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(One little spoiler and a couple guesses)

Eeewwww, whose kooties are worse, Scotty’s or Tagliati’s?  Carly’s face when Tagliati made his bold move-in-on-Mrs. Corinthos maneuver set the tone for the rest of the scene.  Carly had to handle the meeting for Sonny with the “five most powerful families on the Eastern seaboard” (Did everyone get that?  It’s only been repeated several times by Sonny, Scotty, and Taggert.) because Jason can’t spare even an hour from his Alcazar search, except of course for spending the night with Courtney.  The best line of the week, I hand to Tagliati who stated to Carly as he left the penthouse, “I’ll try not to hold your attitude against you.”  What a crack up!  Oh, foolish man, if you only knew how attitude and Carly blend like hot fudge on a sundae.  The queen of caterwaul and cat fights will chew you up, get you arrested, spit you out, and then make it your fault.  Run, Tags, run.  Hopefully, Brenda won’t run or back off.  I enjoy scenes where anyone stands their ground with Carly.  

I want to be Carly.  Well, not really Carly, I just want to be able to follow my whim of choice.  Promise my husband I’ll do one thing like attend a meeting with “the five most powerful families on the Eastern seaboard” and just say what I want.  Then, when the chips fall (and with Carly chips don’t fall, they pour down like a hail storm) when the slop hits the fan I want to cry, act pathetic, and say how much I love him so I take no responsibility whatsoever for my actions.  And WHY, WHY would Sonny trust her in the first place?  It’s not as though she hasn’t demonstrated her impulse problem before.  See, this is why Sonny needs Jason.  Jason keeps the balance between Carly, the impulsive compulsive and Sonny, the rationally challenged. 

“Wa Wa, (kiss, kiss) I love you, Sonny.  I’ll do anything for you.”

“OK, Carly. (kiss, kiss)  Don’t ever do that again!”

Carly snuggles against Sonny smiling smugly.  Whammo, got away with it again! 

And don’t even get me started on Carly’s lack of sense for falling for Scotty’s dirt on Alexis bully tactics.  I don’t like him anymore by the way.  There’s over the line and then there’s over the line, down the hill, and across a lake filled with alligators.  That’s where Scotty’s gone.  Here, Carly, sign this illegal form or I will send someone to an island not governed by the laws of the United States to kidnap your child.  Only one point falls in Carly’s favor and it’s that she’s always vulnerable and defensive about her ability to be a good mother to Michael.     

Each day I awaken, grateful to be alive because I am blessed with a great life.  I place my rose colored glasses firmly on my face and happily view the world shaded with good intentions and beneficial resolutions to problems.  Sonny killed Alcazar.  Shot him point blank.  I like it much better when the violence of Sonny and Jason’s world is implied, not thrown in my face.  That way suits my rose colored existence admirably.  Don’t mess with my glasses! 

Sonny’s suddenly alive status along with Brenda didn’t cause the shocked jaw drops I anticipated.  Let’s face it Port Chuck residents have been hardened over the years.  Dead, then undead, dead again, haunting, maybe re-undead.  These events make a soapy fan’s day.  Mac hardly spared a second for shock before accepting Sonny and Brenda as bonafied, healthy and alive.  I, for one, plan to be spectacularly shocked if someone I know returns from the dead.  Then I’m going to perform mad like never seen before for not being let in on the big secret and for having to mourn because I detest crying when it’s me doing it.   

Brenda possesses many talents but hiding out isn’t one of them.  First, she goes to the cottage known as “Brenda’s Cottage” where she used to live.  Next, she lights candles to reflect through those windows that she loved.  Both Jason and Jax have brought her clothes to wear, skintight of course, but someone needs to bring the girl some tennies. Aesthetically, her clothing pleases the eye but if she’s going to run away from Jason, Alcazar, or whoever else walks in she’d be more successful in footwear other than clompy open-toed sandals or black stiletto heeled boots.  Don’t you think it was straightforward of Brenda to call it like she sees it with Jason?  “Your men, they’re not the sharpest.”  Thanks Brenda, fans have been noticing for years, but Sonny’s guards just keep messing up. 

