Well it wasnít exactly what I had hoped for but we did see Jason in something other than a standard packaged t-shirt this week.  First there was a *long sleeved* t-shirt and then there was that wetsuit.  If anyone can make a case for wetsuits as a fashion staple, it would be Jason.  I think if I were writing GH though, he would have fallen to the floor when he made it back to the penthouse so Liz could hurriedly unzip the suit and expose his chest.  I mean, he could have been really tired after his bump on the head and swim through the harbor, right? 

Plastic surgery alert!!  Bobbie was missing for a few weeks and returned on Thursday looking suspiciously puffy (and weird in that denim pantsuit.  Has Jackie Zeman taken up sewing?  The fabric of that suit screamed Wal-Mart to me).  Was it a Botox injection or all-out surgery?  She looked a little expression-less so Iím leaning toward Botox but only time will tell.  Once the swelling goes down, if she looks like her eyes are popping out of her head again, you know itís surgery.  * sigh * I know that actors really do have to try and look young but sometimes the excessive surgeries make them look so cartoonish and well, bad.  If I were to go under the knife I would definitely ask Helena who did her because at least it was done right.  That woman is 70 years old if you can believe it!  I canít wait to see her again Ė now that is a fashion diva. 

Speaking of divas, are we all in agreement that Brendaís return means much to the fashion canvas at GH?  Is it just that Vanessa Marcil is so beautiful that she can pull off anything, or do they really just *know* how to dress Brenda?  Whether sheís in her famous slip dresses or wrapped up with rawhide, she looks good and oh so Brenda.  Iím excited sheís back just so I have the inspiration to leave my hair alone for a while and try to grow it out like hers. 

I think Carly has been looking better lately.  Weíre seeing less of her midriff.  There was some weird pleather band around her waist the other day that I couldnít really determine the purpose of, but all in all, sheís been looking better.  Tamara Braun is very skinny and I think she looks nice in a tight dress but I donít wanna see too much skin.  Counting her ribs (not to mention the striations in her muscles) distracts me. 

Speaking of skinny, Rebecca Herbst can stop losing her baby weight any time now.  Sheís going to weigh less than the baby if she keeps it up.  Love her over-dyed jeans lately but the spaghetti strap tank tops really drive home the fact that she is a member of the skin and bones club.  Iím wondering what sector of society finds that look appealing and what makes these actresses feel the need to remove all traces of femininity on their bodies?  If they want to make their faces more angular to show off their cheekbones, canít they just work the blush a little bit?  Iím throwing a good makeup artist and a bucket of chicken at Lizzy Ė hope she catches it. 

One of my major fashion pet peeves is any pair of jeans that are supposed to look naturally worn-out, faded, creased etc. that DONíT.  I love when any of the characters wear jeans but it makes my skin crawl to see Lucky walk around in those low-rise numbers that have the contrived crease marks where he didnít sit down long enough to put them there.   I wonít even launch into his wardrobe as a whole, because you know I hate it, but those jeans just really gross me out.  If anyone has the luxury of a 5 year old pair of jeans (donít I wish I could fit into jeans I wore 5 years ago) and they have real crease marks from sitting down, you know those marks donít go down to your knees.  Lucky irritates me, Luckyís clothes irritate me and those jeans really got under my skin.  If I were his mother I might pretend not to know him either Ė not until he went and got himself a respectable pair of jeans that are aged a bit more authentically.  Geesh.. 

Scottís multi-colored dress shirts are creeping me out a little bit too.  Does he just have a closet full of those things in every bright color of the Crayola spectrum?  Lime green, grape, mango, cerulean??  I like that they try to give him a little hint of funkiness but those shirts remind me of the sales manager at the cable company where I used to work.  He was such a shyster Ė his shirts were even monogrammed on the pocket with contrasting thread.  And he always wore them with ties that had the exact same shade of lime green or mango somewhere in their atrocious design.  Maybe that look is just perfect for ScottyÖ 

Signing off but not without saying that I think Alexis needs to start showing PRONTO!  I am dying to see her maternity wardrobe and I just know it has been long enough for her not to be buttoning those damn pantsuits any more.  I KNOW IT!!  

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