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(Spoilers?  What spoilers? OK, one little one.) 

Itís Saturday and usually my paragraphs and comments line up nicely waiting for pictures.  However, this Saturday I canít seem to settle and I havenít typed a word all week.  So please forgive my brevity.  My energy has flagged, my sense of humor has sagged and caffeine hasnít helped.  I may have to break out chocolate and itís only 10:00 A.M.  Guess Iíll go for pictures this week.

This isnít working.   

Iím going for the hard stuff.

It happened again.  ABCís December 24th episode played different music during the musical montage than SoapNet.  This really bugs me.  Even though I signed up for digital cable in my area the first day it was available just so I could receive SoapNet, I donít often have the opportunity to watch when Iím working.  Since Iím off for two weeks Iíve been able to enjoy some extra helpings of GH, but now Iím wondering why the two episodes differ.  If anyone has a clue, please share. 

Alcazarís murder keeps twisting and turning.  Iím still leaning towards Ned just because every other suspect has been blatantly implicated.  Besides, spoilers say itís a main character.  My attention barometer keeps rising though because the writers seem to be waffling and leading us in circles.  Any why would they do that?  Perhaps because the really big mystery is whether Brenda is staying or going and the ending depends upon VMís decision.  If she rides into the sunset, she might take the murder mystery with her, if not, then weíll get to ride this pony to the end.  Hopefully, unlike a few other beginnings with no endings like the attic mystery, Lucasí dyslexia, and various details that nag at me such as whereís Elton, who is running Deception, how come Liz isnít attending school, and what happened to the big hole under General Hospital, this story will reach a stunning conclusion in the next month. 

Donít you feel sorry for Skye?  Coleman rescues freezing, passed out Skye in the park.  At General Hospital he sits with her and then climbs on the bed to cuddle showing a tenderness that I knew he had in him.  And Skye wonít even remember.  Poor Skye. 

I sure like this guy!

Skye checked out of the hospital attired in a completely different outfit than when she arrived - whereíd those clothes come from?  Both ensembles suited her perfectly but I canít see A.J. or Coleman riffling through her closet selecting coordinating pieces. 

When Ida showed up at Colemanís office door, I about fell off my chair in surprise.  He mentioned paying a witness, but I missed bits and pieces during the week and I hadnít made the connection.  My thought was that Coleman would soon be turning himself in at the police station because he seems to have a confession complex.  He was willing to stalk Courtney for money and take the blame.  I know, he wanted to show her that A.J.ís a weasel, but he did take the money and appeared willing to accept jail time.  Skye drunkenly runs down Nicholas but Coleman claimed to be driving.  Itís not a big leap to envision him telling the police he saw Brenda push Alcazar off the balcony - for money, of course.

The Trio of Tripe

For three people who didnít see who pushed Alcazar,

 they certainly have a lot to say about it. 

Did you laugh when Felicia seriously informed Sonny that if he lost Ida heíd have to deal with the PCPD?  Oh yeah, I bet he worried about that for the rest of the day (she writes, eyes rolling).  Then they actually lost Ida and I laughed as I wondered how Sonny planned to explain that to Felicia.  How long do you think it will take for the A.J./Skye/Coleman connection to surface?

Felicia threatens Sonny with
the PCPD.
Can you see the fear?

ďHey, Jase, Johnny lost Ida. Weíre in big trouble now.  The PDPDís gonna get us for sure.Ē

I enjoyed Mondayís and Tuesdayís episodes.  The Qís ranted and raved in their best dysfunctional celebrating style.  Nedís remark to A.J., ďDid you get promoted to hall monitor?Ē made me smile while Skye continued to spiral down.  I thought Edward, Monica and Alan in true Q manner stole the scene with their bickering.   Jason and Jax played Knock-Ďem-Upside-the-Head tag.  Jasonís it.  Edward as Santa, how come that hasnít happened before?  It should have.

Tag Ė Jaxís it. 

Jason grabs the girl

Tag Ė Jasonís it.  Jax gets the girl.


Christmas eve for Sonny was fairly mild this year.  Whatís an arrest compared to the shootings and emotional trauma of the past two years?  On the upside, Mike visited Sonny at the PCPD proving that not every supporting character has been axed from the show.  


Do you wonder if Michael will develop a problem with authority?  On a regular basis he sees Sonny hauled into the cop shop while Sonny, Carly and Taggert talk trash back and forth.  Just wait, heíll be fighting at school and when scolded by the principal Michael will respond by talking whatever kid trash he can think of.  Carly and Sonny, of course, will have no understanding of why he would behave this way. 

I wasnít going to do it, I tried not to do it, but I canít help it.  No matter how I try to ignore them, Jax and Brenda keep intruding upon my sphere of attention.  I have a few brief comments.  Brenda sleeps in panties, bra and skintight pjís?  Címon, I know sheís ďthe most beautiful girl in Port CharlesĒ but that was a little ridiculous.  She had minutes to pack before they made their run for the jet and packing her Christmas pjís isnít as improbable as packing that beautiful white gown and heels.  Jax arranged for their respective divorces without consulting Brenda?  Pfft! to him!  At least Brenda made up her own mind about signing on the dotted line.  I did enjoy playful Brenda describing her surfing experience while jumping on and off the bed.   


Aside from my amazement over the transformation of baby Kristina from plastic doll to live infant, Alexis holding her daughter for the first time evoked the most emotion in me.  I felt a lump in my throat as I remembered holding my babies for the first time.  Itís been eight years since my youngest was born but I can recall with absolute clarity the miracle of cuddling that solid weight in my arms after hours of labor.  In that instant my babies became real, became my children.  God gives gifts and newborns definitely qualify. 

I loved these scenes.

Luke encouraging Summer to leave the call girl business behind was good, but he ruined it by offering to pay her to pretend to be Laura.    Donít look now Luke, but Summerís comment, ďIím through playing fantasy girl for emotionally challenged men,Ē applies to you.  Lukeís not different from the others; he just wants to be exclusive.  Meeting Lucky at PCU was par for the course.  And what about the Senator?  Was that a one-episode gig? 

Iím psyched about the New Yearís eve episode.  The promo looks good and I tend to enjoy the unique.  However it turns out, Iíll appreciate that they tried something different.  

Well, itís all over except for the shouting.  I survived the holiday season and Iím filled with gratitude towards life in general, Iím tired, and Iím glad itís over.  Plus, I only had to make one return and I was able to buy wrapping paper and supplies for next year.  Will many of you be toasting and creating hoopla on New Yearís Eve?  Iíll probably be in bed by 12:05 and Iíll only hang on til midnight for my kids so we can bang pots and pans.  Because thatís what my Mom did with us and so the tradition continues.  However, I love a good story, so if you have any to tell about your celebrations, feel free to share your experiences.  I wish for you a fun, safe New Yearís celebration and a blessed 2003.  Thanks for stopping by.


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