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A couple scenes really gripped me this week.  They werenít big emotional scenes, just honest.  Leslie visited the hospital remembering her ex-husband Rick and talked to Tony.  She was so, soÖemotionally healthy, honest, upfront.  It was nice to see a dramatic scene based on emotions that really unfold in life.  When Alan spoke with Monica, also at the hospital, regarding his conflicted feelings about Edward, I cringed with him over his self-inflicted guilt for his honest anger towards a horrible, hateful, but fiercely loving father.  Very well done and not over done.   

Those scenes finally clarified what bothered me about the conflict between Skye, Edward, Jax and now Ned.  The emotions and threats are wrong.  Skye changed.  She doesnít covet ELQ or Edwardís sole heir bait so therefore; the contract has no hold on her and she is no threat to ELQ.  Other than telling Jax her little moment of untrust big deal about the contract.  Seems like Ned is beating a dead horse.  I know itís a set up so Jax can do the Iím-so-betrayed poor pitiful me tap dance but the flow is off even though the acting catches me.  I hate that Skye fell off the wagon.  It was bound to happen, itís a soap after all, but itís hard to see a person fight that battle and lose.  

Is anyone going to call Emily and tell her about Edward?  I would so love if she returned and reconnected with Zander.  Iím beginning not to like him.  The guy just ainít got no sense!  Heís antagonistic towards everyone and no scruples in sight.  With Emily he managed antagonistic one moment and then kind and tender the next.  Maybe two head knocks in a week will straighten him out.  What a crack up when he didnít recognize Liz.  Word has it that heíll end up in the penthouse with Jason and Liz.  If that happens, Iím there - ready to watch, ready to laugh. 

Rumor has it that Jason will ask Liz to move into the penthouse soon so that he can protect her.  That way we can sweat the longing looks, barely constrained passion, brushing past each other in a towel to and from a shower.  Maybe Liz can practice interior decorating for Jason.  The writers want us to invest in this couple.  They want to create a build up so when the big, lose control, canít help themselves, fall in the bed sex thing happens we wonít notice their subplot.  The subplot involves Carly and Liz.  Since Alexis moved, Carly doesnít have anyone to fight with at the elevator.  When was the last time you saw her stabbing at the down button?  Exactly.  We donít see it and that is because she has no one to antagonize getting on or off the elevator.  THATíS where the writers are taking us.   Jason and Liz in the penthouse together are just a ploy to distract us while they set up the Carly and Liz elevator catfights. 

Since when do Jason and Liz have a ďspotĒ?  Carly called Jason for Liz and told him that Liz would be waiting at their ďspotĒ.  Seems a lot like ďthe bridgeĒ which he shared with Robin.  Has Lookout Point been mentioned before a week or so ago and I missed it?  Itís hard to invest in the romance when my eyes are rolling. 

Inconspicuous:  Not noticeable, unremarkable, ordinary.  Sonny sent Jason to watchdog Courtney and told him to be inconspicuous.  Lasted about 60 seconds before he jumped on stage to save her from the bully.  I did enjoy the scene.  Coleman changed from low life to lower life.  Jason performed one of his no answer responses from his repertoire of no responses.  Courtney and the pole seemed more at ease with each other.  The first time she danced it looked like a contest and the pole was winning.  Soon, AJ will see his oh so innocent wife strutting her alternate personality Daisy stuff for money.  And donít tell me sheís not enjoying because Sonny offered a way out both financially or by destroying Coleman.  No go.  Her I-canít-trust-Sonny litany seems a bit ridiculous considering he hasnít actually done anything to AJ.  Yet. 

I canít help noticing that when Courtney, aka Daisy, performs she has long, full, luxurious blond tresses.  Courtney, has straight blond hair that falls a bit past her shoulder blades.  Maybe thatís why she dances, for the hair.  For hair like that Iíd scoot around a pole on stage in yellow lingerie.  I bet Iíd make lots of money because men would throw hundreds my way just to make me get off the stage.  I can see my interview on the Larry King show.  Heíd ask why I chose such a career at my stage in life.  As I casually flip my long luxurious hair over my shoulder Iíd reply, ďI just do it for the hair, Larry.Ē  Sorry, I digress.  Iím better now. 

