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(One spoiler that you probably already know) 

The column is short because I took Sage’s advice and spent Friday and Saturday enjoying my family.  My husband and I went to lunch by ourselves (doesn’t happen often enough), cheered at our daughter’s basketball game, played and monitored basketball and music in our driveway with our son and various neighborhood teenagers (up to 8 exuberant boys with several admiring girls hanging around), I held my neighbor’s beautiful week old baby, we ate donuts, popcorn and chocolate cake and generally played Friday and Saturday away.  We mourned and discussed the tragic deaths of the astronauts on space shuttle Columbia.  I also spoke with my traveling, adventuring Mom who returned home this weekend having been out of the country since November 1st.  We communicated through e-mail but it’s not the same as hearing her voice.  E-mail and my favorite GH sites didn’t tempt me until Sunday afternoon after my husband left for work.  I enjoyed the break, but by Sunday afternoon old habits kicked in and here I am feeding my GH habit. 


Count me glad, glad, glad that the absurd trial has run its course and Brenda and Jason, after prepping for a jailbreak, have been released, all charges dropped.  Like we didn’t know that would happen.  That being said, I enjoyed this week and the various reactions.  Just stamp a big “S” on my forehead for Sucker and while you’re at it stamp “P” for Predictable because I am predictably drawn in by romance (even when I don’t particularly like the players) and big emotions.  I promise, in real life I behave in a fairly sane manner and don’t wear every little emotion of the moment on my sleeve.  But for GH, I just let the flow go - call it de-stressing the distress of daily life. 

As soon as Sonny walked into the penthouse I knew he was hyped for a glass temper tantrum.  It was a doozy.  Don’t you wish you could have one?  Just once?  Do you wonder, like me, how it feels to pick up glass and shatter it against a wall?  I wonder if Maurice Bernard reads his script and thinks, “Oh yeah, I get to throw glass again.”  The only drawback for me would be that I’d have to clean up the mess.  (Sigh) That’s enough deterrent for me, but Sonny certainly does it well.  Carly winced and cried, Sonny calmed down (after destroying all breakable objects in the room) and cried on Carly’s shoulder.  Probably, I should roll my eyes and recommend therapy but instead I wanted to comfort them both.  “S”

They may be dysfunctional separately, but they’re perfect together. “S”

Brenda stayed tough after the guilty sentence until Jason sat down with her in the interrogation room.  I liked that the tears didn’t roll gracefully down her cheeks; no, she sobbed and had to work to articulate to Jason that she’s sorry and it’s all her fault.  In tender mode, Jason explained that he didn’t understand most of what motivates her but he understood why she tried to stab Alcazar and admired her for standing up and facing the consequences. “S”

Tender Jason and good acting always draws me in. “S”

Courtney went spunky.  She pulled a whopping big gun from her little purse that apparently also held a tape recorder and pointed it at A.J.  Do you think she read my nice girl remarks last week?  She waved the gun, threatened A.J. who caved as usual, and coerced a confession from him.  Go girl!  If you’re gonna be related to Sonny, you’re obligated to create waves and I don’t mean little toe ticklers.  “P”

I like spunk!  “P” 

Then there was Skye.  Hurting, out of control Skye who sat quietly in her seat in court as the judge dropped the charges against Brenda and Jason.  Her face crumpled as the scene ended and then she reappeared drinking and weaving in the park with her broken heart and high heels.  I so want her to stop drinking.  And I hated that Jax showed up later in the week to help her because she’s Scotty’s prime murder suspect again.  Skye practically fell into his arms.  Brenda’s on her way out so now Jax will be making paths back to Skye for storyline purposes, but I don’t want the story to be about Skye gradually trusting him again.  I want the story to focus on Jax realizing what he lost, agonizing and groveling on his part would be appropriate, and then, maybe, the return of love and trust.  What do you guys think?  Can Ingo give us humble and repentant?

This is a sad, sad woman.

