Sept 21, 2004

This officer is always delighted to see Coleman but duuude.  What is *UP* with the hair?  Channeling Luke in his younger years?  Sage says that it's Blake Gibbon's natural curls (aw!) but I say that the blow dryer is mostly his friend.   

Lois also has what appears to be a perm and that doesn't work in my style view of Lois (because everything should work with my style view, lol.)  I prefer the choppy short layers that save her from looking like an old west saloon girl when wearing a sequined bustier/corset.  I'd like to see a little more effort devoted to Lois and Lorenzo's not really romance.  The hateful way that Lorenzo behaved after their sexual encounter was downright chilling.  It could be a riveting facet of a burgeoning real love, him being consumed by guilt over that moment in time and all.  Then again, it might end as one more way in which GH portrays women as can't control themselves whores, with Lois eventually reuniting with Ned who she always loved, feeling just horrible about that outburst of passion and having added a notch to her otherwise virginal since the divorce bedpost. Yeah, so I'm not really wanting a Ned/Lois reunion - can ya tell?   

And what is Nikolas doing with his hair?  Channeling Elvis, maybe.  Hate it.  Quite possibly the final nail in the coffin of my fine Prince's sexiness.  I'm not positive how many nails a coffin requires but be assured that the first several are labeled with Emily's moaning, umming and groaning, Emily in EXTREME PERIL, Emily's shrilling and pointing, Emily's possession of his balls in her corduroy purse, etc.  In my dreams, Mary's twin Maude shows up at their little church in the woods nuptials with an interruptive word or two to say on behalf of the gal who helped give the place a coat of fresh paint.  And this version of Catherine Wadkins wouldn't be dressing like the church secretary, hehe. 

Georgie gets the ugly earring award of the week.  Rectangles with big stick figures on them.  Did I miss that trend and those are somehow cool?  (Yeah, I probably also missed the trend where it's not cool to say cool anymore, too)  In the words of my comedian wannabe six-year-old, "Mom, you're gonna be thirty on your next birthday.  Hahahahaha."  But seriously, those aren't cool, are they?   

So, that episode last week where Carly ran into Dr. Steven Weber on the docks... No Leticia, no bodyguards (?), Michael mouthing off about his father's wealth and then pushing the stroller on along into Kelly's where he instructs his grandfather to make them something healthy.  LOL!   And Carly had left her purse at home (where Sonny found the check he'd written to her "father") so I guess she expected Mike to feed the little tyrant for free, even!  Don't know why I found that so hysterical.  Maybe it's because of Carly beaming with pride as she lamented her youngin' sounding so much like Papa Sonny.  Or maybe it was another scene where Elizabeth of all people was singing the praises of Carly's fierce dedication to motherhood, despite herself.  Wow, if that's all it took.  "Hey kid, go in there and thug us up some grub.  Make sure it's healthy, and get me a slice of pepperoni while you're at it."  Where is Leticia to make sure that kid gets *some* manners for when we have to watch him all growed up in five years?  And where the heck was she to straighten up that penthouse that Sonny "didn't mind picking up this time" when Carly apologized for the toys lying about?  Sometimes I wonder if they possibly maintain straight faces when they write this stuff.  I think someone should seriously investigate Leticia's disappearance though - you know the ends that some of that family's employees meet.   

I still enjoy scenes with Jason and Liz.  Not only does Rebecca Herbst become more insanely beautiful with the birth of each sweet little baby, but she has the rare ability to not always argue with Steve Burton's Jason and still keep him palatable in a kissing/painting the wind situation.  Yes! They did kiss a long time ago, so "Liason" isn't really just the imaginings of crazy old GH fans. ;)   But since we've been thunked over the head with enough foreshadowing to know that the feisty Sam is about to rock Jason's world, I think it's safe to say that he's out of the picture for Lizzie at the moment.  It's also apparent that Rick has found a comfortable niche with Alexis (and I'm pretty comfy with that niche myself - more on that later) so I'm totally voting for a Liz/Lucky reunion now.  What the heck else do they have to do?  I'd love to see a well written re-connect, with reference to the Jonathan Jackson years.  Rumor has it that Lucky gets suspended from the police force (Hallelujah!) and how I'd just love to watch him rediscover his inner Cowboy and take a place behind the bar at Luke's club.  It would be great to have a hint of the couple that actually holds normal jobs, passing mention of who's watching the baby... I really was a grand Frisco and Felicia fan back in the day, *sigh*. And what better history than Liz and Lucky, huh?  Forgetting that debacle of a Jacob Young wedding, of course.  They were golden, once upon a time.  And last but not least...consider my plea for L&L3 -  Greg Vaughn's hair is growing out, making me very desperate for a girl who can get her hands on the Luckster's clothes.   

Someone should have thought of featuring Faith and Justus months ago.  I enjoyed watching them grope (far more than I can say for that other moral Quartermaine and her beau...*snort*).  And I would have felt more for their suffering as she went off to prison with his sorta cousin Skye, the only other inmate in the joint, apparently.  I predict that if Faith doesn't escape soon, she's going to kill someone to get her hands on a tube of lipstick.  And oh yeah (yeah), Justus reminds me of Usher.  

Behold! Did I say Skye?  Ding Dong, my girl is back!  My girl is back!  Making an orange jumpsuit look like practical couture.  Can't wait for Luke to mix himself back up in it all! 

I promise I'm almost done.  Don't stop reading yet - we haven't dished REXIS!   I really don't like calling them Rexis because I feel like Scooby Doo when I say it.  It's Ric Lansing and Alexis Davis, of course.  Aaaaah.  The talent, the rapier sharp wit, the reluctance and soapy!  Shall I go on?  The maturity, the cutie pie darling little Kristina, the way Alexis found a way to make her tailored suits soooo S-E-X-Y, what with the complicated strings attached to that olive green blouse that Sonny noticed all askew.  And how about that exchange for evoking emotions?  I went from furious at Sonny (nothing new there) for initiating such a disrespectful conversation with my Ms. Davis, to just cracking up at the way his eyes flashed when Ric entered the room to support her "your brother gives better bed" comeback.  Still gets me when I recall liking Sonny.   

Dropping in on All My Children a couple of weeks ago, I noticed something that seemed like such a gaffe. Was it a bit gauche for Krystal to threaten hooking up JR's um, privates to a battery?  I was cringing at visions of Abu Ghraib and wondered how ABC could have been so clueless.   Tacky, tacky, tacky.   

It was fun to get a glimpse of "Celebrating 25 Years with Anthony Geary as Luke Spencer" on a repeated Soap Talk (with Catherine Hickland filling in for Lisa Rinna - how lucky is that?) this evening.  The most poignant quote from Geary I thought, was "Genie had a way of looking at me that made me heroic. She was always his angel, he was always her hero. She sold that."  They don't write 'em like that anymore, folks.   

Until next time, I'll be enjoying the gorgeous fall weather that seems to have followed the much slowed down Hurricane Ivan into Maryland over the weekend.  We only experienced rain and some high winds, but apparently it rained enough to raise some nearby rivers  to dangerous flood levels.  Scary stuff to see towncenters hip deep in muddy water, tornado ravaged neighborhoods and 50 year old trees uprooted by the forcefulness of the wind.  I hope everyone reading who was affected by the monstrous storm(s) is doing well today.  Take the time to recognize the blessings that come your way.  They're always there if you're looking for them.   


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