July 3, 2003

Everyone ready for fireworks?  Got your Old Navy flag t-shirt?  I had this idea that I would buy a $5 flag t each year for my son and save them all to see how he’s grown, but he’s now four and wearing a size 8 already, so it’s just not all that cute and doesn’t seem worth storing a bunch of big ol’ t-shirts in a box somewhere.  Eh, it was a kinda dumb idea anyway, but you still gotta love a $5 t-shirt.   

Have you missed the Fashion Police?  I’d love to say that this officer was off vacationing on a tropical island paradise, sipping something frozen while my toes entertained cool, clean sand; but alas my absence can only be attributed to two computer crashes and a whole lotta babysitting other people’s children.  The computer seems much more agreeable and the babysitting has tapered off to a fairly dull roar, so I think the police can return to the regular beat.  ;) 

What the heck has Monica done with her hair?  When did NuGia get so gorgeous?  These are burning questions in the heart of the Fashion Police! 

Here we have Monica, getting a little screen time at last, and she goes and gets this really awful Farrah Fawcett ‘do.  Mostly, it’s just a little too youthful/trendy for the character and she’d look much nicer with a smooth bob or shorter layers.  As for Gia…well, wow!  Her makeup looks fantastic!  I know she was supposed to be sweaty in the picture above, after finishing a jog with Zander, but she looks all dewy and flawless...and very much like Marisa Ramirez (oldGia).  There are some rumors floating around that we’re going to see Gia and Zander shuffled off later in the summer, but I really hope they are unfounded.  Gia is officially the only woman of color on the show now (well aside from Natalia Livingston, who plays Emily.  She’s Hispanic but I’m not counting that because Emily is not portrayed as an Hispanic woman.) and I would love to see her fleshed out a bit – tell the story of her recovery from divahood and let someone on this show get a college education and a darn job!   

Carly, Carly, Carly.  I’ve never been closer to quitting my GH habit than I was when Carly was kidnapped by Ric.  Her hideous screams of terror gripped my nerves like no amount of misogyny has thus far.  It’s a silly story I realize, but those screams were so horrible, that I truly did shut off the tv in disgust and stopped watching.  Michael’s catatonic repetition of “Mommy’s gone” didn’t help either.  It made my skin crawl.  I took a break for a few days and then came back to be completely captivated by Lydia. Sadly, the actress who portrays her has been let go in favor of a recast, and I’m adding my voice to the number of folks who can’t understand why.   Her dry, bored humor was perfect and her unconventional beauty was seductive and refreshing.  She had some great sparks flying around with Nik, Lucky, Stefan and Zander. I hope the recast is as good.  I’ve been loving Lydia’s clothes….she’s a bit off the wall and bold and that kind of zing is much needed in Port Charles.  I’d like to see the same characterizations continue in the character, but we shall see.  I’m feeling a little doom and gloomy about the matter so my hopes aren’t very high.   

Back to Carly..(the last paragraph was supposed to be about her but it kinda got away from me, lol).  I’m irritated by the Panic Room story primarily because it brought an abrupt halt to the fabulous display of maternity clothes that Carly was giving.  How awesome was her lavender bridesmaid’s gown (absolutely NO comment on the bride’s gown..pfft!)?  Now that Ric is in charge (and hey! Couldn’t Jason gain access to his credit card receipts and prove to Sonny that he’s right, based on the the unexplained 50 bucks spent at Motherhood?), she’s only changed her clothes two or three times.  I thought that there must be some thermostat issues in the Panic Room, since Ric chose a sweater and long pants for her to wear in early June.  Then he gave her a sleeveless button down, so I guess I was wrong and Ric is just clueless.  Clueless about pregnant women, clueless about how to get on with his life…but still scoring high in the wardrobe department.  Kathy Hardeman chided him last week about his bowling shirts, but I love them!  I enjoy when trends don’t look too young for anyone over 20, and Ric looked mighty dapper in his flat front khakis and bowling shirt.  He is so handsome and clean cut – in that outfit, he reminded me of the kind of guy who gets off work, mows his grass in his khakis, waves to the neighbor kids and hosts great backyard barbecues.  I want Ric to be a good guy – pout.   

I also love Nikolas’ wardrobe.  He’s relaxed and casual but maintains his princely air with rich, dark colors and luxe materials.  All those silky retro shirts, corduroys…fabulous.  Lucky and Zander should be so hip.  Actually, Lucky should just walk around in board shorts all day.  That’d suit me just fine. Hmm…why doesn’t anyone ever wear shorts unless they’re in some scripted “Let’s go to the beach” scene?? 

Where are the teens?  Did they disappear?  I need a Dillon fix!  Maybe they’re trying to work out any of these kids having actual parents on the scene, I dunno.  I want more Mac, more Tracey and more of those pesky kids!  

Last week, Sherry Mercurio wrote a poem about Summer’s death.  Prior to my first computer crash, I had a strangely similar idea and it struck me as really funny that we were thinking along the same lines.  I’m not much of a poet, but I did come up with a bit of an epitaph…She who lives by the scarf, also dies by the scarf.  Hee hee.  Buh-bye Summer.  I’d like to say that I’ll miss you but your character was pretty lame and so I won’t.  I do indeed appreciate your ability to reveal Lucky’s chest.  I hope that Lydia, or Liz or someone else gets to him very quickly.  

Liz, Liz, Liz.  Who ever knew that you were that much of a ninny?  “I thought I heard a woman’s voice screaming my name right as I was falling to the floor from being poisoned” and then, “Jason, Ric had nothing to do with Carly’s disappearance!”  Come ON!  She’s not a little suspicious?  Of course she would be!  Well, at least she looks good being a ninny…her a-line jean skirt rocks, her tiny little spaghetti tanks are just darling, she’s got such great little jeans, looks fabulous in red…I want an Elizabeth Weber Lansing Barbie to dress up and play with.  I’d make her crack the Ric doll right across the head with a lemonade pitcher, hunt down that stupid remote and find Carly.  It would all be done, and we would happily trot along to Ric seeking serious professional help and then having a great backyard barbecue. 

Emily is still looking pretty good despite several chemotherapy treatments.  A couple weeks ago, they had her pondering some strands of hair that she was losing in her brush.  I’m wondering if they plan to actually have the character go bald?  My mother underwent chemotherapy and it was her experience to start losing hair and having it all gone within a week or so.  I can certainly suspend my disbelief with the best of them (having watched soap operas for 20+ years…lol), but it pains me when a socially conscious story is presented, and reality gets glossed over in such a way that it makes the entire effort seem irresponsible.  I was pleased with the support group scenes, so I’m not accusing the story of being altogether irresponsible, but let’s just say that it’s no “Stone has AIDS”, ya know? 

I hope that you all have a safe and happy Independence Day.  May we all take the time to remember what it means to be in fact, independent and free.  And may we all also forget about our diets and being fussy over our kids…let them eat lots of hot dogs, get barbecue sauce and cool whip all over their faces and run around like maniacs with sparklers and black snakes.  And you do that too!  Go ahead – you’ll have a great time!  Ooh, also...I lost all my e-mails, so if you wrote to me and didn’t get a reply, I’m really not that rude...and I’d love to hear from you again or for the first time!  

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