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(Couple spoiler mentions, one major complaint)

I have to get this off my chest.  Generally, I am not a whiner since it does no good and Bob Guza and Charles Pratt don’t call me for advice about the show (though they should and I remain eternally hopeful), but this bears mentioning.   

Daytime Soap = Love, Romance, Relationships, Passion


February 14, 2003

General Hospital + Valentine’s Day = Nothing, Nada, Zip

Brenda and Jax’s almost wedding doesn’t count,  because they didn’t mention Valentine’s Day once on Friday and it didn’t strike me as particularly romantic.

Carly, drinking at Jake’s, held up her glass and sarcastically said, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” 

No romantic gifts                      No slow dancing                  No love anywhere in sight

There was none of this.                Not even this.                   Definitely, none of this.

What’s up with that?  I feel deprived, cheated, let down.  Did they not notice the date?  Have the characters become so dysfunctional that allowing them to show a little love wasn’t an option?  And romance, where’s the romance?  Mr. Guza and Mr. Pratt need to learn a lesson here, sex DOES NOT = romance. Why couldn’t Monica and Alan have mentioned wine, flowers and a late date?  Edward anxious to return home to Lila would be appropriate.  Ned mentioning how he misses Kristina and what they would have planned together when Alexis, aka Kristina, planted that lip lock on him.  Never mind, we all know what Ned plans these days and it doesn’t have much to do with love, only lust.  A.J. could have stared mournfully at some roses and pictured Courtney.  Rick could have sent flowers to Liz.  Didn’t Carly want her club to create an atmosphere where people could fall in love?  Multitudes of opportunities were available to the writers.  Pfft! to GH for completely missing the love boat. 

Cool new look for the previews and commercials.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a nonthreatening change that doesn’t yank storylines and viewers out of a comfort zone.


Link an arm with me (c’mon, use your imagination, I took a shower this morning), think soothing calm thoughts, and let’s take a stroll down Sonny Lane.  Sonny wants to protect his sister.  Through bitter experience he knows the toll MOB life takes on women, i.e. Brenda, Lily, even Carly.  He’s a powerful man, used to having his orders followed (don’t laugh here, we’re trying to be serious) and he’s doing his brotherly protective duty by separating Courtney from dangerous MOB enforcer Jason.  Sonny loves Jason like a brother.  He is one of the few people who know about the kindness that resides under Jason’s stone face.  Through Lily’s death, he has endured agonizing memories and regrets still torture him.  He wants to spare Jason that pain.  In Sonny’s mind Jason and Courtney are a train wreck waiting to happen and he’s desperately trying to stop it.  He thinks it is better to live without love than experience the fear, death and sorrow he sees as inevitable.  Except Sonny doesn’t have to live without love.  Carly refuses to play the Sonny Rules the World game so he gets to experience love and family. 

"I am Sonny. 
I rule the world.” 

 “I am Carly.  
Let me tell you where to stick your rules.”

Calm, rational it all makes sense.  There’s only one flaw - Sonny doesn’t rule the world.  He should not impose his will on other people’s emotions and choices.  So, and this is a first for me, I’m backing Carly all the way.  He’s using Jason’s loyalty against him and his power to enforce his will upon Courtney.  Yeah, Jason and Courtney may be a train wreck in progress and he can chant I told you so if it happens, but it’s Jason and Courtney’s train wreck, not his.  And on a side note, I want to mention his hypocrisy in trying to protect Jason and Courtney but apparently Robin and Liz didn’t rate high enough on Sonny’s meter to even discuss potential emotional landmines with Jason. 

In the hospital when Sonny explained to Jason why he couldn’t be involved with Courtney he described the agony he still endures because of Lily’s death.  Lily’s blow up music played in the background.  Nice touch. 

Jason gets a day off (Thursday) and look what happens.  Sonny lays lips on Brenda.  He can’t be left alone for a minute.  “I’ll always love you, and I want you to be happy.”  He couldn’t wish Brenda happiness with Jax without one last whopping big kiss?  Spoilers say he’ll make up with Carly by explaining that through the kiss with Brenda he discovered that he’ll always love Brenda but he’s in love with and wants his life with Carly.  That’s what he told Lilly during their graveside chat.  He knows what happiness is.  Even though, speaking of train wrecks, he just put one in motion by sharing DNA one last time with Brenda.  Sonny has told Jason numerous times - what you do, you pay for.  I always remember that phrase because it’s so true.  And he deserves to pay a lot for his poignant goodbye to Brenda.

Sonny, you need to keep your lips to yourself.

The Cellar opened with minimal fanfare.  Carly did not wear the necklace given to her by Catherine, former speakeasy owner, for her special evening.  But then again, maybe she was too upset by Sonny’s pretzeling lip lock with Brenda.  Who can blame her?  She probably should have heaved a few more bottles of liquor at the wall so she wouldn’t feel like running to Jakes, her personal haven of self destruction.  At least Coleman got off the pool table before she arrived.  The naked owner sleeping on a pool table might put off a few bar patrons.  

