Picture yourself getting ready to go to a meeting of the five largest crime bosses on the East coast.  You do your makeup carefully; your hair has been dyed so you no longer have that telltale inch of dark roots at the crown.  You sport those gorgeous diamond hoop earrings that your not-so-dead mob boss husband gave you just for the occasion.  Then you pick out the black skirt with the 16” flapper fringes hanging off of it??  Put it back!  Back on the hanger, slowly…Grab the nearest pinstriped pantsuit (I’m in the mood for something Cotton-Clubbish) and close the closet doors!  There.  All better.  Shew! 

And if that skirt wasn’t odd enough, the not black enough jacket with hook and eye closures and puff sleeves did the trick.  Forget what I said last week about guys doing the girls’ shopping – Sonny should choose everything that Carly wears.  He couldn’t do any worse! 

I’ve been watching General Hospital on SoapNet all week (something to do with an afternoon nap mutiny) and aside from mind numbing “as seen on TV” product commercials (except for the Flip Fold, but I was totally sold on that 34 viewings ago), SoapNet has some great soapy commercials.  We get to see Ingo and Robin Christopher acting chummy as well as Jacob Young waxing poetic about how he’s paid his dues on the show (ack!).  We see Tamara Braun strolling around in this cool Goth/dominatrix lace skirt and belly-baring jacket that makes me think of the Hellraiser movies.  That one led me to the thought that perhaps Carly is being styled after Pinhead himself.  All the leather and sex mixed up with Sonny’s personal hell…well, never mind. ;)  

How beautiful is Skye in her post-marital loveliness?  Her skinny slacks and sweater sets are always so classy and look so pretty on her willowy body.  And what a picture she made unwrapping wedding presents in her Tiffany blue dress.  Great jewelry too – big, clear baubles were a nice choice, I thought.  Terrific black coat thrown over it all when she rushed to the hospital.  It’s good that she was dressed well for her meeting with the most beautiful girl… 

Speaking of the beautiful one… how well does Brenda pull off sexy/trendy?  Her (expensive looking!) brown leather pants and striped jacket were a great combo and I loved the sexy bustier beneath it too.  They are hitting the mark with her, making her sexy without looking at all cheap.  Bravo!  So…if it were simply a fashion contest amongst the ladies in question, I would be leaving Carly out in the cold.  While her hair and makeup have taken a turn for the better since Vanessa Marcil’s return (I think they tried to step everyone up a notch…well almost everyone – see below on Gia), her clothing has been coming out of left field, or Hell, depending on your interpretation (or taste in horror epics).  Skye and Brenda are at opposite ends of the spectrum, but both are really being dressed well and so suitably for their characters.  I’m impressed. 

Haven’t seen too much of Elizabeth lately but I did notice that her hair looked a little longer and straighter in a scene a week or so ago.  That’s probably best for her – considering her effort to weigh less than 80 pounds.  We wouldn’t Jason to mistake her for a pre-pubescent boy or anything.  I don’t want to rant or anything and I’ve been on this tangent before, but there are some people who look natural when they are reed thin (Skye comes to mind, Chloe was another) and some who just manage to look well…sick.  I think Rebecca Herbst is so gorgeous in a fresh, innocent way.  She is the quintessential “Winter” (me too!) and I have always loved that she didn’t feel pressured to tan or even to pluck her eyebrows too thin.  It makes me sad to see her get skinnier and skinnier.  Is it really obvious that terribly skinny actresses are one of my biggest pet peeves? 

Courtney’s makeup has dramatically improved.  This is part of my theory that some of the gals are undergoing positive changes in order to stay afloat with the most beautiful.  Carly and Skye just got fresh cut n’ dyes. Mysteriously though, Gia has been going downhill.  I further theorize that with her reduced storylines and the possibility of Marissa Ramirez leaving the show, the show is downplaying her looks as well as her wardrobe.  Lately, she has been spotted in Pocahontas like braids (why do I hate when grown women wear pigtails?) and really unremarkable clothes.  The one-shouldered white dress at Alexis’ political reception was particularly bland for Gia, who is typically so on.  I wonder if that kind of thing is conscious on the part of the wardrobers?  Do they match the clothing with the impact of the scenes/storyline - “Oh, that actress is out of here…the character is over – let’s just shove this silky sheet thing with a belt on her and spend the big bucks on Brenda’s bustier!” 

Ah, well, at least Courtney looks better and I could have never said it better then Mer from the Ranch board, who thought “Courtney looked like a K-Mart underwear model before”.  Put that orange-based red lipstick to rest, sister!  I did love her winter (I guess it’s cold enough to wear coats in NY, though I’m still in sleeveless in Maryland) gray wool trenchcoat – it had a really nice cut.  I wonder if she bought it with her tip money because I’m thinking that would have cost about ½ the rent for her apartment.  

Alexis really did wow me with her black, shirt collared gown at the political soiree.  That was gorgeous and it suited her brilliantly.  I think they are taking her lack of interest in hair and makeup (since when?) a little too far because she’d certainly have enough sense to put her lovely tresses up in a nice, professional French twist, but the gown was great so I won’t complain.  I did almost choke when Gia recommended a haircut and makeover for campaigning purposes.  Alexis has always been a picture of style and class, so I found that remark a little ironic.  Especially coming from the gal in the rawhide laced pigtails… 

No real commentary on the guys this week.  Ned had some strange embroidery on his tuxedo shirt and I sort of squinted at that, wondering if it was on purpose (it was).  Nikolas looks so good when he gets all spiffed up and oh, how I love him when he is in PR mode.   Jax looked terrific in his carpenter jeans (More jeans!! More jeans!!) and has a spectacular collection of jackets.  The pale beige leather one that he left at the cottage for Brender to sniff was really notable.  

Did you notice that I didn’t mention Jason’s t-shirts?  I’m not discussing them ANY MORE!  

Signing off for now and hoping that you’ll e-mail me if you have any comments!



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