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November 22, 2002
(Spoiler Free)

It’s Thanksgiving week and I am concentrating on thankfulness.  Since this is a column about General Hospital I thought I’d list what I am particularly thankful for on the show this year.  

- I like being hooked on a show that offers romance, excitement, and intrigue.

- I truly appreciate seeing Jason on my screen almost every weekday.

- I am glad that I am able to laugh, cry, and rant each day for 38 minutes and then return from my little fantasy escape into my sane normal world.  (At least I think it’s sane and normal.)

- I like seeing the fashions, makeup and hairstyles that will be hitting malls in the next year.  This way I can make up my mind as to which looks I’ll buy into and which I wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole (see through clothing and underwear on the outside come instantly to mind).

- Did I mention romance?  I am a romance junkie and GH definitely provides a steady fix.  I may not always like the duo, but usually I enjoy the mix.  Sometimes a good kiss makes the show.

- I appreciate actors who almost always draw me into the moment with them.

- Layers upon layers of shading of characters who constantly change with the experiences thrown at them.  GH definitely keeps the canvas moving.

- Storylines that evolve and interact keep me alternately glued and disgusted, but rarely bored.  

Probably I’ll reread this later and think of additional items.  Feel free to share what you appreciate about GH. 

Nancy Lee Grahn has offered us some amazing acting this year.  I admire her willingness to look haggard and distressed while Alexis labored to deliver baby Kristina and throughout the week as she remained emotionally distraught worrying about her tiny little girl.  They ought to have let her see the baby.  How terrifying to know her baby is struggling for life and not be allowed to see her.  She truly plays the part of Alexis, doesn’t just act it.  I am hoping that the writers won’t use the baby as a tool to make Alexis stupid.  Yes, she’s funny and neurotic, but not stupid.  If she experiences post partum depression, let her realize that she needs help and seek it.  Coincidentally, there happens to be a good-looking, quirky new shrink in town.

Inner beauty beats outer beauty any day.

What goal did Brenda accomplish by walking into Skye’s place of residence and rubbing Jax’s infidelity in her face?  Especially after witnessing the argument between Skye and Jax moments before.  Perhaps Jax and Brenda do deserve each other because neither Jax nor Brenda understand that the world doesn’t revolve around them and discussing this concept with a hurt, drunk woman just promotes bitterness and glass hurling.  After that little scene in the beginning of the week, it seemed highly appropriate of Skye to stroll into Brenda’s cottage uninvited.  Skye may not be nice in her vindictiveness but she was pretty.  Hair, red dress (loved the red dress), and poise in place she stated her intentions clearly.  She hates Brenda for stealing Jax and she hates Jax for breaking her heart.  I will be very glad when Vanessa Marcil decides if she’s staying or going so this story’s battle lines can be clearly drawn.  


Mistress invades Lady of the House territory

Turnabout’s fair play

Lady of the House invades Mistress territory    

He was bad, really bad.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that Luis Alcazar deserved his end.  Since his arrival in Port Charles he has murdered and terrorized woman and children.  Drugged and lied to Brenda traveled with him for four years.  Mr. Alcazar snatched Maxie and Georgie and then exchanged them for Felicia to force Roy to kill Sonny.  Next, Kristina bought it in the warehouse.  Grabbed at the hospital, Monica was forced to remove the bullets from his body.  And finally, he left Alexis pleading for help and writhing in labor in the snow.  All this occurred within a few months.  If Helena ever returns, she’ll be sorry she missed this guy. 

A lone tear to trailed down Alcazar’s cheek when Brenda cruelly rejected his marriage proposal at the Quartermaine’s.  Even with his Brenda fixation, after threatening, maiming, and murdering several townspeople, that one tear of emotion struck me as bizarre.  Hate sex with Skye didn’t draw me in either.  Throughout his PC reign of terror he struck me as cold blooded, not prone to emotional storms that hate sex implies.  What he did very well, was die.  The scream and fall, the shadow against the building as he skydived from the balcony and then the thunk on the car.  Good land.  Good die. 

Dead, really dead.

