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I love General Hospital!  That is my exuberant opinion this week.  I’ve said it before but it bears repeating – General Hospital is the best book I never have to finish reading.  The characters pull at my emotions, the plots provide intrigue and the chapters never end.  

I didn’t expect to enjoy the kiss between Sonny and Brenda.  I figured I’d be singing statements to the television like, “Soooonnny, you’re maaaarrrieed.  Don’t mess it uuuup.”  But this presents a prime example why I am so hooked on this show.  Amid the weird foliage Brenda rocks and laughs holding a gun to her breast contemplating the power of ending her own life.  I’m right there with her, why not end a painful existence that won’t allow her to have what she wants and will hurt those around her when her marbles start to slip?  Why not?  Sonny, who has skated the edge of mental darkness himself, understands but he seems to have matured through Carly and learned that while choosing life is painful, it brings amazing joy as well.  Words couldn’t have explained that to Brenda.  Not that Sonny’s goal was to impart a life lesson, but he used Brenda’s big emotions to pull her away from the edge.  And the man can kiss.  In no way did it seem that he was cheating on Carly, he was saving Brenda, big difference.  As long as no one tells Carly.


Jason’s plan was obvious to me right away.  Get Carly and the boat captain soused - take the boat.  Instead he ends up with drunken “Queen of the World” Carly who made me laugh.   She rambled on and on about Jason, his body, and their short affair long ago all the while not drinking the coffee and later trying to figure out how to open the thermos.  I loved her expressions.  “I just want a little credit,” Carly mutters.  “Drink the coffee,” orders Jason.  “Then will I get some credit?” Carly asks.  Can we make up an award for best drunken monologue?  I vote for Tamara Braun as Carly and the Island Escapade.  And look, at just the right moment Jason spots the fire lighting up the sky so he knows exactly where Sonny and Brenda are stranded. 


Queen of the World                          Give the girl some credit 

Flare guns really scare me now since Brenda blew up a whole yacht with one and Alcazar demolished a plane, devoid of fuel I might add.  Do you think it was the same one?  They were both that lovely florescent orange color.  And why did Alcazar blow up the plane when Brenda was standing right there?  I thought the goal was to leave the island with his obsession, not blow her to smithereens.     

There definitely should have been more girly talk in the quicksand.  What a waste of a fun, messy set.  What do you think that goop was?  Oatmeal, maybe?  The sets were cheesy, but the scenes kept my attention.  I thought the quicksand would be the best part of the week but Luke in group took the cake.  He riled the angry minions, walked out and told Dr. Lewis, “I’m good.”  And I replied, “Yeah, you really, really are.” 


Oh yeah, we needed more of this!

Luke in Group
Angry and Proud of It!

At times, Carly’s mouth makes mosquitoes buzzing near my face and ears seem pleasant.  She yells, talks, and fights without ceasing.  She is not a pleasant person.  That being said, this sounds funny.  I like the character Carly.  Obnoxious, hardheaded, angry – she also loves intensely and all those big emotions combine to make an outstanding character.  On the opposite end of the spectrum sits Brenda.  Nice, exuberant, laughing, loving - her emotions seem just as intense, but endearing.  Both characters hold a unique place on the show and it’s interesting to me that they could both plot and/or scheme the same course but Carly will wreak havoc and Brenda will be loved.  For example, Brenda blew up the yacht, which seemed reasonable to her at the time since she was being held prisoner.  If Carly blew up the yacht trying to escape death or torture she’d end up in the courtroom accused of contaminating the water or defacing the precious PC waterfront.  Plus, Sonny would not forgive her for months, while the whole town would probably smile understandingly at Brenda.  Just one of those things that make me go hmmm.      

And in what jail would Luke be residing?  Didn’t he burn down the PCPD? 

Alexis and The Shrink.  Could work.  I know that these actors have worked together before and it showed in how fast their dialogue patterns fell in place.    In the homeless shelter, Alexis spoke just like she used to with Sonny in the beginning when Sonny made her nervous.  I laughed when Dr. Cameron handed her the candy bar and drawled, “I hope you like nuts.”  Because she seems hopelessly drawn to them, the human kind, I mean.  Alexis rattled off my second favorite line for the week when she first described Luke “who is facing prison, not to mention death by personality” to her new sparring partner. 

