I want to talk about Zander.  Zander worked for Sorel selling drugs.  This involved Dead Ted, kidnapping then falling for Emily.  Then he worked for Sonny, then not Sonny, then Sonny (it was hard to keep up), which included gunshots, bombs, and beatings (his).  Next he takes up with Roy - bombs and chemicals.  Now he’s moving on to Alcazar.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Zander, but he seems a few notes short of a tune.  Maybe it’s the head whacks, fights, gunshot wounds, bombs, and gassing that allow him to be every bad guy’s whipping boy.  And I admit, he gets the girl.  Well, he gets everyone else’s girl and then gets dumped.  Let’s see…  Emily dumped Juan for Zander and then dumped Zander for the longest physical therapy in history.  Carly divorces Sonny and then tries to get in Zander’s pants more than once; until Sonny finally lets her near his zipper.  Liz gives Lucky the heave ho he deserves, flirts with Jason, then sleeps with Zander.  Since we know that Jason and Liz are the current hot item, Zander is out again.  And now it seems he will be moving on to Brenda-Diane and her nurse.  This has to be the best track record ever in a two-year span.  I bet Chad Brannon counts his lucky ducks daily. 

Privately, I am hoping that Zander will turn out to be Brenda’s half brother who, of course, she never knew about.  Enough of the unexpected, unexplained, unnecessary sisters – let’s try a brother for a change.  It would so play if Brenda’s crazy mother, married or shacked up with some bad guy, had Zander, and lived in the mansion in Florida. 

Speaking of Zander, Anger Boy I and Anger Boy II both get the blond.  Just one of those things that makes you go, hmmm.  (No, I am not implying anything about Chad and Alicia – just noting that Alicia sure looks a lot like Mrs. B.)


So many scenes this week were phenomenal, but one I want to note occurred on Monday when Capelli questioned Liz as to who shot her, Jason or Zander.  Loved the look she threw him, loved the music.  I’ve disparaged Liz for her wishy-washy attitude towards Jason and Zander, but I could get behind the Liz who threw that look.  That look reminded me how she hates to be pushed around.  How she fought to be friends with Jason when Nick, Audrey, and everyone else told her to be careful.  Can we see more of that Liz, please? 

I feel compelled to comment on Jason and Liz.  Jason and Robin hooked me on GH several years ago and since only Jason is around he remains my favorite.  He can stare, speak, make faces and bark like a dog, I’ll watch.  I’ve been waiting, waiting and waiting for that shirt to come off.  (If it’s not already taken, maybe Sage will let me be the Keeper of Jason’s Shirt.)  I know that when the big event occurs (the shirt removal) it will probably be with Liz.  I have nothing against Liz other than her current Jason/Zander waffling, in fact her rape story was excellent, but I still equate her with Lucky and she seems too young for Jason.  So when Jason and Liz finally start to sizzle a part of me will enjoy Jason showing that tenderness and emotion (not to mention some skin) but part of me (the mature part) will continue to see Liz as too young for him.  Oh well, I guess that’s why this is Soapland.  Nothing’s perfect and we get to enjoy it anyway.     

Sonny’s baby?  Be careful with Sonny’s baby?  Carly acts like she has a right to a piece of Alexis’ pregnancy.  She’s Sonny’s wife (as she states ad nauseum to every person standing near her) so Sonny’s and Alexis’ baby is partly hers?  I am not able to process this.  Maybe Alexis can smack her again and she’ll recall Michael.  You remember, the red headed boy who lives somewhere else but calls her Mommy? 

If my heart ever stops, please, please do not take me to General Hospital.  Monica spent maybe 30 seconds trying to revive Kristina.  What happened to heart thumping and paddle bumping?  “200, clear…..300, clear…..600.”  “Are you sure, Doctor?”  “600 Clear….” (That must be ER I’m recalling). How about frantic CPR and anxious looks at the clock?  I realize that they probably didn’t have airtime, but really, Edward better worry.  He’s not well liked and if his ticker stops ticking, they might just unplug the machines and look the other way.  

Alexis wearing a red suit, watch out!  Grief, anger, love and support, I felt it all with her.  Gaining momentum as she reamed Roy, Jason and finally Sonny she was both wonderful and terrible.  My overwhelming thought during the end of the memorial service was that no way are Sonny and Alexis done yet.  I don’t believe that they will ever be a couple, but hopefully, their relationship has just begun.  She used the private information she’d learned during their friendship like a twisting knife to hurt him.  Rightly or wrongly, she’s grieving with anger and it isn’t nice or pretty.  So she tried to blame and hurt the one closest to her.  Sonny, as a friend, absorbed all she handed out and then reached out to her as she collapsed.  I’m not validating Sonny’s life choices or commenting on who’s to blame, just noting that the friendship they’ve built over the past year may be a stabilizing factor for two damaged people later on.  Hopefully, they will reconnect during the upcoming baby train.      

I know that I blinked a few times in the last few weeks but when did Roy and Felicia become a couple?  They kiss, they hug, Roy gives Maxie a car, but when did the romance bloom?  Are they a couple or are they friends?  Maybe that’s what half a million bucks gets you – love, devotion, and bail.  Roy used to work for the FBI so they could probably have issued a release before he’d been questioned or charged regarding the warehouse explosion.  Alcazar is supposed to be the bad guy, but who is playing whom?  Helena could supply the evil intents and the cash, but wouldn’t she focus on Jax?   Why isn’t Felicia worried that Alcazar will target her kids?  Perhaps she’ll stumble into one of those holes in her backyard, experience an epiphany and develop some parenting instincts.  Now, it’s Jax’s turn to get his knickers twisted.  I just love knicker-twisting layers in a story! 

I’ve been enjoying the attic mystery until this week.  

“Who’s got the skull?  Do you have the skull?”

“No, I don’t have the skull.  Look, the dog has the skull.”

“No, that was yesterday, now the police have the skull.”

“No, the police don’t have the skull.  Don’t you have the skull?”

“No, I don’t have the skull.” 

So, who has the skull?  Why did Lucky go to the attic with the camera?  Why is the camera suddenly so important?  Surely Rick and Scotty aren’t fondly remembering the event and those warm fuzzy pictures they took.  Did hysterical and then drugged Laura take the pictures?  When did Lucky meet Rick?  Why is the attic so clean and neat? No fire damage and pictures are hanging on the wall.  I could get past all this and still enjoy except now they’ve brought in the freaky girl in the bloody dress.  I don’t do freaky or scary because I was traumatized as a child from watching Barnabas Collins and Angelique on Dark Shadows.  The last scary show I watched was the first JAWS movie.  So now I’m afraid of vampires AND sharks.  Any why, why did Laura run to the attic?  EVERYONE knows that if anything evil is in the works the attic, the basement and the woods are the last places to run to.   Showers and closets don’t work either.  The build up to the attic mystery has been great and I am looking forward to the climax.  However, the young blond wearing the bloody dress did not have a face that said she played well with others so I may have to cover my eyes if she appears again.  Somebody e-mail me when it’s safe to come out. 



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