So much for uh,Öwriting weekly columns on my part.  Itís been awhile since Iíve darkened this door with my badge on.   Itís remains on my agenda to get better at the ďjust sit down and do itĒ approachÖ but my agenda got all buggered up most recently. I have a tendency to flake out when I get too buggered and the most creative thing I have been thinking about our favorite daytime television production is ďWhoa! Is Nikolas really gonna have sex with the pirate eyeliner ON?Ē.  And I just know how all the fabulous EOS readers are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for that sort of commentary. (wink)  Things seem to be ironing out a bit around here and so Iím finally sitting down with plenty to say.  Grab something fabulous like an Apple Martini (wow, that really does sound so much more fabulous than the Diet Coke Iím really slurping..) and without further adieu, letís talk  a bit about style!  

Someone finally got smart and cut Ted Kingís hair!  Woo Hoo!  Did you notice?  Itís still longish and not the sleek, short Ďdo that we so appreciated on his departed brother Luis, but itís been noticeably shaped and thinned out.  Ted King recently mentioned in one of those soap mags you love so much (I think Iím shamelessly borrowing this from a Coggie column Ė please donít pin me down on sources as they all run together after performing the 10th diaper change of the day) that he plans to grow his luscious locks to his shoulders.    His vision for the cultured European mobster includes a ponytail (and boots with suitsÖrrowwl).  So if the end justifies the means, can we hang in there for the in-between stage?  My vote is sure, why not Ė who else breaks barware with that kind of gusto?   

Iíd like to add my voice to the number of those across the Internet who are flabbergasted at the decision to recast Sage Alcazar with a white chick.  No matter the reason surrounding the dismissal of actress Eileen Boylan, the character smartly represented a blended ethnicity and should have been replaced with someone authentically otherthanCaucasian.  Somehow, Iím inclined to believe that there must be more than one Asian or Latina teenaged actress in Los Angeles (ya think?).  The character of Sage honestly wouldn't work so well for me (being just one more ďletís build a triangle!Ē players), except that sheís a delightful mirror to our blossoming heroine - brainy, girl next door Georgie Jones.  Georgie sees Sage as a temptress to her true love Dillon.  The fact that the exotically beautiful Eileen Boylan looks every bit the part of Georgieís perceived opposite lends a lot of credibility to the saga of Dillonís temptation. Iím afraid seeing the Ned-framer gal dye her hair brown and heaven forbid, table dance isnít going to sell me on the magnetism of Miss Alcazar.   And while weíre on the subject, is that that little missy a bucket full of ďhow I donít want my daughter to turn outĒ or what?  Yikes!  When she dropped her skirt to reveal that silky underthing, I shuddered at the thought of such a sexy teenager existing somewhere.  I was younger when Brenda was doing it Ė it didnít seem so scary then.  The pants are SO low on that child Ė even if I had those teeny little pubic bones to display, I have to doubt Iíd be very comfortable doing it.  Sigh, I know Ė e-mail me and tell me how old I am.   

Speaking of pubic bones, is Sam (Kelly Monaco) a rock star in real life?  I thought she was supposed to broke, but she parades around in a boatload of black leather that is way too pricey for us broke girls.  Those bleached jeans and the crazy chain belt are so over the top as wardrobe choices, you have to wonder if sheís forgotten that she isnít supposed to be a Caleb groupie anymore.  Iím delighted to realize that the card story is taking shape with some room for female character development.  Kelly Monaco is much better placed in the midst of heavy hitters like Luke, Skye and Tracy than she was in a proposed ďMy Fair LadyĒ gag-fest with Jax.  She can earn some bankable history if she stays in the boat business, so Iím really glad that sheís there for now.  It also leaves Jax open for much more interesting tension with the formidable Tracy Q.  Jane Elliot has only gotten more gorgeous over the years and I am thrilled every time she hits the screen in her red power blouse.  And Skye!  The silvery pastel cashmere (in my jealous dreams itís cashmere anyway) coat that she has been wearing is so ice-queen perfect.  The romantic silhouette of that coat makes me swoon.  (Iím surprised Courtney didnít get it..haha). And her swanky red dressÖbe still my heart.  I just wanna be Skye.  I wish that Jax would just eat his heart out over would be fine with me if it had happened right as she was waltzing with Luke in his custom Milanese tuxedo (sigh, go ahead and tell me Iím old again Ė I adore the thought of Skye getting to cuddle up on the screen beside Luke!).   I donít however think that Iím ready for the Aussie to have any new women folk until he spends a good deal of time groveling and paying penance for all his JaxAssical indiscretions.   Rumors abound that suggest the brakes have been put on a long-term Jax/Sam romance.  With good reason, I say.   

Hasnít Tamara Braun (Carly) been an acting little dish lately?  Sheís doing deer in the headlights, fish out of water to perfection.  And her slender waistline is right back in place, with no hint of the water retention or swollen, lactating breasts that most of us endure after giving birth.  Just when I started feeling a little sorry for Sonny though, (Iím a sap for baby cuddling men) he and Carly share a make-out scene where she pulls back and then asks him, ďAre you sure itís ok [for me to decline sex three weeks after you shot me in the head while I was giving birth?]Ē  The only regret about Carlyís loss of emotion for Sonny is that it didnít happen because she finally realized how much he treated her like a concubine instead of a partner.  Well, heís really cute with the baby.  And Carly is really cute in her trim red shirred blouse.  I can still manifest a giggle over Sherry Mercurioís remarks regarding Carly.  She was starting to appreciate her until she dreamt Lorenzo with that AWFUL professor hair.   