I have reached a point when Iíd like a break from Sonny and Carly.  Theyíve fought, broke up, reconnected, rewed (three times), etc.  A little vacation time from the constant sneak, plot, lie, fight, cry, whine, make up, and up, and up would be appreciated.  However, if that break means I have to watch Carly be the little woman offering sage life advice to Sonny and Jason, never mind, just pass the barf bag.  She probably needs and deserves a break from performing her Carly the Human Wrecking Ball act but wise loving Carly turns my stomach. 

Did you catch the Johnny drama on Friday?  Johnny the Guard changed to Johnny the Mailman.  I like Johnny and hate when Sonny treats him badly but I think Johnny messed up.  Michael walked out of the building because he was off getting the mail.   Why couldnít they have shown Michael sneaking past him while he was talking to another guard?   Johnny playing mailman when the big, bad Alcazar has Sonny all upset just isnít acceptable.  Now Michael is missing and of course, AJ found him.  This means we will be treated to hysterical Carly all day on Monday. 

Lucky and Alexis spoke freely in the interrogation room after Alexis assured Lucky that the rooms werenít bugged.  Iím confused.  Isnít that the same room where Sonny and Jason regularly perform their mute tough guy act?  When they are arrested together, they lean close and whisper because they know that Taggert is drooling somewhere over a listening device trying to hear an incriminating word.  Also, I am puzzled about Scottyís position.  Is it District Attorney, Police Chief, or Investigator?  Is he a good guy or a bad guy?  Somebody needs to dust off Dara or Justice and ask them for a job description because little Scotty seems to be out of control as he steps on toes all around. 

When Nicholas stole the locker key from the evidence box I had to laugh.  Trying to look that innocent just made him look guilty.  I bet heís sorry now since heís toting a skull around town in a bag.  Isnít it odd that the dog took the skull, the dogís owner turned it over to the police, the police left it at the hospital (I assume for forensic reasons), where it disappeared?  No one seems to have missed it or even considered that usually a skeleton is attached to a dug up head.  Probably the writers just donít have time to address the details but this stuff bothers me.  

Is anyone else seeing the Joe Boxer guy doing his Happy Dance for K-Mart on his or her commercial breaks?  I love that guy.   

Apparently we will be treated to nuLucas soon aged to about 17.  How weird is that?  Last I saw he was about eight.  Iím perfectly willing to jump for a storyline when characters are SORASíd, but this borders on the silly.  8 to 17 is just too big a jump.  And since Maxie received Lucasí sister BJís heart doesnít it seem that they are right next to being related?  Not by blood, but in the way characters have been presented to us.  Iím trying to keep up, but this isnít going down easily.  If Maxie and Lucas become the teenage story headliners an attraction between them will take some getting used to. 

Comments are short this week because it seems as though storylines are skating towards the big events coming up.  Iím betting that Luke and Laura wait in the wings with some amazing scenes.  Soon to be seen, the mighty B with all body parts unveiled.  Alexisí baby saga will heat up soon.  Sheíll either lose it (please, no) or begin to show a pregnant tummy with a big ďC-CĒ stamped on it for Corinthos-Cassadine.  Sage says we are getting Jason and Liz so maybe weíll see more than ďI care for you, Jason,Ē  ďIím too dangerous to be around, Elizabeth,Ē  ďZander was good to me, Jason,Ē  The Look from Jason. 

Happy journeying to EOS staff, fans and visitors who will trek to the Mecca of Ho(l)lywood, home of General Hospital, Soap Extraordinaire.  Have lots of fun and please return safely with many stories to share with those of us who wish we were basking in fanship with you. 

Thank you for reading.  Kathy 

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