At the PCPD reporters swarmed D.A. Baldwin who put the best spin I ever heard on the circus that was called court.  He said that the trial was staged to draw out the real murderer.  What a crack up and he did it with a serious face.  Luckily, Mac was there to wave a little reality flag by informing Scotty that no more arrests would be made unless Mac approved them.   

And while I’m on the subject of court - I wonder if the earnest lady court stenographer is actually typing words? 

How much do you think she gets paid for this gig?

It’s just rotten that Taggert stands up to Scotty, has lines other than “You’re under arrest, Sonny or Anger Boy,” and now plans to vacate his role as resident tough cop with a Sonny grudge.   

OK, they have a “plan” to take out Sonny, they’ve had hot sex in odd places but what are they doing?  So far without Ned, Faith has connived with Edward, paid Zander to trash Carly’s speakeasy, and now she hired a thug to fire machine gun blanks at Sonny and Carly in Kelly’s basement.  Oh, excuse me, I mean throw firecrackers in the alley.  I think Faith really isn’t Roscoe’s widow.  I believe she’s Cat Woman.  Picture her on the telephone demanding that Ned make an appearance for more wicked plotting (euphemism for sex) and visualize her in a black jump suit.  Got it?  See?  Cat Woman.

“Hello, Batman?  Err, I mean, Ned?  I need you right away!”

As attitudes go, Liz made the leap and landed successfully in the land of sour grapes.  Yep, Courtney lied.  Yep, Jason kinda sidestepped around her like a she was a spitting cat with two heads and rabies.  It’s time for Liz to suck it up and move on.  Maybe friendship with Courtney isn’t on her list of goals to accomplish in the near future, but sniping and snarling shouldn’t be on the list either.  I say, dance with Ric and kiss him a few more times.  Since she a big proponent of “don’t tell me how to feel” she should admit her hurt over Jason and leave him to his Brenda husband duties and his Sonny sister infatuation and bide her time.  It’s a soap, however hopeless her yearnings appear, there’s always room for a situational about face.    

Nicholas combed his hair. My thanks to the GH hair and make up folks. 

Luke could probably make extra money offering counseling at his club.  Sit at a table with the blues playing and hand out advice.  After the confrontation with Zander, Luke served drinks and wisdom to Dr. Cam who was too bent out of shape to appreciate anyone else’s insights on parenting and grief.   

And really, why should Dr. Lurkin’ Lewis accept advice from Luke when his mission to figure out Alexis keeps twisting and turning.  In my opinion he went overboard when he kicked in Alexis’ door, though perhaps Alexis should take note of her door’s flimsiness.  If I lived in an apartment alone, that would worry me.   I’ve said before that I don’t do freaky and her last scene on Friday bordered on creepy.  “Alexis doesn’t live here anymore.”  Wherever Alexis moved to TPTB better locate her because if Kristina’s moving in, I’m on bathroom break.  And I truly do not yearn in any way to see my smart, quirky Alexis ensconced in the GH psych ward.


Alright, you fen shui’n’, personality stealin’, red haired, dead banshee,

You bring back Alexis right now!

Did anyone catch the gist of Gia’s scene with Zander at the hospital?  I didn’t, because I was busy admiring her blue sweater and skirt outfit.

I could look really good in this outfit.

I mean the dress, not Zander! 

Poor Elton, always the wedding planner, never the wedding puller offer.  Spoilers say Jax leaves Brenda at the altar, so Elton will be singing the wedding planner blues again.  Do you think it will be Jason who walks up the aisle to tell her like he did for Sonny?  There could be some poetic justice in that if done right.

Just let the poor guy do a wedding already!

Brenda is becoming The Woman of Wasn’ts.  She’s in the middle of The Annulment That Wasn’t.  Soon she’ll participate in The Marriage That Wasn’t.  And then she’ll be the Port Charles Resident That Wasn’t as she leaves General Hospital.   

