It’s been quite a week for the Fashion Police, what with a funeral a wedding and a strip-club bust.  Wow.  

Shall we begin with the funeral?  I was really thinking that Zander should have shown up to get at least one more wear out of the suit Alexis bought him when he went to court the last time.  Guess he was unpacking, or repacking.  After Jason’s “You will pay” remark, I’d be a little skeered.  And that Jason - wouldn’t you think Jason might be able to come up with something other than a darn v-neck tee shirt for a funeral?  I dunno – a leather sports jacket?  At least a dress shirt?  As hot as he is, I thought he looked pretty darn dumb in the pleated dress pants and a tee shirt.  Bad call, wardrobe…BAD call.  

Ned and Nikolas looked spectacular, Jax’s blue jacket was really blue but it looked nice, & Sonny looked very Sonny, which is always good in my opinion.  I have to say that I love Edward’s suits.  They dress him WELL.  

Talk about a power suit on our girl Alexis!  Wow – was she all that and a great big bag of spicy Doritos or what?  Those scenes were just too much and if NLG doesn’t get an Emmy I will be as surprised as I was when Jacob Young did get one.   Can we get that Cassadine necklace on Shop the Soaps???  I’d love to wear it just to get off on thinking that I had peasants somewhere.  Heh heh. 

Felicia’s party dress was a strange choice I thought.  It was black but I really think it was made for dancing.  I was surprised that she changed when she showed up later at Club 101.  I was really glad Skye changed though…I think the squirrels that were nesting in that thing above her ponytail may have gotten restless.  Or maybe that’s where she’s plotting to hide the oil map.  Eeks.  Anyway, I didn’t even notice what she was wearing.  Couldn’t stop staring at the hair trying to figure out what they did to it to make it do that.  

On to the rehearsal dinner.  May I add that it was a very strange rehearsal dinner?  Don’t they have a dinner table?  Wasn’t it difficult to balance paper plates of cheese fries and chili on their laps as they sat around on the couch?  If I were Laura with that white living room, I wouldn’t have let LuLu within 10 feet of chili, cheese or that scary red punch.   

Luke was a mess. I think Roy donated his pre-millionaire wardrobe to Luke – what is with the black jeans?  Luke used to wear jackets, dress shirts etc. and I’m not sure what happened to them, but a rehearsal dinner for his wedding seems like an appropriate time to scour the closet for something more appropriate than denim.  As for Laura – I really tried to like her outfit.  After the catastrophe that she wore earlier in the week (remember the peach lace and black, red & blue skirt?  Mall hair?  Uh-huh) I’ll at least say that it was an improvement.  

The biggest debacle of that soiree was by far, Lesley.  It was red, there were pants and beyond that, I’m at a loss.  What WAS all that material?   She literally looked like she had been swaddled in red sheeting.  I think if Denise Alexander showed up on set in sweatpants, it would be a better look than the one wardrobe is dishing up.  

And then there is our dear little CourDaisy.  Yellow lace is weird.  In my extensive lingerie collection (yeah..) I own nothing that bears yellow lace.  I called my girlfriend who is ultra-hip (she hasn’t had kids yet AND works at the Hard Rock Cafe) and asked her if she had any yellow lace.  Nyet.  Guess it’s a stripper thing (and I didn’t have anyone to call on that note) but I still thought it was weird.  When did yellow turn sexy?  Oh well, guess that’s why her name is Daisy – maybe it’s her signature coluh. 

Signing off for now – gotta find a pair of shoes that match this darn navy blue cop outfit.  lol 


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Aug 6, 2002

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