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“I’m gonna die seeing Brenda’s face.”  That’s what Sonny stated so prophetically years ago and that’s what he delivered.  Monday’s episode reminded me why I love General Hospital.  I was expecting good.  I was expecting excitement.  Talk about drama!  Monday’s eppy packed a punch better than the movies.  I can list on one hand the GH moments that have strongly affected me but the fact is those moments keep me faithful and involved.  No matter how much flack and downplay primetime sends toward daytime television those few scenes or episodes make daytime soaps kick butt TV. 

The whole Monday show played well from beginning to end.  Carly and Sonny saying good-bye knowing that he would be stepping into a dangerous situation.  Brenda explaining her motives to Father Dave for returning to Port Charles.  Jason and Liz talking and hugging (goodness knows a kiss at this point would just be more than fans could handle).  Sonny and Jason arguing about how to handle security for the church situation and then bringing it back to their friendship.  Roy creeping around like the hired thug he’s supposed to be.  Carly and Liz bonding over yellow peppers.  I don’t know what they were making because that was a whole lot of cut up peppers for a two person salad.  


And then the shooting.  Is there an Emmy available for music montage?  There should be.  I love “Amazing Grace” at any time but this was inspired.  Characters in place.  Brenda striding confidently towards the doors, as though she’d decided to move on.  Sonny hesitant and looking for danger while Jason impatiently glances at his watch and then exits the limo.  Thunder clap, wine glass dropping, church doors open and Sonny and Brenda spot each other.  I loved that Brenda smiled at Sonny and Sonny’s wide-eyed astonishment.  I guess you don’t need a play by play, but I really enjoyed it.  I wonder if the symbolism was on purpose?  Flames from candles that Carly lit and at the church, rain and water, red wine like blood - pain, washing clean, violence – it all blends.  Do TPTB think of this stuff or am I reading way too much into it? 

Who cleans up all that water when it rains in a scene?    I bet the set people really hate indoor thunderstorms. 

Brenda and Jason fight like they haven’t been apart for four years.  

OK, I’m going to say it.  I don’t want to, it might hurt, but here goes.  Carly was good on Monday and all week.  I even (man I hate to say this) liked her.  She told Liz to decide whether or not she can handle Jason’s life and to not lead him on.  Any advice that prods Liz into making a decision bodes well in my book.  Weeping over Sonny’s inert, wet body I assume Carly kept feeling his neck for a pulse.  I also enjoyed her in your face attitude when she tore up Tagliati’s check.  Go girl!  That’s all I am going to say.  I reserve the right to bash Carly next week should I feel a need. 

Since Brenda was willing to blow up a whole yacht to get away from Alcazar and she isn’t voluntarily staying in the safe house, don’t you think candles are a bad décor choice?  Hello, she blew up a yacht, what’s a little fire?  Of course, that wasn’t any dumber than not locking the window.  Sonny’s guards earn their bad rap since she just hopped out and ran away.  Knuckle rapping at dawn.  

Taggert’s role as good guy cop with a tough guy bad attitude towards Sonny went a little overboard this week.  Granted he sympathized with Carly in the rain, but sweeping the flowers off the casket to look inside was beyond crass.  I can’t wait to see his expression when Sonny returns from the death zone.  Also, Taggert said that he and Sonny had hated each other since they were kids in Brooklyn.  I thought Taggert’s grudge stemmed from his belief that Sonny killed his stepfather Deke who happened to be rookie cop Taggert’s mentor.  Sonny didn’t know Taggert’s agenda until he showed up in PC and began harassing him.  If I’m missing something, please, somebody send an e-mail and set me straight.  The whole funeral bit was odd.  Jason signed out Sonny’s body from the morgue the next day?  Apparently no official paperwork or death certificate necessary. 

I am feeling sorry for Bobbi.  She’s comforting her daughter over the death of her not really dead husband and she had to say good-bye to Luke.  She should know better than to REALLY believe in Sonny’s death.  No one actually kicks the bucket in PC and if Popsicle Stavros can return, anyone’s fair game.  She just dishes out the sympathy and support and doesn’t get in on any of the good secrets.  You’d think after Roy’s return she’d get over that loved-one-is-dead-because-I- held-their-dead-bleeding-body-in-my-arms routine. 

Can Felicia become any shallower?  “Oh, Roy, you killed for me and my girls, let me just kiss you all over your face.  And now I’m running away from you, you bad man because you scare me.”  And later, “Oh Roy, I’m so sorry I was mean to you.  I have the hots for you so I can’t really leave.  Who cares about those girls, anyway.”  Enough said.  I wish she’d do something redeemable so I could quit rolling my eyes whenever she appears on screen. 

Luke’s lame escape provided some entertainment with his Jack Nicholson impersonation.  Luke led Scotty down the anger path by jabbing at his ego in a monotone like Jack Nicholson does.  Or maybe Clint Eastwood.  I’ve seen both of them use that tough guy monotone in movies.  Maybe Anthony Geary has been watching “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” and decided to go that steely-eyed monotone route.  So Scotty, the ego impaired, ambitious DA completely falls under Luke’s spell and has to stop the prison van, remove the hand and leg cuffs, and beat the you know what out of Luke.  Nicholas appears out of nowhere on a country road and knocks Scotty unconscious.  Oh, and the prison guards conveniently took a hike or took a leak, who knows, so they’re completely out of the prisoner transportation loop.  The best part for me happened when, back at the PCPD, Scotty ranted on about catching Luke, and Taggert oh so gently points out that Scotty could single handedly save the world of PC from MOB influence if he finds Sonny’s killer.  Little stars appear in Scotty’s eyes and a light bulb turns on over his head as he grasps the idea of actually solving a crime. 

Well since Billy’s off to make his Baywatch movie he gets one last shot to create havoc before taking off to the beach, oh I mean Washington, to fight RICO charges.  I always expect to dislike AJ but he keeps surprising me by rising to the occasion of Courtney.  He called the attorney about custody of Michael.  He played let’s make a deal with Edward.  But then he ‘fessed up to Courtney in front of the Q’s. 

AJ – Are you evil or are you not?
You told me once, but I forgot.  

He’s one of those characters who switch from bad to good, which confuses me but also sparks my admiration for his acting abilities. 

Coleman needs a first name.  I thought Jake Coleman would be nice but since he bought Jake’s bar that might not work.  My other suggestions are Jericho Coleman or Shad Coleman.  I don’t care if you laugh; those are my two favorite names.  I propose a Name Coleman Game.  E-mail your top three choices and I’ll keep track.  Next week I’ll send the top three choices to GH.  Not that they’ll listen or care but I’ll do it anyway.  I promise not to just send my choices, even though I’ve never been able to name anyone or anything my favorite names because my husband and family outvoted me.  Next puppy is mine to name and by golly, male or female, it’s Jericho. 

And now for the mundane and shallow: 

Don’t you wonder to whom Father Coates was talking on the phone after Taggert interrupted Sonny’s funeral service? 

I hope some wardrobe person gets busy shopping for Alexis because her maternity wear so far stinks. 

Has Carly always had such skinny eyebrows or is that one of those oops we overplucked problems? 

Who has been watching Maxie and Georgie while Mommy played hostage with Alcazar?  

Brenda’s body double had shoulder length hair.  Maybe the water made it grow because suddenly Brenda’s sporting about three extra inches. 

Comments and e-mails are always appreciated.  Thanks for reading.   


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