ll be forever paranoid that I’m missing a vital scene like a Jason love dance on ABC and a bare-chested love dance on SoapNet. 

How appropriate of Jason to make Carly back up and get out of his love life.  How long do you suppose that’ll last?  It drives me crazy how Carly acts like she owns Jason and has the right to alternately trash and interrupt his life according to her whim of the moment.  I give her credit (Hear that Carly?  You’re getting a little credit.) for backing off when Jason told her he just wanted something in his life that was his.  “Courtney, who?” she replied.  Perhaps friendship isn’t beyond her reach after all. 

Liz playing in the snow with the children and then Ric made me smile.  I like that Liz and hope to see more of her.  My opinion of Liz and Ric hasn’t formed yet, but it will be fun to see Carly’s face when she realizes that Liz and Ric are connected. 

Can we see more of fun, confident Liz?

Wasn’t Felicia cool in her super detecto mode?  Nothing like a good hit with a wardrobe baseball bat so that we, the dense viewing audience, will understand her current career activity.  Black leather motif, black heels, blond hair waving in the wind, she’s Ms. Bond and Columbo rolled into one.  Whose PCPD badge do you think she “borrowed”?  I just wish she’d get that hair out of her face.  How are we expected to see her expressions or her cute little nose wrinkle with streams of blond in the way? 

Someone’s got to rein in Scotty.  Apparently, he lives at the PCPD and his clothes look like he shops at the Salvation Army Store on lunch breaks.  I love that Scott couldn’t banish Felicia away from Ida because she’d tell Mac he wasn’t playing nice.  

Ida’s story is so A.J.  Ida’s cold eyes description clued me in first.  That’s a total A.J. remark.  When Ida told the story of receiving the pay off I laughed at the brown paper bag.  Jason has been known to hand off money in that manner on several occasions.  I must be living wrong because no one ever offers me money in a brown paper bag.

The eyes tell all.   

No one ever gives me money in a bag.

Thank goodness for the return of the Brenda’s-Guilty Carnival because those long looks between Jason and Courtney around the Christmas tree were worse than trying to eat spoonfuls of powdered sugar.  I guess it’s Brenda time again.  We had a slight Brenda break for a week but obviously that’s over.  Who gets to take her away?  Where will she live?  Is she guilty?  I don’t think she’s guilty, but I noticed that Sonny referred to Ida as “another” eyewitness when speaking to Jason.  Did he mean an eyewitness other than Skye? 

 Can’t take much more of this. 

  This is definitely OK.

Apparently, Luke in Group so thrilled TPTB and writers that they decided a replay was in order.  Luke, committed to the GH loony bin, incites the peons to independence and happiness by lifting the doctor’s wallet and cell phone.  Upon discovery of Luke’s theft the doctor, far from being angry, smiles at Luke’s speech and antics, happy to have unauthorized charges on his credit card.   How funny to think that those offbeat folks reside on GH’s eighth floor.  Some scenes are just too silly to comment on further.  Except to note that Bobbi can now add psych nurse to her repertoire of expertise since she was working on the psych floor when she received the call about Luke visiting the roof – GH’s choice contemplative locale for patients.  Most hospitals have gardens.

Luke in Group Revisited    

The diplomas’ on the wall,
but the ink isn’t dry yet.

I can’t see where Luke’s story is going.  At the moment he seems like a vehicle for Doctor Cameron’s and Summer’s screen time.  I just know that sad, uncertain Luke tugs at my heart.  And Summer’s about ready to receive a Pfft.  If she wants to distance herself from Luke, maybe she should quit appearing wherever he happens to be.

And why would she appear on the roof?

Coleman – excuse me – Cole Radcliff improves every scene.  It finally happened, the big name reveal.  I know lots of excited viewers like me picked right up on that when Coleman informed Lila that his name is…(drum roll please) Cole Radcliff.  Cool name, I like it.  And we can add charm to his list of virtues.  Not only does sex appeal roll off him in waves, but he can emit charm.  Lila certainly noticed.  My only niggling concern questions his clothes.  Cleaned up Coleman appeared about the same as rough Coleman except for a 70’s lookin’ shirt and jacket (thankfully, not polyester), same hair.  I am going to have to consult with Dayna about this because I’ll be the first to tell you that fashion isn’t my area.  Are big collar shirts “in”?  I haven’t seen Sonny wearing any and I thought he was Emperor of Suits and Fashion.   And when the Emperor gets new clothes….oops, that’s a different story.



