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(Couple Spoilers brought up for consideration) 

Couldn’t make words fit together,

Writer’s block hit me hard.

My GH thoughts were caught in the middle.

My mind was hard as a lump of lard.


But suddenly, I’m filled with words galore,

My brain fog has faded away.

My keyboard’s dancin’ and jumpin’.

Cause my fingers are flyin’ and ready to play. 

Not that I’m a therapist, far from it, but I’m thinking that Faith harbors a deeply repressed obsession with Sonny involving power and sex.  Which is why, upon learning of Ric’s relationship to Sonny, she lit up like a sex magnet and played bunny hop with him.  Sorta like a groupie sleeping with a band member because he plays guitar and stands next to the singer the groupie adores.  If it weren’t for the fact that she’s deadly, I’d say Faith and Ric make a perfect match.  Wait…Deadly and Deadlier - they ARE a perfect match.

Murder, poison, hit and runs, blackmail

They deal with psychotic like regular folks deal with allergies. 

GH elicits many reactions in me but the creeps usually isn’t one of them.  Amoral Faith has the hots for Ric and she’s staking out his territory when he doesn’t even want her.  Ric loves Liz.  That has creepiness all its own and makes me afraid for Liz.  But Ric loves Liz and plans to force Courtney to marry him moves Ric another step over the line of insanity.  Then there’s the spoiler that Ric’s dad, Trevor, blows up Sonny’s limo in an attempt to prevent Ric from growing closer to Sonny.  So now we see which side of Ric’s family isn’t wrapped too tight.  A man who raises his son to hate his brother and who tried to force the woman he supposedly loved, Adela, to give up her child, Sonny, sounds like one of those guys I read about in the paper who, obsessively jealous, locks his wife in the basement to keep her from interacting with anyone but him.  Sicko, psycho, mentally deranged, criminally insane, pick a word, they all apply to these three. 

I know I’m gonna get e-mails for this one, but I think Liz is turning into the female counterpart of A.J. on General Hospital.  No, she’s not a pyro, but if a female’s going to get dumped on, lied to, lose her love or just be treated badly in general, it’s Elizabeth.  Like A.J. there seems to be an unwritten understanding that she’s not going to dance the happiness jig for more than a few episodes before tragedy strikes.  Rape, true love dies in a fire, true love returns but brainwashed, true love sleeps with weird sister, good friend lies - yes, I mean Jason, they didn’t move much further than deep friendship before he proved that while he could care for a woman, his loyalty belonged to Sonny first, Zander (let’s not go there), and now Ric whose baby she might or might not bear after Faith shoves her down some stairs.  Liz isn’t always nice, her wishy-washy makes me crazy, but she’s spunky so I like her.  Most of the time.  Except when she whines.

Liz ponders her next GH tragedy. 

We know Courtney’s been hanging around Jason because she used the hide-behind-the-handy-bush move on the docks.  Yep, just out of the hospital where she resided for several days with bruised ribs, she felt a need to walk to the grocery store without a guard, of course.  Spying Ric and Faith conferring on the docks she quickly jumped behind the nearest bush to eavesdrop.  Except then she dropped her apple and hospital bracelet with a thunk sealing her fate with the bumper of Faith’s car.  How come Courtney had to remain in the hospital for several days with bruised ribs but a hit and run accident and unconsciousness requiring a neurosurgeon’s diagnosis only rated an overnight stay?

It’s the well known hide-behind-a-bush-and-eavesdrop move. 

To Journey or not to Journey.  That is the question.  How could I not Journey after those hospital scenes between Jason and Courtney when they expressed their love with tears and soulful eyes.  Tender Jason melts my heart faster than an ice cube on the sidewalk in August.  Logic tells me that when a couple becomes this happy, they’re traveling a short road to a heartbreaking destination.  So, should I sigh and rewind the tender scenes?  Or hang tough so my heart doesn’t break in soapy fallout? 

How could I not love these scenes.

Can I be Courtney?  Please?  Just for a few minutes?

I’ll bleach my hair and I can kickbox. 

Carly with her little pregnant pillow looks so cute.  I looked cute when I was pregnant, for about a week, before the Pilsbury Doughboy took over my body.  And in a forward thinking, visionary network move Carly has been seen eating on television.  You know, like in real life?  Where women get hungry and take bites of food, swallow, and snack occasionally while pregnant. 

GH tries a dramatic new concept.  Pregnant woman eats. 

Have you noticed that I’m not commenting on Emily’s breast cancer?  It’s because I am waiting to see how it hits me - as a bump in the road for Emily and Zander, or a powerful story that jumps into my heart and makes me care.  I can’t take it lightly yet.  

Hard to watch as she viewed her body and contemplated its betrayal. 

You gotta love Luke.  In fact, does anyone not love Luke?  I seriously can’t recall even one negative Luke comment over the years from a GH fan.  Criticism over storylines, yes, but no anti-Luke gripes.  Now that’s stardom.  Lucky ran off with buxom Summer and his loaded brother while Luke voluntarily stayed in jail with “a plan”.  I knew he had one and I can’t wait to see it.

