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(One yucky, terrible spoiler.) 

There was good stuff, and mad stuff, some downright comical stuff, and the bad stuff.  GH covered all the bases this week. 



Good Stuff

Carly and Faith face off in the speakeasy

Coleman and Skye discuss Ida on the docks

Luke and Lucky acted like father and son while discussing Laura and Lucky attending PCU

Taggert stood up to Scotty

Zander’s story begins

Mad Stuff

Carly whacks Alexis just to get her attention

Liz slaps Courtney because she’s hurt and lied to – again

Jason threatens A.J. on the docks over Courtney

Summer’s wormy senator threatens to make her life miserable if she doesn’t return to whore duty

Comical Stuff

Jason dislikes seeing Brenda’s underwear on his living room floor

Brenda parades around in her underwear

Kristina appears singing the same old tune – everything’s allll Sonny’s fault

Carly chastises Brenda for chasing Alcazar with a steak knife

Bad Stuff

Jax walks into PH2 without knocking like he lives there

Courtney calls Jason in front of Liz and then acts like Mike just called her and the telephone didn’t ring

Skye continued to drink 

Best scene of the week for me occurred when Jason walked into the penthouse to find Brenda’s clothing scattered all over the floor.  He picked up some newspaper and dropped it over her underwear like puppy doo-doo and then walked on it.  After arguing with Brenda about his lack of champagne, a necessary grocery item in her opinion, he prepared to answer the door telling Brenda, “Are you gonna put a robe on or something?  You just stand around here,” (meaning in  underwear and boots).

Funniest scene of the week.

Picture me dancing and singing in front of my television.  Zander’s gettin’ a stooory, Zander’s gettin’ a stooory, Zander’s gettin’ a stooory.  OK, so I’m a little psyched.  Can you tell? 

Accidental death, abandonment, grief, regret
I like the premise so far.

Hey, since Ida’s dead, maybe Skye can have her bracelet and earrings back.  Ya think? 

Serena’s picture in Scotty’s office offers a nice touch. 

Coleman stood on the docks discussing poor Ida’s demise with Skye and I noticed his wallet on a chain.  It fit his tough guy, bar owner image.

Carly knocked on the door of Penthouse 2 to inform Brenda that she and Jax were arguing so loudly that it could be heard all over the building.  A conversation took place in which Carly said to Brenda, “I can’t believe that you chased after him (Alcazar) with a knife.”  Like Carly wouldn’t have made that exact move given the same circumstances. 

Knock, Knock – Who’s There? – Why Jax of course.  What part of stop showing up at the penthouse because it’s bad for Brenda’s case does Jax not understand?  Brenda peeks through the peephole, opens the door and tells Jax for about the 15th time in one day, “You shouldn’t be here.”  Jax walks in ignoring her statement.  He has a new piece of information each time.  Let’s see, “Brenda, you’re falling under Sonny’s spell.”  “Brenda, here’s a shrink to declare you insane and if you don’t do as I say, you’re falling under Sonny’s spell.”  Or here’s a good one, “Brenda, I’m going to get you out of this even if I have to fight you to do it because you’re falling under Sonny’s spell.”  Pfft! 

The cool part of Brenda’s hypnosis session was that she came up with it herself – not run-her-life Jax or do-what-I-say-and-shut-up Jason.  Good for her for original thinking.  I’ll probably regret this kudo when she makes her next impulsive innovative move and I think it’s crazy.     

What’s with Taggert and the never-ending toothpick?  And I am waiting for the announcement of the PCPD reorganization.  I figure they did it to save money on characters.  By combining job titles they can play a two for one card using fewer actors. 

Scotty – District Attorney/Police Commissioner

Taggert – Scotty’s Personal Assistant/Detective

Mac – PCPD Visitor with a Badge 

Dead Kristina appeals to me much more than live Kristina ever did.  For one, she’s visiting so I don’t have to endure any pointless furniture rearranging.  Second, she can only spout to Alexis, which is much better than running about town blabbing her thought of the moment.  Alexis reminds me of a person desperately gripping the edge of a cliff, fingers cramping and slipping.  The girl is wound way too tight.  I am hoping that this storyline plays out well because some aspects are on target.  A woman tends to feel a little overwhelmed and under capable after giving birth.  At least I did.  Alexis is a woman in control and when threatened, she strives for more control.  Can we say, “snap”?  As in, the volcano’s gonna blow at some point?  Here’s hoping that TPTB make us believe it. 

Kristina’s gonna light the fuse.                              And she’s about to blow.

I’m trying to keep my opinions and impressions of Dr. Cameron Lewis open until I see him interact with Zander.  However, I can’t help but think that I’ll never make friends with any shrink if they’re as nosy as Dr. Cam.  At different times both Luke and Alexis have asked him to leave them alone, but he keeps on probing.  My favorite scene with the good doctor so far happened when he played poker with Luke.  Luke opened up and explained that spending time with Summer/Laura allows him to briefly push his grief away.  How is it that Luke can pull the most outrageous stunts but still be believable?    

