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(Little bitty spoiler mentions) 

On Monday, the 9th, I wasn’t looking forward to missing General Hospital on Wednesday due to September 11th programming.  Revisiting the tragedy of 9/11/01 and watching endless programs remembering planes crashing, burning buildings, and people dying wasn’t high on my to-do list.  By Tuesday, I’d resigned myself to an unpleasant day of reminders.  Wednesday dawned and I watched the 5 A.M. news as usual geared for my first dose of horror revisited.  It wasn’t like that.  In fact, as the day wore on and I viewed a few moments here and there I saw Americans remembering, acknowledging and rising above the tragedy.  And I learned a valuable lesson that I have learned before but of which I apparently needed a reminder.  I am blessed to be an American.  Blessed to live in the United States of America where we are allowed to pursue that which makes us happy.  Where I can write this little column about a television show whose sole purpose is entertainment and I do not have to worry about political repercussions over expressing my freedom of speech.  I only have to worry, should I choose to do so, about the occasional disagreeable e-mail.  So, feeling appropriately grateful for the opportunity, here I go. 

Brenda should inspire resentment for being so perfect but she doesn’t.  Great face, great body - curvy but not emaciated, good personality but not goody-goody, scheming but not dysfunctional.  I am looking forward to some pot stirring, wave making and storyline twisting.  It occurred to me that Vanessa Marcil should have demanded some serious contract negotiations regarding water and her proximity to it.  She always seems to get tossed in the brine – shot in the shower, plane crashes into a lake, mother drives her over a cliff into the ocean (at least that was an off screen event) and now into the tank she goes.  Gasping, shaking, screaming and swimming about in high-heeled black boots as the yacht sinks, there she is again with wet hair and perfect makeup. 

Can a flare gun really blow up a yacht?  Somehow I missed the class “Flare Gun Basics 101” so I am curious just how it worked.  Brenda shot towards a closed window in a cell with fuel lines running through it, which caused the explosion.  How come there weren’t little bits of Brenda all over the harbor?  And I know that fuel lines caused the explosion because a few scenes before Alcazar, in an ominous foreshadowing kind of way, mentioned them. 

Also, while I am on this subject, was that really a flare gun?  Cause to me it looked like an orange plastic pop gun that shoots ping pong size balls that I might see at the Dollar Store.  Even my 14 year old noticed as he wandered by and asked what was she shooting with that toy gun. 

So Sonny gets shot next week.  The burning question in my mind is how’s he going to fall?  That twirl around, arms in the air, clothing aflutter fall has been used twice now - once in front of the courthouse and then when the gas lines blew at the crypt.  It’s a great fall but I hope Maurice has practiced a new one for us.  Maybe we can hold a quick contest guessing where Sonny’s new scar will appear?  Just kidding, I know – fake death, fake scar.  I’m wondering how Sonny will play off the obvious lack of a fatal bullet wound while he’s convincing the authorities of his boots up condition.  Fake blood can only accomplish so much.   Oh well, fooling the PCPD won’t be difficult and maybe Dr. Jones will see who it is and conveniently have to tend some other patient with an urgent owie like a splinter.    

Carly, I’m sure will be at the top of her game as she moves into hysterical, grieving, unreasonable mode.  We’ll be treated to Carly at her best acting-wise and her most annoying character-wise.  The part that cracks me up is the spoiler that says she will face down Sonny’s rivals with Sonny’s permission.  Savvy, calm, sensible Carly?  Can you hear me laughing?  Is anyone out there laughing with me?  I guess she’s free to play Mob Boss Mommy since Michael has been banished to the Island of Sonny where he is blissfully missing first grade and bonding with his real Mom, Leticia.  

Sonny and Carly are perfect for each other but like I said before, no way am I buying into this alien Carly.  I don’t care if she gets billed next to Oprah’s Dr. Phil, give her ten minutes or so and Self-Destructo Carly, superhero to the dysfunctional, will reappear.  She better because who else can dream up and carry out “plans” like she does?    

No one deserves to have his or her children kidnapped but Felicia comes close.  If she weren’t so busy making goo-goo eyes at Roy in Kelly’s maybe it wouldn’t have happened.  I liked her as the manager of the Outback.  Her MO was quirky, but smart as a private eye with Lucy.  As Mac’s wife she evolved into the Giver of Wisdom and Advice and Author.  What she’s trying to project now is beyond me.   Now, I just see ditzy and not real bright.  It’s driving me crazy that Roy and Felicia act so close as though they’ve been bonding over a tube of superglue, or maybe sniffing super glue but I, as a viewer, can’t find the relationship trail.  I remember maybe two episodes where they had scenes together creating a friendship but nothing that created the closeness now.  Felicia trusts Roy because they are business partners?  Half a million buys a lot of trust I guess.  Are they lovers?  Anyway, it’s too late now because they just irritate me.  Whatever emotional leaps I was supposed to make with these two just didn’t happen so I don’t “get” them.  She can play it out how she likes but Ms. Felicia… what is her last name anyway?… just isn’t convincing me of motherly love or devotion.  I don’t care how often she crinkles her nose, tweaks her hair or tearfully bats her eyes.  I might buy that she has the hots for Roy and doesn’t give a hoot what happens to her girls when he’s around. 

AJ kissed Courtney and told her he was going to the gym.  Maybe he has membership through the Quartermaine's because if they can’t afford dog food, they certainly can’t afford gym fees.  Besides, any extra cash they have must go for Courtney’s clothes.  For the newly impoverished, she sports some great outfits and evening dresses.  Besides, AJ drives a forklift on the docks, as a (gasp) laborer, what does he need to work out for? 

Coleman’s points just keep on clickin’ on my personal character point meter.  This week he moved from really low life to low life with some hopeful redeeming qualities when he apologized to Courtney for forcing her to bare all for bucks.  I’ve read the rumors and I am hoping that Coleman will pursue Courtney big time, but s-l-o-w-l-y.  Does he have a first name?   

An off topic side note.  Do you remember a few weeks ago when I asked if anyone else was enjoying the Joe Boxer Happy Dance guy?  Well I received several positive e-mails and one nice person sent me the link for the Joe Boxer web site.  I sent an e-mail through the Joe Boxer web site passing along the compliments.  Imagine my surprise the next day when I received a reply from Vaughan Lowery, the happy dance guy himself, thanking me for the message.  He also asked if I would vote for his commercial at  I’m not campaigning for him, just thought I’d share.     

Random Thoughts:

No Corinthos’ and no Morgan’s on Tuesday.  Who would have thought that TPTB could write a whole show without them?   

No one else on GH could carry off a silky white pajama outfit teamed with bulky brown boots, but Brenda did it. 

Lucas kept the same hairstyle as he aged from 8 to 16 or so.  Isn’t that amazing?  

Lucky the Cop, oh, pullease.  Like no one would recognize him since he’s been parading in and out of the police station at least once a week for the past few months. 

Who is running Luke’s Club?  Claude? 

What was the point of Luke pointing the gun at Scotty and threatening him?  This is a serious question since I missed Friday’s episode.        

Hope everyone had a great week.  Thanks for reading.  Kathy


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