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Sadly, I need to report that I canít write a column this week.  Why, you ask?  Because real life took over my GH fantasy time and no one would LEAVE ME ALONE long enough to write more than a few paragraphs.  So Iím sitting here on a Sunday afternoon facing the daunting task of writing something about my show.  Nope, itís not flowing Ė apparently, Iím right next to brain dead in the creative department.  In the absence of brain wave action, I thought Iíd write a brief synopsis for the week and hope I rev up for the coming week, especially the anniversary show. 

Carly met with her sob sister Courtney to moan about whether or not she should reveal to Sonny that she (thinks she) slept with Ric.  In one good conversation, Carly told Courtney to quit whining about Sonny and cut him some slack.  Courtney remained clueless but itís not her fault since no one will tell her that Sonny actually has a real problem thatís causing his unreasonable attitude.  Sonny continued to spiral into the black void with erratic and sometimes cruel behavior that made my heart ache for him.  Oh, and Sonny held a broken bottle to Jaxís neck and I saw Jax shut up for the first time ever.


Alexis cried.                                                Carly and Sonny cried.

It was a rough week so I cried too. 

Alexis ran around town berating people and growing continually more desperate for contact with Kristina.  She even went to Sonny to seek help but didnít offer any info because Sonny handed back to her some of what he usually keeps bottled up inside himself making Alexis cry.  Which made me tear up too. 

Jason and Courtney moved into Jasonís penthouse so Jason could protect Courtney and Courtney could decorate a new living space.  Courtney made an odd fashion statement with pjís and boots. 

Faith tried to rape Ned on the docks while Edward plotted, A.J. arsoned and Alan pretended to doctor baby Kristina in a plan to snatch Edwardís new obsession away from Ned.  Monica immediately figured out the Q menís baby plan and threatened to spill the beans but didnít as she held Kristina and fell under the babyís spell.  Big Alice also fell in love with Kristina.


                                  Creepy                                              Big Alice will be feeding Kristina

                                                                                                           bottles in no time. 

Zander showed up on screen long enough to play hero saving Ned from the fire in the gatehouse with an impressive firemanís carry.  He then planned to play sleuth with Gia and Dr. Daddy to catch sneaky Scotty in one of his many corrupt politician schemes to help Alexis.  Apparently, Zander has a weird psychic connection with Edward as he figured out that Edward was worried about Ned but not surprised by the fire.

Zander says hmmm and reads Edwardís mind. 

Liz and Lucky spoke a few times reconnecting with their past and making waves towards a predicted L&L revival.  Ric smarmed his way closer to Liz and then tried to use his new authority as Sonnyís attorney and Carlyís club manager to order Jason away.  Talk about funny.  Liz made a stupid apology to Jason along the lines of sorry Sonny threw you away like garbage but itís your own fault because of your bad choices.  Like I said, lame.


            Iím liking these two together.                     Ric, in a spasm of giddiness at being hired as

                                                                                             Sonnyís attorney, tests his new

                                                                                                     authority on Jason. 

The teenagers aired for ten minutes instead of their usual five while Maxie tried to lose her virginity to sex hungry Kyle, but then had the good sense to say no.  After making it home to sob into her pillow Maxie blamed the failed become-popular-through-sex scheme on Georgie.

Maxie proves that just say no works sometimes. 

I love my General Hospital.  A show, it seems, that almost everyone has ceased to enjoy or watch except me and a few other hardy folks.  GH seems to be sliding down the popularity scale fast.  Isnít anyone enjoying any part of General Hospital these days?  I feel like everyone received a secret e-mail explaining the horribleness of GH and I was left out.  Of course, not a long haul viewer (six years does not a decade make) perhaps I just havenít grasped the subtleties of the peaks and valleys.  What Iíve seen are cycles.  Guza likes action, intense dialogue, and women with low brainpower.  McTavish offered smart women, relationships with no action, and barely passable dialogue that didnít endear or suit the characters.  If thereís a middle ground here I havenít seen it, so I try to enjoy whatís put before me bearing in mind that what I currently dislike the most will change soon (I can eye roll with the best of  Ďem) and whatever I love wonít last either (sigh).  My point being that Iíll doggedly continue watching, steeped in intense storylines, alternately smiling with enjoyment and shouting in disgust, and I hope others will too.   

This week Iíll try to beat back the heartless reality taskmaster and spend more time in soapland.  Thanks for stopping by.    

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If you ever miss a day of GH, check out this site.  The pictures are great.



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