Go ‘head Luke!

And if you blow in my ear, I’ll follow you anywhere. 

I am not sure if I am seeing sparks fly between Alexis and Cameron because deep down they’re attracted to each other or if Alexis’ compulsive inability to admit she’s wrong is clashing with Dr. Cam’s irritating, arrogant air of superiority.  Like two kids arguing and going nowhere but constantly trying to verbally one up the other. 

“I’m smarter than you are.”

“No, I am smarter than you.”

“No, you’re not.  I am.”

“Am not.”

“Am too.”



Catch my drift? 

Skye…baby.  Baby…Skye.  Skye with baby Kristina comes across so real, so caring, so…normal.  Having Skye for a mother would be similar to Dillon and Tracey.  Nice, if you’re on her good side.   

Who’s keeping track of Dillon?  Is he an independent being just sleeping and eating at the Q’s?  Is he like Skye, tolerated, but not part of the inner circle?  Dillon’s Adventures in Q Land need to be addressed.   

Dillon told Georgie that Lucas has the IQ of oatmeal, which made me laugh because so far, I agree.


                 Definitely, oatmeal.                                                 Brain cells at work. 

You know the promo about “The Return of Cliffhanger Friday”?  Well Friday ended as Alexis realized that she was locked in a file room with Dr. Cam, Lucas kissed Georgie while Dillon watched, Kyle prepared to have sex with Maxie while the web cam played and Kyle’s friends critiqued in another room, Sonny and Carly talked in bed, Ric informed Faith on the docks that he intended to use his secret weapon against Sonny (that would be Courtney), and Jason and Courtney cuddled on a couch.  Now I don’t want to be a whiner, but where’s the cliff and who’s hanging on it?  Because I didn’t see any big what’s gonna happen next events.  Perhaps Cliffhanger Friday begins next week.

Oooh, big cliff hanger here.  Guess what happens next? 

I have to tell you what happened last Friday.  It was one of those instances where you can’t believe you did what you just did.  My son’s friend had a birthday and since mommy has the bucks and driver’s license, I drove to the mall where the theater is located to purchase a movie gift card.  Good gift idea for a teenager, dontcha think?  Anyway, I parked about half way down the row and began striding towards the entrance closest to the theater.  I say striding because I am not a big mall shopper and if I am forced to go, I get in, get my item, and get out!  So I am moving right along when a young woman, maybe 18 – 24, who had just parked began striding along in front of me. 

Now I am tall, but she was taller.  Not overweight, but not thin either, kinda in between like young women when they’ve passed the automatic skinny of youth with which many are blessed  and moving into full adulthood when lifestyle begins to play havoc on tummy, thighs and hips.  She walked about the same speed in front of me and I become fascinated.  Why, you say?  What could possibly grab my attention so thoroughly?  Well, she was steady fixin’.  Pulling her tight, black, knit, off the shoulder sweater in place, patting and smoothing her hair, checking her earrings and smoothing her skirt.  The skirt is what hooked me.  It was so short that the back of it swished the tiniest bit back and forth as she strutted her stuff, and it hit right in the shadow at the top of her thighs.  She knew it was short because she kept smoothing the sides, quickly tugging the back and then hooking her thumb in the back pocket to hold it down as she walked a few steps.  That worked OK, but then she’d pull out her hand and begin the pat, smooth, tug and hook routine again.   

As I walk behind her, quite a bit older I’ll admit, part of me was cracking up inside and totally absorbed because I couldn’t figure out if she had any panties on under that skirt.  It seriously was that short.  My sympathetic side wanted to move up next to her, put my arm around her and say, “Honey, that look’s just not workin’ for you, go home and change.  Whoever you’re trying to impress is not worth this much discomfort.”    

We reached the entrance to the mall and I was walking at the same speed a few paces behind her.  And I admit it.  I was steady watching that skirt swish.  We pushed through the door and I continued to keep pace just waiting for the skirt to work up one millimeter further because by now I was totally absorbed with wondering if she was wearing anything underneath.  Suddenly, I realized I was so intent in my curiosity that I’d followed her about two stores down moving in the wrong direction.   

You know how sometimes you’re waiting at a stoplight and you look around and spot the guy two cars away picking his nose and you can’t believe he’s doing that in public?  Then you realize that the light’s changed and the cars in front of you have moved forward and you’re holding up traffic because you’re sort of grotesquely drawn to the action a few doors away.  That’s how it was.  I realized that I was following a young woman down the mall trying to peek under her skirt.  Instantly embarrassed, I turned around like I’d forgotten my purse or my child or my brain and began striding towards the movie theater.    

By the time I arrived home, I was laughing at myself.  As my friend Carolyn says, “Sometimes I crack me up.”  How to explain to my friends that I am not a pervert, just occasionally intensely curious.  And you know, if it weren’t for you guys, I’d have no therapy at all.  That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!  And that’s it for me this week.  Short because I don’t want to mix up last week’s episodes with this week’s shows.  Sorry it took so long to fight off the brain fog.  Happy GH viewing.     

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