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(One, two, three, how many spoilers do you see?) 

Like eating the last bite of a bowl of chocolate ice cream that I’ve waited all week to indulge in, I finish the column with a sigh of repletion and wonder where did all those words come from?  I had no idea they were hiding inside me waiting to burst out into paragraphs.  Each week I think, “Well, it’ll be a short one next week.  What could I possibly say?”  Then I watch and the words begin to flow.    

Man, did you guys have to be so loud?  I heard you all the way in my little corner of Texas last Tuesday.  You kept me awake with your whooping and hollering as your ecstatic Journey dreams came true when Jason proposed to Courtney.  All right, already.  I’ll admit to a happy little sigh over tender Jason even a rewind or two.  Courtney remains on the wait-and-see-how-she-develops list for me.  Some career ambitions or a hobby (or two), baking gigantic cookies and kickboxing don’t really count, might snag my interest.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  I don’t hate her, but I wouldn’t offer her my green M&M’s either and everyone knows the green M&M’s taste the best. 

  Jason says,
“Will you marry me?”  

Courtney says,  

  This is how you say,
“Yaaayyyy” on a soap.

 Why are Courtney and Michael running around town without guards when Faith and Ric still pose a threat to Sonny’s family?  There is a serious lack of guardship going on and GH needs to address this issue.  I do hope that no guards get blown up in the limo next week, because Sonny seems to be running low on men.

No guards here.  

      But Max guards the penthouse door
 when Sonny and Carly are at the island.

Jason disappeared through Ric’s kitchen window with the bloody tire iron, which promptly caused me to wonder about the size of the kitchen window and on what floor is Ric’s apartment located.  I know, it’s not reality TV and those types of questions aren’t answered, but I still wonder. 

Ric doesn’t learn from his mistakes and his obsessive hate for Sonny renders him unlikable.  Faith falls into the same villain category.  Rumors indicate that both of these characters are keepers so I’m trying to figure out how they can move from hate-to-see-them-on-my-screen to love-to-hate them.  How can they graduate to Helena’s realm where I can hardly wait to find out what outrageous dastardly plan is being concocted.  Guza has stated that he hopes Ric will be a villain that makes the viewer want to throw a brick at the television screen.  I’d say he’s been successful in his endeavor. 

Snaky Faith negotiates with Rotten Ric 

Happening soon, spoilers inform us that Ric kidnaps Carly.  Just when I think he can’t slide down the slime pole any further he finds a way.  On a scale of 1 – 10 he’s about a minus 11.  Where’s my brick?   

It amazes me how time softens perception.  Skye jumped into the Q mix as a strong, hard-hearted, willing-to-be-bad soul.  Now she’s softer and needy.  I wish she could play all four – strong, bad, needy and soft.  Plus smart.  Carly started out angry and vengeful, but she learned and matured.  She learned never to shoot a man in open court.  Never turn in your husband to the FBI.  Don’t trust a Q.  And Jason doesn’t fall for her seduction techniques.  Of course, she still runs to Jakes when she wants to trash her life and she hasn’t mastered the stairways are not her friend during pregnancy idea.  I find myself enthusiastically enjoying happy, laughing Carly who makes Sonny smile and can be a friend to Courtney.  Talking to Liz in the hospital as Liz agonized over whether or not to abort her baby, Carly offered understanding without sarcasm.  Good scenes.  I am sucking all of this in because sooner or later she’ll revert to character with another “plan”.  


It’s not often we’re treated to smiles and empathy from Carly.

Courtney waited until Liz was experiencing some unrest in her relationship with Ric and then stepped in, again.  Courtney stole Liz’s boyfriend, again.  Courtney acted innocent of all charges, again.  So Liz slapped Courtney, again.  Since Liz only knows bits and pieces of Ric’s life, I can’t blame her for assuming Courtney’s at fault in the Ric/Courtney mini-engagement.  Poor Liz doesn’t get in on any of the juicy info floating around P.C. but perhaps that’s because when she’s mad, she tells what she knows.  Secret keeping is a highly esteemed character trait in our little town and she tends to fail in that area.  Don’t even get me started on her wishy washy hatefulness to Ric one moment followed by a knock on his door declaring her undying love.

Liz puts on her mad face and smacks Courtney, again.

The prize for Best Sport should be awarded to Rebecca Herbst for performing in the vicinity of a snake.  Even if the snake was slithering around on the other side of the set, she deserves a trophy.  Though I was confused as to how she made it to the hospital if she hit her head and was laying unconscious on the floor of her studio.  But here’s the frightening part.  Faith tried to scare Liz away from Ric with a snake.  Who cares if it wasn’t poisonous?  Ric found Faith at the hospital, roughly grabbed her arm jerking her around and said, “Listen to me.  You stay away from Elizabeth.  Touch her again and you die.”  Faith giggled.  Excuse me, it was a snake!  Perhaps Ric should ask Sonny about how to hire a guard because his arm jerk to Faith doesn’t seem appropriately severe.


Snake + Terror = Severe Arm Jerk

Wow!  I’m sure Faith’s learned her lesson now. 