Skye engaged in pool table sex with Coleman.  It seems a little out of the box for her.  And did you see Coleman spread eagle, apparently asleep, on the table as she stole his gun?  Covered with a blanket of course.  Coleman told Skye, “If I’m a sleaze, I guess that makes you a sleazette.  Right?”  Too funny!

Was it good for you, honey?

On Thursday, February 13, I had to visit Wal-Mart.  A bag of heart lollipops for my daughter to pass out with her school valentines and a gallon of milk made up my list.  Let me tell you that dodging carts and crying children, frantic spouses seeking the perfect card, and moms deciding between stuffed bears or cheap chocolate was daunting.  Wearing their stress faces, those folks were mean!  Wait, that’s a different story.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, after battling the Wal-Mart valentine terrorists, I was standing in a slow line waiting to check out.  So I did what any self-respecting soap fan would, I picked up a copy of Soap Opera Weekly to leaf through.  Nothing really new or exciting struck me until I hit another interview with Alicia Leigh Willis.  Of course I glanced at it and saw where she talked about Courtney.  ALW said, “She’s not your usual heroine. If you mess with her, she won’t be nice.”  A very embarrassing loud snort of laughter involuntarily came out of me and I had to do that thing where you look around to see who saw or heard you make the embarrassing noise while trying to look nonchalant.  Now I have nothing against Alicia or her acting, but perhaps she should try watching herself as Courtney.  Because I see a nice young woman not very experienced in love or life.  She oozes kindness and understanding.  I’ve seen angry with Sonny and Liz.  I saw tearful disillusionment with A.J.  She’s working on heartbroken with Jason.  But tough?  No, I haven’t seen that yet.   

So far, my favorite part of the Alexis Discovers Evil Kristina Resides Within storyline is the fairy dust sound that signifies The Switch from wimpy Alexis, who used to exhibit strong and feisty but now apparently has lost that ability, to the lighter malevolent Kristina, younger murderous sister with the jealous hots for Ned.  The storyline is silly, but I admire NLG’s ability to define and play two characters at the same time.  I bet she’s working really hard and having a wonderful time with this challenge.  As a bonus, within alternate characters she gets to yell at Ned or Cameron one moment and kiss Ned the next.  If an actor plays twins, he or she has to learn different dialogue and play each person separately.  NLG has to portray two characters in the same scene with the camera following her the whole time differentiating through facial expressions and posture.  I have to say that sometimes I can’t tell Alexis and Kristina apart but that’s where the fairy dust sound comes in handy.

It’s all clear now.

What? Didn’t you hear the fairy dust noise?

Comments about Brenda and Jax’s nonwedding:

- Weren’t Brenda’s long locks amazing as they cascaded down her back?

- We’ve spent months eyeing the inkblot on Brenda’s back, but it disappeared when she donned her wedding dress.

- Why did A.J. attend the wedding?  He just finished trying to send Jason and Brenda to prison.

- Why did Dr. Cam show at the wedding?  He only met Brenda once to hypnotize her.

- Why was Faith in the vicinity of the wedding?  Seeking sex with Ned in the lobby of the hotel?

- Jax insistently pushed for this marriage, but suddenly he wants to pause and ask Brenda if she feels rushed?  Duh, Jax. 

- I liked Monica’s red suit with the black trim.

- “Call me if you need anything,” Brenda told Jason whom she invited to her wedding.  Like that’s gonna happen, but it was a nice gesture.

- It was funny when Edward informed Alan that his “demon spawn” was at the wedding.  It was funnier that Alan knew whom he was talking about when Edward said it.

Long locks and no tattoo.
Isn’t television amazing?

And here’s my BIG question…

Why, if Jax already knew that Brenda kissed Sonny on the docks the night before, did he proceed to the I Do point?  Talk about bizarre.  Talk about confusing character portrayal.  Talk about…never mind, let’s not talk about this anymore.  I’m trying to be on Jax vacation. 

I’m thinkin’ Faith’s not going to flash those eyebrows and legs in Port Charles for very long unless she becomes pregnant or marries a main character.  She’s working Ned with sex.  Workin’ Edward, her Daddy (eewww!), a relationship I still haven’t figured out.  She tried to cozy up with Jason and Sonny, flirted with Zander.  Carly’s been threatened and Alexis insulted.  Coleman gets caught in her sights next, while Courtney deals with Faith’s next power play.  Yep, she better find a main character anchor soon or we’re going to have to ask Kristina to “filter” her with a sharp object or push her off a balcony.  I’d say Sonny will retaliate and take care of her, but Sonny, always accused, has only issued one or two criminal orders the whole time I’ve watched GH. 

