So Skye has this great moss green paisley velvet jacket going on and I’m thinking “Yeah, my girl has gotten the message and she’s finally starting to step INTO this competition, and what the heck happens… but Brenda shows up in pants that I swear, match Skye’s jacket.  Actually, after rewinding a few times, I think Brenda’s pants were more on the plum side of beautiful, muted paisley velvet and didn’t match the green but I know that the wardrobers bought those on the same shopping spree! Anyway, it was weird that they wore that at the same time and it made me wonder if I’m really starting to watch too much General Hospital because I was actually contemplating if that was an intentional way to suggest rivalry between the characters (as if GH is so theatrical, right?) Skye wears her half of the suit with a turtleneck and suede skirt and Brenda wears her half with a tight sleeveless sweater and killer suede jacket with four motorcyclish zippered pockets on the front that just scream for an action scene (Layering is probably always a good thought for Brenda though, because she just never knows when she’s gonna get kidnapped, survive plane crashes and end up stranded with former lovers on a deserted tropical isle).  Anyway – both women were appropriately sexy and dressed well for those scenes.  My wish for both of them is to escape Jax’s butchered hair and Fred Rogers sweaters.  Oh, that’s terrible… I don’t mean to Jax bash at all but he has just been such a cad lately.  It makes me think that they gave him a bad haircut and sweater just so I could hate him a little more.. ;) 

My favorite little fashion touch of the week was the colorful knit scarf on Elizabeth.  It made me remember that she used to have some style as the semi collegiate artist.  I’m glad they dressed her like that, now if they could just give her a line or two where she actually acted like she had a minute of a life of her own, I’d feel much better.  It was nice to see Zander again.  I don’t like his 1987 leather jacket at all though and I see no evidence that the little belty things around the collar (a la Michael Jackson) are coming back into vogue.  He should have kept Jason’s biker jacket.  

I do love a man in a biker jacket and though Jason’s longer leather is nice, I wonder why he can’t change it up every now and then with the one from last year.  He’s the only one on the show who doesn’t have a dozen or so winter coats.  The cleaners sure do love the Morgans for their laundry bill though.  Brenda has a herd’s worth of leather in her closet.  After so much discussion about Jason’s uh..nipples..I couldn’t help but notice that it must be pretty cold in the studio because you can always pretty much see them through his shirts.  Next thing you know you’ll see t-shirt lines to prevent THAT. 

And who was the fashion victim of the week?  Could it be…Carly?  My mother in law sometimes wears blouses that have that thick band of elastic around the bottom.  I always thought they looked like sort of a cross between a sweat jacket and a blouse and I’m guessing that is where Carly’s look is coming from – the mixture of the trendy sweat look and her black, sheer sophistication (yeah) as Sonny’s wife.  All I know is that my mother in law’s blouse with a band things were around before the sweat suit jackets became all the rage and she gets them in the top floor of the Hecht company or something.  This to me was trend gone badly for Mrs. Corinthos!!  Thank God she had the forethought to change into something tight and sleeveless for her adventure in South America. 

How cool was it to see Lesley?  She wasn’t even wearing anything Aretha Franklin-ish.  Bobbie has been more conservative which is fine by me.  Lucky was pretty tragic in his denim blazer.  I can’t wait for Coleman to get out of his gown (heh) and back into his suede.   AJ looks good in sweaters.  Courtney looks good in sweats and jeans.  Mac looks good in anything – do you think we could SEE him when the PCPD burns down?  (Don’t worry – all the Fashion Files are safe ;) 

Have a great week everyone and e-mail me if you have a chance!!



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