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(Couple spoilers, maybe a prediction, definitely some wishful thinking) 

Hereís the deal.  Iíve been sitting in front of the monitor, fingers poised, notes in front of me, and canít write a lick.  Iíd like to say I just washed my hands and canít do a thing with them, but thatís not the problem.  The problem is I canít concentrate.  My thoughts keep running in circles regarding Steve Burtonís fan event.  Yeah, I watched General Hospital with my usual enthusiasm and appreciation.  Comments jitterbugged through my mind but Iím a little preoccupied right now.  So this is a long-winded apology if my distraction shows up in this weekís column.  Tomorrow, after the event, Iíll be better.

Itís all his fault.

Alexisí apartment must be located right on the docks.  On Monday she left Dr. Cam and Zander on the docks and then showed up in the next scene sequence in jeans, leather coat and the red banshee wig.  On Friday Dr. Shrink Detective Lewis caught her in her wig gig as Alexis went public with her personality turmoil by lurking on the docks.  Is this storyline supposed to be serious?  Because Iím having a hard time not laughing.  OK, OK Iíll try to keep a straight face if you will.  Now pay attention, because supposedly the BIG reveal will be coming soon that Alexis, aka Kristina, pushed Alcazar off the balcony.  Please donít let the only murder ever solved in Port Charles by the PCPD be this easy.  Beside, as Sage and Sherry have both pointed out, during the actual murder scenes Alexis appearing before Luis in a red wig would probably have prompted incredulous laughter, not weary contempt.


Girlfriend in the red wig, you are so busted!  What show is this?  AMC?  OLTL?
Arenít personality disorders the forte of those other ABC soaps?

With the whack attacks that occurred recently, I guess Iím still in slap mode.  Because I wanted Alexis to turn around and smack Dr. Cam for his smug, tactless comment after she blew up at Ned in Kellyís.  ďIs that an example of your coping skills?Ē he insensitively asked a clearly upset Alexis.  And Alexis may have been out of line but didnít you love when she called Faith, Nedís ďportable sex toyĒ?  Good line.   

Nedís workiní the power mogul persona but perhaps he should realize that no one else cares about his power.  Edward certainly doesnít bow to any declarations of authority by Ned.  Faith not only does what she wants, she double-crosses him with Edward.  Not that it bothers Ned as long as he can yank off his clothes demanding sex every time he gets a power rush.  We wonít debate the weirdness of what area of his anatomy those power rushes seem to affect.   

As plans go, Skyeís damsel in distress idea has merit.  Jax canít resist a woman on the ledge; I mean edge, who must depend on his manly arms and condescending manner.  I know itís contradictory, but I want Skye to successfully work Jax and draw him back to her.  But I donít want Jax to have the satisfaction of Skye loving him again.  Especially if the only groveling he has to perform is a measly, ďI didnít handle our break up well.  Iím sorry about that.Ē  Pfft! to that lame apology.

A woman on the edge.  I mean ledge.
I mean on the edge of the ledge

Sheís not evading.  Sheís not stonewalling.  What part of Brendaís ďLetís wait,Ē regarding the wedding, does Jax not understand?  The girl wants to sit still for a while and adjust to a new concept of life.  Because I, too, am a slow emotional adjuster, I sympathize with Brenda on this one.  Well, I guess sheíll have lots of time to adjust in Europe or wherever TPTB write her off to since sheís hasta la bye-bye in a week or so.  At least sheís not dying this time.  Too bad sheís going to miss Eltonís wedding, ďan exuberant statement on a petite scale.Ē  I donít know what exactly that means, but if Elton says it, Iíll buy into it.  He just looks like he could pull it off. 

Sonnyís comment to Brenda at the hospital when she told him she and Jason were still married made me laugh.  ďThe annulment was called on account of rain?Ē he asked. 

Uh, Courtney?  If your ďown private universeĒ is what you need to make you happy - just go there - please!  Every time she says that to Jason Iím thinking, ďHoney, if you donít want to be seen in public with him, this relationship isnít for you.Ē   I hate to keep ragging on Courtney but how dense is it to keep asking Jasonís if heís OK when heís coughing up a lung with blood to boot.  Iím being hard on her but Iím sick of having her crammed down my throat.  Sheís on the soap mag covers - interviews and pictures abound.  Marketing for this girl is intense and while part of me is curious as to why sheís being so determinedly front burnered the other part of me has seen enough and Iíve reached the eye roll stage.  Maybe the soap mags are concerned because they wonít have Vanessa Marcil to put on the cover every week so theyíre seeking new candidates for cover position. 

Watch out, Courtney.  Here comes his lung.
|Sorry, Iím feeling a little gross today.