Courtney, Carly, Brenda, Liz and Monica all worried over Jason’s car accident and surgery.  It’s funny how someone who doesn’t seek ties has women from all over town visiting the hospital to check on him.  I notice that no men, other than Sonny, cared and that’s because most of the other men on the show are suffering from The Mighty Jason Complex (TMJC).  It’s a lot like the flu.  A.J. started it by working so hard to live up to Jason Q.  Lucky suffered TMJC while Jason and Liz shared a friendship.  Zander and Juan demonstrated symptoms with Emily’s adoration of her older brother and Liz’s affection for Jason.  Now Ric’s showing signs of irrational inferiority over Jason.  TMJC – it’s a common GH syndrome that I just made up.

Is toughness a genetic flaw?

I believe I glimpsed a Ric clue and/or foreshadowing.  In the hospital Ric questioned Carly’s upset over Sonny and Jason discussing Courtney.  Carly told him, “You don’t get it.  See, Jason, Sonny and I, we’re a family.”  Ric replied cryptically, “Oh yeah, you’re right.  I wouldn’t get that.”  Sage suggested that Ric could be Lily’s brother.  There’s a rumor out there that asks how Ric is connected to Faith.  I don’t know what’s up with Ric, except it’s no good.  I bet revenge and previously unmentioned relationships are involved.   

Felicia played smart investigator this week.  I like smart for her.  Is she now in charge of Alcazar’s murder investigation?  Felicia and Dr. Cam could make workable combo.  She can track down criminals and Dr. Cam can stalk them and analyze them. 

Some action on the Spencer front caught my attention.  Luke with Lulu gave a great explanation of why Daddy had been absent.  I don’t agree with Luke withdrawing from his daughter’s life but his explanation of a turtle hiding in his shell was appropriate.  And for Jacob Young fans, how nice that they got to view his chest one last time before he departs for the unknown lands of alternate entertainment mediums.

I enjoyed Luke and Lulu.

JY fans must’ve loved this
for his last GH scenes.

 What’s up with Nicholas?  Nico, did you forget Cassadine’s plot and scheme, they don’t give in to uncontrolled violence?  It’s in the genes.  Fighting at Kelly’s doesn’t become you.  But I did enjoy a few beats before Nicholas showed up when Zander laughed because Gia thought he was in love with her.  Yay, Emily’s returning next month!  I liked Emily and I am so hoping that nuEmily can make a good attempt at filling original Emily’s place so Zander can keep moving on the canvas.

Nicholas forgets he’s a Cassadine.                  The forgotten teens come out for air.

The token teenagers appeared for about three minutes on Wednesday. 

The breeze changed direction at Kelly’s as Courtney ran out on her shift again.  I wouldn’t immediately accept overtures from Liz either about being dumped after the catty remarks she’s spat out the last few weeks.  Not that Courtney should hold a grudge; just that healing between people takes time.  I do wonder how Courtney makes any money since her life upsets keep interfering with her employment.   

I would like an e-mail from every person who keeps a drink bar with fresh ice in an ice bucket in his or her home.  My ice stays in the freezer until I need it along with glasses in the cupboard.  I have better ways to spend my time than keeping up with ice in a bucket, but I notice in soapland drink bars are a home décor requirement, even in an apartment. 

I’ve read opinions about plot driven storylines vs. character driven shows and both ideas hold merit.  I’ve watched the tides swirl both ways on GH.  NLG’s DID storyline has been done and it’s silly.  But when Alexis turns that confused gaze on Dr. Cam and asks what just happened, I’m absorbed.  I disagree with Sonny’s reasoning for standing between Jason and Courtney; however, I’m willing to take the time to analyze why he’s thinking that way.  Carly has self destructed numerous times in unique ways, but I feel her pain over Sonny’s can’t-keep-his-lips-off-Brenda moment.  Only with Emily and for a few minutes with Liz did Zander show some redeemable qualities, I’m still paying attention when he comes on screen.  Liz may be young but she has history – rape, young love, heartbreak – she plays on her history and keeps my attention.  Jason in pain makes my heart hurt.  At the end of the day it comes down to the actors and their ability to draw me into the scene, moment, or emotion with them.  Just when I think the story’s going stupid or I know how a situation will be resolved, I get sucked into what’s on my screen and ride the ride.  It goes beyond acting and becomes the challenge of making the silly, the flawed thinking, the dramatic, and occasionally the comical real for those 38 minutes Monday through Friday.  General Hospital does that on a consistent basis.  Not every scene, definitely not every actor, but regularly I see actors dedicated to giving us, the audience, their very best.  I appreciate their efforts.   

The best and worst part of being hooked on a soap is that 38 minutes never seems like enough.

Thank you all for visiting.  Thanks for sharing my weekly rant.    

You might have noticed that I’ve found a fun website full of bumper stickers.

I guess I’ll need to share until I get tired of it. 

Try to be patient with me.


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