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(A few spoiler mentions and lots of opinion) 

This week in Soap Opera Digest I read an interesting article about GH’s upcoming Fantasy February episode.  In it, Guza was quoted as saying, “We had to be very careful not to do stuff that we might want to do in the next few months of story!  Our fans are extremely savvy.  There are a lot of people out there who were sort of anticipating things that Chuck (Charles Pratt, coHead Writer) and I intended to do.  Otherwise, you just pick the stuff that seems interesting.  A lot of it is stuff that Chuck and I might have wanted to do, too.”  I surmised from a guess what’s coming standpoint that it will be as interesting to see what’s included in this episode as what is not included.  If Sonny and Jason switch places then Jason could be Carly’s guy, something Jason and Carly fans will appreciate, while Sonny could hook up with Brenda.  These are only suppositions.  I’m anticipating Wednesday, because I’m always willing to take a day off for fun.   

Well I know there was some weepin’ and wailin’ goin’ on this week.  Brenda headed off to Europe to learn how to be happy without a man while Brenda and Jax fans mourned the marriage that wasn’t again.  Meanwhile, Vanessa Marcil gave interviews to every soap magazine proclaiming her love of the character Brenda, her co-stars, ABC, and the fans.  Though I sometimes wished for a Brenda break, for the most part I liked Brenda and appreciated the enthusiasm VM created in this character.  It was a good run and I certainly enjoyed her marriage and interaction with Jason.  I especially enjoyed making fun of her clothes.  So the door is open for a Brenda return to Soapland and she doesn’t even have to rise from the dead to do it.  I didn’t weep or wail, but I won’t mind seeing her in the future.  Bye, bye Brenda.

As they say when I walk out the doors at Wal-Mart -
Thank you, come again.

I thought my eyes would be rolling and disgust would be lacing my words, but no.  Thank you GH for allowing Brenda to tell Jax how rotten he was to wait until the emotional, heartfelt vows were complete and only the I Do’s left before he changed his mind.  Keeping her dignity, she told him he was wrong and cruel, then in an up yours kinda way, walked herself back down the aisle.  Go girl – most of us are not likin’ that Jax right now anyway.  And I liked how they sent her off.  She told Ned that she was leaving P.C. to learn how to let herself be happy.  But she didn’t leave before signing the million dollar check from Jax and telling him to give it to a battered women’s shelter himself so he could find a new girl to rescue, implying that she doesn’t need rescuing anymore and he didn’t really love her, he only wanted to save her.  All issues addressed, dignity in tact, no details left hanging.  Wow, how often does that happen? 


I try not to be spiteful, but I liked that Brenda emerged the emotional victor in these scenes.

Take your marriage and your money and put it…You fill in the blank. 

Skye looked a little pathetic this week.  She traded pool table sex with Coleman so she could pilfer a pistol to what?  Hide behind a post and shoot Jax after he said I Do?  When the marriage didn’t happen, does she take her gun-toting purse and get herself outta there?  Oh no, she follows Brenda to her dressing room to rub it in that she lost Jax.  That’s the Skye I remember from her first appearances on GH – heartless and mean.  Then in an overload of vindictiveness she sought out Brenda the next day to make sure she was appropriately miserable.  It would serve Skye right if Brenda had freaked her out by making her think she’d decided to stay in Port Charles to fight for Jax.  It wouldn’t have been true, but it would have made a nice So There to Skye. 

In a refreshing turn of events, on Monday Jason chastised Sonny for his uncontrollable lust with Brenda and made him justify his actions.  I enjoyed defensive Sonny immensely even though he never copped to the fact that he shouldn’t have kissed Brenda in the first place.  In a fit of maturity he should have figured out that Carly is his woman of choice without the long smooch – a hug maybe, a peck and a hug at most, but not that tongue twister Carly saw.  And neither Sonny nor Brenda seemed to grasp the difference between good-bye and a passionate clinch that revisited their entire relationship.  They both spoke of it as though it was nothing for anyone to get bent out of shape over, demonstrating how warped they are regarding their relationship.

You tell him, Jason. 

  That’s it, Sonny.  Explain yourself! 

Sonny explained his reason for kissing to Brenda to Jason like this.  “One thing leads to another, she comes to me, we kiss.  Now the reason I kissed her is because I needed to find out for myself once and for all and I did.  It’s over.”  The whole problem with this explanation revolves around the fact that he had to wrap his arms around her and do the twisty face for about 60 seconds.     

GH, please stop the cycle of abuse.  Stop the Hate Sonny storyline.  These players are actively involved in the “Everything is Alll Sonny’s Fault” theme – Ned, Edward, Faith, Skye, A.J., Alexis, Taggert, and now Jax jumped back on the bandwagon.  Residing in the wings, having hated Sonny in the past or waiting to hate Sonny again I see Monica, Alan, and Dr. Tony Jones, not to mention Lucky, Nicholas and Gia who just don’t like him.  Did I miss anyone? 

