I think I hate the engagement necklace that Jax gave to Skye.  I also think that she hasn’t changed clothes for a week, not because of her dedication to Edward’s bedside vigil, but because she wanted to keep the necklace on and Lord knows it wouldn’t go with anything except lavender or pink formal wear.  I imagine Jax spent a pretty little penny on that thing and it’s a damn shame that it doesn’t fit on her finger since she might actually be able to wear it pretty regularly that way… 

I watch Port Charles when I can and the one thing that really stands out on that show (for me anyway) is that the actors are always dressed “in character”.  Allison, Karen & Livvie always look like you would expect them to if you knew them in real life.  Alright, maybe most doctors don’t dress like Karen but her wardrobe seems consistent anyway.  Lord knows Lucy always looks like Lucy.  Same for the guys…Ian, Rafe (aahhh…Rafe), Jack, and Jamal – they are always dressed right.  That is a big part of what I think GH’s wardrobe dept. is really missing out on.  I think that they don’t know the characters well enough to dress them.  Some of them seem right most of the time – Alexis, Sonny, Mac, Taggert (aahh...Taggert) and the Quartermaines come to mind.  With so many of the others – they are just missing the mark completely.  Those red jeans and belly baring muscle shirt that Courtney wore to see AJ while he was visiting Edward in the hospital were so not Courtney to me.  For one, she’s supposed to be scraping for cash and that seemed like a really trendy, new outfit and for two – she’s supposed to be conflicted over this whole stripping ordeal and I just think she’d be less eager to walk around with her entire midsection hanging out.  Courtney would be the gal that would be all blue jeans and t-shirts with the occasional sundress thrown in if I were GH Wardrobe.  I like when the clothes reflect the personality of the character.  I think Nikolas is way too trendy for a Cassadine prince.  I think Laura is a tragedy for a working mother.  Ditto Lesley – so she’s not a size 6...does she need to wear gauze tents?  Lucky probably hits the mark with trendy clothes but they still bug me.   They totally cop out on dressing Zander and Jason.   I could go on but why bother?  I know it’s not that big of a deal, but I just think that they could do a lot better in lending to believable non-reality by dressing these folks like they might really dress if they were who they are.  My punishment is to make them actually watch GH from time to time so they KNOW that Jason can afford to dress a little better.  Grrr… 

And since no one has really changed clothes (except for the lovely Daisy…eeks) in about a week and the Fashion Police are indulging in far too many donuts while slacking at their desks, I can’t resist commenting on the Jason/Liz situation.  It’s hard for me to buy the “my life is too dangerous for you, oh precious Lizzie” routine for this reason:  I just keep on remembering that Jason was ready to throw down with Liz and she pulled the brakes because she wasn’t ready.  OK, so the mob war hadn’t really started at that juncture, but my point is that he wasn’t holding back his affections then and the reason that I believe he would now (if he were a real boy…) is because “dum dum dum” – she freakin’ slept with Zander!  Hello?  Did the writers forget that they made her do that?  I understand that they are stalling the relationship in order to clean up November sweeps, but how dumb is the reason for Jason’s reluctance when what he really should be saying is “Hey look Liz, I do care about you.  You’re really cool and I think you’re hot but ya know, I’m not convinced you’re really wanting a relationship with me.  Geez – you screwed Zander last week.”  Make her sweat THAT!  I would just be so much happier with the story if only.  She could regret and backpedal and all that good stuff – he could exact revenge by making her jealous over Courtney, so on, so forth and all would end up the same with a more convincing tinge.  Just my opinion and I could be wrong.  Did I mention that I didn’t want to go off on a rant here?  I guess I did anyway.  

Oh well – hopefully someone will wear something atrocious this week and I’ll have something to actually write about.  A good week to all and if you have any comments or just wanna e-mail, I’d lovey dove to hear from ya!!


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