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Not stressing, not stressingÖthatís my mantra until Christmas.  Címon now, say it with meÖ  Iím thinking we should make a gift list for our favorite characters.  Ideas welcome for your favorites.  Hereís my list so far. 

Carly Ė Easy Bake Oven

Edward Ė A really annoying Big Mouth Billy Bass or Rockiní Santa

Mac and Taggert Ė Some of those 5-Minute Mystery Books so they can brush up on their case solving skills.

Sonny Ė Books on tape by Dr. Phil

Courtney Ė ďGI JaneĒ DVD so she can learn the meaning of tough and smart.

Brenda Ė Self defense classes or advanced swimming lessons since she gets restrained and wet so often. 

I have an observation and question about the Thanksgiving episode that didnít occur to me until this week.  Did anyone else think that it was Jason dreaming and Courtney was caught in his little mind loop?  When AJ played District Attorney and answered in his Donald Duck voice, ďHe was just trying to help,Ē in the background Jason was smiling and Taggert smirking.  I bet they had a lot of fun playing some of those scenes and I like when it shows on tape.

Way too much fun goiní on here.

If I had to title the show this week Iíd call it ďThe Week of People Behaving Badly.Ē  At first I thought a virus had infected the women.  But no, by Wednesday the tide turned and the bad behavior began seeping through the men. Some examples: 

- Jason left Brenda at the police station and they agreed not to say anything to the cops.  As soon as he leaves, Brenda spills the beans about acting out her bad thoughts with a steak knife on Alcazar. 

- Carly promised Jason that sheíd calm down and support Sonny.  Next we see her at the police station peeking into the interrogation room at Brenda and Sonny.  We all know she didnít hurry down to the PCPD to declare her support of Brenda. 

- Gia, who by the way has worked hard to change her image from blackmailing opportunist to princess with an attitude, reverted in a second by declaring to the really good looking Mr. Dern that of course, sheís an attorney.  Of course, sheís a liar.

Could be a keeper.

- Liz was snooping in Ricís room no matter how she played it.  So the door opened when she knocked on it.  I donít think thereís an etiquette rule that says the knocker must then stroll completely around the room looking over its contents on the pretense of dropping an envelope that could have been deposited immediately on the desk. 

Busted for snooping.

Now for the men: 

- Scottyís badness reverberated throughout the week.  Iím trying to figure out if heís supposed to be farcical as DA or if Iím expected to swallow his blatant corruption.  Surely no politician can be that over the line and not be reined in.  Taggert certainly gets that Scotty is playing Go Fish and keeping all the aces for himself.  And Iím really wondering what the job duties require for the office of District Attorney.  I understand the difference between creative license and reality TV, but Iím not grasping what Iím supposed to be seeing in this character. 

- Itís hard to start on Mr. Jasper Jacks.  Let me begin with his supreme conceit, which leads him to believe that his opinion matters over every one elseís.  Brenda agrees to see an attorney.  It is her right as an American citizen to have the attorney of her choice or one appointed by the court.  Jax sends her attorney away without checking with her because of course, he knows best, his will shall be done, and all in Port Chucky should crawl into his presence just to bask in his shadow.  OK, I know thatís little harsh, but after his treatment of Skye as a troublesome puppy that refused to quit following him when he kicked her, I think about barf bags whenever he spouts with the pompous attitude.  I admit to a vengeful corner in my heart that hopes heíll need Skye in the near future and she, sober, will roll her eyes and turn away because heís not worth her time. 

- AJ, oh AJ, you poor sucker.  I hate that heís the bad guy again, but bad he is.  He comes to see Courtney at Kellyís and states that he said things in anger that he regrets and heís sure she did too.  The attitude that yes, heís done wrong, but justified in a sense because Courtney did wrong also is what messes him up.  It conveys that he still expects to be excused since he only made those bad choices as a reaction anotherís wrong choices. 

- Sonny said he didnít care if Ric got caught digging dirt on Scotty because he was expendable.  I know, MOB guy, gangster.  Itís contradictory but while I enjoy the danger and excitement implied by MOB storyline, I donít want the badness shoved in my face.  Hey, I never claimed to be rational. 

This doesnít pertain to anything,
but isnít this man good looking?