I’m going to talk about Coleman but please note that there will be no Coleman hair comments, as I don’t want to rile Sage and have him do his leather glove gauntlet thing at me.  And just for the record, I think Coleman’s hair suits him - mousse and all (ok, ok, really, that’s all I’m gonna say).  As a really pissed off stalker, Coleman played it well.  Courtney didn’t inspire any confidence in her ability to think straight when she learned of Coleman’s escape from the hospital so she leaves Kelly’s ALONE.  But my spirits lightened considerably when Coleman set up A(psycho)J to admit paying him to stalk Courtney.  Not that I’m into violence but Courtney’s slap impressed me because I thought maybe, just maybe, she’d develop some steel and lighten up on the I-support-poor-picked-on-AJ crusade.     

Courtney, after A(psycho)J admitted paying Coleman to stalk her, rightfully blasted her insecure husband.  AJ responded by looking so sad and forlorn that I felt the tug.  That oh, poor thing, kind of tug, like when I see puppies or kittens shivering in the rain.  I hate when that happens!  AJ doesn’t deserve any leniency and I have no plans to forgive him anytime soon, but Billy Warlock plays this character so well!  Luckily for me, AJ begged for Courtney’s forgiveness and then promptly tried to shift blame to her for running to Jason.  My poor thing feelings disappeared and stayed gone for the rest of the week, especially when AJ visited her at Kelly’s not to strictly apologize but to ask for another chance and try, again, to blame his insecurity on Jason, the town, anyone but himself.  Hopefully, Courtney will contain herself and remain distant from AJ for a while.  I’m not holding out much hope though because by Friday she was discussing with Jason how to fix AJ.  Pfft!   

Can someone make those stupid Spam commercials go away? 

Jax and Skye yapped back and forth for two days.  My attention wandered at about the second scene.  Mr. Never Wrong Jacks acted like a self-righteous prig while Skye showed her vulnerability and willingness to fight dirty.  I could have saved them all that dialogue.  This is what they said: 

Skye:  I love you.  I fought for you.  You dumped me for Brenda on our wedding night.

Jax:  You messed with my girlfriend.  I’m kicking you to the curb. 

I think that about covers the two days it took for Jax and Skye’s big break up. 

Why did Brenda steal Jason’s gun?  To kill herself or Alcazar?  Brenda at Lily’s grave moved me.  She needed a friend but didn’t want to tell anyone.  Then Jax shows up to make her wish come true.  She’s not dying, so now they can scamper off to her furnished cottage complete with lit candles and S’mores on a silver tray to mess around.  I guess the wedding vows both characters have spoken in the past few weeks weren’t worth the airtime it took to say them.  Fated lovers torn apart by circumstance but finally able to be together, yeah, I get it.  I just think they should at least acknowledge the fact that both are married.  Drum roll, eye roll, whatever. 

Spoilers say that Sonny’s right hand accountant will be flat lining soon as in heart attack.  I will be sad to see Benny go, but then I thought that this could be Elton’s Big Chance.  He can become Sonny’s new assistant.  You know, attend those bothersome meetings with THE FIVE MOST POWERFUL FAMILIES ON THE EASTERN SEABOARD (hear a big booming echo as you read that).   Can’t you just picture Sonny calling Jason and asking him to attend a meeting in his place, oh and take Elton with you, because he’s my new numbers man.  OK, I know it’s a stretch, but pondering the scenario for a moment made me laugh.   

I have good news and I have bad news, but it has nothing to do with General Hospital so if you want stop reading now go ahead.  I want to know if anyone else is in the same boat or if I’m alone out here on a ship that seems to taking on water.   The bad news is already I am stressed about the holidays – turkeys, gifts, decorating, will the tree work (Christmas lights are not my friend), and who is doing what at whose house (meaning how much cooking will I be doing and how much food to buy).  The good news is already I am stressed about the holidays so probably by the time Christmas arrives I’ll be prepared and ready to enjoy.  Just seeking some sympathy and understanding.  Anyone? 

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for participating with me in my daily does of 38 minutes of fantasy.  I’ll make it through the holidays - GH and this column offer therapeutic stress relief.  Happy Thanks….., Merry Chr…… No way, I’m not saying either one yet!  Thanks for reading everyone.


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