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General Hospital provided a good time this week.  I like it when stories swirl and interact and GH is doing a great job of mixing right now.  Maybe I’m just easily entertained but I have to say I am anticipating next week’s episodes and the begnning of November sweeps.  Let the drama begin!  

I used to call him AJ the Weasel.  Then he developed some gutsy tendencies so I switched to AJ the Evil who I actually enjoyed watching.  Now I can’t decide what to call him because he’s too shameless for words.  “Good work Jase.  I’m glad you were here, Bro.”  Huh?  An alien has invaded AJ’s body or he’s blatantly scheming and lying.  Since TPTB only allow sci-fi paranormal occurrences in “Port Charles” (you know, the show that takes place on the other side of town) the alien theory doesn’t wash.  And I don’t believe he lost the court case either.  

AJ the Shameless, a Chip off Edward’s Old Block

Spoilers say that AJ hired Coleman to watch over Courtney while he, supposedly, went to D.C. and that’s why Coleman kept hanging around.  Let’s work AJ’s logic.  Coleman blackmails Courtney into stripping to keep his whussy butt out of jail.  AJ pyros the Oasis.  Score even.  So AJ’s next logical step is entrusting Coleman to babysit Courtney?  I’m having a hard time with this.  And I don’t believe Coleman’s the mad stalker because the mask would totally mess with his perfectly moussed hair.  Maybe AJ asked Coleman to pursue his wife so he could spy on them and see if Courtney would call Jason.  Ya think?   Also, if Courtney would let Big Dog Rosie out of her crate, maybe she could scare away the mean masked man. 

The edgier Jason whose emotions ride closer to the surface pulls at me.  So even though the kiss between Jason and Courtney appeared contrived, perhaps I’ll buy into it a little because his anger drove him to fight with Coleman so it’s not too hard a stretch to see him yielding to temptation and kissing Courtney.  (Jason and Coleman in the same scene – whew - testosterone overload!)  

AJ the Shameless is a chip off the old block of Edward the More Shameless.  Where to begin...  Edward condescendingly informed Carly not get upset because her husband strays from time to time.  She’ll get used to it, Lila did.  Carly should have grabbed a heavy object right then and heaved it at Edward.  Right off at the beginning of the week I’m thinking bad Edward thoughts never dreaming he could make it worse.  He did.  In Alexis’ hospital room, the room in which she’s resting for the sake of her baby, Edward arrives along with Sonny to trade her baby for Michael RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER.  If I’d had crystal at that point I’d have thrown it somewhere.  Not at the TV of course, I’m not stupid.  But seconds later, it was so, so sweet and satisfying to see him discover the results of the DNA test.  Thank you, Ned the Good Manipulating Gatekeeper.  Did it end there?  Of course not.  Edward, completely unaware of his terribleness, returns to Alexis’ room with flowers, candy and a check.  Tisk, tisk, Eddy.  You should know by now that buying and selling babies doesn’t work for you.  Skye descended to haunt you, Michael remains out of your grasp, and Alexis will never trust you. 

Edward the More Shameless

Skye needs to know how much time Brenda has to live because…?  If it’s ten minutes she’ll let Brenda hang around Jax but if it’s a year she’ll consider poison or prison?  I actually thought her idea of allowing Jax to realize that Brenda has moved on and allowing them to part friends a smart, emotionally healthy way to end unresolved issues between Brenda and Jax.  Then I laughed for even entertaining the thought in passing because that would be the end of the story and we know that’s never gonna happen.  Skye hops on a jet to Switzerland, pathetically lies to the doctor and gets caught riffling through a desk drawer.  Then the nurse, feeling sorry for her, reaches up to her shoulder into the bottom of an obviously empty file cabinet drawer and retrieves Brenda’s original file.  Nope, surprise surprise, Brenda’s not sick.  Since Skye has switched from CEO of ELQ to…what does she do all day?  Vacuum?  I think not…she obviously has lots of time to plot against Brenda so this information is vital. 

Kinda cool how Jax dreamed hot hospital bed sex with Brenda and then awoke to experience the live version of the dream (sans sex, of course) when Brenda entered his hospital room.  I can’t decide where I want Brenda to go.  Jax and Brenda spell fun; Sonny and Brenda create a danger/adventure couple; while Jason and Brenda have never crossed my radar so I have to ponder that pairing for a bit.  I know that Sage predicted it way back when, but I couldn’t picture it.   Sonny and Carly seem made for each other and they don’t even have to break up every month to create drama.  Jax and Skye haven’t been together for long so they’ll splinter easier.  I’m still wondering about Jason and Liz since they’ve had a few years of moving towards a romance.  However, Jason and Brenda have history from way back…I give up, the possibilities are endless. 