Too Funny

Jax just keeps sinking lower.  Skye, in the home of HER family, faces Jax who informs her that he will be attending HER family’s Christmas celebration with Brenda.  We wouldn’t want Brenda uncomfortable so Skye should absent herself.   Later, Jax arrives with Brenda who promptly fawns over Edward.  I wish Skye wasn’t drinking so when she unsheathes her claws they had more impact.   

When Ned has a temper tantrum he doesn’t play around and it’s about time.  Alexis ran off with a truck driver instead of marrying him.  Kristina stampeded his heart and then made a fatal date with a bomb.  Meanwhile, he retires his leather pants (what a sad day that was) and becomes dedicated CEO of ELQ, then not, then back again.  Other than a few moments of anger and grief he has maintained his good hearted, quirky sense of humor supporting those around him, particularly Alexis.  Simmering in his emotional melting pot, the anger and grief have melded into hatred for Sonny.  I’d say his moment has arrived and if he wants to dance on the dark side for a bit then he should grab the opportunity, and the widow, with both fists.  And I have to say that Faith Rosco looks wicked.  It’s the eyebrows I think. 

Ned’s tantrum. 
I love Carly’s expression.

It’s the eyebrows.

How did the Hate Alcazar Show revert to the Hate Sonny Show?  Status quo and the same ol’, same ol’ - everything is alll Sonny’s fault.   

Except for A.J., in which case everything is allll Jason’s fault.  I couldn’t believe when Skye assisted AJ in ambushing Courtney at Club 101 and A.J. had the nerve to ask plaintively, “What happened to you Courtney?  What’s happened to your kindness?”  I can’t even think of words to describe the idiocy of his questions.  It’s like when I’m standing in front of the stove with pots bubbling and pulling meat from the oven and one of my kids says, “Is dinner ready yet?”  Take a deep breath for patience and answer sweetly, “No, if dinner was ready you’d be sitting at the table with a plate in front of you.”  Or a kid’s key travel question, “Are we there yet?”  “No, if we were there, we wouldn’t still be driving.”  A.J., supposedly an adult, should grasp that actions have consequences and terrorizing his wife results in a high penalty.  His mindset comes across that because he feels OK about stalking, Courtney’s being unreasonable for not feeling the same way.  After all, he said sorry and she made it worse by calling Jason for help.  Digging himself out of this lowlife pit is going to be a tough sell.  Though I am compelled to mention that I am hoping for a lonnng arc in which A.J. and Courtney gradually make their way back to each other.

I just don’t have a clue why  you would act this way. Kiss my grits, A.J.    And you too, Skye.

The police burst into the penthouse to arrest Sonny and walked into Q territory to arrest Brenda.  I asked my Dad if police have the right to break into a person’s residence.  He said it’s called “breaking the close” and they can if they are executing a warrant; however, they usually identify themselves for their own protection.  Citizens of the US have a 4th Amendment right to defend themselves so if Taggert breaks down the door of the penthouse without warning, technically Sonny can shoot him in self defense.  Just a point to ponder.  As usual, the guards were taking a lunch break and Johnny’s MIA whenever action erupts at the penthouse. 

Doesn’t it seem weird that in Port Charles it’s already January?  They’ve taped Christmas, New Year’s and they’re into January 2003.  We are just getting around to Christmas. 

Well, enough time out.  The scissors and tape are lonely and calling my name.  My floor runneth over with paper and ribbons and I haven’t prepared any of the Christmas Eve dinner.  Did I mention that we are hosting Christmas Eve?  I’m planning simple and easy for dinner, Christmas Eve service at church, and hopefully some time to reflect on why I enthusiastically participate in all the madness.  I am having a serious thought that I’d like to share.  Really.  I’m being serious.  Ready?  I understand that the Christmas season evokes different emotions for every individual.   Some party, some ponder, joy, sadness, loneliness – or a mixture of all of those.  It’s a time of high emotion and low valleys.  My point is this - I wish you holiday happiness.  You know, one of those tickly little bubbles that start low and work their way up until they pop right inside your head and joy kind of runs over and through you like a warm shower or bath on a cold morning.  And if you hit a low point and you are hiding out at your computer, please know how glad I am that you‘re visiting Eye On Soaps.  You are appreciated.  Merry Christmas.  And that’s enough serious for me. 

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