Never having seen Skye on the other soaps I had no preconceived notions about her.  At first I considered her a Carly of a different color - generally bad with occasional good intentions and a vulnerability that creeps out once in a blue moon.  She is all that, but more and Iíve come to admire her ability to act a scene while saying little.  This week I watched as Jason threatened her for pointing the finger at Brenda.  Skyeís backtalk came across as bravado and when Jason said she was nothing to him she sort of flinched like it hurt.  Even though she behaves badly at times, her lack of value in herself comes across loud and clear.  I find myself hurting with her and rooting for her.  Except now sheís gone and hit Nicholas while driving drunk so I donít think her world will return to an even keel any time soon.  On a lighter note, Skyeís remark that saving Brenda ďseems to be a cottage industry around here,Ē made me laugh with its ring of truth.

Discussing Brenda, the cottage industry of Port Charles

The scene that tickled me most this week occurred on Friday when Scotty listened in on Jax and Brendaís conversation with what Taggert referred to as an illegal tap.  The illegal tap consisted of a cheap, yellow two-way radio badly taped with grey tape under the table.  Oooh, now thatís sneaky and subtle.  

Alexis slapped Sonny and blamed little Kristinaís current trauma on him.  My thoughts ran along the line of Sonnyís gonna be maaaaaad when he discovers that his daughter was rushed out of neonatal ICU for heart surgery right in front of him and he wasnít in the information loop.  Usually, Sonny gets to star in the big secrets around town.  Not this time, Buddy. 

Slapped, yelled at and still unaware of fatherhood.
It could get ugly.

Do you suppose that ABC hired an employee whose job title is Candle Genie?  When he fills out his tax return does he write candle lighter for romantic soap scenes on General Hospital?  Candles on the table for dinner are appealing, friendly.  Kissing certainly provides entertainment, but itís hard to jump from kissing over spilled wine to passion and romantic candles lit all over the apartment.  When did that happen?  Does Jasonís half a chest on Friday count as a bare-chested scene?  Iím keeping track; I need to know. 

The Candle Genie was here.               Half a chest is better than no chest at all. 

Courtney appears to be changing.  Sheís becoming perky.  It pleases me that sheís not so naÔve towards AJ, but she has a ways to go before I can apply smart or tough.  I say this because Jason walked her home, she remarked that her neighborhood isnít so bad which she proved by opening her unlocked door.  Apparently a stalking, more than one break in, and threatening telephone calls havenít created any permanent cautionary sense.  

At least Courtney gets to talk to Rosie, everyone else just talks to themselves. 

When do the boarders pay for food at Kellyís? 

I like Felicia as friend to Ned.  Goodness knows he needs one, because according to scoops Studly Nedlyís going to have his hands full with Alexis and her, ummm, issues. 

Luke stopped smoking cigars on screen but now he pours drinks for customers at the bar and tells them to take it with them and drink it in their car.  Huh?  I think the writers missed the set-a-good-example code on this one. 

GH may get labeled a bad habit for me because lately Iíve experienced criminal urges to break into a department store and play with stuff.  Wouldnít it be fun to play dress up, dance to any music and dine on expensive foods?  Luke and Laura started the tradition.  Lucky and Liz followed in their footsteps.  Now, Luke and Summer had their time in the designer departments.  I didnít watch way back so Iím not sure of the significance of the red dress.  Feel free to enlighten me if you know the history.  Luke pulled me in this week.  He said he just wants to quit falling and I empathize with how grief pulls a personís world off kilter.  When he cried out to Laura/Summer that he just wants her to be his Laura, I felt tears.  Hopefully, Luke will turn a corner soon and begin to heal Ė or something, because Iím ready for a glimpse of the smart mouth, outrageous but savvy Luke.

Lady in a red dress 

If any of you are wondering what happened to my potato friend featured last week, Iíll tell you.  Heís sitting on my dresser because I donít know what to do with him.  Canít seem to peel or cook him so I guess heíll just reside in splendor until he shrivels up and becomes wrinkly.  Now thereís a picture for ya.  Iím off to negotiate a peace treaty with some strands of Christmas lights.  Have a great week everyone.  I am wishing lots of Christmas cheer your way, and eggnog, and candy canes, and carols, and successful gift procuring.  Thank you for checking in.  

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