Nicholas put Roberto in a casket, which seemed a rather Luke-ish move.  Maybe the Spencer/Cassadine feud really stems from the fact both sides want Nicholas for a son because Lucky’s turned into a whiner since Helena grabbed him.  Lucky’s mad at Luke for???  I don’t know why, he’s a constant walking talking pout party.  Nicholas remains on his bad side because???  Oh who cares, Lucky’s hot under the collar anyway.  Lucky’s short with Summer because she lied to him, but he still likes her.  So, darn it, he’s mad about that too.  I know it’s the writing, not the actor.  My point is that the one note Lucky’s playing has become annoying.  I want a character, not a whine machine.

Nicholas pulls a Luke. 

Uhh, Mac?  The grounding thing isn’t working.  Mac informed Maxie a week ago that she was grounded for going to Kyle’s party.  She was at Kelly’s the next day.  A few days later, Mac, frantic, realized that Maxie had stayed out all night and when she strolled in, he grounded her again and Georgie too.  Next thing we know, Maxie’s at Kelly’s emphatically defending Kyle as a victim of his sick friends, crying, and asking Mac, “Please don’t hate my boyfriend.”  A little later, Maxie met vile Kyle at the park to have her heart broken as Kyle confessed to turning on the web cam.  I felt old as I immediately took the parent’s viewpoint.  Yep, poor naïve Maxie got taken advantage of.   Poor shocked Mac saw his daughter lose her innocence on the ‘Net.  Now get that girl an ankle bracelet or something, ‘cause she’s definitely needs to stay home where she’s safe.


Maximum Maxie informs Vile Kyle that she was only using him to get to the prom. 

I read a spoiler that says Zander gets beat up by drug dealers and my immediate thought was, “Again?”  That boy gets roughed up and bopped on the head more than Jason.  Why can’t Kyle get beaten up and Zander interrupts.  Someone has to step up to the noble plate since Tagg’s has left the building.   

Alexis and Cameron spent the night in a file room because neither the lawyer nor the doctor was carrying their cell phone?  Pfft! 

This is what you do when you forget your cell phone.

Know what I find vexing?  I write my column spouting opinions and poking fun at storylines, idiosyncrasies, and anomalies, hopefully in a kind way.  Then GH makes a story light and I find it difficult to make fun when they’re already making fun.  Of course, I am referring to Alexis as Dobson.  While I am sad that I no longer see smart Alexis on my screen, I am glad that NLG can take the material handed to her and make the best of it.  Don’t tell Big Alice but Dobson walks and talks like a girl.  Don’t tell Emily but the guy she finds so easy to confide in, defended her boyfriend for murder.  Don’t tell Edward, but Dobson dumps crumbs on the floor.  Don’t tell Ned or Cameron but they’re imbeciles for not recognizing a woman lawyer in butler’s clothing.


The Three Faces of Alexis. 

Baby fever has swept through General Hospital.  Skye told the lady at the sperm bank, “You are a sperm bank.  I’m in the market.  Why do you people make it so complicated?”  Made me laugh and call out Coleman’s as a possible sperm donor.  Rumor and spoilers suggest that Skye and Ned will soon make a connection.  I guess I need some time to overcome the Skye as a relative mindset before I can adjust to Ned and Skye playing kissy face.    

Skye usually sports the sleekest, classiest wardrobe, but whoever shopped for this outfit needs to return it as the ensemble that didn’t fly.    

The dress pattern clashed with the jacket pattern and material.

Hated the flower.

The whole outfit struck me wrong. 

OK, I hate to nag and last Friday ended a bit better with Em’s bad news about the cancer, Ned asking Dobson what he was doing with Kristina, Ric discovering that Liz is pregnant, Sonny forcing Carly to eat fruit, and Jason reassuring Courtney that he really wants to marry her.  Like I said, a little better but not much cliff hanging.  If GH is going to promo the idea, they need to deliver.

Gratuitous picture because I really enjoy Emily and Zander. 

For the last few Sunday’s my husband has found himself relaxing and watching a show called “Orange County Choppers” on The Discovery Channel.  It’s reality TV at its finest and should be an example for all the prime time shows that call themselves reality programs.  On “Orange County Choppers” a father and two sons design and build custom motorcycles for various clients.  The father, an irascible jerk, runs the shop, one son creates and builds, while the other son shows up and messes around.  At various points during the show, narration occurs in which one person explains what’s wrong or unfair with another.  It’s kinda fun to watch, comedy and drama mixed in a real setting.  Forget sports, my husband is soaking in the ambiance of motorcycle design and temper tantrums like it’s Emmy material. 

Another of his channel flipping habits includes checking out the Spanish channel (my husband doesn’t speak Spanish) and then watching whatever movie is playing.  They do offer a great variety of classics but what really cracks me up is when my English speaking husband watches a Bruce Lee action flick originally filmed in Chinese and now dubbed in Spanish.  I just roll my eyes and tell him he is never allowed to make fun of me again.  At least I understand the words being spoken on screen during GH.    

I am skating through this week as school winds down.  Ready for long summer days with my kids and GH in real time.  Currently, in my multi-tasking lifestyle I cook dinner, watch GH, take notes, and check homework simultaneously.  I love the word multi-tasking.  Such a businesslike new concept type of term for what parents do every day.  Have a wonderful, successful week.  May spring breezes blow away your problems and bring only the scent of flowers blooming.  Thanks for stopping by. 

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