Time to jump on the “Jason Take Off Your Shirt” bandwagon again.  It doesn’t even need to be for sex.  Change clothes, stroll out of a bathroom shower fresh with a towel wrapped around his waist – just show some skin.  I checked back and it seems that Jason doesn’t reveal that manly chest very often.  In 1998 he shared his chest the morning after Robin moved into the penthouse and months later in Brenda’s cottage holding Michael looking at stars when Robin returned from Europe.  After Robin left, in 1999 Carly snuck into his bedroom to greet and seduce him as he exited the shower.  Great chest scene.  Carly’s seduce Jason mission wasn’t successful, but I enjoyed her efforts.  Then in 2000 Bobbi cut his shirt off when she administered first aid to his bullet wound in the freezing boxcar.  A few days after that we glimpsed some skin as Elizabeth changed his bandage.  That’s it.  Talk about a barren bare chest wasteland for fans.  Talk about underutilization of a great asset.  We can see Sonny or Jax shirtless every other week, no big deal, but Jason, he’s one tough puppy to strip.  Hope Steve’s been faithful with his situps and pushups because when the great bare chest event occurs I want it to be perfect! 

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I am sending a note to Mr. Guza, Mr. Pratt and Steve expressing my distress over Jason’s overdressed problem.  Note:  I read a spoiler this week that said Jason’s chest will be exposed while he’s with Courtney.  That has to be exactly when AJ returns from Washington, D.C.  I’d bet on it. 

Scotty let Luke escape?  He probably paid Luke to chain him to the guardrail, too.  It’s going to come out in the Great Attic Mystery resolution when Luke wanders back from rollerblading, errr excuse me, saving Laura in Europe.  And if Bobbi blithely accepts Scotty’s spin on Luke’s escape I’m going to lose all respect for her and take away her Dispenser of all Wisdom in Port Charles pin. 

Alrighty then!  (I’ve always wanted to use that expression)  Alexis for District Attorney.  I’m there, ready to campaign and pass out flyers.  She needs a campaign slogan so you know I’ve been pondering that thought this week but I’ve only come up with one. 

Alexis Davis for DA

Scotty Baldwin has kooties 

If Alexis wins she’ll hold a position that allows her to boss around Taggert and Mac.  This I gotta see.  Go, Alexis! 

Taggert needs a storyline.  I’m tired of his one note show.  “Sonny ruins the lives of women and children.  I’m going to get Sonny.”  That’s his storyline and he’s been playing it since he started on GH.  It’s old.  A few times we’ve glimpsed hints of action – he slept with Dara Jensen, dated Hannah, tried to boss Gia.  I’m talking a police corruption story or an unknown child appearing on his doorstep because the mother died of AIDS or West Nile Virus or a freak bolt of lightning.   Something current to keep General Hospital in the front row of creativity. 

Oh, Eddy, Eddy, Eddy what was the point of your torment Skye visit?  Are you just strolling on the evil side?  

Wow, Monica got some action this week.  Kissed her kidnapper’s guard and then hid in an elevator. 

More character headstone/mottos for this week:

Taggert –  “Get Sonny.”  That’s my line and I’m sticking to it.

Roy – I came, I saw, I went back to primetime.

Edward – Aging on fine wine and power

A.J. – Under the influence of something 

First names for Coleman so far.  I am going to send the suggestions to GH this week.  Dabney, suggested by Jennifer, seems to be the favorite. 

Roosevelt (Rosie for short), Harry, Moose, Jericho, Chance

Shad, Dabney, Jake, Brian, Mark, Shane, Rod 

Here and now I am stating that I think Courtney’s stalker showed up at a table at Club 101 while she practiced dispensing cocktails for tips with her clothes on and regular hair.  Did you hear the music, see the inconspicuous guy sitting at the table behind her?  

Did you ever notice that characters on soap operas don’t watch TV?  While those of us hooked on characters on soap operas couldn’t go without our little video boxes or those actors who play the characters on soap operas wouldn’t have a job.  So nice to feel needed. 

Thanks for sharing my General Hospital obsession.  Thank you for reading.  


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