For me, one of the funniest scenes of the week occurred on Thursday when hotheaded Jason glimpses Brenda in the hospital hallway, runs to her, and grabs her arm to drag her away.  Brenda yanks her arm from his grasp and dashes off with Jason in hot pursuit.  I can just picture them running down the hospital corridor, bickering like children who don’t get along.  The next laugh out loud scene happened at the end of Friday’s episode when Brenda announced to Sonny and Carly that she and Jason were married.  I had thought that I would enjoy seeing Sonny’s face when he learned of the marriage.  I could just picture him justifying that he loves his wife Carly, but complaining the next moment that Jason married his girlfriend.  Not using those words, but conveying that meaning.  Monday should be interesting because Brenda will never pass the Carly test for who can get near “her” Jason.  Hmm, sort of similar to Sonny.  Sonny’s her husband but Brenda married her boyfriend.  I truly enjoyed Jason’s put upon face with Brenda laughing beside him. 

Can you feel the love?

Oh, the pain…                                     Oh, the agony…

Sonny and Carly both captured my attention this week.  Carly, never one to keep her mouth shut when she can open it and senselessly wreak havoc, pushed her way into Alexis’ Depot (the room where all emotional freight trains stop to unload) to chastise Alexis for not carrying Sonny’s child.   I’m wondering how Carly’s going to hold up over the next few weeks since she’s had to deal with Alexis and Sonny’s not so secret nonbaby and now there’s Brenda, who must be after Sonny because Carly believes all women want her man.  

The Sonny who took pleasure yanking Brenda’s chain in Jax’s hospital room doesn’t appear often but I like him.  Sonny and Brenda in the rain were real together.  Old flames that know each other through and through, offering a bit of comfort and understanding.  Later, in the penthouse Sonny pitched a crystal temper tantrum.  He seems to have a love/hate relationship with glass.  Most of the time I enjoy Sonny as an interesting vital character, but this week I glimpsed his mesmerizing side.  He laughed and sparred with Brenda, dimples flashing, and then looked at Carly with wounded eyes as he absorbed the fact that Alexis’ child wasn’t his.  (Which we know really IS his – but that’s another story for another day.) 

Biker Chick Liz cracked me up.  I knew as soon as Lucky performed his macho man dance banishing her to the motel room that he was in for it.  Strap on the leather, play the music, she’s biker material.  Jason would be proud.  I would be proud if I could get my stomach to look like hers again.

Biker Chick Liz
It’s not the leather; it’s the stomach!

What party?  Where?  When did that happen?  The scenes with Maxie, Felicia, Lucas and Bobbi just sort of appeared out of nowhere and then faded back into a black story hole.  If they are going to have a story – have it.  But usually there’s a beginning, middle and end.  It seemed like we started the second chapter and no one even mentioned the title yet.  

Eagerly, I am anticipating Luke’s return to the canvas next week.  

Do you guys know the rules for watching television?  They were written by the author of a website called  I thought I’d share just so we can know if we are doing it right. 

Ten Commandments of Good TV Viewing 

1) THOU SHALT always complain to the networks about bad programming. Unless the viewers speaketh out, the networks won't puteth out.  Keep a post card near your TV set and send any criticisms (or compliments) to the brains behind the programs  (That would be TPTB for us.) 

2) THOU SHALT  always have the Weekly TV Program Guide near your television set to keep you informed of the "intricacies" of network viewing. (A sad note: Sister Johnson of Peoria, Illinois threw a renewal subscription to her popular weekly TV Program guide into the trash and was instantly struck blind. Happily, her sight was restored when she touched her television set while listening to a Sunday morning evangelism program. She now owns a lifetime subscription. With the miracles of modern science Sister Johnson now gets her TV information via the Internet at Say Hallelujah!);   (or 

3) THOU SHALT never miss an episode of ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, the daily insiders look at the entertainment industry. Blessed are the legs of Mary Hart;   (Just ask my husband.) 

4). THOU SHALT never get caught intercepting cable programming signals with an illegal satellite dish. For those who dare...May the "Idiot Tube" be with you;    (Anyone know what exactly is the Idiot Tube?) 

5) THOU SHALT never watch sports programming to the exclusion of all others. [(Those seeking help should read: Hold On, Honey, I'll Take You To The Hospital At Half-time: Confessions of a TV Sports Junkie written by Norman Chad (Atlantic Monthly Press, 1993)];   (Definitely not a problem for me.) 

6). THOU SHALT never eat food and watch television at the same time. Why? You'll eat too much and get fat, that's why!  (Special dispensation has been give to the brothers and sisters belonging to the order of the "Couch Potatoes");   (What if I tape and watch while cooking dinner?) 

7)  THOU SHALT not take the name of Johnny Carson in vain. For blessed is his late night presence.  (Though he retired in 1992, he will never be forgotten, but will linger in our thoughts forever.); 

8)  THOU SHALT not covet thy neighbor’s video cassettes. The good book sayeth "Neither a borrower nor a copyright infringer be";   (I’m truly in trouble here.) 

9)  THOU SHALT honor the memory of Benjamin Franklin, the patron saint of electricity. For without his experiments with lightning, we would all be watching television by candlelight. This is our silliest commandment; and   (What does that mean - honor Ben Franklin?  Fly kites on Sunday’s?) 

10) THOU SHALT be wary of advertisers, for always there will be false prophets crying "Buy Me!" in the vast wasteland of television. Wretched are the words "Home Shopping."   (I wonder if Shop the Soaps counts?)  

GH fans of a feather, we must flock together.  Happy viewing everyone.  Thank you for checking in.    

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