And so the mystery begins.  Let’s take stock.  At Friday’s end Brenda picked up a knife clearly considering using it on Luis.  Jason is dashing up the stairs to get to Brenda.  Jax is arriving on the 14th floor to get to Brenda.  Skye is awakening in Alcazar’s bed hearing Brenda’s voice in the other room.  (My goodness, the whole show DOES revolve around Brenda.)  Alexis is conspicuously absent from baby Kristina’s side.  Ned is just absent.  The cleaned up jail cell guy is standing in front of the hotel.  His foot crunches something in the snow, which prompts him to look…up?  Monday’s previews showed a shaken Brenda telling Jason that she hurt Alcazar.  This implies that Jason and Brenda didn’t do the deed.  Alexis comes upon the dead body sprawled on the car so obviously she wasn’t on the 14th floor.  Skye sneaks out of Alcazar’s room after awakening from her drunken stupor so she had a moment for the big shove.  Jax could have made it to Alcazar’s room and utilized the golden opportunity.  Ned is just absent.  I don’t write mysteries and not once did I “get” one of Gedstern’s banners.  Don’t take this to the bank, but I’m thinking Ned did it.  We’ll see.  Alternate theories welcome. 

Big Alice made an appearance at the Q’s this week, but now Claude seems to be missing from Luke’s.  I was surprised that Luke remembered he owned a club, much less showing up behind the bar.  Who’s been running that place anyway?  Who is running Deception?  What do Lucky and Gia do?  What’s up with Elton? 

Sonny better watch out.  He’s becoming…umm, what’s that word I’m looking for…oh yeah, normal.  Think about it.  Currently, he’s happily married, father to a healthy, seemingly well-adjusted child.  He boasts a friend, Jason.  And now, his relationship with Courtney is improving.  If he works on those father/son issues with Mike he can be a regular person who celebrates Thanksgiving with a regular family.  Not bad for a mobster regularly accused of every crime committed in P.C.  This presents a scary tenuous position for a soap character because nothing lasts forever and in soapland that means about 15 minutes. 

Courtney and Carly talked in the park like friends.  Carly?  Friendly?  What a unique and intriguing concept. 

I wondered this week how cold outdoor scenes are shot on an indoor set.  Actors bundled in jackets, hats and gloves, not sweating.  Do they set the air conditioning way low? 

I know what AJ’s problem is - it isn’t insecurity or alcoholism, it’s delusions.  He goaded Jason into almost hitting him while Courtney begged Jason to not hurt AJ.   Jason leaves and AJ informs Courtney that he’s sorry she had to witness that but it was for her own good so she could understand that Jason’s actually a cold, horrible person.   Nope, his marriage problems can’t be his fault for stalking and playing peeping tom on his own wife; those problems rest squarely on Jason’s shoulders.  Later in the week at Kelly’s, after Courtney rejected him twice - on the docks and at the park - AJ gloats to Carly that he and Courtney already are working out their problems.  Definitely delusional.  

Brenda exits the penthouse elevator to find Jason stacking her belongings in the hall.  These two crack me up.  Carly with a happy face tells Brenda, “Go away.  Don’t come back.”  Brenda replies as Carly walks past her into PH1, “You look pretty today.”  Brenda thanks Jason for helping her and then states, “I still don’t like you,” as she walks into the elevator.  So nice to have clarity in relationships, don’t you think?

Thanks, I still don’t like you.

Hair and clothing this week caught my attention several times.  Haircuts abounded – Ned, Sonny, Carly, jail cell guy.  Clothing was just weird.  Sonny wore a startlingly purple shirt with a black suit.  Monica sported a blue jacket with a fur collar and silver polka dots.  I have nothing against fur or polka dots but the two combined were a little much.  Then Brenda appeared in an elegant black see through criss-cross shirt thingy, black bra clearly visible underneath, and a black skirt.  I’m not saying it was ugly, I just couldn’t figure it out.  And by now everyone knows how I feel about bras and see-thru clothing.

Odd                                                     Odder


For those of you stressing the holidays with me here’s my event tally so far.  Thanksgiving – it’s on me.  Two turkeys (one fried, one baked), ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, pies, the works, with my sister-in-law bringing some of the dishes.  Cookie baking day and two Christmas parties scheduled.  Christmas Day – my Aunt gets it.  This is good because after this week, I get to be the hostee, not the hostess, which for me is much easier preparation wise.   

I’ll be thinking of you at 2:00 P.M. central time on Thursday, knowing that you’ll probably be swamped with Thanksgiving cheer and maybe trying to watch GH amid chaos.  Here’s hoping all of you experience a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I am practicing thankfulness and I am definitely thankful to be writing this column and talking to all of you.  Have a great week everyone.


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