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Warning:  I have a cold.  I am on drugs.  Daycare and Nyquil are waging a mighty battle in my system as I type.  My fingers have a mind of their own so I take no responsibility for these words.  Unless you enjoy them, in which case I claim total credit. 

Each week I try diligently to focus on the positive and just take pleasure from what is aired before me since I donít have any clout in the GH Writerís Guild.  (I donít understand why they havenít called me yet.)  But AJ crossed a line.  I figured that if AJ stalked his own wife it would be presented with an I-did-it-because-I-love-you spin, but itís just unacceptable to terrorize a person, especially one he supposedly loves.  Thatís twisted and I canít figure out how AJ can be redeemed after this.  I donít even care if he tries to make amends, I do not like him and I donít believe that will change for a long time.  He must experience an epiphany of some sort - a character cleansing like an alien abduction or lost on a cold mountaintop for a couple weeks forced to survive eating slime Ė before Iíll relent.  Courtney humbly begged AJ for his forgiveness and AJ graciously forgave her for doubting him in the cabin.   OK, slime is too good, maybe slime, bugs and frostbite will be an acceptable atonement.


The Two Faces of AJ 

In what wing of GH is Coleman parked?  In recovery after surgery to repair three bullet wounds folks just wandered in and out throwing his bed around, threatening him, questioning him with no monitoring nurse or doctor in sight.  He must be admitted on the no liability side where patients must endure any storyline dictate no matter how overboard.  The Save-Courtney, Courtneyís-in-Distress loop has become crowded.  AJ stalks his own wife, because heís an insecure damaged weasel, so he can heroically save her from the obsessed masked stalker who he hired.  Jason must serve and protect (not to mention kiss) - Sonny said so.  Coleman just wants a chance to bask in Courtney/Daisyís good graces.  Well, he probably wants to bask in more than good graces but the story hasnít moved in that direction.  Yet.  (A girl can always hope.)

Doorís Open, Címon In

Everyoneís invited, patient abuse accepted 

Meanwhile, Sonny knows nothing about Courtney except Jason isnít around to save Brenda, so gosh darn heís got to do what a manís got to do, and save Brenda himself.  Keep it up Sonny; youíll be an action figure yet.  At least Sonny doesnít twist his motives.  He feels obligated to keep Brenda safe.  Jax now, canít seem to get clear in his head who he wants.  ďI love you, Skye.  But go away, you mustnít participate in my miraculous, manly recovery.  Only Brenda can see because I like to flirt with her while I lay here with no shirt.Ē  When Jax took Brendaís side as Skye and Brenda sparred in the hospital and told Skye to ďstop goading BrendaĒ I wanted Skye to throw something and tell Jax, ďGoad this, you moron.Ē  She didnít, but at least she informed Jax that heís bears part of the responsibility for her insecurity.  Not that the arrogantly perfect, never-wrong Jax would admit such a fault. I loved Brendaís line as Jason ushered her from Jaxís room, ďHereís the thing.  I think Iím going to have to hit that woman.Ē  I was yelling, ďCatfight,Ē but I had to stop because my kids were in the other room and I didnít want to set a bad example.  Hereís the real thing, if Jax reiterates ONE MORE TIME that he loves Skye, heís committed to Skye, he only wants Skye, Iím going to do something ugly, like throw up.  

"I love you, Skye.
Play nice with Brenda."
I'm going to have to
hit that woman."

Well, Iím expecting Helena any day now.  Why, you ask?  Why because the PCPD burned down, so obviously all records have been purged and there are no more past crimes and misdemeanors.  Who needs those pesky rap sheets and records anyway?  Scott certainly doesnít since he refuses to prosecute even when the arsonist perpetrator is yelling, ďI did it.Ē  Whatís a guy got to do to get arrested in PC?  ďGeneral HospitalĒ has an abundance of talent on tap and Anthony Geary always delivers.  I understand that Lukeís in pain and doesnít want to continue living without Laura.  I grasp that heís pushing away his family because he has nothing inside to give.  Heís not funny or endearing, but honestly, self destructively grieving while trying in a last ditch sort of way to clear a path for her return later by sacrificing himself.  In each scene heís obnoxious and unpleasant and I want to hug and comfort him anyway.  


He looks good and he can act when given the chance.  I liked seeing Taggs this week, even if he had to lose his place of employment and offer his chin as a sacrifice to Lukeís fist for screen time. 

De plane, de plane.  De jail cell, de jail cell.  I canít really comment yet on either situation except I liked that Brenda, headache notwithstanding, could recognize a banana tree when she saw it.  Sonny looked appropriately sexy with his dirty torn clothes and mussed hair.  Carly, in her uniquely destructive way, refused to shut up even when the people around her spoke a different language and were throwing her in jail in a foreign country.  I hate to be critical, but the sets look totally fake.  Try some dirt and grime in that jail cell and how about plants that donít look like they came straight from Garden Ridge Pottery or whatever home crafty place exists in the vicinity of Hollywood.  


What a nice surprise to have Zander visit for a day.  You remember Zander?  Leather jacket, tough guy, no past, no job, no storyline?  Kinda like a second string Jason waiting in the wings, so when Steve Burton goes on vacation TPTB can dust Zander off and trot him out.  At least he alluded to his past, so hopefully, weíll see more in the near future. 

Alcazar and Skye, together, I liked the pairing.  Apparently, soon they might be VERY together.  

How very patriotic of GH to hold the District Attorney election on the real USA Election Day. 

Iíve been rethinking the whole show-the-underwear theme that seems to be emerging and it occurred to me that men have had this luxury for years.  No one cares if a man bends over and his boxer or brief waistband shows a bit.  And itís not like they worry over panty lines.  Do they?  Iíll have to ask my husband or Sage.  Do guys fret about panty lines?  Also, I recall some MAJOR disagreements with my oldest son when the high boxer, low saggy jeans became popular.  I didnít win that particular battle of wills but I sure objected strongly!  So perhaps itís me who has the problem.  I should release my inhibitions and let my straps show at random.  Isnít the first step towards a cure admitting that a problem exists?  Never mind, I may have the entire Victoriaís Secret line folded in my dresser drawer but I donít feel a need to share, except with my husband.  Iím keeping my straps and lines to myself.  Happy November, all.  Thanks for reading.  

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