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(The Most Entertaining Spoiler Ever) 

Well this week should be called The Week of Independent Thinking.  Michael ditched Leticia to visit A.J.  Bells rang for Liz and she dumped Ric.  Skye straightened her back and considered who she could be if not a Chandler or a Quartermaine.  Luke and Lucky only know how to think independently and couldn’t think inside the box if someone paid them.  Carly and Jason didn’t say they planned to send Ric to a bad end – but each of them thought it.  Alexis in a unique display of independent thinking refused to back down from meeting with Nicholas even when Dr. Cam held her visitation with Kristina over her head.  Yep, folks were jumping up and doing as they pleased all week. 

Michael visited the Q circus tent, I mean the Quartermaine mansion, to tell A.J. to stop showing up where he is and saying he’s his real daddy.  Because Carly explained the whole father deal to him and A.J.’s out, Sonny’s in.  I felt bad for A.J. because he intensely wanted to convey to Michael that he has a place in Michael’s life, but he couldn’t find the words to express his feelings of missed fatherhood and love to a six year old (or however old the kid’s supposed to be) without the bitterness creeping out.  Skye, in a spasm of maternal maturity obviously stirred by holding Kristina a few times, stepped in as instant child to adult mediator and explained to Michael that many of his Q relatives love him also.  She did well, though A.J. didn’t appreciate her efforts, and I liked the glimpse of kindheartedness.

A.J. can’t relate to Michael while Edward makes up what Michael thinks.

Luckily, Edward with his insult switch in the ON position didn’t enter the foyer until the end of Michael’s visit.  He demanded to know if A.J. was pushing Carly down the stairs again and then switched into Grandfatherly mode when he caught sight of Michael.  Using brilliant patriarch analysis Edward immediately deduced that Michael was reaching out the Quartermaine’s in a desperate attempt to escape the dangerous lifestyle he’s forced to endure with Carly and Sonny.  Way to go Eddy, there’s no dust gathering in the cracks of your ability to understand young folks.  NOT! 

Did you laugh like I did when Sonny disciplined Michael?  Michael escaped Leticia to visit the Quartermaine’s so Sonny took away his baseball glove for a week.  Wow Sonny, real tough parenting there.  What do you suppose Sonny’s going to do to Carly when he figures out she took his gun, ditched her guards, drugged Ric and plans to shoot him?  Take away all her lipsticks? 

Michael showed how upset he was at losing his baseball glove for a week.

Twisted like a broken strand of barbed wire popped loose from a fence post.  That’s my assessment of Ric.  His mean gene dominates over his recessive nice gene, which is why he’s only shown humanity towards Liz.  Oh, and emotional honesty.  Liz told Ric that she needs emotional honesty, which I think he’s offered her.  Ric told her she’s the only real thing in his life and that he didn’t plan on her.  Since arriving in Port Charles, Ric clearly has been following an agenda, cloaked in secrecy, involving Sonny.  The impasse Liz now faces is not Ric’s deception but the realization that it wasn’t emotional honesty she craved but an educated, smart, mildly dangerous guy whose life is an open book for her to peruse before making a commitment.  Who can blame her?  The only guy who’s been open with her is Lucky before Helena washed his brain with a diamond brillo pad.

Liz finally believed the answers to her questions then got hurt.  Again.

Has anyone else noticed that Jason and Zander seem to have switched personalities?  I was remembering when Dr. Tony Jones kidnapped Michael and held Robin.  Jason conveyed frantic with a deadly control.  When he found Robin he was overwhelmed with emotion and even though they weren’t together, we knew he loved her with his whole being.  That’s the way I perceived it with my rose colored glasses perched firmly on my face.  If you don’t agree, please don’t write and burst my bubble.  Jason’s become edgier with Courtney and more verbal.  He doesn’t come across as the iceman able to control his every action.  It’s a natural maturity and progression for his character, I guess.  Zander on the other hand started out edgy and barely under control when he kidnapped Emily, but now he portrays an intensity that draws me in and keeps me glued to the scene.  How interesting that two of the major tough guys on our screen have matured in opposite directions.  

