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(OK, so a couple spoilers, maybe several)

This week should be called the week of “Recalling Old Times”.  Hello Nicholas.  Like greeting an old friend he slipped into his role as though he’d never been away.  Hello Emily’s drug habit and reminders of Zander on drugs.  I can’t believe how psyched I am over these two.  Hello Jason in stone face enforcer mode.  How reassuring that he’s still around, I was getting worried that he’d disappeared under the heavy load of his romance with Courtney.  Hello Luke on the run, outwitting those doing the chasing.  Hello Skye, who hurts and once again doesn’t belong – for a minute.  

Carly said the R word this week so the issue of whether Ric actually raped her or just said he did became mute.  If he tells Sonny he really didn’t do it, can he be believed when he’s done so many other evil deeds?  He can’t prove that he didn’t and for months he mentally terrorized Carly over their night of nakedness.  I’m tired of swirling in circles over Ric.  Done wondering if he’s evil, evil with a touch of redeemability, good with a vendetta, or good but misunderstood.  I’m glad the truth will come out next week cause I’m ready for fall out.

This was hard to watch as Carly said out loud what had been done to her. 

I almost didn’t want to write about Carly’s scenes in the hospital and with Sonny when she finally acknowledged the rape.  Until this week she’s worried that Sonny would find out and about the paternity of her unborn child but never acted as though the event had touched her emotionally.  But this week the feelings of violation rolled through her.  Painful to watch, Carly finally visited that place inside her that hated what happened to her and dealt with the trauma of violation.  One of my favorite scenes occurred in the penthouse when Carly, fearful that Sonny thought she was dirty, was crying in bed.  Sonny told her that he hated what had been done to her but he didn’t blame her.  He also talked about how he knows that he’s possessive, jealous and right or wrong considers Carly his.  Not a popular stance in this day and age, but truthful for Sonny and probably for many men deep down.  I showed the scene to my husband who said he probably would react the same way.  The dialogue captured me and I cried along with Carly. 


Carly cried.  Sonny comforted.  I cried too. 

The best part of Ric’s storyline is that almost the entire time he’s been working his agenda, working the cracks between Sonny and Jason, Sonny and Jason have been working him.  Yeah, Sonny and Jason had their spat, but even while they disagreed over Courtney, Sonny trusted Jason.  Like when Jason set up Sonny with Faith on the docks and he was really setting up Faith with Sonny to obtain the name of Faith’s silent partner.  Sonny didn’t know the set up was coming but he played it because he knew Jason wouldn’t betray him.  Did Ric really not get that he’s wasn’t on Sonny’s inside track?  Or was he so busy eyeing his progress into Sonny’s organization from his perspective that he couldn’t see the reality in front of him?   

Ric appears stuck in self-destruct gear.  His list of obvious crimes so far include shooting Faith twice (he didn’t know it was a dummy with a wig the second time), raping Carly (the damage has been done whether he actually used her for sex or not), murdering Paulie the guard and Fowler by fatally denting his head with a crowbar, and now taking a hike with Courtney against her will.  Presumably, Ric’s humanity will surface next week as he forces a face down with Sonny and lets the truth fly.  Here’s hoping that Rick Hearst can push a few sympathy or empathy buttons so I can stop hating him.

This week, he’s a bad guy without a clue.

Next week, he’s still a bad guy, but he’ll be related to Sonny

Sonny’s going to need to hire more guards since Ric shot Paulie and Johnny’s MIA.  How does one go about interviewing and hiring bodyguards?  Reference has been made more than once that the guards are licensed so, what does that entail?  Do Sonny, Jason or Greg place an order at a bodyguard school when dangerous, possibly deadly positions become available?  Sonny’s guards must possess very special traits.  A guard for Sonny must be able to stand outside a door looking at nothing for long periods but able to look away or disappear at the moment Michael slips out or an enemy (probably toting a bomb) wants in.  Here’s a list of classes that I think Sonny’s guards should be required to pass. 

Hall Monitoring 101

How an Expressionless Face Can Keep You Alive

How to Decide Who’s Giving Orders (Sonny, Jason, Carly, Courtney, etc.)

The Art of Intimidation (Jason can teach this class)

When to Think and When Not to Think

How to Suck It Up When Sonny Yells At You And It’s Not Your Fault

How to Shop for a Suit That Hides a Gun

Oh yeah, and Gun Safety 

Like Leticia and Reginald’s oh so briefly mentioned but entertaining fling, I propose an intense attraction between Greg, Sonny’s new numbers man, and Penny, the waitress at the diner.  The girl works every shift at the diner covering for Liz and Courtney who run out as the mood strikes them and she deserves a few lines.  This week, Greg, obviously primed by Sonny, caught my interest as he played a reluctant, uncertain cog in Sonny’s wheel as Ric intently insisted over coffee at Kelly’s that they had to try to talk Jason into not killing Faith. 

Don’t you think Greg and Penny and Reginald and Leticia could double date at The Cellar?

I’m up for some levity. 