Dontcha think Taggertís gonna be mad that Jasonís in the hospital from a boring car accident and he wonít be able to question him or charge him with any violent crimes?  Maybe Taggert can charge Jax with the crime of insensitivity.  He stayed with Brenda at the hospital so he could get Jasonís power of attorney for the annulment.  Somehow, hounding a man for his signature as he wakes in recovery after surgery doesnít seem legal.  Monicaís probably angry too, because she wonít be able to lay another diatribe on Sonny about Jasonís dangerous life and stealing her son. 

I read that Taggertís exit will involve his death.  Bummer, if true, Iím hoping itís not. 

Do you think Carly buys two of every breakable household item, so she can replace Sonnyís temper wreckage before Michael gets home?  I noticed a new coffee table and drink bar decanters this week. 

What keeps me enjoying Sonny and Carly is their ability to live screwed up, violent lives while remaining a couple in love.  They donít have to break up to have a storyline.   Hereís a concept, marriage and stability can be exciting and sexy.  If we all write it on a piece of paper and mail it to Mr. Guza and Mr. Pratt do you think theyíll buy into the concept?  Nah.  Because I bet weíre going to suffer months of break up and betrayal over Carlyís drugged, nonsex nap with Ric.  Carly better treasure her tub soak and hair wash by Sonny because I bet thatís the best sheís gonna feel for awhile.

Sonny and Carly at their best.

Norah Jones sang ďThe Nearness of YouĒ on my television during Sonny and Carlyís bathtub rendezvous in the cabin.  I donít know what SoapNet aired.  I love Norah Jonesí CD entitled  ďCome Away With Me.Ē  Any minute Iím expecting a call from her thanking me for marketing her music.  Free concert tickets would do the trick.   

Handsome Ric, who still hasnít offered any hints of his agenda, needs to reveal a few clues.  Like who financed him after he was released from Alcazarís prison?  What other enemies of Sonnyís does he know?  And those pesky explosion dreams and kids voices have not been addressed.  My fingers are beginning to drum and my toes tap, itís time for some viewer info. 

This thought crossed my mind so Iím throwing it out there.  Donít you think that the situation might be ripe for Jason and Liz to have rebound/rebound sex?  Supposedly, Ric rejects Lizís advances and Jason will be hurting over his Iím-doing-this-for-your-own-good-breakup with Courtney.  Thatís how Iím thinking the breakup will happen after Sonny lays down the Rules for my Sister to Jason.

Sonny and Jason discuss The Rules for Sonnyís Sister

Sonnyís Rules for Courtney 

1.  She must not be involved in his life.  (Hellooo?  Sonny?  Itís too late now.)

2.  She must do as he says.  (Iím laughing.  No one does what Sonny says, except Jason.  Sometimes a guard when he used to have them.)

3.  She will accept money to attend college far, far away where he will visit her occasionally.  (Carly said it best this week when she reminded Sonny that he hadnít been successful in paying for anything in Courtneyís life so far.)

4.  No one associated with the MOB can associate with his sister.  (Well, that leaves out just about everyone in P.C.) 

Penny the waitress is becoming a regular.  She works a heck of a lot more than Liz and Courtney and she doesnít run out on her shift because a telephone rings or the breeze changes direction.  Soon, maybe sheíll say a few lines.  I propose Johnny as a love interest for her since that might bring him back on screen for two or three minutes a week.

She needs more dialogue and Johnny.

Nicholas offered Zander a check for $50,000 to leave town.  I checked my purse and Iím worth about $3.00 after I hand my kids lunch money tomorrow.  If I make friends with Gia do you think I could get my hands on that check?  Iím not sure what to make of the break up between Nik and Gia.  Theyíve been backburnered so long itís hard to care. 

Itís a little comical that crazy Laura is institutionalized in London where Genie Francis now resides.  Do you think TPTB did that on purpose? 

One scene I really enjoyed played between grieving Luke and Scotty in Lukeís office.  They may hate each other but both acknowledge the otherís love of Laura.  I liked it because thatís how the weirdness of real life evolves.  Big emotions bring about unexpected situations that sometimes offer hope and comfort and sometimes blow up in our faces.  Philosophy by Kathy, Iím done now.  LOL 

Eewww, for Luke getting an eyeful of his favorite hooker in bed with his son.  I have three children and I can tell you now that I NEVER want a visual of them having sex with anyone.  Not even when theyíre married. 

No, Luke, No!  Donít go in there.

And so it goes at sweeps time.  Iím excited about the upcoming week because so many stories are reaching a high point.  Not much has been posted about whatís planned after Vanessa Marcilís exit so the doorís wide open in my imagination.  Thatís a scary place to put me, because I am perfectly capable of dreaming up storyline hows, whys and wherefores at the drop of a hat.  Thanks for reading and sharing my GH hobby.  Have a safe, wonderful week.  Smile a lot.     


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