Courtney tried valiantly but unsuccessfully to climb out of the mineshaft but at least she didn’t play helpless and scared.  She did, however, demonstrate a unique meaning for the phrase knock yourself out.  No harm done though cause Jason showed up with a ladder and saved her from the rumbling mine.  Super J rushed her to the hospital then dashed out again to attend his Save Sonny duties.  After not killing Ric and listening attentively to Sonny, Jason hurried back to General Hospital to check on Courtney.  Causing sighs of romantic giddiness for Journey fans across the land, Jason crawled in the hospital bed next to Courtney. 


On Monday, it really bugged me when Ric said “Martha’s Vineyard” and then bopped Jason on the head twice, rendering my favorite tough guy unconscious.  Sonny arrived and called Jason’s name so he awoke.  No headache again AND he remembers Ric’s message that he heard only seconds before the knockout.   He should at least wince a few times.   

Sonny sure was a cute kid.  One aspect of the Ric and Sonny scenes kept bothering me.  How come Sonny never saw his mother pregnant?  Does he not remember Mommy with a big tummy for a short while?  Adela did not look pregnant in the flashbacks so her fall down the stairs must have been early in her pregnancy, which indicates that she would have been pregnant in Brooklyn.  The scenes between Ric and Sonny played well as Ric pushed all of Sonny’s insecure hot buttons.  “You are an uneducated, violent thug in a good suit.”  “You ruined your Mother’s life.”  “You’re the reason our Mother died.”  “You destroy everyone who loves you.”  The confrontation built up to a great cliffhanger on Wednesday when Jason burst into the cottage to find Sonny holding a gun on Ric.  “Courtney’s safe.  Shoot him.”  Jason urged.  Sonny lowered the gun and replied, “I can’t.  That scum is my brother.”  “He isn’t mine.”  Jason said as he squeezed the trigger.  The camera panned to the outside of the house and a shot was fired as I gasped on the edge of my seat.  Because I am such a sucker for drama.

I smiled here.                                                      And gasped there.

You’d think I’d feel a twinge of sympathy for Ric since he was raised with a stepmama who resented him but at the end of the day, I’m more inclined to think he’s a whiny baby who needs to grow up.  Everyone endures hardship, it’s how we learn and mature and if we spend our time playing poor, poor, pitiful me we become what’s unflatteringly known as a habitual victim.  Yes, it’s sad that he missed his real mother.  It’s unfortunate that his stepmother probably didn’t appreciate his presence.  However, he wasn’t starved or beaten and his father loved him, which covers lots of ground.  Even though a father that would attempt to make his mother send her first born out for adoption doesn’t sound all that great.  He fell further into the pit of lower life forms when later he arrogantly mused to Faith that he’s untouchable now.  Think again Bubba.  Carly’s packin’ a gun and duct tape.

You know what they say, “Revenge is sweet, but payback’s a bitch.

Sadly, I turn into a completely different person while I watch GH.  Instead of seeking the higher, kinder moral ground, I tend revel in payback and even violence.  Sometimes I scare myself.  Carly drugged Ric who’s look of dawning horror that he’d been hoist on his own petard delighted me.  Then she tied him up with duct tape.  I love duct tape.  Like MacGyver, I keep some with me all the time.  At home, in the car, I love duct tape in all different colors.  Sorry, I didn’t mean to start on my passion for duct tape.  Anyway, she wrapped him up with duct tape and tried to torment him but Ric, still foggy from the drug, kept looking like he was going to drool.  Besides the fact that spoilers had already pointed in this direction, I knew she was going to attempt to remove Ric by her expression.  Jason had the same look.  Sonny informed both Jason and Carly that he couldn’t kill his mother’s son.  Neither of them responded out loud but the thought was clear.  “I can.”   