Tears and fears this week set a new tone for Faith.  Not that I’m into terrorizing women but I liked seeing a new element of Faith as she faced her own mortality after threatening and ending the lives of others.  For months, she’s played one tune as she smugly threw her bad vibes in the face of whomever she held in her sights.  This week bad vibes were aimed at her and she didn’t like that tune at all.  It was good to see hyperventilating, pleading and tears emerge as opposed to ice-hearted harpy and controlling men with sex.  I laughed when she kept trying to entice Jason into bed but it made sense since that’s how she relates to others.  She expects those around her to operate in a similar mindset and play by the same rules.  Wrong.  I also laughed when Jason taped her mouth twice and peeled the tape off, but her lipstick stayed in place emphasizing that GH has no claims towards reality TV. 

Faith experiments with some new emotions involving fear and tears. 

Jason followed Liz who fooled him while Ric lured Courtney to his apartment.  I think it was a lure.  Or maybe it was dumb bunny Courtney ditching her guard to chase Ric around dumpsters and then going alone to his apartment.  The fight scene was great when he tried to hold her at gunpoint and she fought back.  Good job!  Ric’s KO’d on the floor, Courtney’s holding the gun, she turns her back on Ric, and quickly dials Jason never glancing down to make sure Ric’s still on the floor.  Pfft!  The scene did have its high point when Jason answered his cell phone while sitting on his motorcycle.  The lustful part of me can’t resist a guy who looks good in his jeans on a motorcycle. 


First I cheered, “Go Courtney!”   Then I yelled, “Turn around.  Don’t turn your back on him!”


One comment regarding the final cliffhanger scene on Friday where Jason walks into Ric’s apartment and finds Courtney bound and gagged.  I’d like to comment to the set people that if an actor is gagged, it shouldn’t be so loose that the actor has to hold it in place with her teeth.  The whole dangerous situation kinda loses its punch.

Could the gag possibly be any looser? 

Now I’d like to address a few spoilers.  Courtney gets kidnapped.  Courtney falls down a mineshaft.  A car driven by a bad tempered Faith hits Courtney.  Jason waits by Courtney’s hospital bedside.  Liz discovers she’s pregnant, slaps Ric and Courtney offers a bit of comfort.  Is a picture of unending Courtney forming here for you like it is for me?  I like her better lately - not exactly smart, at least she’s working on tough, but I wonder why this relative newcomer is so front burnered?  Obviously, she’s impressed someone.  I’m not slamming ALW, a hard working actor, just wondering why TPTB keep ramming this character down our throats.  At this rate our show won’t be titled “General Hospital” or “The Sonny Hour”, it’ll be “Courtney’s Corner”.  I know, I know.  I don’t complain about Jason, Sonny or Carly (always front burner, all the time) but to be fair, except for Jason, I didn’t jump on Sonny’s or Carly’s bandwagons for a couple years.  I like characters to grow on me gradually. 

Why would Liz tell Taggert that her boyfriend, MOB lawyer for Sonny, was in trouble?  She’s skirted the edges of the MOB world for a while and dealt with Taggert enough to know he’d be on the case like a bloodhound.  She knows Taggert’s feelings regarding Sonny and Jason and by extension, Sonny’s lawyer.  Taggert wouldn’t care if Ric were facing danger unless he could find a charge against Sonny.  Spoilers say Liz discovers that sex in the afternoon leads to a baby a few months later.  I am wondering if Rebecca Herbst is in the family way.  She’s stated that she’d like more children and this would be an ideal way to write a real life pregnancy into her storyline.  It’s a wonder, not a rumor because the girl is seriously flat and she doesn’t have that ripe pregnant look on any part of her body.

Liz blows off Taggert, but she does it wearing this cool blue suede coat. 

In a preemptive strike, Skye called a Q conference and announced Tracey's big secret.  So much for Rae’s big lie and a 5 mil blackmail scheme.  Alan stepped up to the plate and informed Skye, “I'll always be your father”.  Later Alan said, “I dare any one of you to say that Skye isn’t a Quartermaine.”  Edward, chief Skye hater, blustered, “Oh she’s a Quartermaine.  She’s conniving, she’s treacherous and she’s very ungrateful."  How appropriate that Edward claimed Skye by naming her worst traits.  Takes one to know one Eddy.

Tracey goes for the money while Skye in a new character twist goes for the truth. 

Skye informed Lila that she’s not a Q and then was gratified to hear Lila say she’ll always be her granddaughter.  Lila, who oddly was sitting in a room by herself while Reginald and even Alice were invited into the family meeting then requested to speak with Tracey.  A stern Lila ordered Tracey banished within the hour.  Go Lila!  Alice and Reginald packed Tracey's bags, brought them downstairs and threw them unceremoniously at Tracey's feet.  Reginald even kicked one for good effect.  Very good day for Skye, bad day for Tracey. 


Lila says, “Off with her head.”  But then changes her mind and says, “Banished with her bags.” 

Dillon came in, saw the bags and said, "That was fast. Where we goin' now?"  Tracey said she's going but he's staying to take his rightful place in the Q family.  So, who’s in charge of Dillon? 