An alien has invaded Jason’s body and turned him into a speaking, arguing, emotional ex-husband wannabe.  Friday’s Dominican Republic excursion kept me laughing.  Nervous already, Brenda did not respond well to turbulence and she told Jason, “That’s fine.  I’m going to end up dying again and this time I’m your wife.”  Then Jason made a funny.  Did you catch it?  To freak her out further, after pulling her seat belt strap tight enough to cut off circulation, he told her,  “Hey, did you know most wind sheer crashes happen on landing?”  Making reference to their previous plane crash adventure together.  But the best part, I know you know already, came at the end when Jason looked on with anticipation, rubbing his hands together waiting for Brenda to sign the divorce papers, she hemmed and hawed and finally said she couldn’t sign because she loves him.  I can’t wait until Monday because she could stand on her head and spit M&M’s into a cup, but no way will Jason fall for her declaration of love.


Jason signs.  Brenda signs…oops, no Brenda doesn’t sign. 
As Mr. Bill from Saturday Night Live would say, “Oh, nooooo, Brenda loves Jason!”

And now for some exciting news - next Saturday, barring tragedy or cancellation, at 5:00 P.M. central time I will be attending a Steve Burton fan event!  My loving, tolerant husband and children will make the three-hour drive with me and take in a movie while I gaze admiringly upon the guy who plays the character responsible for hooking me on General Hospital.  Recently, while driving in the car I informed my children of the plan for next weekend.  My 14 year old son looked at his Dad in horror and asked, “We don’t have to see the show do we, Dad?”  To which my husband replied no they would go to a movie and eat.  So my son, with a sense of humor that rocks, said, “Good, because I don’t want to lose another family member.”  Silence ruled for about 3 seconds while that remark percolated, and then we laughed until tears rolled. 

From what I have been told, probably a question and answer session will be included in the show.  I have compiled a list of questions, serious and funny, that I’d like to ask Mr. Burton.  If you have questions you’d like me to ask (other than taking off his shirt or any other item of clothing) I’ll add it to the list.  I realize that I may only have the opportunity to ask one or two questions but I’ll take notes on his replies to other questions.  I am majorly psyched and you can bet I’ll be full of impressions by Sunday ready to download as fast as my fingers can fly over the keyboard.  If you are a praying type person, please keep me in mind so that I do not turn into a shy, mumbling idiot on the outside instead of the outgoing confident person who resides deep inside me when the time comes to actually speak up! 

Being a wired word nerd and in keeping with the weekend’s enjoyment I thought I’d pass along some tidbits that don’t pertain to General Hospital but which I enjoy and apply to everyone.   

On Risking

To laugh is to risk appearing the fool.
To weep is to risk appearing sentimental.
To reach out for another is to risk involvement.
To expose feelings is to risk exposing our true self.
To place your ideas, your dreams, before the crowd is to risk loss.
To love is to risk not being loved in return.
To live is to risk dying.
To hope is to risk despair.
To try at all is to risk failure.
But to risk, we must, because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.
The Man, the Woman who risks nothing does nothing -- has nothing -- is nothing.

Author Unknown

Walter Mitty Fantasy Page 

Wouldn’t it be fun to fly like a kite or an eagle?

Wouldn’t it be fun to run out in the rain, and play in mud puddles, like we did when we were kids?

Wouldn’t it be fun to get to sleep late for a month and still keep your job?

Wouldn’t it be fun to go back in time, and date all those you thought were neat people in high school that you thought would not give you the time of day?

Wouldn’t it be fun to relive your favorite birthday party, and this time, really blow out all the candles yourself?

Wouldn’t it be fun to be a huge tree and have the sun on your face, the wind in your leaves and the birds singing on your branches?

Wouldn’t it be fun, when you stand in a checkout line and the clerks are talking among themselves about their date life from register to register, as if you were not there, to fire them on the spot?

For more Walter Mitty Fantasy and other bits, click HERE.  If I were a bumper sticker this would be my theme for the week.  Thanks for stopping by.   



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