Did anyone else note that Martha’s Vineyard is about as far from Port Charles as Spoon Island?  In only one commercial break, Jason left Courtney at GH and then showed up at Ric’s house on Martha’s Vineyard.  Sonny ordered Ric out of his own home and Ric turned up at his apartment in Port Charles a commercial break later.  How amazing it that?

Ric arrived at his apartment five minutes after leaving Martha’s Vineyard
to receive a slap and a scold from Liz.

While I enjoy seeing Coleman on my screen, I have a few issues with his lifestyle choices.  His favorite choice seems to be blackmail as a career opportunity.  Coleman waited and watched outside the motel room where Ric made Carly naked checking out blackmail ops.  Who says blackmailers don’t work for their money?  When Courtney expressed horror and disgust at his actions, Coleman replied with a tinge of self-righteousness, “Hey, I’m not a fan of rape.  OK?”  Yeah, but you don’t mind voyeurism now, do you? 

Such a great face and persona, such an unscrupulous guy.

It took me a few scenes before I realized that Emily showed up in Zander’s room to say goodbye.  Well, to wear his robe, romp in bed and plan her adios.  She’s hatching a plan to dump Zander to save him from the trauma of her breast cancer.  Good for Zander for not buying her I need my space dodge.  I’ve also appreciated the scenes between Emily and Monica as both expressed their fears and understanding in dealing with breast cancer from their unique perspectives.  Not having experience with breast cancer I’m wondering why can’t Emily give permission for a lumpectomy only and refuse a mastectomy?  It’s her breast; she should be the one to decide whether she’s willing to lose a body part. 

Soak in the love Zander she’s tryin’ 
To dump you again.

Monica and Emily bond over paperwork.

Jax, unable to resist a quick stab at white knighting, persuaded Ned to offer Skye a job with a corner office at ELQ.  It was a good plan and Ned bought into it until the actual offer was about to take place.  Skye, feeling the sting of A.J.’s rejection (you’re not my sister) because he didn’t appreciate her assistance with Michael, caved in to the call of the bottle.  Half soused she attacked Ned before the ELQ job offer could be voiced.  Upon learning that Jax tried to help, Skye went to his room to thank him and check the temperature of his feelings for her.  Jax said timing’s off honey and Skye left to find herself.  Cool deal for us if this indicates a new personality phase for Skye. 

Alexis and Cameron provided some comic scenes this week.  Alexis in the hospital to Cameron:  Do we need to discuss boundaries?  Yes ma’am, I think you should cause your life overflows with boundaries and Cameron crosses them at whim.

The stalk and the anti-stalk.  The psychology boggles my mind.

Alexis, attempting to dine quietly in Dr. Cam’s vicinity, perhaps feeling lonely since Cameron hasn’t stalked for a week or so, was interrupted by Scotty who began haranguing her over crimes committed, maybe committed, or preparing to commit.  Cameron interrupted his meal to aid Alexis.  He won the verbal sparring competition hands down when he analyzed Scotty and wondered about his obsession with blonds.  I laughed in delight.   

In a perfectly choreographed combo move, Luke and Lucky turned as one to give Summer a hot look over as she walked in after her swim.  Funny.

One good ogle made the whole scene.

When you have too many smart ducks that don’t play well with others in the same room, men hide around the corner and women dance the tango for no apparent reason, throwing hair and attitude around.  Luke and Lucky had no clue they’d been spotted until Summer made an eye move during the dance.  Lucky blatantly stole Sonia’s purse and they found, gasp, another coin like the one Summer tried to lift from Nicholas’ safe.  Lucky and Summer left and Sonia made a call.  Luke ripped the cell phone from her hand and demanded to know who’s on the other end.  Like the person being rudely questioned would answer.  Yes, sir.  No, sir.  Definitely, I’m the Mysterious Vanishing Matt, sir.  Yeah, right.  Try another strategy Luke. 