And so it begins that Rebecca Herbst conceals her baby bump with an array of coats, large purses and potted plants.  So comicalÖ If sheís already showing, will Elizabethís pregnancy be sped along to allow for real bump viewing?  In any case, Iím glad that the Elizabeth/Ric connection isnít being completely backburnered or swept aside as a result of Beckyís real life new addition.  I see a lot of spark with Becky and Greg Vaughn (Lucky) as well, and Iím left wondering why the triangle constructed around fair Lizzie didnít involve him instead of Chad Brannonís Zander.  Makes more sense, in my opinion.  Greg Vaughn needs someone to help him showcase that dreamy bod in and (preferably) out of uniform.  Iím hearing whispers about  Courtney and Jasonís meandering through marriage hasnít exactly been the stuff that all those Journey fans dreams were made of, has it?  It seems Steve Burton isnít exactly happy with the direction that his character has taken Ė no offense to the actress, but heís not so into playing Jason as the cuddle on the couch type.  It wouldnít be so bad for me if they did anything aside from cuddling. On the couch.  Sheesh.  Stay tuned for more coats from Courtney.  Sheís still our favorite Old Navy ad waiting to happen.  Canít you see her right up there with Fran Drescher? How about Brian??  Could he possibly be a cop in PC who isnít afraid to kick in a door and act like a real bad-ass?  Alrighty then!  His cool quotient rose by about 10 points when he played it tough with Alcazar.  The clean, outdoorsy persona suits him and even makes me think naughty thoughts about green cable knit sweaters.  Thatís a feat. 

It also remains a feat for me to view Emily Quartermaine as anything other than the cow that simply doesnít deserve Prince Nikolas.  While they try to sell me their storybook romance, I see Emily STILL playing the part of you-know-what tease with Zander.  Her throwaway marriage to someone who cared so much for her (and using cancer of all things, as an excuse to do it so shabbily) just reeks of the kind of selfishness that only narcissistic cows who donít deserve Prince Nikolas could possess.  This breathy interpretation of Emily makes me think of fairy tales that didnít end too well for the princess in question.  A hundred years of sleep sounds like a pretty interesting option to me.  I really, really like her much better when her hair is straight.  Those curls are too fairy-talish (like she should just wear a corseted Renaissance gown at all times) and it seriously reminds me how much theyíre shoving this faux against the odds luuv down my throat.  Blech.  I watch Joan of Arcadia just to remember what it was like to palate Miss Q.   

In closing, Iíd like to continue the tradition of giving you a list of ten things that keep me watching..(in no particular order other than the way they popped into my brain) 

1.      Dillon Quartermaine and Georgie Jones.  What started out as a typical stunt to gain the viewership of teens on summer break has become a riveting relationship between two characters portrayed by very talented actors.  I love the Tracy conflict, the Sage conflict and anything else that keeps these two front and center.  A lot could be learned from the non-manufactured way they came together onscreen.  

2.      Ted Kingís portrayal of Alcazar.  I sit up and take notice whenever heís on.  I canít imagine accusing him of phoning in a performance.  Tender with Carly and brutal with barware, itís fun to want to know this guy more and more. 

3.      Watching Jason squirm and glare as Brian cozies up to Courtney.  Heh  Having Brian representing a legitimate officer of the law doesnít hurt things either.   

4.      Luke and Skye!  What a surprise to me that these two seem like a potential delightfully romantic match.  Hey, if Genie Francis never comes back, a brother needs some loviní!   

5.      Faithís one-liners.  Her over the knee boots are pretty rockiní too.   

6.      TRACY!  I love that woman.  Whether sheís mixing it up with the Qís, Jax, Luke or Sam, sheís just the total shiznit, plain and simple.  

7.      Rick Hearst bringing a ton of emotion to the table with the shortest exchanges of dialog.  As with Ted King, itís a pleasure to watch this guy act.  Iím on the fence as to whether I want to wait around for Becky to have her baby before LiRic reunites.  Iím just worried that he wonít get enough airtime and decide to leave the show.  Yep, really worried.  If we lose him, Iíll cry.  Or follow him to his next job. (Admitted Rick Hearst stalker that I am) 

8.      Greg Vaughn and Tyler Christoper.  Just incredible eye candy, though neither of them are doing anything onscreen that Iím very interested in.  Well, except for standing there looking good.  

9.      The winds of change blowing through Sonnyís penthouse.  It was stagnant for way too long.  Hereís hoping itís a really strong gust. 

10.  The promise of a Christmas episode celebrating Tony Geary.  Sounds like a heap of fun! 

I hope that you all have (or had) a glorious Thanksgiving.  Iím thankful for so many things, including all the awesome folks who read this column.  In other thankful news, Iím not cooking this year so Iíll be kicked back watching the Macyís parade bright and early.  Canít wait. 


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