Like cats circling and spitting over territory Carly and Faith faced off.  Now these two could slap, mud wrestle, thumb wrestle, or play laser tag - the scene would be intense.  And how cool that the speakeasy belonged to Faith’s Grandmother.  I like the connection.  Maybe Carly can wear the necklace that Katherine gifted to her and Faith will see it, recognize it and be determined to have it.  Whatever happens, I’m waiting for the drama.

This could be the best catfight ever.

In an odd scene, Carly found Ric in the basement of Kelly’s with a fire blazing in the furnace burning something (his coat).  She asked him what he was doing and he turned and said that he was seeing if the old furnace worked.  Would that be a furnace in the speakeasy?  Were furnaces a part of life in the 20’s?  And if a space had been bricked up for 80 years don’t you think it would be a bad idea to light a fire anywhere in that place?  Me thinks if he plans to make it in PC he’d better practice his lying technique because that was pathetic.  Also, what was he doing behind that plant in the hall by Alcazar’s room?  If he lost a button, how did he know it fell into the plant stand?  If I am missing a clue here, somebody please be kind enough to fill me in.


OK, let me get this straight.  Ric loses his overcoat button in the plant stand the night of Alcazar’s murder.  He knows it’s there but doesn’t retrieve it until Brenda remembers the man by the plant.  Then he burns the coat and button in the 80-year-old furnace.  I can see burning the coat, but does he think Brenda will recall the coat so clearly she’ll be able to identify him by a button?   

The week of unnecessary whack attacks flew by.  Slaphappy women must be a turn on for Guza – women argue = slapping.  In my world women rarely slap one another even when extremely angry.  WHY would Carly think she could slap Alexis to capture her attention, verbally abuse her and then walk away as though it’s socially acceptable?  “Don’t let her get away with that!” I yelled at Alexis, but she did.   WHY would Alexis stand there dazed and unresponsive after receiving that slap?  Is it a part of Alexis’ current not-coping-well-with-life mentality?  Liz’s whack at Courtney came across a little better.  It wasn’t nice but the feelings seemed honest.  The hard part was that I could empathize with all three involved.  Clearly, Liz’s indifference towards Jason masks her real feelings and she’s hurt.  However, Courtney didn’t act upon her feelings until weeks after Liz and Jason parted ways, kind of hard to feel guilty.  Jason accepts other people’s decisions.  Liz said no way, no how to a relationship, he believed her. 

Life in Guza’s World means women get physical three sentences into an argument.
Next, I predict mud wrestling at dawn.

How ridiculous that Courtney informed Elizabeth she’d been spending her nights with Mike, walked about five feet away to call Jason (saying his name), then turned to tell Liz that she’d just spoken with Mike and had to go.  Of course, that black old fashion telephone immediately rang and it was Mike wanting to speak with Courtney whom he hadn’t seen in a while.  Taking immediate action Liz asked Penny the dark haired waitress, the only one who works a complete shift, to cover for her while she followed Courtney.  As Liz hid in the hall I thought she’d better watch out for the well-meaning loft landlady who might feel a need to save Liz from her wicked ways.  I have to say the whole secret love loft bit strikes me as funny. 

Jason threatened A.J. on the docks – again.  Only this time A.J. didn’t respond with a sneer and a snide remark.  With a different reaction, he looked scared and walked away.  Maybe it means nothing, but perhaps it’s the beginning of the next chapter in the A.J./Courtney/Jason triangle.  Sage let loose a spoiler that says Courtney’s going to feel dizzy or faint in the courtroom.  No way am I buying into a Courtney pregnancy.  No way!  Surely, another A.J./Jason/Baby triangle isn’t in the making.  I am trying to have faith that the writers will offer us better than a baby, baby, who’s your daddy redux.    

On Friday while watching General Hospital I heard this odd kinda groaning/wailing sound.  Then I noticed that I only heard it during Jason’s explanation to Courtney of his past loves and I realized it was the collective mourning of Jason/Robin and Jason/Liz fans.  “Did you love her?” Courtney asked Jason referring to Robin and then Liz.  Yes, to Robin - but they fell out of love and no to Elizabeth - it didn’t work out.  I’m not saying there’s no hope, of course there’s hope, but I know that explanations of past loves to a current love are not easy to take for fans of past duos.  But we still have the absolute statement rule to go by.  If a statement is made that the relationship can never work, it’s a good bet that they’re going to take a stab at it in the near future. 

In closing, I leave you with this.          

Here’s a jingle for Goldfish,

Yes, baked and not fried Goldfish.

The wholesome snack that smiles back until you bite their heads off.

Did you know they’re made with real cheese,

Even though they look like fishies,

The snack that smiles back, Goldfish.


It’s the third line that gets me every time.  Now I ask you, do you want your preschooler running around singing about the snack that smiles back until you bite the heads off?  This commercial airs regularly during General Hospital and this week I won a running argument with my husband.  Months ago, I told him about that line and he kept insisting that a company marketing a product for children wouldn’t sing that on national television.  Finally, I had it on tape, played it for him and got the satisfaction of a great big booya, told you so.  He shook his head sadly and asked me how many children did I think were watching General Hospital?  To which I replied that since Barney wasn’t an option at 2 in the afternoon, probably all of them.  Could somebody back me up here?  Thanks for checking in.  Come back again.   


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