Long, long ago Carly went to Jakes looking for Jason and had sex with A.J. who was drunk and later didn’t recall the romp.  Michael was conceived.  At least she remembers the hate sex with Sonny when they made their baby, though that also came about in ruin-my-life payback mode after she observed Jason dancing with Liz in Kelly’s.  Carly, hurt over Sonny’s lip lock with Brenda, again heads to Jakes.  Ready to trash her life she drinks, gets drugged, and through Ric’s emerging not so nice agenda, thinks she had sex with him but can’t remember.  It’ll be panic city next week when that dizzy spell hits.  Poor girl just can’t catch a break in the maternity department.

I told her to never give up her cell phone, but did she listen? 
No.  And look what happened.

“I told you I act out when I’m hurt or upset,” Carly informed Ric.  It was Ric’s responsibility to handle whatever self-destruct scheme she’d formulated?  I don’t think so.  No doubt about it, Ric making a drugged Carly believe they had sex is lowdown, but it’s not his job to save her from herself. 

Jax can go sit in Joker’s Corner while A.J. continues to face the Weasel’s Wall of Shame.  He’s so good at it and he has no fear.  This week he had one scene in which he taunted Jason about Sonny making him give up Courtney and Coleman moving in on his territory.  Jason hits him, kicks him and chokes him until Ned restrains Jason.  Does A.J. back up?  Oh no, his mouth keeps on running and a part of me laughs and shakes my head in admiration.  I know people, teenagers, in real life who act like A.J.  No fear, no shame defines the motto he lives by.  He may be beat up, he has a headache but he’ll see Ned at the office because why let a little physical abuse get in the way of his day? 

You can work at ELQ, and we’ll be one happy family. 
I’ll give you an office down from A.J.

After A.J. stumbled away a serious, caring Ned informed Jason that the door’s always open at ELQ should he ever want to stop working for Sonny.  Now if anything would make stone face Jason crack a smile I thought that would.  Working for ELQ.  Right. 

I liked Ned’s gray suede jacket this week.  My eyes widened when Faith’s hands slid into Ned’s shorts to distract him after Sonny rampaged into their room looking for Carly.  I wondered if Wally Kurth was freaking on the inside as her hands slid into his boxers.  Made me laugh.

Great coat.

  Great hands.

(There are way too many comments running through my head for this one.  LOL) 
Ok, Ok, here’s one – A little shock for the jock.

Surely, Sonny’s not gonna fall for the old anonymous phone call, your sisters makin’ whoopee with your best friend in a cold cabin trick.  The best part of the shortest kidnap in history happened when Jason answered his phone and heard, “We’ve got your girlfriend.”  I so wanted Jason to urgently reply, “Really?  Which one?”  Because I not too long ago Jason spent a few frantic days answering a phone on the docks when “We’ve got your girlfriend,” meant Liz was locked in a crypt.

You have my girlfriend?  
Really?  Which one? 

Courtney gets kidnapped 
for 15 minutes.

Don’t fall for it, Sonny!

Mike made an appearance this week to reiterate to Courtney why she must not love Jason.  “You know who you sound like?” he asked Courtney.  And I’m muttering, “I know who she sounds like.  She sounds like a rerun of the Courtney Loves A.J. mantra only she changed the line to Courtney loves Jason.”  The writers probably didn’t even have to write new dialogue.  They just reprinted the old scripts when everyone in Port Chuck informed Courtney of the terribleness of A.J. while she denied their claims, insisted he was different with her, and proclaimed her true love.  I’m not trying to be sarcastic but the girl has already traveled this true love road and she didn’t learn anything?  If everyone around you is offering the same advice – perhaps you should consider the possibility of a bit of truth in it. Mike went on to say Courtney sounded like Sonny’s mom, Adela, but I liked my response much better. 

If Alexis is faking DID as spoilers say to cover her temper tantrum with Alcazar (and it will be so cool if she is), then she should be crowned Empress of Legal Strategy.  Not only that, she will move to the top of the manipulation scale equal to Helena, only not as mean.  We’ll know that Alexis has truly filled Helena’s shoes when Luke puts her naked picture in his bar.  One funny moment struck me when evil Krissy threatened Dr. Cam on the docks with the knife.  Dr. Cam restrained her and waited for her to stop struggling.  He released his hold on her but let her keep the knife in her hand.  Also, where’d the wig go?  Kristina/Alexis is lighting candles and arranging room décor, but why didn’t she put on the wig first?  Isn’t the wig a necessary alternate personality tool? 

Cameron sucks up all the air in the room and
Kristina can’t breathe.

And where does Dr. Lewis get off informing Jax of Alexis’ condition and of her murder confession?  What happened to patient confidentiality?   I’m never telling him any of MY secrets.

Apparently, Zander and his shrink Daddy can’t synchronize their schedules and show up for taping on the same day.  I am going to be really mad if this story and fallout are dropped!  It’s just odd how the hunting scenes and almost face to face meetings built up the big reveal of their relationship and the trauma that tore them apart and now…nothing.  All hope isn’t lost, it’s only been a week.  Probably Dr. Lewis the Lurker isn’t available for family tribulations since his schedule is filled with following Alexis around town. 

