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I feel as though I have been harping and harping on the same few characters.  Oh wait, thatís because I have been harping on the same few characters.  But only because the cast of players has dwindled to the elite few involved in the Alcazar murder trial.  Donít get me wrong, Iím prepared to suck up to the who-killed-Alkie mystery until the bitter end and the way itís looking thatís a crucial attitude because the drag out on this story is like the Energizer Bunny Ė it just keeps going and goingÖ So if youíre rolling your eyes thinking Iím fixated on a select few Ė Iím not.  But only bits and pieces from other characters have been put before me to comment on.  In a round about nice way Iím trying to express my opinion that GH needs to expand the storyline canvas!  Much as I appreciate Jason and my daily tough guy fix, a bigger selection of characters should be parading across my screen.  OK, enough whining, complaining and strong suggesting, here I go, pretty much on the same few characters (she says with a groan). 

Well, there they were again and right in plain sight.  Two MOB wives conversing as only MOB wives can.  You know, sugar coated words and smiling replies layered over threats cloaked in really good wardrobe.  These two grab my attention and this week for an added bonus, Scotty spouted the best line.  Faith, speaking to Scotty, said, ďCould you give Carly and I a minute alone.  You know, that bake saleís cominí up soon.Ē  To which Scotty replied, ďHmm, Iíd love to taste your cookies. Give me a call when theyíre baked.Ē  That little tidbit made the show.  Iím not sure why Faith showed up at the penthouse throwing her evil intentions in the ring, but I know Carlyís up for some destructo retaliation.  She slaps when sheís not receiving the attention she thinks she deserves, no telling what sheíll do over pipe whacking.   

Scotty inquires about Faithís cookies                Never stand between two MOB wives,
                                                                            you could get hurt.

Oh, the trialÖwhere to start.  Letís start with mechanics.  Live feed from Brendaís hospital bed presents a host of legal problems beginning with the fact that a client and attorney have a right to interact.  How about the fact that in a trial the prosecution presents its case first.  Always.  Remember innocent until proven guilty?  Alexis began the trial with opening arguments and moved right onto witnesses.  The prosecution never said a word, however, he was allowed to enter new evidence without any chain of evidence rules being addressed.  Itís not reality TV, but itís not supposed to be fantasy fiction either.   

Scotty, Mr. Sensitivity driving a semi-truck, better watch out.  Alexis keeps giving him that woman-on-the-edge-and-youíre-right-in-my-face look.  He blithely keeps hammering on the fact that Kristinaís dead because of Sonny and Alexis is again in Sonnyís camp defending Brenda and now Jason.  Another trial anomaly because in the real world she wouldnít represent both defendants, it would be a conflict of interest.  Isnít that one of Alexisí favorite phrases?  Also, didnít she promise Jax that she wouldnít represent Jason if she took Brendaís case?  Itís all too confusing and convoluted for words.  Iím giving up.  Enjoy the dialogue and character interaction; suspend reality Ė thatís my motto for the week.

This face does not say, ďOh happy, happy, joy, joy.Ē

What was that crack by Alexis when she asked Skye if she enjoyed sex with Alcazar?  ďDid you have sex?  Do you remember having sex?  Did you enjoy it?Ē  My eyes opened wide at that question.  Alexis played that scene well and Skye moved the woman scorned to new heights even if she did ruin her testimony with drunken raving at a television monitor.  Robin Christopher is wonderful in how she plays Skye - a character I donít care for but watch avidly. 

She blew it, but she was really good while she did it.

Why is the verdict for Jason and Brendaís trial common knowledge?  I wonít state the common knowledge here because I donít want to ruin it for those who possess more self-discipline than I and donít read spoilers.  But the spoilers have been posted for a few weeks and even the soap mags are spilling the beans.  Generally, this type of info teases us until the last moment with lots of hype and promos.  I feel like I know a secret that I shouldnít - like knowing whatís in a gift before the designated time to open it. 

Chad Brannon wowed me with his acting all week.  Popping pills, his pain was palpable as he weaved and swayed his way across my screen.  And I love how he tilts his face down and looks up at folks with tortured angry eyes.  The details were on target right down to his scraped knuckles from assaulting the speakeasy with a crowbar.  He acted out a whole scene with a phone with more emotion than most actors convey at a funeral.  If an award were offered for Best Scene with an Inanimate Object, heíd win.  I loved his comment to Gia on the docks when she tried to help him and he asked, ďDid we become friends and no one told me?Ē 


Zander took several deep emotional hits as Dr. Cameron Lewis sank to the bottom of the humanity pool.   

Zander (to Doc):  Look at me, right now.  You see Pete, donít you?  Lying on the ground.

Dr. Cam:  Yes.  WHAM! 

Zander (to Doc):  You wish it was me, donít you?  Címon, admit it!

Dr. Cam:  Yes.  Everyday.  The instant you pulled that trigger, I lost everything.  BAM! 

 Zander (to Doc):  (My heart was breaking.)  I didnít mean to shoot my brother.

Dr. Cam (sarcastically):  (May he suffer continuously for his cruelty.)  And that makes it all right.  Thatíll bring him back.  WHAM!  BAM! 

My protective mom instincts rose with a vengeance and I wanted to step in and shield Zander.  How could a parent be so cruel?  How could a psychiatrist, sworn to heal, purposely inflict that kind of damaging pain?  Iím guessing that soon weíll see a scene where Dr. Lewis regrets his actions.  Heíll lament his lost chance to make amends and wish that he could meet Zander again.  Heíll moan that he saw his youngest screw up son and all his old pain and anger rose up and he lost it.  I donít care.  For the moment I hope he rots in his anger and grief.  I hope dogs chase and bite him as he walks down the street.  OK, OK probably Iíll forgive him eventually, but that scene in the PCPD got to me and I wasnít laughing one little bit.   

