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Where to start…I have to begin with Luke and Laura.  When Luke and Laura ruled Soapland I wasn’t a soap fan.  Boy did I miss out!  Twenty years later they still rule and now Genie Francis is exiting General Hospital for at least a year.  Laura was queen this week.  If I ever go crazy I know just how to act because Laura moved from adult, to little girl, to psycho lost between child and adult with an ease that was both sad and scary.  The quivering lip, the big open smile and those wonderful blue eyes just made me smile and cry with her.  I do have to mention the unending stream of mascara that poured down her face.  Black lines in the barn each time she cried, rivulets down her cheeks in the attic.  That must have been some wand of black.   At one point Luke gave her a spit bath to wipe off the black rivers running down her cheeks and I wondered how close the friendship is between Genie Francis and Anthony Geary.  I’d have to like a person a whole lot to let them spit bath me.  When Laura began her vows and then forgot with that childlike look, I ached for her.  I loved Luke’s vows and the tears on his cheeks.  The tenderness and how he cared for Laura kept me glued to the scene.  Earlier, he did bind and gag her but that can be forgiven.  He was figuring out that Laura’s lamp was on but the bulb kept flickering.   I’m going to make my husband watch the vows part so if I ever lose the little sanity I possess, he’ll know how to react.  Just look at me like Luke looked at Laura, be tender and protective, remember the good times, everything will be fine.  

Now I want to address Lucky, Nicholas and Gia since technically they are involved in this storyline.  This is my whole opinion and comment rolled into one.  Pfft!  Pfft came to me from Katrina our very own web mistress and I only use it for special occasions.  Scotty is on probation pending the revealing of his motives for turning into a run amuck DA or should that be schmuck DA wearing a nice suit and a bad attitude. 

And isn’t Real looking FINE in those jeans and tight t-shirt! 

It surprised me that Zander and Liz showed on Monday and then disappeared for the rest of the week.  Hellooo, a shot was fired in the hospital.  Sounds like a story high point to me.  I hate when a storyline hits a high note and then gets lost in the shuffle.  I figured out what the deal was though.  Chad Brannon probably has been off this week attending the Steve Burton School of Personality Switcheroo.  Since Steve created Jason Morgan so successfully, Guza must be itching to try that again.  Guza has created some inspired storylines, but he seems to enjoy playing the same tune over and over.  Jason changed from brilliant, Future MD in a Reindeer Sweater to Anger Boy.  Zander, supposedly, will change from Anger Boy II to Nice Guy in a Hot Spot.  The previously dead Miranda messed up Jax and Brenda’s wedding.  Suddenly alive Brenda will interrupt Jax and Skye’s attempted vows.  Jason and Robin had “the bridge.”  Jason and Liz have “Lookout Point”.  Lilly’s father, a really bad MOB guy went after our favorite MOB superhero, Sonny.  Alcazar, nasty and unscrupulous, is playing the same “Get Sonny” game.  Bombs, arson and blackmail rule the day with the occasional injury requiring a hospital visit to remind us that this is “General Hospital.”   

You know the phrase, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it make a sound?”  If Liz and Zander were lovers, but Liz doesn’t tell him, did it really happen? 

I might like the new amnesiac Zander and hope that somehow the memory loss will roll into a story involving his past.  He can’t remember, a previously unknown family member finds him; DNA testing proves he’s related to….  C’mon, everybody make a guess.  My vote goes to BRENDA, the suddenly brain healthy Big Sis.     

And let’s not forget Edward.  Laying there in a coma.  Freaking out family members on Monday and then nothing through Friday.  How long can a person fake comatose? 

Edward, Edward, he’s our guy,
Playing coma to set up Skye.
But he’s a fake, as we’ll soon see.
Manipulating the whole Q family.
He’s a mean old conniving man,

Pulled his plug with his very own hand.

What do you call attempted murder on yourself?  It’s not attempted suicide because he didn’t want to die.  So I guess it’s attempted, attempted murder since he’s attempting to frame Skye for his attempted murder. 