Did you see the scene where Dillon helped Georgie skip school?  They went to her house and made out.  In a stunning musical montage, Georgie almost lost her virginity.  Mac, Maxie and Lucas showed up just as the clothes were landing on the floor and demanded to know what the heck was going on and why did Dillon and Georgie waste half a perfectly good pepperoni pizza and a large bowl of popcorn.  You didn’t see those scenes, you say?  I didn’t either, but I wish I did.  OK, they skipped school, watched an old movie, and became better acquainted in a good way.  They’ve only had a few scenes but I cautiously like Dillon and Georgie because they’re smart.  As always, I reserve the right to change my mind and bash them next week should I feel a need.  Let Maxie try for the popularity queen scene and Lucas can have the party guy reputation.  Variety is the spice of life so the teenage mix may not be horrible after all.

I’m only dippin’ my toe in the water so far. 

Jax played Tracey like a pro and I’m anticipating more plotting between those two.  Tracey’s unashamedly greedy and unscrupulous while Jax blatantly used her attraction against her.  Skye slapped Jax for enjoying his double-cross dinner with Tracey way too much and I found myself for the first time in like, umm…ever, likin’ Jax.    

Gimme a good story with these two!  Sounds fun! 

Don’t you adore Emily and Zander in love?  I say with a deep sigh.  Except for the kidnapping at gunpoint, Dead Ted’s murder trial, Emily’s broken back in the bus accident, Zander using and selling drugs, and various other incidents they’re definitely meant for each other.  Zander wants to support Emily with her pretend drug addiction and Emily intends to protect Zander from the pain of her breast cancer.  Their scenes continue to be intense and magnetic.  I really like these two.


Say yes, Emily!  Marry the guy.   

Actors come and actors go while characters remain.  I understand.  I can deal.  nuLucky had a fire thing goin’ on his upper arm and shoulder blade.  This week nunuLucky stopped to make love to Summer during their escape from Spoon Island and he’s sporting a phoenix tattoo across his back.  The scene played and I’m thinking, “Cool, love scene in the middle of a chase.  Hey!  What’s that thing on his back?”  The inconsistent tattoos distract me. 

Best tattoo picture I could find. 

Carly went from flat to fluffy in one day with a prego pillow.  Suddenly she walks down stairs with her hand supporting her back.

It’s a bit early for the oh-my-achin’-back routine. 

When Jason searched Ric’s apartment and grabbed his files on Sonny, did he happen to find the bloody crowbar, with which Ric bashed Fowler and planned to use as evidence against Jason? 

I guess we’ll never get to know who murdered Ida. 

Where’s Elton and what happened to Laura’s company? 

I’ve been flirting with the idea of writing a midweek column based solely on commercials because there are some amazing advertising ideas floating around attempting to pull in consumers.  That would be you and me and our wallets.  Two in particular struck my funny bone this week.  The first commercial airs regularly for Snickers Popables.  Little blobs of chocolate pop out of a Snickers bar and jump into a bag enticing me to run to the store and purchase them.  My problem with Snickers Popables has its roots in motherhood and is based on what they look like.  Mothers everywhere, especially mothers of diaper age children, know what those little round chocolate blobs look like and I’m here to tell ya, I’m not putting them in my mouth.  I don’t drink Mountain Dew or eat Milk Duds either.  Guess what they look like?  Some visuals are too powerful to ignore.  For me, looks overrule taste in these products and they are not welcome in my mouth no matter how delicious they might be. 

The second product advertises on SoapNet and is called Skintight – superglue for the skin.  Talk about scary.  Like a mini temporary facelift, this product is designed to lift and smooth wrinkles.  Brave women smooth it on their skin, pull the problem area back and up and hold for 60 seconds.  Whala!  A facelift is born.  Except it only lasts for eight hours at which time I assume the face begins to fall and wrinkles reappear.  Here’s my thought.  What if a woman who wants to look wonderful for an important event uses this product?  What if, say…five hours into her important moment, one side of the facelift superglue begins to wear off?  Half her mouth would be down and wrinkled while the other kept on smiling.  She might look like the Joker on Batman with the makeup smeared.  Or perhaps one eye would be higher and wider than the other.  Here’s a concept I’d like to send to the folks who market Skintight - smile, be who you are wrinkles and all, unless you can afford surgery.  Do NOT try to glue your face back into its youthful, younger shape.  Because if something goes wrong, you are going to scare everyone into believing you’re having a stroke as your face falls piece by piece.  These folks won’t be receiving my hard earned $19.95 plus shipping and handling but if they ask, I’ll send them a real smile.  Just so they know what one looks like. 

If you could see me now you’d know that I am smiling because I finished the column for this week.  It’s been an exercise in determination and persistence as family and friends kept calling me away from my computer.  I’m tellin’ ya, at times there are a lot of hoops we soap fans must jump through for our 38 minutes of enjoyment.  Why is that?  Why is my vacation time (GH watching) trivial but prime time TV considered normal?  Oh well, if I wanted to play by the rules I’d be someone else.  Have a great week everyone.  Thanks for reading.



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