Last week I bashed her.  This week Iím feeling a flicker of liking for this new smart Gia who doesnít seem to project as much arrogance.  So Iím fickle, try not to hold it against me. 

What, neither the medic from the ambulance nor Gia noticed that Nicholas fished Brenda out of a lake in winter and was freezing

For peteís sake, somebody give the man a blanket or coat!

I want to say that Jax holds a gun like a girl but even I, a person who can count on ten fingers the times Iíve touched a gun, could manage to hold and point with more authority that Jax and his limp wrist gun threat to Ric.  Oh, now that was mean and I planned to take it back after I read it, but I remembered that he made me mad again by sitting on Brendaís hospital bed telling Skye to step away from the monitor like heís in charge of courtroom behavior.  And, after opening the safety deposit box he handed the tape to the police because his Brenda competition with Sonny outranks his save-Brenda compulsion.  I used to like Jax and hopefully I will again but right now heís at the top of the eye roll list.  Could some Jax fan out there do me a favor and e-mail a few of his good points so I can get off this bash Jax merry-go-round? 

It only took a few seconds at the beginning of the week.  In the PCPD Sonny entered the hall at one end while Ric stood at the other.  They made eye contact and then Sonny walked towards Ric.  No words were exchanged, just Ricís look of knee bending fear as he obviously thought Sonny was there to kill him.  Maybe Iím reading too much into those clever camera angles, but thatís what I saw.  Good scene.


This is the face of intimidation.

 And here is fear. 

Baby Kristina sure has grown by amazing leaps and bounds from tiny plastic preemie to 6-8 month old size in the past few weeks.   

I get that Steve Burton has created Jason into an intense, physical, tactile kind of guy.  Those types of actions Ė savoring physical contact, touching, smelling - draw me in when it comes to Jason and romance.  So smelling the blue shirt that matched his eyes, which Carly bought for him to wear to court wasnít totally off base.  It was just funny. 

Isnít there a guy joke that if it smells good
it must be clean?

Edward, speaking to Monica and Alan, called A.J. a ďtreacherous ferret.Ē  I say it takes one to know one.  And let me state here and now how glad I was to see a few Qís and Reginald too.

Oh look, itís the Qís and Reginald too.

Itís completely shallow but no man should look so completely sexy in sunglasses, suit and overcoat.  Mere words cannot express Colemanís sex appeal.  Sssh.  Iím trying to keep my Coleman infatuation quiet because I donít want to antagonize Sage.  But man, that guy is hot!  Heís hot, but he may face some major hurdles if he keeps pitting himself against Sonny.

You can stand around lookiní good or you can receive death threats from Sonny

Courtney wants more than anything to be with Jason and date like normal people Ė not in secret?  Correct me if Iím wrong but wasnít the whole secret relationship her idea?  At first she desired privacy to keep A.J. off her back and then Jason needed his marriage to Brenda to look real.  Finally, Iíve figured out what bugs me about Courtney and Jason.  Sheís a ďniceĒ girl and has no fire.  The nice girl bit worked with evil A.J., look innocent and bat the eyes, but itís not working with Jason.  Even while stripping as Daisy and being stalked she was the nice girl.  In fact, stalking so didnít affect her that she couldnít remember to lock her doors.  Can we say, ďvictimĒ?  The only nonpushover behavior Iíve noted occurred when Liz slapped her and she grabbed Lizís arm and told her not to do that again or sheíd hit her back.   Perhaps if she develops some fierce qualities to blend with the nice girl persona, Iíll buy into her.  For example, Carly melts for Sonny but we all know that sheíd walk over hot coals and leap buildings in a single bound to keep and/or protect him.  Liz projects the same qualities.  Now Courtney can melt, but fierce she ainít.    

Taggert uttered one of the best lines of the week.  Scotty ordered Taggy (Scottyís nickname for Taggert) to find a witness to corroborate Ricís presence in the alley when Alcazar took his dive.  Luckily, Coleman appeared to offer his fake eye-witness account.  Donít even get me started on Colemanís compulsive need to confess or make an alibi to the police no matter what the crime.  Anyway, Taggert angrily asked Scotty, ďWhere am I supposed to get this witness?  Down on the corner of the street holding up a sign saying, ďWill Perjure Myself for Food.  Thank you, God Bless You.Ēí  Iím laughing again. 

The wormy senatorís got to go.  Beating a woman just isnít acceptable and he stepped over the invisible youíve-gone-too-far line.  Summerís looking good.  On the one hand I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy the scenes between Summer and Lucky.  She showed a light hearted side and Lucky didnít whine once.  On the other hand I wondered about the hooker bit of her storyline.  I canít see a woman jumping into a relationship (kissing, dating, etc.) without some serious adjustment time from servicing men for money to having fun without an agenda.         

nd now, cast your eyes on something different.

This week at my house the cold hit like a freight train, perfect for curling up and enjoying General Hospital.  According to the news, freezing temps ruled pretty much everywhere in the United States so I hope everyone stayed warm and suffered no bad weather related incidents or accidents.  My outdoor plants are calling me to remove the sheets theyíve been wearing for the past few days.  Have a good week everyone.  Thanks for reading.  

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