Comments through September 5, 2002
(Some raving, some ranting with a bit of loony rambling)

Laura, I am so sad for you.  A life destroyed by repressed memories.  (If I violently disposed of three people in my lifetime, I might be tempted to repress.)  A husband you won’t let yourself remember.  (You’re going to the happy peach orchard for a lonnng time, let him go.)  Three children will grieve for you.  (Well, LuLu might grieve.  Lucky will whine and blame everyone.  Nikolas will walk around wearing that angsty expression.) Big sigh.  I’m so glad this is not real life.  Genie Francis, why did they wait until now to give you such meaty material?  If this is her GH swan song, let the tune play because she dished up some amazing psychosis this week.  The twisty hair pulling, the faces, jumping from aggressive to passive moment to moment all speak Award to me.  Bigger sigh.  I was happy to note for her sake that she at least wore a chic hospital issue that didn’t hang open in the back. 

Was the EVER a time when Lucky spoke without belligerence or wah-wah lacing his tone?  In the beginning the constant bad attitude didn’t annoy me because it made sense with his little mind control problem and trying to force his square peg type self into Liz’s round hole type personality.  Somewhere between when Helena played imaginary whips and chains with the Ice Princess and now, he should have matured into a full range of emotions.  At present he projects belligerence, anger, and self pity.  And did I mention belligerence, anger and self pity?  Yep, he’s mastered all the nuances of those three.  I’ve met people like him.  They could win the mega lotto and be granted lifetime immunity from taxes; they’d smile for ten minutes while their wah-wah clock ticked, waiting to complain about the color ink on the check. 

I know I am being hard on Lucky, Jacob Young, but his total insensitivity to Laura’s obvious distress and inability to deal with his questions ticked me off when he and Nikolas visited Presto Change-o Mommy.  Didn’t I hear he won an Emmy?  I wish he’d dust it off and practice playing Lucky with a few more emotions.  I should be tactful here and tell the Jacob Young fans that I think he’s a fine actor, and I’ll do that as soon as I see it.  He’s just not my cup of tea at the moment. 

At the beginning of the week when Zander was hiding at the hotel déjà vu swept through me because I am certain that was the same room where Emily woke up with Dead Ted.  There must be a set manual which lists “Props for Drab Motel Room” and that’s what we saw.  Never let it be said that history doesn’t repeat itself in Soapland.  And repeat.  And repeat. 

Well, since Jason won’t take off his shirt, I thought I’d keep track of his shirt.  I rewound my tapes for the past two weeks and here’s the Fruit of the Loom play by play. 

Monday – Friday:  Grey, short sleeved t-shirt, round neck

Monday:  Same grey t-shirt

Tuesday:  Grey-Green, long sleeved t-shirt

Wednesday:  Dark blue, short sleeved t-shirt

Wednesday:  Black, long sleeved t-shirt (really tight and looking good)

Thursday:  Same black tight t-shirt 

I considered checking back further but this isn’t all that interesting which eliminates the whole point of shirt tracking.   

I think I’m in love with John Ingle.  How come I always fall for Edward’s fleeting moments of goodness?  Even though I knew it was coming, I laughed out loud when Edward’s eyes popped open and he said, “You’ll never get away with this.”  When he plots against and/or terrorizes a hapless family member or Jax, I always want him caught and suitably chastised.  Evil Edward pulls no punches when it comes to furthering his current downfall in the making.  Then when his hands are slapped I hate it because it’s not nice to pick on elders.  He caught me off guard when he visited Ned and Alexis in his spiffy suit straight out of the hospital to gloat.  Ned and Jax may have forced him to relinquish comatose but Edward one upped Ned big time by leading him back into ELQ.  Now if he could just get the house away from Monica… 

Since we are losing both Luke and Laura perhaps Helena will make an appearance dragging the Ice Princess along with her so she can toy with Lucky and Nikolas.  Hopefully, Andreas will sail in with her because I have some character placement suggestions. 

This week I received an e-mail that suggested Coleman would be perfect for running Luke’s Club.  I thought it was an inspired idea.  Courtney could waitress there and she wouldn’t have to make friends with any poles.  Andreas could become Elton’s assistant running Deception until Laura gets her cookie crumbs all in a row.  Lucky should reconnect with Helena as a boy-toy in training, which would give Nick and Gia a purpose in a “Save Lucky (Again)” storyline.  Skye can provide comic relief as she learns camping and hiking techniques from Lady Jacks leaving Club 101 for Carly. 

Carly can reclaim Club 101 after she performs 250 hours of community service.  Let’s see, 250 hours, one hour, five days a week – she’ll be busy until at least next summer.  I’m taking suggestions for where and how her community service should be assigned.  Sage suggested soup kitchen.  I’m for roadside garbage detail in one of the pretty bright orange coveralls.  Already, I’m wondering how she’ll explain her activities and clothing choices to Michael. 

Is Ned following Alexis around town on stress and nutrition patrol?  Isn’t she a grown up?  I think he’s turned father-to-be concern into pregnancy police.  I just want to point out that Alexis has already decked him once.  It could happen again. 

So nice to see Brenda’s face, hear her voice.  Can’t wait for more! 

I am totally bummed that I missed Friday’s episode.  My VCR was set but one of my children probably snuck in to watch cartoons as the wrong moment.  No montage of Luke and Laura and no Laura exit for me. Have a happy week, all.  Thanks for reading. 


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