Billy Warlock and Steve Burton showed their talent in the Michael on the Docks scenes.  It amazed me how true to character they both stayed.  AJ trying so desperately to reach out to Michael but unable to totally control his hate and anger towards Jason.  Jason focused solely on Michael, protecting him and talking to him like he did in his Daddy days.  Let us not get started on the whole Who’s Your Daddy routine between AJ, Jason and Sonny.  Suffice to say that Michael’s paternity will probably be generating storylines for another 10 to 15 years. 

AJ has issues.  AJ has issues within issues.  His life revolves around them - Jason, Michael, Sonny, Carly, the Q’s to name a few.  AJ’s issues are so convoluted and complex I would develop issues trying to define them.  For all that, AJ can’t catch a break.  The one time he wants to take responsibility and go to jail, Courtney the Enabler and Rescuer and Jason the temporary Keeper of Courtney won’t let him.  Justice doesn’t rock around the clock too often in a soap, so AJ won’t face consequences for torching The Oasis.  I hope AJ’s pyro party doesn’t mean we’ve lost Coleman.  Maybe Elton can use Coleman over at Deception since picking girls is his specialty.  Hmm, Coleman and Gia in the same scene.  Possibilities, anyone?   

I am going to try to stop calling him “AJ the Weasel” or “AJ the Evil” and shorten his name to Pyro AJ.  So he brain damaged his brother who now doesn’t acknowledge his existence.  So he hails from the poster family for dysfunction.  So his son resides with a mobster and Mommy the Shrew.  So his wife stripped to keep his whussy butt out of jail.  Get over it and somebody hide the matches.  One more AJ comment – I was very impressed that AJ could burn the Oasis on a drunken binge, get saved and dragged home by Jason and wake up in a crisp, clean UPS delivery lookin’ shirt with a clean white t-shirt underneath.  I need him to come to my house and teach my husband and sons that stay-clean-through-thick-and-thin trick.  It sure would save a lot of laundry. 

Carly and Courtney, friendly? Confidants?  Are the writers delusional?  Of course, Carly had to pull the old push-the-door-open-and-walk-in-anyway trick just to have her moment of bonding with Courtney.  For the record this new Carly turns my stomach.  Calm, wise, caring – it must be the foreshadowing for an alien invaded her body story or a split personality problem because no way am I buying into the let’s get along Carly we’ve seen lately.  I don’t even remember the conversation between Carly and Courtney except Courtney mentioned Rosie.  She loves AJ because he bought her a puppy.  Here, Rosie, Rosie, Rosie.  WHERE’S ROSIE? 

Sonny better take a step back and stop yanking Jason’s chain.  The big bad Mob Boss just can’t seem to handle stress like he used to.  He’s dealing with Alcazar, Carly and Michael, Courtney stripping.  That’s what happens when you have a bite in almost every storyline.  But he better suck up to altar of Jason because Jason’s the only one who will listen to him rant and rave and still show in the next episode.  OK, I know that I’m a bit over protective here, but Jason is my personal favorite.  It’s the whole bad guy with a good heart thing.  It’s okay, laugh or roll your eyes, I do, and I have to live with me.  I’ll try to keep my little obsession under control. 

Finally, I’ve figured out why I find bad guy Alcazar completely fast forwardable and bad guy Coleman intriguing.  It’s the arrogance.  Alcazar postures and threatens throwing that power attitude into each scene.  Plus, I don’t like his double-breasted suits.  I’ve met several so called powerful people in my lifetime and they all wore two shoes and performed embarrassing body functions.  The arrogant ones left me unimpressed and the earthy ones I enjoyed.  Coleman with all his applicable nicknames, lowlife, pond scum, etc. projects an attitude of street smart.  He may be pond scum, he’ll admit he’s pond scum, but he’s smarter than average pond scum.  I hope he doesn’t disappear into Felicia’s attic with some other left over, worked over characters I could name.  Perhaps characters not in use are stored in those empty trunks or rolled in carpet remnants.  Somebody check for Rosie.  Felicia certainly won’t mind, she never visits the attic.  Opinions welcomed here. 

I wonder how TPTB decide which characters to keep and which to scrap.  Does fan opinion count for anything?  They certainly haven’t called me, which I completely do not understand because I have lots of opinions and I’m perfectly willing to share.  What’s up with that?  Thanks for reading everyone. 


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