And the point of this would be???

Here’s my speculation so far.  Summer and mysterious Matt tried to pull a con involving old Russian coins on Stefan.  Summer got caught while Matt disappeared.  Stefan used Matt’s disappearance to convince Summer to con Luke either telling her he’s holding Matt prisoner or threatening to turn her over to Interpol if she didn’t cooperate.  He’s been pulling strings and working out of sight with Nicholas for many months.  I’m excited to have Stefan show up on my screen.  It’s been way too long since an outlandish Cassadine plot unfolded.  

I truly dislike the bedhead look.  Lucas, Dillon, and Kyle look ridiculous to me.  Maybe my age is showing but I see the bits of hair sticking up and wonder if they’ve bothered to bathe.  Whatever floats their boat I guess; just try to look like personal hygiene matters.  I much prefer the Chia pet look that’s been popular for the past few years.  I’ll even spring for some gel.

Comb it.                                     Comb it.                                      Comb it.

Time to pay a visit to SPOILERville  

A stunning announcement in from Karen at, “Ric asks Courtney to marry him the old fashioned-soap way: By Blackmail!  I hear she calls his bluff but who knows?!”  This has to rate as the best spoiler I’ve read in ages.  Currently, Sonny’s dealing with the “darkness”, psycho bro Ric, a baby on the way, Snaky Leg Faith, THE FIVE FAMILIES and business, not to mention the Jason-wants-to-give-Courtney-his-skate-key issue and now his brother might marry his sister.  It’s so, so…deliciously soapy!

Doppelganger:  A mirror image.  In ancient mythology – an evil twin.  He’s baaack.  Ted King returns in the near future to play the evil twin brother of Luis Alcazar.  Since I perceived Luis as pretty darn evil, it’s hard for me to imagine an even more evil twin.  Perhaps he’ll associate with the dark, neck biters side of Port Charles.  For those of you with backwards cable companies that don’t air “Port Charles” I am referring to vampires.  Imagine the hole Alexis will fall into when she lays eyes on the guy she pushed over the railing and visited in the morgue.  If the shock overwhelms her she can tap into her strong inner Kristina strength, which I am positive, can overcome even an Alcazar apparition.  She can look him straight in the eye and say, “Don’t make me put on the red wig.”  That’ll make him behave for sure. 

A few weeks before Christmas this last year, I had a good laugh over Walkmans with remote controls.  The whole concept cracks me up.  Headset over your ears, CD player in your hand, and a remote attached to the wire that runs between because it’s sooo much work pressing the buttons on the item in your hand or attached at your waist.  This has to be the best example ever of electronics gone wild.  Anyway, before Christmas I showed my husband the product and we had a good laugh.  Then my husband, funny guy that he is, ran to Best Buy and bought me one for Christmas because my little radio headset wasn’t cutting the mustard and I had asked for a Walkman.  I am a regular exerciser and lately I’ve been walking so I’ve been using my handy dandy Walkman and guess what?  Headset over my ears, Walkman in hand and I find myself using the remote. 


Deep subliminal programming from early childhood teaches us to grab for a remote control.  And if the remote disappears, we must search frantically until we find it even though we could just as easily move to the electronic item in question and press the power on/off button.  A quick count in my house revealed nine in-use remotes.  I am shaking my head in perplexity and awe.  That’s just too many little buttons, too many critters eagerly seeking a hiding place deep in the sofa or under a bed.  Maybe that’s why I love my computer.  No remotes. 

May your week, rain or shine, bring you enjoyment and happiness.  May your remote reside safely in plain view.  And may your General Hospital time not be interrupted by children, dinner preparations, breaking news or power failures.  Thanks for checking in. 


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The pictures are great.  Lots of hard work and dedication goin’ on here. 

Doesn’t this picture make you want to have a great week?



Photo credit for this week:

The pictures are great.  Lots of hard work and dedication goin’ on here. 


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