Summer and Lucky as a serious couple don’t feel real to me.  It’s more of a Lucky gets lucky with a woman who used to be a hooker story.  I feel no emotional pull with these two and now I have to adjust to nunuLucky.  Luke using Summer as a sponge for his grief grabs me.  Equally, Summer trying to walk away from a call girl career and using Luke as a support group of one, I can buy into.  It’s not romance, but the relationship has developed bit by bit and feels real.  I’m waiting to see on this storyline. 

I don’t know who’s the patient and who’s the therapist,
But they are good for each other.

Coleman steals whatever scene in which he appears.  My favorite this week occurred at Kelly’s when Skye, in the middle of normal conversation with Coleman, switched into rescue-me-I’m-being-blackmailed-by-a-lowlife-bar-owner helpless female for Jax’s benefit.    And Jax, jumping into white knight type person (he doesn’t even need the fairy dust sound to pull it off), sternly told Coleman to leave Skye alone.  Coleman, far from cowering in fear, looked like he could hardly keep from laughing.  I admit to talking to the TV again.  “Don’t laugh, Coleman.  You can do it.  Hold it in,” I told him.  A day or so later he exited Kelly’s right into the A.J./Jason face off.  “Buenos Dias, Amigos,” he drawled looking pleased with the world, making me feel pleased right along with him.

Coleman being, well…Coleman.

Do you think Coleman is playing snake in the grass with Faith in a twisted attempt to save Courtney again?  I would really love to see a A.J./Courtney/Coleman triangle.  A.J. can try to raise his standards an inch or so above the curb, while Coleman can walk around being smirky and sexy with an occasional noble thought.  It could be good!  

Every character carries a cell phone and every cell phone has the same ring tone.  Somebody needs to read the instruction booklet and learn how to change the tune. 

Scruffy-faced, unshaven Jason appealed to me this week.  Go ahead, laugh.  You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, Kathy, you like Jason no matter what.”  True, I am warped in that direction, but at least I can laugh about it.

If you don’t like the picture, just keep scrolling.

The new promos have me curious.  A main character’s face slides onto the left side of the screen with four smaller faces on the right.  Sonny’s face had Carly on the right.  Jax’s face had four little Jax’s on the right (probably emphasizing that Jax’s world is all about Jax).  Jason’s face had Sonny and Carly in one and then Liz’s and Courtney’s on another promo.  You get the picture, right?  I’m wondering if this is foreshadowing.  I’m going to keep track for a while. 

This is a paragraph about ethics and responsibility.  If you want funny, don’t read it.  It’s a soap so romance blossoms, lust rages and characters fall into bed.  Lately, Skye and Coleman have done the mating dance; Carly thinks she and Ric shared a night of passion; Ned and Faith keep following their lustful ways.  How come no one worries about STD’s?  It should at least be mentioned in a responsible, respectful way.  Since STD’s are more prevalent than HIV you’d think this would be an easy cause for GH to pick up on with little fanfare.  No Nurse’s Ball or drawn out storyline necessary, just an acknowledgement of a serious issue in our culture.  OK, I’m done now. 

This is how most of my evenings go.  Home 45 minutes after my kids arrive home from school.  Walk into the kitchen, check homework, start dinner.  Rewind GH tape and check to see if any breaking news stories interrupted my show.  I’m not against news, in fact, I’m fairly addicted to it.  However, I have learned most crimes or events that occur during the day will take place between 2 P.M. and 3 P.M.  Why is that?  Anyway, give kids permission to play outside, turn on tape, and begin preparing dinner.   

“Mom, can I go…”  “Yes, be home in half an hour.”  Rewind tape. 

“Mom, you have to sign…”  “OK, set it on the counter and I’ll sign.”  Rewind tape. 

“Mom, what’s for dinner?”  “We’re having…”  I answer and realize I’m hearing a voice that I don’t recognize.  Cool, it’s the nunuLucky with streaked blond hair, looking remarkably different from his magazine photo.  Rewind tape.   

“Mom, how long till dinner’s ready?”  “Ready in about…”  Darn, rewind tape again, third try.  Realize that I’ve missed a few scenes.  What the heck is Ric telling Carly?  Rewind tape. 

Telephone rings.  It’s my friend checking in to chat.  We talk.  Oops, forgot to stop tape.  Rewind tape.  Still cooking.   

Hang up telephone and turn on tape.  “Mom, have you seen the basketball pump?”  “It’s in the….”  DARN, REWIND TAPE. 

Turn on tape and realize that I haven’t checked outside where usually, several teenagers are hanging out in my driveway and garage.  Make my adult presence known.  Rewind tape. 

Telephone rings again.  My husband is calling to see what we’re doing for the evening.  Stop tape so I can pay attention.  Still cooking. 

Rewind tape.  “Mom, can I go…”  DADBLASTIT I JUST WANT TO WATCH MY SHOW!  REWIND TAPE!  Still cooking. 

And so it goes.  Why am I telling you this you might ask?  No reason really, I just wanted some sympathy.  Happy viewing everyone.  Thanks for reading. 


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